Manager’s Employee Appreciation Day Guide ★

Manager’s Employee
Appreciation Day Guide
Dear ARAMARK Front Line Manager:
ARAMARK’s first annual Employee Appreciation Day (EAD) will be held on March 13, 2013. EAD is the
kick-off event for ARAMARK’s new Global Recognition Program, Encore! Encore!, and the first step in reinforcing
a culture of employee appreciation, recognition and rewards.
Why Encore! Encore!? It represents a hearty round of applause for everyone who supports
our clients and consumers where they live, work, and play. Behind every experience ARAMARK
creates around the globe is someone who sells and serves with passion. Who sets goals and
then acts on them. And who does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Encore!
Encore! is designed to recognize great performance and enhance employee engagement—
and to encourage even more. Studies show a very strong connection between business results,
employee satisfaction, productivity, retention, and how engaged employees feel about
their organization.
We are asking for your help as a front line manager to host the EAD celebration at your location,
which will include:
a 30-minute meeting with light refreshments,
a video,
a recognition gift, and letter of thanks for employees, and
brief remarks from you, and from other employees if they wish.
The contents of this Kit will serve as your guide for creating a meaningful, fun celebration that will recognize
employees’ efforts and thank them for making a difference every day.
Your Kit contains:
This Guide to Employee Appreciation Day, which includes:
A Countdown Calendar and tips for running your meeting
EAD Agenda and Activities
Talking Points for your meeting
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
EAD Poster for display at your location
Thank you letters from our CEO, Eric Foss
For non-English-speaking countries, inserts for the gifts, translated into your language
Recognition Champions List and Contact Information
Your role in Employee Appreciation Day is a critical one and we sincerely thank you for your participation.
If you have any questions after reviewing this Guide, please contact the “Recognition Champion”
for your line of business, country, or region, found on the enclosed list. Recognition Champions
have been selected across the company to assist with EAD and answer any questions you may have.
Studies show a very strong connection
between business results, employee
satisfaction, productivity, retention,
and how engaged employees feel
with their organization.
Guide to Employee Appreciation Day
Countdown to your meeting
As soon as
As part of a regular team meeting, inform employees that EAD is taking place on March 13.
Display the EAD poster in a high-traffic location (e.g., next to time clocks or in a break area) so that employees are aware of EAD.
Using a marker, please fill in the time and location of your meeting in the space provided on the poster.
If necessary, book a meeting room for your celebration. Or, use any central gathering spot where you would normally hold team meetings. The meeting should take no longer than 30 minutes.
If available, reserve a large screen and a projector to display the video. You can run the video on a laptop, using this link: If a laptop or other equipment is not available, don’t worry; you can run the video
on your desktop computer and monitor, and ask employees to
gather around.
If applicable at your location, notify your client of the date and time for EAD. Assure the client that there will be no disruption to regular business operations.
Up to
1-2 Weeks
Day before
Take delivery of appreciation gifts that will be shipping from Federal Express and secure them. Please note: every effort will be
made to deliver your gifts on time. In some cases, however, shipping delays may push delivery to after your meeting, in which case gifts should be distributed as soon as they come in.
Order a cake or snacks and refreshments. Space permitting,
the cake should say:
Encore! Encore! 2013 ARAMARK Employee Appreciation Day
Remind employees about EAD.
Familiarize yourself with the talking points. (see pp. 5 & 6)
Gather the gifts and letters.
Get ready to celebrate!
EAD Agenda and Activities
EAD activities will require 30 minutes or less. Please refer to the
sections in this Guide, indicated below, for details on carrying out
this agenda.
Employees gather for break. (beverages and cake or snack)
Welcome from manager. (see page 5)
Show brief video featuring CEO Eric Foss and
Executive Vice President Lynn McKee. (see page 7)
Give appreciation gift and letter of thanks to every employee after running the video. If applicable to you (non-English-speaking countries), also distribute the inserts for the gifts, which have been translated into your language. (see page 6)
Recognize employee efforts and invite employees to share their appreciation
for each other. (see page 6)
Close meeting.
Share your celebration!
We encourage you to take photos or shoot brief videos from a smart phone or
flip cam for sharing during or after the event. Encourage your employees to
do so as well. Submit photos and videos as soon as possible after the celebration via
Include details, such as where the event was held, who is shown, quotes from
employees, etc. A representative sample will be posted on ARAMARK’s Facebook page,
tweeted from ARAMARK, and/or featured in a Mark Online article.
Video Tips
1. Make sure the light source is in front of the subject.
2. No need to include sound.
3. Shoot the video from the landscape (horizontal) position.
Talking Points
These are suggested remarks for you to use at two points during your meeting:
to kick things off and then after you distribute the gifts. Feel free to adapt these talking
points as appropriate for your location, your business, and your employees.
To kick off the meeting:
Welcome to Employee Appreciation Day. You’re the guest of honor, so this
is your day!
Today, we’re celebrating with every ARAMARK location around the globe.
That’s over 200,000 people!
This is an opportunity to say thanks to you for all you do each and every day.
I want you to know that it’s noticed.
We notice how you engage our clients and consumers. How you help set the tone for their day. How you deliver experiences to them that enrich and nourish lives. And we know that we couldn’t do it without all of you pulling together, every day.
Our senior management wants to say thanks, too. So, we’re going to take a few minutes now to watch a brief video featuring our CEO, Eric Foss, and our
Executive Vice President for Human Resources and Communications, Lynn McKee. (See page 7 for video instructions.)
After the video and the distribution of gifts:
Encore! Encore! means appreciation and applause for a job well done. And it’s encouragement to keep doing it!
This company is built on our people. Our success is built on your continuing and unrelenting efforts, passion, integrity and work ethic.
Your efforts to . . . [perform, innovate, impact, etc – whatever applies to roles at
your location].
Your passion to . . . [serve, deliver, sell­—insert specifics about what you do].
Your integrity when it comes to . . . [efficiency, safety, customer service,
professionalism, etc.].
And your “where there’s a will, there’s a way” work ethic.
Employee Appreciation Day is just the beginning of a new culture of appreciation here at ARAMARK. It’s a culture that will be focused on recognition and rewards for performing
with pride and producing positive outcomes. ARAMARK wants to reinforce our
commitment to you, your families and the communities we serve.
In the coming months you will begin to hear about the new Global Recognition Program, Encore! Encore! This program will provide the means for us to appreciate and recognize your contributions, reward you for results, and say “thank you” for your achievements—
regularly and consistently throughout the year.
Let’s all give
ourselves a round
of applause!
Would anyone like to chime in and reflect on something or someone you
appreciate? The floor is yours . . .
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Why is ARAMARK holding an
Employee Appreciation Day?
A: EAD will serve several critical purposes. It:
Sets the tone for creating a culture of appreciation,
recognition and rewards.
Allows the organization to say “thank you” to our
employees in a consistent way.
Initiates a dialogue with employees that promotes
two-way conversation.
Celebrates the success resulting from our employees’
work efforts and recognizes how those efforts add value
to our clients, consumers, shareholders and the
communities we serve.
Kicks off a year-round Global Recognition Program that makes appreciation an ongoing event.
coin and slots for commemorative coins in subsequent
years. Enclosed with this Kit are letters of thanks from
Eric Foss that should be distributed to each employee
with their gift on Employee Appreciation Day. If you
need more letters, they’re available to print at
The gifts are imprinted with “Year after year, our
appreciation grows” and our corporate values:
Sell and Serve with Passion
Front Line First
Set Goals. Act. Win.
Integrity and Respect.
Q:Who does Employee Appreciation apply to?
A:All full-time and part-time regular and seasonal ARAMARK
employees. Contractors or temporary employees are
not included.
Q:When should I hold the event?
A:We recommend that you hold the event at the start of each
shift on March 13. Select time(s) that maximize attendance.
If you have remote employees, invite them to attend.
Q:Where should I hold the event?
A:This depends on your location, but in general, any area where employees can gather together comfortably for
30 minutes or so. A break room or conference room are examples, or anywhere you typically would hold a
team meeting.
Q:What food and drink should be served?
A:We recommend a cake or cupcakes, and waters, sodas, and juices. It’s up to you based on your event space, time of day, and budget.
Q:Who is paying for the refreshments?
A:The cake and beverages should be paid from your budget.
Q:How do I show the CEO video?
A:Go to It’s available in English and 8 subtitled languages. Choose
the language that best meets the needs of your employees. To play the video, you have two options. You can either
view it on YouTube by clicking on the link provided on the
website. Or you may download it to a computer that has
Windows Media Player or QuickTime installed. We recommend projecting the video on a large screen
if available at your location.
Q:What gifts am I handing out after the video?
A:In the coming days, you will receive a shipment containing an appreciation gift for each employee at your location.
It is a 4” x 6” lucite piece that includes a first-year collectable Q:What if I don’t receive the gifts or have enough?
A:Contact your Recognition Champion (see enclosed list)
so that he or she can arrange to have gifts shipped to
you. Although every effort will be made to
deliver your gifts on time, shipping delays may push
delivery to after your meeting, in which case gifts should
be distributed as soon as they come in.
Q:Is attendance at the meeting mandatory? And does it have to be held on March 13?
A:Yes, the meeting is required for all employees who physically work at your site. Barring an emergency, or client conflict, we ask that you hold the meeting on March 13. This is a global event for ARAMARK. We want to make sure that all employees hear the same message, at the same time.
Q:Can I have the event at an offsite location?
A:No. All meetings should be held onsite.
Q:Can employees invite family and friends?
A:Because of the brief nature of the meeting and to eliminate
distractions when normal duties resume, we recommend that only employees attend.
You will begin to hear more about Encore! Encore! in the spring.
The first phase of the program launch will focus on Leader to
Employee recognition and the appreciation vehicles for noticing
and rewarding efforts and results. These will range from thank you
notes to spot gifts that employees can select from a catalogue, to
achievement awards that honor the best of the best. You will receive
online training for using the web-based “recognition hub” that will
house all recognition vehicles.
Q:Who is available to answer questions?
A:Please refer to the enclosed list for contact information for the Recognition Champion for your line of business, country,
or region. If you need additional posters or thank you letters,
you can print them from