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 SONTE RF Control Hub User Guide
(Model: S70RPL001)
SONTE RF Control Hub (the “Hub”) is a wireless remote control power supply that uses radio
frequency (“RF”) to power and control your SONTE Film. Included with each Hub are a Remote
Control that has a master on/off control and six (6) independent on/off controls that can be paired
with multiple Hubs.
1. Application
SONTE RF Control Hub is specifically designed for use with SONTE Film products only.
IMPORTANT: Indoor use only.
2. Technical Specifications
Input Voltage: S70RPL001H: 220V AC; S70RPL001L: 110V AC
Output Voltage: 70 ±5 V AC
Output Power: 45 W
Maximum Current Output: 600mA
Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Remote Control Operating Distance: less than 15m (49ft) (open area)
Hub Dimensions: 140x120x65mm (5.5x4.7x2.6inches)
AC Input Socket: standard round Socket (three wire)
AC Output Socket: two 14mm female water resistant sockets
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 Celsius (32 ~ 104 F)
3. Remote Control and pairing
Remote Control contains the following buttons:
1. Master On/Off switches;
2. One to six on/off switches that can be paired to individually control each SONTE
3. Pairing switch (same button as the master “On” switch) - instructions on pairing in
the next section.
Remote Control pairing:
1. Slide Remote Control open to reveal all the buttons;
1 2. Plug the Hub into the power socket and immediately press and hold the “On”
button of Remote Control for five (5) seconds or until the red LED of the Hub
lights up (refer to “LED” as shown in the drawing);
3. Release the “On” button and the red LED will remain solid. Immediately press one
of the six (6) independent control buttons (as desired). The red LED will flash for 3
seconds and then will turn back to solid indicating the successful pairing of the Hub
to that particular Remote Control. (NOTE: Whilst the six (6) control buttons can
control one SONTE Film each, the pairing process has been designed so that
buttons 1 to 6 are grouped into three sets. As such, buttons 1 and 2; 3 and 4; 5 and
6 make up the three groups. This is because each Hub contains two power outlets,
which allow you to power two pieces of SONTE Film per Hub, so if you have three
Hubs, you can control at least six SONTE Films. Therefore, when pairing, always
consider which Hub is powering your SONTE Films so that you can choose which
group to pair more appropriately).
4. To pair the same Remote Control with a different Hub, repeat the above steps 1 to
SONTE RF Control Hub drawing:
1. If an unpaired Hub is turned on for more than five (5) seconds without
receiving a pairing signal from Remote Control, it will automatically timeout.
You will need to unplug and re-plug the Hub to the power socket to start the
pairing procedure.
2. Do not be turn on more than one unpaired Hubs when pairing; otherwise it will
cause errors in pairing resulting in abnormal functioning of the respective Hubs.
2 Remote Control uncoupling:
1. With the Hub turned on, press the “Off” button for five (5) seconds. The red LED
will flash indicating Remote Control has been successfully uncoupled from the Hub.
4. Trouble shooting
1. If repeated attempts to pair is unsuccessful, please:
a. Unplug the Hub, wait 30 seconds, then plug the Hub to the power socket
and try pairing again; or
b. Check and replace the battery of Remote Control (Note: Remote Control
has an LED indicator and will be dim if battery is low); or
c. Contact your SONTE approved distributor for technical support.
5. Safety Precaution
SONTE RF Control Hub and Remote Control are sophisticated electronic products.
1. Please do not tamper, drop or expose it to hard knocks.
2. Please do not operate it near water or water sources.
IMPORTANT: Please refer to our “Safety Guide” for more safety information.
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