Print out employment verification letters on your own.

Print out employment verification letters on your own.
Print out Employment verification letters on your own, either under the provided link or
under my e-Services.
Your need your SAP login to obtain access (not TSS etc.).
If you need the letter for yourself, you can print it. If your partner needs one, you need to
type in your partner’s name and add it to the letter.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We would like to in inform you that you are now able to print out your employment verification letters
on your own. This will help to minimize wait time on your side. You can produce the letters right at the
time when you need them. The letters contain an electronic signature. We verified with the Social
Security office as well as the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) that the letters would be accepted. It
will not be possible to print credit letters this way.
If you need credit letters to apply for credit cards with your bank, please contact TS-61.
Where can the letters be printed?
Copy and paste the following link into your Internet Explorer browser:!3ap
or go to the Plant Spartanburg Intranet, Associate Services, “My e-services”:
You will need your SAP login. Under this function you can also print out paystubs etc. If you encounter
issues regarding access, please contact the IT Helpdesk. Should you not have an SAP login at this point
of time, please request one. You will need this access also for other tools and systems to come, e.g.
right now there is a pilot to request and have leaves approved under this link. When you are ready to
print the letter, please print it in color.
If you encounter an error message about a missing output device (e.g. printer), it means that you need
to adjust your settings in SAP. Please follow these instructions:
When can letters be printed?
When you are an active associate in the system (after contract start date), letters can be printed at any
What about adding family members and children?
When you only need a letter for yourself, it is not necessary to enter any family members. However, if
your partner needs a letter, please enter the name of your partner accordingly. In general, you do not
need to enter information for your children. This would only be the case if your children would like to
apply for a South Carolina’s Drivers permit (DMV). Please understand that you are responsible for
providing accurate family information. Only print a letter for those partners on accompanied
assignment! There will be consequences for failure to comply with these requirements.
What if my information is not shown properly?
If your address is not shown properly, please update it in “My e-services”, if possible. This is important
to ensure that your paystubs as well as other company information can be mailed to you. If the
contract period is not shown properly, please contact TS-61 International HR.
If you have any questions or encounter any other issues, please get back with us.
Have a good day,
International HR.