The Steppingstone Foundation 2010 AnnuAl RepoRt

The Steppingstone Foundation
2010 Annual Repo rt
5 . Letter from the Founder
Michael P. Danziger
6 . Letter from the Chairman
Brian J. Conway
6 . Board of Directors
7 . Placement Schools
8 . About our Programs
10 . Colleges & Graduate Schools
11 . 2010 Gift Report
15 . Corporate Gifts
15 . Berylson Fund for Leadership Development
15 . Summer Opportunities Fund
16 . Financial Statements
Twenty Years
Michael Danziger
and entrepreneur
John Simon admit
14 Scholars to
the pilot class of
The Steppingstone
Scholars Program.
11 Scholars
component and
are admitted to
seven placement
A n t o i n e T r ow e r s ’ 91
The Steppingstone Academy
Antoine Trowers
Six new placement
schools added to
make a total of
13 schools where
Scholars are placed.
headquarters move
from Danzigers’
apartment to State
Street office space.
L. G. Balfour
Foundation makes
five-year grant
of $400,000.
40 Scholars
admitted to
The Scholars Program.
is one of the 14 Scholars
in Steppingstone’s pilot
class. He graduated from
Thayer Academy and
earned a B.S. from Bryant
University and an M.S.
199 D
in management/marketing
from University of
Maryland, University
College. Antoine currently
works as a Direct Support
professional at Sasha Bruce
Youth Works in
Washington, D. C., an
organization which helps
meet the urgent needs
of at-risk youth and their
families. He is married
and the proud dad
of a two-year-old son.
The Steppingstone
Fellowship is
created to enable
recent college
graduates to gain
experience in
admissions, and
C h e ry n B y r o n
Steppingstone Mentor
Cheryn Byron
The Magnet
Program is created
to prepare Boston
students for
placement at the
three exam schools.
18 Scholars are
admitted to pilot
The Steppingstone
Scholars Program
in Philadelphia is
launched and
a pilot class
of 28 admitted.
works at Phillips
Healthcare as a Senior
Field Marketing
Manager. For the past
year, she has mentored
Rojae Rowe.
chose to volunteer at
The Steppingstone
Academy’s SMASH
(Saturday Mentoring
and Study Hall) because
of the value placed on
quality education.
She remarks, “Scholars
are so appreciative of the
mentors’ time and are
eager to learn.”
Magnet and
Scholars Programs
merged to form
The Steppingstone
Academy; 98
Scholars admitted.
Scholars in Boston
pilot class graduate
from college.
R o j a e R ow e ’09
The Steppingstone Academy
Rojae Rowe
Saturday mentoring
program expands
to include study
hall and is renamed
SMASH (Saturday
Mentoring and
Study Hall).
$1 million grant
from the Richard
and Susan Smith
Family Foundation,
making it the
first gift received of
that magnitude.
launches Campaign
for Growth to raise
$15 million to
support program
is an eighth grader at
Boston Latin Academy
and an honor roll student.
Rojae meets with Cheryn
on Saturday mornings
200 D
during the school year,
and says he truly
enjoys spending time with
her at SMASH, finetuning his math skills. He
wants to be an engineer
and attend MIT.
The Steppingstone
Academy admits
152 Scholars.
The pilot class
in Philadelphia
graduates from
high school.
The Steppingstone
Academy Hartford
is launched in
partnership with
the Hartford
Youth Scholars
M i r ay Y i l d i z
College Success Academy, Class 1
Miray Yildiz
Partnership for
Educational Access
(NPEA) is created.
Jamilah Ryan ’95D
is the first Scholar
Alumna to teach
at Steppingstone.
McLane Fund is
established with
a $1 million gift
from TA Associates’
Managing Directors
to honor partner
Andy McLane and
support placement
at boarding schools.
for Growth raises
$19 million.
is a member of the
inaugural class of the
College Success Academy.
She attends fifth grade
at the Edison
K8 School
in Brighton.
Miray’s parents
emigrated from Turkey
because of the educational
opportunities available
to their daughter, and to
women in general, in the
United States. Miray
loves reading, making
new friends at CSA, and
teaching her dad English.
She wants to be a doctor.
first class in
graduates from
The Steppingstone
Academy in Boston
serves 1,000
Scholars in grades
five through 12.
The College
Success Academy
(CSA) is launched
in two Boston
public K8 schools,
the Edison and the
When I look at the accomplishments
on the timeline on the previous pages,
I am humbled by all of the work that
the Scholars, their families, and the staff
have done, grateful for every bit of advice
and support I’ve gotten along the way,
and inspired to make the next 20 years
even better.
In 1990, the faculty consisted of
John Simon and myself, and there were
14 Scholars in the pilot class. Now,
The Steppingstone Academy serves more
than 1,400 Scholars in Boston, we have
affiliates serving several hundred Scholars
in Philadelphia and Hartford, and we’ve
launched the National Partnership for
Educational Access, whose member
organizations collectively serve more
than 100,000 underserved students across
the country. Just last July, we launched
the College Success Academy, which has
the potential to help countless public
school students in Boston and beyond.
Our growth has outpaced our wildest
ambitions, but only because we’ve received
more support than we could ever have
Behind each notch on the timeline
lie innumerable stories. These tales include
the heroic work of Scholars, the heartfelt
generosity of donors, and the perseverance
and patience of mentors. Every day, for
two decades, a myriad of people have
quietly but purposefully committed
themselves to the vision that with proper
preparation and support, and a lot of hard
work, any student can go to college and
While the 20-year mark is a good
time to reflect and give thanks for all
that has happened so far, we are as
passionate as ever to find new ways to help
those students who have the will to earn
educational opportunities that lead to a
four-year college degree. We are particularly excited to be in a position to offer
Steppingstone’s academic and support
services to more underserved students in
the Boston Public Schools.
At every milestone, know that I am
acutely aware and grateful that none of
what we have accomplished would be
possible without your support. I can’t wait
for us to start filling in the next timeline.
Michael P. Danziger
Founder and CEO
The Steppingstone Foundation
Letter from the Founder
While it is impossible to capture
Steppingstone’s first 20 years of life on a
few pages, the timeline in the preceding
pages features some of its most celebrated
accomplishments. By tracing these
highlights, you will note the rise in the
number of Boston students Steppingstone
has been able to serve, the building of
affiliate programs in Hartford and
Philadelphia, and the launch of the
National Partnership for Educational
Access (NPEA) which supports programs
dedicated to college access for underserved
students. The ink is not even dry on the
last timeline entry reflecting the creation
of the College Success Academy in
Boston last July.
None of this progress could have
occurred without your critical support.
Your steadfast belief in Steppingstone’s
mission has enabled the Board to chart
Steppingstone’s course for the future.
Steppingstone Scholars have had great
success graduating from four-year colleges,
and as larger classes come through the
program, we want to ensure that future
Scholars have the same opportunity.
As a result of last year’s strategic plan,
Steppingstone has restructured The
Steppingstone Academy’s support services
component to include college services,
ensuring that Scholars transition successfully to college and earn a degree. Services
include summer bridge workshops,
on-going financial aid advising, and
College Coaches, a program matching
Scholars in their first year of college with
older Scholars attending their school. We
are also bringing NPEA member programs
together regionally to collaborate, share
best practices, and create a college pipeline
within their communities, beginning in
Perhaps Steppingstone’s most notable
recent expansion is the launch of a new
initiative, based in the Boston Public
Schools, called the College Success Academy.
Last July, Mayor Menino helped kick-off
the program, as the inaugural 46 Scholars
buckled down to start their collegebound
journey. I give those diligent rising fifthgraders tremendous credit, but I also
give you a heartfelt thank you. These
Scholars will spend five summers and
four academic years after school in classes,
fortifying what they learn in their regular
Boston Public School curriculum, while
benefiting from the Steppingstone culture
of hard work, high expectations, and high
achievement. Once these Scholars are in
their Boston public high schools, they will
receive the same quality college counseling
and financial aid assistance, college tours,
and socio-emotional support that the
Scholars from The Steppingstone Academy receive. We quite literally couldn’t
provide them with this path to college
without you.
On behalf of the 1,400 Steppingstone
Scholars headed back to school, ranging
from a fifth-grade classroom in Brighton
to a college senior seminar in Cambridge,
thank you for your generous support.
The Steppingstone Foundation
Board of Directors
Amy Smith Berylson
Chuck Brizius
Robert Clagett
Brian Conway, Chairman
Michael P. Danziger
Bart Epker
Richard Friedman
Andrew Hahn
William Helman
Allison Johnson
Isabelle Loring
Dr. Richard I. Melvoin
A. Peter Monaco, Jr.
Karl W. Reid, Ed.D.
Brent E. Shay
John G. Simon
John S. Weinberg
Christina Wing-O’Donnell
Brian J. Conway
The Steppingstone Foundation
Letter from the Chairman
. . . . . . .......
Steppingstone Placement Schools
Beaver Country Day School
Belmont Day School
Belmont Hill School
Boston College High School
Boston Latin Academy
Boston Latin School
Boston Trinity Academy
Boston University Academy
Brimmer and May School
Buckingham Browne & Nichols
Cambridge School of Weston
Commonwealth School
Concord Academy
Dana Hall School
Dedham Country Day School
Deerfield Academy
Derby Academy
Dexter School
Fay School
The Fessenden School
The Governor’s Academy
Holderness School
The Meadowbrook School of Weston
Milton Academy
Newton Country Day School
Noble and Greenough School
John D. O’Bryant School
The Park School
Phillips Academy
Phillips Exeter Academy
The Rivers School
The Roxbury Latin School
Shady Hill School
St. Mark’s School
St. Paul’s School
St. Sebastian’s School
Southfield School
Thayer Academy
The Winsor School
Xaverian Brothers High School
Abington Friends School
Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
The Agnes Irwin School
The Baldwin School
Chestnut Hill Academy
Church Farm School
The Episcopal Academy
Friends’ Central School
Friends Select School
Germantown Academy
Germantown Friends School
Gesu School
Girard College
Greene Street Friends School
The Haverford School
The Julia R. Masterman School
Philadelphia High School for Girls
The Philadelphia School
St. Peter’s School
The Shipley School
Springside School
Westtown School
William Penn Charter School
Avon Old Farms
Berkshire School
Buxton School
Chatham Hall
The Ethel Walker School
Kent School
The Loomis Chaffee School
The Madeira School
Marianapolis Preparatory School
The Master’s School
Miss Porter’s School
Northwest Catholic High School
Peddie School
Pomfret School
Renbrook School
Salisbury School
Stuart Hall School
Suffield Academy
The Taft School
Watkinson School
Westminster School
Westover School
The Williston Northampton School
Since 1990, The Steppingstone Foundation
has successfully prepared hundreds of
underserved schoolchildren for educational
opportunities that lead to college
success. Year after year, the Scholars’
accomplishments show that with the right
combination of high expectations and
meaningful support, children who are
willing to work hard can reach their
potential and make their college aspirations
a reality, regardless of circumstance.
Steppingstone programs in Boston,
Philadelphia, and Hartford set underserved students on the path to college by
preparing them to get into and succeed
at top college-preparatory schools in
middle and high school. Once admitted,
Scholars participate in an intensive course
of academic preparation that begins with
a six-week summer session, continues
during the school year with classes after
school and on Saturdays, and concludes
with a second summer session. Scholars
preparing for ninth-grade placement have
a longer academic program. The rigorous
curriculum prepares Scholars for the
challenges of getting into and excelling at
top independent and public exam schools.
Steppingstone also works closely with
Scholars and their families on all aspects of
the independent and public exam school
admissions process, from choosing the
right school, to applying for financial
aid. But Steppingstone doesn’t end there.
Steppingstone makes a long-term
commitment to Scholars, providing a
comprehensive slate of support services
during middle school, high school, and
college to ensure that they thrive in their
new schools, ultimately graduating from
high school and four-year colleges.
The Steppingstone Academy in
Boston prepares fifth-, sixth-, and seventhgrade students to get into and succeed
at Boston’s top independent and public
exam schools in the sixth, seventh, and
ninth grades, respectively. In 2010, The
Steppingstone Academy served more than
1,000 Scholars in grades five through 12
and 300 Alumni Scholars in college. Of
the Scholars who complete the academic
component, 90% gain admission to an
independent or public exam school, 99%
graduate from high school, and 91%
enroll at four-year colleges. 80% of the
Scholars who enrolled at four-year colleges
earned a degree within six years.
Since its inception in 1997, The
Steppingstone Scholars Program in
Philadelphia has prepared more than
350 underserved fifth-grade students for
admission to selective independent schools
in the sixth grade. In 2010, the program
achieved a significant milestone when the
first Scholars from the pilot class graduated from college.
Since 2005, The Steppingstone
Academy Hartford has prepared highly
motivated Hartford students for admission
to Connecticut’s top independent
schools in the ninth grade. In 2010,
The Steppingstone Academy Hartford
provided academic preparation to 47
rising seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade
students, serving more than 100 Scholars
in grades seven through 10. In addition,
100% of the Scholars who completed the
academic preparation component are on
track to graduate from high school.
Created in 2007, the National
Partnership for Educational Access
(NPEA) is a membership association
for programs committed to increasing
educational opportunities for motivated
underserved students across the United
States. NPEA currently has more than
180 members, representing 29 states and
collectively serving more than 100,000
students across the country. NPEA is
dedicated to promoting quality, success,
and growth among member organizations,
partner schools, and communities committed to educational access. Members
include school and non-school based
programs, charter schools, independent
schools, higher education institutions,
and other nonprofit programs.
In the fall of 2010, Steppingstone
began recruiting the first Scholars to
participate in its newest initiative, the
College Success Academy, based in the
Edison and Jackson/Mann K8 Schools
in Brighton. Modeled after the academic
preparation and support services
components of The Steppingstone
Academy, the College Success Academy
provides middle-grade students in Boston
public schools with a rigorous after-school
and summer academic program spanning
five years, followed by support services
through high school and college. The
pilot class of 46 Scholars began its first
summer session in July 2011.
About our Programs
Clockwise from top
left: NPEA hosts a
college tour; and
summer classes at
The Steppingstone
Academy and the
College Success
Next Steps
Steppingstone Scholars have
graduated from the following
colleges and universities:
Amherst College (2)
Babson College (4)
Barnard College (2)
Bates College
Becker College
Boston College (11)
Boston University (12)
Bowdoin College (4)
Brandeis University
Brown University (6)
Bryant University
Carnegie Mellon University
Cheyney College
The Citadel Military College
Clark University (2)
Clarkson University
Colby College
College of the Holy Cross (3)
Columbia College, Chicago
Columbia College, SC
Columbia University (6)
Connecticut College (2)
Curry College
Dartmouth College (4)
Duke University
Fisk University
Fitchburg State College
Florida A&M University
Fordham University (4)
Framingham State University
George Washington University (4)
Georgetown University (2)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Gordon College
Hamilton College (3)
Hampshire College
Hampton University (4)
Harvard College (9)
Howard University
Johns Hopkins University
Johnson & Wales University (2)
Lasell College (2)
Maine Maritime Academy
Manhattan College
Massachusetts College of Art
& Design (2)
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
and Health Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Middlebury College
New York University
Northeastern University (11)
Pennsylvania State University
Pine Manor College (4)
Providence College
Regis College
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
Salem State College (2)
Savannah College of Art & Design
Simmons College (2)
Southern Connecticut State University
Spelman College (6)
Springfield College
St. Francis College
Stanford University
Stonehill College
Syracuse University (4)
Temple University (5)
Trinity College, CT (2)
Trinity College, D.C.
Tufts University (6)
Union College
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of Connecticut
University of Massachusetts
Amherst (13)
Boston (8)
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Pennsylvania (4)
University of Rhode Island (2)
University of Richmond
University of Rochester
University of Southern California (2)
University of Vermont & State Agriculture
University of Virginia
Wagner College
Wellesley College (2)
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Wesleyan University (2)
Williams College (3)
Yale College (6)
Graduate Schools
Steppingstone Scholars have graduated
from the following graduate schools:
American Intercontinental University School of Business
Boston College Graduate School
of Arts and Sciences
Boston University School
of Communications
Boston University Law School
Boston University College of Fine Arts
Boston University School of Management
Mailman School of Public Health,
Columbia University
Weill Cornell Medical College,
Cornell University
Rollins School of Public Health
of Emory University
Fordham University Graduate School
of Education
The French Culinary Institute
The George Washington University School of Public Health & Health Services
Mercy College
Northeastern University
Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University
Sacred Heart University Isabelle Farrington School of Education
Simmons College
School of Arts, Sciences & Professional Studies Springfield College
Suffolk University Law School (2)
Syracuse University Graduate School
of African American Studies
Syracuse University College
of Arts & Sciences
Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
Tufts University
University of Baltimore Yale Gordon
College of Liberal Arts
University of California, Berkeley School
of Public Health
School of Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley
University of Chicago School
of Social Service Administration
University of Chicago School of Sociology
University of Maryland, University College
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Massachusetts, Boston,
College of Education & Human
University of Massachusetts, Boston,
College of Liberal Arts
University of Massachusetts Medical School
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
University of Virginia Department
of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison School
of Education
H Denotes donors who have made gifts
P. Andrews & Linda H. McLane
for at least 20 consecutive years.
Sarah & Peter Monaco
Kristin & Stephen Mugford
F Denotes donors who have made gifts
Marion & David Mussafer
for at least 10 consecutive years.
James & Kimberly Pallotta
D Denotes donors who have made gifts
Randa & Michael Pehl
for at least 5 consecutive years.
The Plymouth Rock Foundation
Stephanie & Adam Rogers
V Denotes donors who have made gifts
Brent Edward Shay
for at least 3 consecutive years.
John & Susan Simon
Christine & Robert Small
State Street Foundation
Jennifer & Seth Stier
Carolyn & Ken Swan
F (2 Gifts)
Charlotte R. Cramer Wagner &
Herbert S. Wagner, III
Anonymous (2 Gifts)
Amanda & John Waldron
L.G. Balfour Foundation
Amy & John Weinberg
Jenny & Sandy Weymouth/
Mrs. Leonard Block
Betsy & Michael Danziger
Connie & Sankey Williams
Nancy & Richard Friedman
Thomas O’Donnell & Christina Wing-
Foundation D
Joanna & Jon Jacobson
O’Donnell/The Karen Wing Family Liberty Mutual Foundation, Inc.
Charitable Foundation
Holly McGrath & David Bruce
Medha Sinha & Arthur G. Epker III
Capital Partners
Scholars’ Society
$5,000 to $9,999
The Tudor Foundation, Inc.
President’s CIRCLE
$10,000 to $49,999
Pamela & Bear Albright
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Block
Deb & John Brennan/Hunt Street Fund
Anonymous V
Bushrod H. Campbell and Adah F. Hall Abrams Foundation
Mrs. Peter H. O. Claudy
Bain Capital Children’s Charity LTD
Constance B. Coburn &
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Charity Fund
Anonymous (2 Gifts)
James D. Houghton
The Cosette Charitable Fund
Anita & Josh Bekenstein
John G. & Amy Smith Berylson
C. Hunter Boll
Gwill York & Paul Maeder/Highland D
Isabelle & Ian Loring
Hess Foundation
Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust
The Ford Foundation
J. C. Kellogg
Kerrie & James Coughlin
Mr. & Mrs. F. Michael Danziger
Kate & Chuck Brizius
Margot & Jon Davis
Boston Red Sox Foundation
Deanna & Tony DiNovi
John & Stephanie Connaughton
Sadhana & Rick Downs
Brian & Karen Conway
Gretchen Effgen & Anthony Schweizer
David & Victoria Croll
Jennifer Mugar Flaherty & Peter G. Flaherty II
Peggy & Richard Danziger
Dean Welfare Trust
Kate & Tom Gilbane
Kaia & Jonathan Goldstein
Denise M. Dupré & Mark E. Nunnelly
Elizabeth L. Johnson
Karen Kames & Christopher Gaffney
2010 Gift Report
Mary Beth & Adam Kirsch
Martha Mugar
Marsha & Justin Perreault
Emilie & Richard Powers
Jeanne & Bob Savitt
Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation
Sandy & Paul Edgerley
John & Laura Fisher
Pixley & Kenneth Schiciano
Suzie Tapson & Gordon Burnes
Charles Hayden Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.
Kim Hsu-Barber & Jeffrey Barber
Olga & Scott Jaeckel
$1,000 to $4,999
Allison & Edward Johnson
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Anonymous (2 Gifts)
The Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein
The Sidney & Beatrice Albert Foundation
Fund Inc.
Nichole & Richard Aldrich/RA Capital H
Mike Krupka & Anne Kubik
Jeffrey B. & Janet Larson/The Larson
Marlena & George Alex
Family Foundation
The Alperin/Hirsch Family Foundation
Linde Family Foundation
Joe Amsler
Anne R. Lovett & Stephen G. Woodsum
Kristen & James Atwood
Laura & Scott Malkin
Jill & John Avery
Libby & Jeff Mallon/Kahn Charitable
Elyse & Bruce Balder
Beth & Max Bardeen
Tristin & Martin Mannion
Mass 2020 Foundation, Inc.
Meg & Tomas Bergstrand
Timothy C. & Patricia W. Blank
Jonathan Block &
Secondary School Admission Test Board, Inc.
Jennifer Berylson Block
Ellen & Steve Segal
Amy & Ben Bloomstone
Amanda & Petko Dimitrov
The Shane Foundation
Rick & Nonnie Burnes/Butler’s Hole Fund
Robert Dolliver
Barbara & Ed Shapiro
Susan Busch
Beth Duggan
Tyler Chapman
Janice L. Sherman & Robert G. Segel
Robert Chen
Lori & Matthew Sidman
John M. Cohen, M.D.
Louise B. & Edgar M. Cullman Foundation
David M. & Sheena Danziger
Lee & Jack Englert
Hillary & Carlo VonSchroeter
Michael Flaherty
Eve Waterfall & Claire Walton
Bryan Flynn
Debra & Steven French
Family Foundation
Kelly & Michael Glew
Leslie & Stan Godoff
Holly Grace & Kris Kahn
Donald & Martha Greenhalgh
$250 to $999
Elizabeth & Andrew Hahn
Chinita & Michael Hard
Lynn & James Gilbert
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Rebecca & Michael Gamzon
Sandy & Dozier Gardner
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Catherine & Lionel Harris
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Danielle & André Heard
Beth Gilbert-Bono & Mark Bono
Dave Alexander
Katie Hendricks
Tricia & John Glass
Mark & Kathy Alperin
Tamara & Peter Hermann
Eric Andrew ‘94
Susan & Robert Hermanos
Nancy & Edward Guleserian
Jessica & David Aronoff
Joan G. Howland & William J. Webber
The Guthrie Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Baldino
Lisa & Ben Humphreys
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Fred & Tricia Bentley
Virginia Hutcheson
Sheri E. Berman & Gideon Rose/
Fleur & Richard Hynes
The Baobab Fund
Allison & Matthew Godoff
Blair & Jacqueline Hendrix
Sandra & William Herman
Jill & Robert Inches
Jessica & Jonathan Hyde
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Johnson 3d
Char Joslin & Les Cheek
Evelyn J. Junge
Mary & Seth Kaufman
Dr. William Boyd & Ms. Deborah Blish
Massachusetts - Hope and David Jeffrey Megan & Ted Johnson
Kate Bolland
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Julia & Peter Johannsen Charitable Fund
Kathryn & John Boger
Susan & Brian Kavoogian
Pamela & Jim Broderick
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Charlotte & Charlie Kline V
Tania & Gordon Kluzak F
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Kathryn & Chuck Brown
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Liese & David Brown
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Carolyn Lattin & Venkat Venkatraman
Amanda & Jeff Burton
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& Joei Sanchez
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The Hand of Synthetic Biology
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Harris Family Foundation
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This report is accurate to the best of our knowledge.
We sincerely apologize for any error or omission.
Steppingstone would like to thank the
following corporations for their generous
Gifts were made to Steppingstone in honor
of the following individuals:
BB&N Class of 1997 Steppingstone Scholars
Donavan Brown ‘95
Chase Brown Phillips
The Charles Hotel
Carnegie Communications’ clients
Di Santo Design
Abby Drew Cohen
UP TO $4,999
Sarah Conrad
Barb & Rob Cunningham
Richard Eckel
Allegra Print & Imaging
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America’s Growth Capital
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Boston Center for Adult Education
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The Moreno Family
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Virginia & Michele Mulhern
Castanea Partners
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Cynthia Rowley
Deborah Robinson
Derby Academy
Lauren Rossi
First Act, Inc.
Allison Savage
Four Seasons Hotel, Boston
Brent Shay
Friel Golf Management, Co.
Aleksandr & Laura Forsberg White
Hingham Savings Bank
Jen Hawkins Events
Gifts were made to Steppingstone in memory
of the following individuals:
Katie Wilton Peterson
Kimberly McMahon
Ed Dombrowski
La Campania
John Solomon
Lindt & Sprungli
Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Boston
Gifts were made to Steppingstone in honor
of the weddings of:
Mepal Manor
OMBE, Kristen Foresta
OMBE, Lisa Grodsky
OMBE, Rachel Lappen
OMBE, Kristen Lutz
The Park School
Parthenon Group
Post 390
Publick House
Samuel Adams
Simplicity Chef
The Knot
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston
Tie Your Apron
Top of the Hub
Vineyard Vines
Wachusett Mountain
Westin Copley Place
Wine Bottega
Winston Flowers
Xaverian Brothers High School
Steppingstone would like to thank
the following corporations for their
matching gifts:
Bank of America Foundation
BNY Mellon
Computer Associates
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLC
Pamet Capital
Wells Fargo Foundation
Jennifer Berylson & Jon Block
Rebecca Berman & Franklin Huang
We are so grateful to these couples for
suggesting Steppingstone to their friends
and family and for their generous support.
Thank you to SSATB which selected
Steppingstone for its community service
project at its annual conference. SSATB
members surpassed their goal and raised
$4,000 dollars to help send 30 Scholars on
their next tour to colleges in western
Massachusetts and upstate New York.
Berylson Fund for
Leadership Development
Recognizing that attracting and retaining
staff is a key issue for not-for-profits,
Amy Smith Berylson and John Berylson
established The Berylson Fund for Leadership
Development to provide Steppingstone’s
leadership staff with the opportunity to
engage in high-level professional development opportunities in order to best serve the
needs of a growing organization.
The Berylson Fund has supported the
design and implementation of an employee
evaluation system to increase performance,
motivation, and job satisfaction.
We are grateful for the Berylsons’
thoughtful and generous investment in Steppingstone’s future.
Summer Opportunities Fund
There are many summer programs that
provide students with experience or academic
skills that encourage them to grow outside
of the classroom, as well as help them stand
out from the college applicant pool. In 2006,
The Steppingstone Foundation created the
Summer Opportunities Fund to provide
Scholars with the financial assistance they
need to participate in such summer programs. In 2010, Scholars took part in the following programs:
The Winsor School’s then-rising senior,
Lisa Luo ’04, spent the summer at Community
Rowing. This competitive summer program
is designed for athletes who are looking to
improve their rowing skills, compete at a high
level on a national scale, and develop in a
team environment.
The summer before his senior year at
The Roxbury Latin School, Bence Budavari
’05 spent a weekend at Berklee College of
Music in the Music Technology Division.
He attended a series of intensive workshops
covering many facets of music production
Catholic Memorial School’s Malcolm
Grant ’05 spent five weeks at the Rob Burton
Training Village. The program is year-round
with a summer component and offers campers
support and mentoring in areas such as:
education, social skills, morals, values, leadership, and fitness.
Jamelia Willock ’05 spent the summer
before her senior year at the John D. O’Bryant
School on the campus of Brown University.
The [email protected] program is a two-week
residential program that allows students to
take college courses, advance their studies,
and prepare for college success.
National Student Leadership Conference
(NSLC) provided Thayer Academy thenjunior, Olivia Lau ’06, with the opportunity
to experience campus life at the University
of Maryland. Olivia was able to develop essential leadership skills, explore future careers
through exciting simulations, and participate
in exclusive site visits and interactive meetings
with renowned leaders in various fields.
Kevin Figueroa ’07 spent the summer
before his senior year at Boston College High
School traveling to Italy, Austria, Switzerland,
and France with People to People, an organization that promotes international understanding and friendship through educational,
cultural, and humanitarian activities.
Noble and Greenough School’s Jennifer
Ngo ’07 spent the summer before her senior
year at LEAD Business. A national partnership of the top U.S. corporations and graduate
schools, LEAD Business is a four-week
residential program that encourages talented
students from diverse backgrounds to pursue
Financial Statements for December 31, 2010
The Steppingstone Foundation, Boston, and Steppingstone Scholars, Inc., Philadelphia
Consolidating Schedule of Financial Position
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents
537,218 452,802 Contributions receivable
720,276 -
Prepaid expenses and deposit
157,101 11,492 168,593
2,201,397 Beneficial interest in perpetual trust
60,264 990,020
Property and equipment,
at cost less accumulated depreciation
Total Assets
58,755 5,622 64,377
3,674,747 1,584,294 5,259,041
Liabilities & Net Assets
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable and accrued expenses
Deferred revenue
Total Liabilities
302,162 17,171 77,220 10,000 319,333
379,382 27,171 406,553
Net Assets
Operations 1,179,191 446,084
Board Designated
1,000,000 -
Total Unrestricted Net Assets
2,179,191 446,084 2,625,275
Temporarily restricted
1,116,174 66,133 1,182,307
1,044,906 1,044,906
Permanently restricted
- Total Net Assets
3,295,365 1,557,123 4,852,488
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Consolidating Schedule of Activities
Revenue, Gains and Other Support
Fundraising Events
848,885 Less cost of direct benefit to donors
Net Fundraising Event Revenue
Contributions and grants
417,182 (129,793)
1,029,180 2,680,931 893,290 3,573,221
2,671 19,059 7,193 -
Membership Income
127,333 Realized & unrealized gains on investments
Gain on beneficial interest in perpetual trust
Total Revenue, Gains & Other Support
287,389 4,649 1,266,067
741,791 Growth campaign contributions
Other income
- 3,571,495 - - 36,242 4,649
6,159 6,159
1,242,139 4,812,634
Expenses and Losses
Program Services
The Steppingstone Academy - Boston
College Success Academy - Boston
Scholars Program - Philadelphia
2,483,126 -
- 650,551 National Partnership for Educational Access
327,845 -
131,496 -
Total Program Services
3,038,069 650,551 2,483,126
Supporting Services
General and administrative 435,491 169,413 611,822 204,297 816,119
Total Supporting Services
1,047,313 373,710 1,421,023
Total Expenses
4,085,382 1,024,261 5,108,643
217,878 (296,009)
Change in net assets
Net Assets at Beginning of Year
3,809,252 1,339,245 5,148,497
Net Assets at End of Year
3,295,365 1,557,123 4,852,488
About Steppingstone
Founded in 1990, The Steppingstone
Foundation is a non-profit organization
that develops and implements programs
which prepare urban schoolchildren for
educational opportunities that lead to
college success. Based on the premise
that, regardless of circumstance, children
can achieve at high levels academically
if given the proper preparation and
support, Steppingstone programs
emphasize rigorous standards and achieve
meaningful results.
Steppingstone programs include:
The Steppingstone Academy Boston
Steppingstone Scholars, Inc. Philadelphia
The Steppingstone Academy Hartford
National Partnership for
Educational Access
College Success Academy Boston
For more information about
Steppingstone, you can reach us at:
155 Federal Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02110
617-423-6300 phone
617-423-6303 fax
The Steppingstone Foundation is committed
to a policy of equal treatment for all individuals.
The Steppingstone Foundation is grateful
to the following individuals and firms who
donated or discounted their services to make
the design and printing of this annual report
Bill MIles Productions
Margaret CrowE Photography
Meg Birnbaum Photography
Di Santo Design
Barton Productions
Hanson Printing Company
© 2011 The Steppingstone Foundation
This brochure has been printed on recycled paper.
N i c h o l a s C o r r e i r a ’11
The Steppingstone Academy
Nicholas Correira
is a seventh grader at
Brimmer and May
School this fall.
He serves on The
Steppingstone Academy
Leadership Council and
loves Latin, acting, and
singing. Nicholas says his
greatest accomplishment
so far is joining