Waterproof & Bluetooth Speaker Model: BW-201 User Manual

Waterproof & Bluetooth Speaker
Model: BW-201
User Manual
·Driver Unit: 2” x 2
·Output Power (RMS): 3 W x 2
·Bluetooth 3.0
·Battery Capacity: 2300mAh with power bank function
·Charging Time: 6 Hours by Pure USB/3-5 Hours by Adaptor
·Dimension: 204 x 154 x 46mm (w/hanger)
Function Indication
Front Panel
Back Panel
·Bluetooth Pairing
Switch on
, the Bluetooth Indicator will keep flashing in red & blue. It
means “ready for pairing”.
Turn on the Bluetooth on your device. Search and select “BW-201” (enter “1234” if
password is requested).
The LED Indicator will keep flashing in blue when the speaker is successfully
paired to your device.
·Volume/Song Adjustment
Short press
for volume down, Short press
for volume up;
Short press
for previous song, Short press
for next song;
·Answer the Phone Call
Short press
to answer the phone call, and short press
Long press
to reject the calling.
Short press
twice to redial the last number on your phone.
again to end up.
·Reset Bluetooth Pairing
Long press
to reset Bluetooth pairing per your need, in any case the pairing
was disconnected.
It will connect to recent device preferentially when turn on again, if its Bluetooth is
keeping on.
For saving power, the speaker will be shut off automatically when it's disconnected
up to 10 minutes. Switch on
to turn on the speaker.
For Charging
·Charge In
① Open the watertight seal onthe back of speaker gently.
② Connect the USB interface to adaptor or PC.
Connect the Micro USB interface to
The charging indicator will be in red when charging in; and will
change to green when fully charged.
on the back of speaker.
· Charge Out (power bank function)
1. This speaker has output for supplying, it can charge for phone, Mp3/Mp4 or
other electrical device that uses 5V power.
, connect your devices to the USB hub
2. Connect the USB interface to
on speaker with your original charging cable.Turn on Power Switch
now you can get emergency power supply.
Standard Package
① BW-201 Speaker
② USB to Micro USB Charging Cable
③ User Manual
Do not put under water.
Do not open the watertight seal with dripping hand.
Please charge the speaker when the low battery indicator flashes in red.
Keep away from sharp objects.
Do not place near heat or microwave ovens.
·For safety, please read this manual seriously before using the product.
·This product can not be dropped into water.
·Do not disassemble, repair or modify this product by yourself.
·If the battery is replaced by an incorrect type, it is a risk of explosion.
·This product can not be boiled to the sun.
·This product is not a toy, keep away from the children.
·This product contains the recyclable lithium battery, sent it to the specialty
Recycle Bin for recycling please.