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Greek leak
In Memory of Drew O’Donoghue………………….
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Please remember Drew, his family and friends, and
his brothers in Sigma Phi Epsilon in your prayers
during this difficult time.
With his friends’ and family’s approval, Drew’s last
letter is included here in special memory.
Saying Goodbye to a Friend
It is something that you should never have to do. You can’t, you shouldn’t, you won’t.
Nonetheless, there will be a moment thrust onto every relationship where we must close
the book. The chapter of your life maybe a short one, or it may be the theme of your
entire story. Either way, goodbyes are never easy.
With every friendship, memories are plentiful. They make you laugh, they make you cry,
but like a good dream, they represent only a moment in time. Memories are mile
markers on the highway of life, but no matter how many you pass or how far you travel,
they are every bit of a part of you as your skin and bones are. Nostalgia makes you
want to go back and relive those times, but hope carries you on, whispering of the
possibilities and treasures that lie ahead on the horizon.
You know you have found a good friend when you look back on those memories and see
the same face constantly come and go like how the sun rises and sets. A good friend not
only shares the glory days with you. They offer so much more. They’re thoughtful and
caring, wise and sharing. They share advice, success, heck they’ll even share their slice
of pizza. Despite all the positives in life, there is nothing like a friend who knows how to
share the pain and suffering, to take the weight off your shoulders. They make the good
times great and the bad times bearable, and when all seems lost, when you have been
cloaked in darkness and despair, a great friend is there to offer a shoulder to cry on, a
hand of strength to carry you through the storm. But, again, how do you say good bye
to that?
We find saying goodbye so hard not because of the memories of past. We find saying
farewell unbearable because of the future memories we won’t be able to make. God, I
have had my fair share of memories that I am so thankful for. As much as I would like
to go back to relive and cherish those moments, they give me hope that tomorrow will
be a better day. We have so much more to live for. The reunions, the late night phone
calls, the weddings, being called an uncle to your best friend’s kids, the backyard
barbeques are all future memories to be made. All these good times to be had will be
shared with those we love and cherish, a truly good friend. Friendship is something that
transcends life. It’s a bond that can never be broken. A sense of brotherhood that
carries on beyond our time on this earth.
What if that friend that you had to say goodbye to was you? All those future memories
become an absent dream, a reality that never materialized. They wash away like chalk
on a driveway following a rain storm. It’s something you don’t expect, something you
would never think would happen. You feel your invincibility fade away and dissipate, and
as you reach that moment where you try to define your life, discover your place and
meaning in this world, you are left with very little. Nothing material means anything to
you. The only things that matter are the intangibles, the basics. All you are left with is
friendship. No matter how many conversations you have with your good friend saying
that everything will be alright, you see the boulder of pain and suffering taken from your
shoulders in their eyes. In those moments, gratitude is an understatement. You go back
to those memories and realize
Drew had started this letter, intending to send it out to his friends and family. Although
the letter is unfinished, we invite you to complete the last sentence and let Drew know
what you realize from your memories with him.
Greek leak
February 2014
Stacey’s Dove Campaign*
Twister Tournament
Alpha Gamma Delta
Meg Jay Presentation*
Badge Day*
Greek Life
Shamrock Cornhole
Kappa Delta
Dodge for a Dream
Chi Omega, Sigma Chi
*Wildcat Point Event
We are thrilled to welcome
377 new sorority members
to Greek Life this semester!
Spring Required Events for New Members
 Stacey’s Dove Campaign (March 11th)
 New Member Induction (April 4th)
 Bystander Presentation (Date TBD)
Greek leak
February 2014
Connor Burke (ΣΦΕ) & Mackenzie Pabst (ΔΓ)
How long have you guys been dating?
1 year
How did you meet?
Got set up for a date function
What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Watch the OC
Scott Elmore (FIJI) & Isabella Canuso (ΑΦ)
How long have you guys been dating?
1 year
Where did you meet?
Awkward Luau
What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Roller Skating
Andrew Nellestein (ΣΧ) & Jackie Giovanniello (ΧΩ)
How long have you guys been dating?
2 years
Where did you meet?
Baseball Function
What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Go to eat
Tommy Rehnert (ΣΝ) & Megan Howe (ΑΧΩ)
How long have you guys been dating?
1 year
Where did you meet?
The Spit
What’s your favorite thing to do together?
Greek leak
February 2014
Anthony Stec (ΔΤΔ)
Mike Dolio (ΣΝ)
Hometown- Maple Grove, MN
Major- Finance
Dream Job- Internship this
summer - Investment Banking at
Deutsche Bank
Most Memorable Date- Getting
upgraded to front-row tickets at
a Coldplay Concert
Freshman Dorm- McGuire
Hometown- Springfield, PA
Major - Finance
Dream Job- Food Network Star
Most Memorable Date- Dinner
on the beach
Freshmen Dorm- St. Monica
Tyler Candee (ΛΧΑ)
Heema Khedr (ΣΑΕ)
Hometown- Syracuse, Ny
Major- Finance, accounting,
real estate
Dream Job- Private Equity
Most Memorable Date- Went to
a Park
Freshmen Dorm- Stanford
Hometown- Westfield, NJ
Major- Economics
Minor- Communications, Spanish
Dream Job- Entrepreneur
Most Memorable Date- Tao in NYC
Scott Elmore (FIJI)
Hometown- Chicago, Il
Major- Computer Engineering
Dream job- PGA Golfer
Most Memorable Date- Senior
Freshmen Dorm- Stanford
Dominic Cifelli (ΒΘΠ)
Hometown- Toms river, NJ
Major- Physics
Dream job - Experimental physicist
Most memorable date - Skydiving
Freshman dorm -Stanford
Will Weinstock (ΦΣΚ)
Hometown- Darien, CT
Major- Economics
Dream Job- Stay at home dad
Most Memorable DateManayunk Devils Pool+Sushiland
Freshmen Dorm- Maguire
Jack Gavey (ΣΦΕ)
Hometown- Fairfield, CT
Major- chemical engineer
Dream job- Ski bum
Most memorable dateCounting shoulders while
watching No Strings Attached
Freshman dorm- Caughlin
James Damato (ΣΧ)
Hometown- Chatham, NJ
Major- finance, International Business
Dream Job- Ski patrol at Jackson Hole
Most Memorable Date- Rachael
Williams to Grabba
Freshmen Dorm- Simpson
Greek leak
February 2014
Alison Sinicropi
Hometown- Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Major- Finance, International Business
Dream Job- Being Beyonce.
Most Memorable Date- Parasailing
Freshman dorm- Caughlin
Katie Brindly
Hometown- Charleston, SC
Major- Political Science &
Dream Job- Political Analyst
Most Memorable DateCharleston's farmers market and
art festival and then going to
dinner at my favorite restaurant
Freshman Dorm- St.Monica
Madeline McCormick
Hometown- Laytonsville, MD
Major- Mechanical Engineering
Dream job- a Mom
Most memorable date- Not a
memorable one to mention, step up
your game boys
Freshman dorm- Stanford
Maggie Franzetti
Hometown- Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Major- Sociology
Dream Job- Therapist
Most memorable date- Dinner at
R2L in Philly
Freshman Dorm- Stanford
Xenia Jarostchuk (ΑΦ)
Hometown- Acton, MA
Major- Accounting
Minors- Finance, Russian
Dream Job- Own a vineyard
Most Memorable Date- ATV’ing on
a farm
Freshman Dorm- Stanford
Veronica Seidner (AXO)
Hometown- Newport Beach, CA
Major- Psychology
Dream job- Elementary school
Most memorable date- Blink 182
concert for sure!
Freshmen dorm- Stanford
Nina Jafferjee (Tri Delt)
Hometown- Weehawken, NJ
Major- Marketing
Dream Job- Working for the USOC (US
Olympic Committee)
Most Memorable Date- A summer
weekday in NY. ferry ride across the
Hudson, lunch in Central Park, and then
a Yankees game
Freshman dorm- St.Monica
Andrea DiPaola (XO)
Hometown- Hamilton Square, NJ
Major- Chemical Engineering
Dream Job- Good question
Most memorable date- Spending
the day at the beach
Freshman dorm- Caughlin
Angela Dewey (KD)
Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ
Major: Psychology
Dream Job: Photographer
Most memorable date: On a first
date with a guy, we stopped along
the way to bail his friend out of
was also our last date
Freshman dorm: Katharine
Greek leak
February 2014
Zilly Jam: Phi Sigma Kappa
On Sunday, February 23rd from 6 to 8 pm in the
Villanova Room, the brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa
hosted "Zilly Jam 14". The benefit concert featured
six talented Villanova student musical acts
including Villanova's premier acapella groups: The
Supernovas and The Spires. The event was open to
the public and featured free food and exciting
raffle prizes.100% of the proceeds are going to the
Billy Zimmermann Scholarship. Hope everyone had
a great time taking a break from studying and
coming out for the fun!
Twist Off:
Alpha Gamma Delta
Save the date for Alpha Gamma Delta’s first annual TWIST OFF! Get ready to
relive your childhood in this giant Twister tournament! This year’s competition
will be held on March 14th from 3-5pm in Alumni Gym. Entry fee is $50 for a
team of four. All proceeds will go to the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation,
which supports Juvenile Diabetes Research. See you there!
Red Dress Gala: Alpha Phi
The sisters of Alpha Phi have been working hard and
enjoying their philanthropy events for the Alpha Phi
Foundation and Women's Heart Health. A few weeks ago,
Alpha Phi hosted Heart Health Week on campus to
educate their peers and faculty on the prevalence of heart
disease in women and how they could protect themselves
and their loved ones. On Friday, February 22, Alpha Phi
sisters, along with their family and friends, celebrated heart
health awareness and raised money for the Alpha Phi
Foundation at their Annual Red Dress Gala. This year, it was
held at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia. The
event was a black tie, red dress, fun-filled evening with
dinner, dancing and a silent auction.
Greek leak
February 2014
Dodge for a Dream: Chi Omega & Sigma Chi
Chi Omega and Sigma Chi are teaming up to raise money for the Make-A-Wish
Foundation! They will be hosting Wish Week beginning Monday, March 24th with a
variety of fundraisers that culminates with Dodge for a Dream on Friday, March
28th. The dodgeball tournament will begin at 4pm
in the St. Mary's gym. The ladies of Chi Omega and
the men of Sigma Chi would like to invite Greek life
and the Villanova community as a whole to come
out, have a good time, and support Make-A-Wish!
Service at the Monastery: Delta Gamma
Over the past few weeks, DGs have taken part in service activities including one
of their favorites: spending time at the monastery. Each week, Delta Gamma
goes to the monastery to share a few laughs with the priests who reside there. It is
a great way to connect with the foundation of our university and also helps destress after a long day of class. Katie Tadley, a DG sophomore, shared: “It’s
unbelievable how much you learn in just a short amount of time that is spent
there. It is such an incredible experience and can
lead to some great friendships.” DG cannot wait
to continue spending time at the monastery and
encourages anyone who has a moment to stop by!
Andrew’s Army:
Sigma Phi Epislon and Tri Delta
February 17-19th, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Tri Delta raised money for Andrew's Army by
selling wristbands and having a bake sale at the entrance of Bartley Hall.
The event was especially important and close to our hearts as it is the first event on
campus since our brother, junior Andrew Accardi, passed away. On the morning of
October 31, 2013, Andrew Accardi sadly passed away at the age of 20 after a 15year battle with Neuroblastoma, a common pediatric cancer. His strength and
courage when faced with a life-threatening illness inspired his friends and family to
help him form Andrew’s Army in 2007, a charitable organization that has raised over
$350,000 for pediatric cancer research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
Greek leak
February 2014
Shamrock Cornhole: Kappa Delta
On March 21st, 2014, Kappa Delta is hosting its annual Shamrock philanthropy
event on campus! All the proceeds will go towards the Pennsylvania Chapter of
Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA) and it is our biggest fundraiser of the year.
The Villanova student body gathers in the Quad to hang out, eat free food, listen
to music, and watch as teams of students compete in a giant cornhole
tournament. Last year’s Shamrock was
a major success and Kappa Delta is so
excited to once again engage the
Villanova community in raising awareness
and support for preventing child abuse
NOVAdance is the newest and most exciting philanthropy event to hit
Villanova’s campus. The NOVAdance team and The Andrew McDonough B+
Foundation are proud to announce the First Annual NOVAdance, aiming to
fulfill Villanova’s charitable mission to ignite change in our world by raising
awareness for children’s cancer throughout the nation. NOVAdance is a 10hour dance marathon, dedicated to raising funds to battle children’s cancer. It
will be held Saturday April 26, 2014 to Sunday April 27th. The event will consist of
games, contests, guest speakers, performers, and, of course, dancing. We will
dance for those who can’t. Questions? Want to Get Involved? Contact Event
Director Mike Dolio or your Philanthropy Chair.