Shabbos Bulletin Parshas Tazria/Metzora 5775

Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham
‫ ז“ל‬,‫ע“ש ר‘ יונה אברהם בן ר‘ שמואל‬
HoRav Chaim Malinowitz, Sh’lita, Rav
Rabbi Joel Padowitz, President
‫ התשע״ה‬,‫יסן‬ ‫כ״ט‬
‫שבת מברכין‬
Life Cycles
Mrs. Gizella Schapiro has made a
nedava to BTYA in honor of the
Bar Mitzvah of her grandson
Moshe Pinchuck.
Avos uBanim
AUB begins at 5:00 (1 hour before mincha ketana).
It is sponsored by Dr. Barry and Tziona Zeffren,
Mrs. Feiner’s parents, as a zechus for the
haztlacha of the Feiner children in all they do!
If you would like to sponsor Avos uBanim as a
zechus for or in memory of a loved one, please
contact: Mutti Frankel: [email protected] or 050613-6340 Yehuda Nyssen: 050-412-0515.
Shabbos Schedule ‫לוח שבת‬
Erev Shabbos
‫ערב שבת‬
“‫מנחה ”מוקדמת‬
“‫הדלקת נרות ”מוקדמת‬
‫הדלקת נרות‬
One should be mekabel Shabbos
before Sh’kia
‫יש לקבל שבת לפני שקיעה‬
“Late” Ma’ariv
Shabbos Day
Shacharis - Vasikin
Hanetz HaChama
B’rachos and Korbanos
Pesukei D’Zimrah
Youth Minyan
Latest Shema – G’ra
Tefillas Mincha Gedola
Avos u’Banim
Tefillas Mincha Ketana
Next Shabbos
Early Mincha
“Early” Candle Lighting
Candle Lighting
‫ערבית מאוחרת‬
‫יום השבת‬
‫שחרית כותיקין‬
‫הנץ החמה‬
‫ברכות וקרבנות‬
‫פסוקי דזמרה‬
‫מנין בחורים‬
‫סוף זמן ק“ש לגר“א‬
‫תפילת מנחה גדולה‬
‫אבות ובנים‬
‫תפילת מנחה קטנה‬
‫שבת הבאה‬
“‫מנחה ”מוקדמת‬
“‫הדלקת נרות ”מוקדמת‬
‫הדלקת נרות‬
Shabbos Shiurim
These z'manim are correct for ‫מצורע‬-‫פרשת תזריע‬
“Early” Mincha
“Early” Candle Lighting
Candle Lighting
 The Rav’s ‫ נ״ך‬shiur. Sefer Zecharya Perek 2 7:25am.
 English Shabbos shiur for women: 4:00pm at Beit
Knesset Ahavat Tzion, Nachal Timna 2 (corner Dolev).
Speaker: Rebbetzin Shira Smiles.
 Rebbetzin Malinowitz’s Shiur in ‫ הלכות שבת‬after the
women’s shiur.
Mazel Tov to Chaim and Chava
Pinchuck on the Bar Mitzvah of their
son Moshe. BTYA welcomes the
following relatives who have come in
for this Simcha: Siblings Yehuda
Reuven and Dina; Grandmother
Gizella Schapiro of Beit HaEla;
Grandfather Marty Pinchuck of
Brooklyn, NY; Uncle Albert Schapiro
from Karmiel; Uncle Abe, aunt Ronit,
and cousins Adina Miriam, Ami Chai Moshe, Eliana
Rivka, and Matan Yosef from Chashmonaim.
The Pinchucks invite the kehilla to a Kiddush in Ulam
Shabsai following davening.
Mazal Tov to Pesach and Ann Chapler on the
birth of a granddaughter, Li'el Batya, to their
children, Leiby and Naomi Chapler, during
Chol HaMoed.
Mazel Tov to Rabbi Matis and Marla Sklar on
the birth of twin granddaughters to their
children Tali and Yochi Gewirtz.
Mazal Tov to Moshe and Esti Lindner on the
birth of a grandson to their children Yitzie
and Shira Soibelman of Kiryat Moshe in
Mazal Tov to Moshe and Rachelle
Lichtenstein on the birth of a granddaughter,
to their children Simcha and Chana Rivka
Lichtenstein, just before the onset of the last
day of Pesach!
Condolences to Moshe Burt upon the
passing of his mother in the USA. The shiva
ended on Friday.
ָ ‫ַחם ֶאְתכֶם ְבּתוֹך ְש ָאר ֲא ֵבֵלי ִציוֹן ו‬
ֵ ‫ַה ָמּקוֹם ינ‬
Condolences to Hadassah Nussbaum upon
the passing of her brother Heshy (Harold)
Brown of Fairlawn, NJ. Hadassah will be
sitting shiva until next week at 917
Commonwealth Drive, Teaneck, NJ, and can
be reached at 718-314-1220.
ָ ‫ַחם ֶאְתכֶם ְבּתוֹך ְש ָאר ֲא ֵבֵלי ִציוֹן ו‬
ֵ ‫ַה ָמּקוֹם ינ‬
 The Rav’s ‫ אגדות הש״ס‬,‫ עין יעקב‬shiur. 4:15pm
 ‫דף יומי‬:
‫ ליל שבת‬9:00pm in the ‫בית מדרש‬, R’ Ari Stern
‫ שבת‬4:00pm in the ‫בית מדרש‬, R’ Zabrowsky
Rosh Chodesh Iyar
,‫אש ֹון‬
ׁ ‫ַה ּמ ֹולַד יִ ְהיֶה ְ ּב ֹיום ִר‬
‫קות ְו ַא ְרבָ ָעה‬
ֹ ‫ֶע ְ ׂש ִרים ְו ֶׁשבַ ע ַד‬
.‫ַחלָ ִקים ַאחֲ ֵרי ַא ַחת ַּבלּ ַיְ לָ ה‬
The Molad will be on Sunday
night, 27 minutes and 4
chalakim after 1 (Clock Time 2:06:15).
For Grades 7-12
Starting at 8:45 Every Shabbos Morning
The Youth Minyan meets each Shabbos morning at 9:45.
To sponsor a Kiddush (360₪), contact Asher Gherman, Naftali Rischall or Rabbi Tully
Bryks. To Daven for the Amud, contact Meir Bisk or Tzvi Greenberg. To sign up for Laining,
contact Tzvi Greenberg. To give a 2-5 minute Dvar Torah during Kiddush, contact Didi
Frankel. For all other questions, contact Rabbi Bryks at [email protected]
‫ֹאש ח ֶֹד ׁש ִאייַר יִ ְהיֶה ָמ ָחר ֹיום‬
ׁ ‫ר‬
‫אש ֹון ו ְּב ֹיום ֵׁשנִ י ַה ָּבא ָעלֵינ ּו וְ ַעל ָּכל‬
ׁ ‫ִר‬
.‫טובָ ה‬
ֹ ְ‫יִ ְ ׂש ָר ֵאל ל‬
Vasikin Minyon News
Rosh Chodesh Iyar will be on Sunday and Monday.
The BTYA Vasikin Minyon now begins just before 6am each morning.
This week’s Kiddush is sponsored by David Dyckman. If you have a
special event coming up, please consider sponsoring a Kiddush—
complete with a famous Weismandl Cholent—for only 125₪. Contact
Lev Seltzer [email protected] for details.
For all the cholim in our community.
 Shabbos: Swinkin, 9/3 Ayalon 6:00pm
 Shabbos: Baum, 11/2 Alexander 6:00pm
 Sunday: Landau, Meor 12/2, 9:00am.
 Sunday: Reuben, Nachal Revivim 7/6,
 Monday: Lewitan, Nachal Refaim 21/2,
 Wednesday: Schulman, Tamar 8, 8:30pm
Join us for a stimulating shiur, appropriate for learners of
all levels. Strong emphasis is placed on developing the
lessons of the Gemara — whether halachic, hashkafic, or
mussar — so as to incorporate them in our lives and thus
elevate and enrich our lives as Jews. Join our journey
through Shabbos, and gain a deeper appreciation of,
and connection to, this most fundamental element of
our lives.
Trip to Kever Rochel
BTYA invites women from the Ramat
Bet Shemesh community to
join us for 'davening
at Kever Rachel' on
Tuesday Morning April
Leaving RBS at 9:00am and returning
approximately 11:30am. 35nis per person
The bus will leave from Beis Tefillah Yonah Avraham, at
the corner of Refaim and Luz.
Sun., Tues, and Thurs nights, 8:20-9:15 (following
Maariv at 8:00)
Rav’s Pirkei Avos Shiur
The Pirkei Avos shiur this year will be in sefer Ruach Chaim
from Rav Chaim Volozhin. Each Shabbos afternoon, after
Tefillas Mincha Ketana.
Shul Setup
Erev Acharei Mos-Kedoshim: Yossie Schulman, Matis Sklar,
Simcha Sussman.
This minyan was designed for those who bring in Shabbos early. The
minyan will continue throughout the summer, IY"H.
To register please email [email protected]
Registration deadline is April 26th at 12noon - sorry, we
will not be able to accept late sign ups.
Attending this minyan enables one to daven ‫ מעריב‬at its preferred
z'man for those who daven mincha every day after p'lag (according to
the Gra, Rav Shlomo Zalman, and Rav Elyashiv, ZT"L), and to say
‫ קריאת שמע‬and its b'rachos, and ‫ ספירת העומר‬at their proper time, all
with a minyan.
Seats are being sold in advance only.
Reservations made and not cancelled by April 26th are
required to pay, even if for any reason you cannot join
the trip.
9:00 PM Leil Shabbos Ma'ariv Starts this Week
HoRav Chaim Malinowitz, Sh’lita, Rav
054-914-6311 or [email protected]
Rabbi Joel Padowitz, President
052-789-0033 or [email protected]
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‫תפלת מנחה‬
‫ד׳‬-‫קטנה א׳‬
‫תפלת מנחה‬
‫ד׳‬-‫גדולה א׳‬
8:00 & 10:15
8:00 ,6:55
8:00 ,6:55
8:00 ,6:55
8:00 ,6:55
7:45 ,6:40
7:45 ,6:40
‫זמנים לימי חול‬
‫עד שבת פרשת‬