NPU-T Nonprofit Manual Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative

Nonprofit Manual
Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative
Catherine A. Williams
About This Manual
Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative (MCCRI) is dedicated to serving the
constituents of the NPU-T community. As a part of our commitment to servitude, the following
directory has been compiled to provide a running list of nonprofits within or in close proximity
to NPU-T that are geared towards public assistance. With the creation of this manual, we seek to
eliminate the frequency with which residents have to travel outside of the community to utilize
certain resources. We hope that this manual is effective in the sense of spreading awareness
about resources that are available within Neighborhood Planning Unit T.
This manual is especially for the NPU-T area.
This listing will be routinely checked and updated to keep the most current information
possible. The accuracy of this guide is based on our research; however, we do recommend
contacting the agencies listed directly to verify the services offered. If there are any programs
that are not included please contact the MCCRI so we may include it. If you have any questions
regarding the guide or wish to have your agency added please contact us via the information
listed below:
Morehouse College Community Revitalization Initiative
830 Westview Drive Southwest
Atlanta, GA 30314
Please be aware that all organizations are listed in alphabetical order. This listing consists
of active nonprofit organizations which includes all available information. In addition, we
have listed the churches within NPU-T as most churches are listed as nonprofit
Abernathy Tower Senior Homes
Contact: Cheryl Braithwaik, Property manager
Address: 1059 Oglethorpe Ave. SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404)758-5563
Email:[email protected]
Mission: To provide affordable housing and care to elderly and handicapped individuals
Description: Ralph David Abernathy Tower is a five-story building housing 100 apartments that
are available to eligible elderly, disabled or handicapped persons. This beautifully maintained
facility located in Atlanta's historic West End includes an office, community room/craft area, a
library, a coin-operated laundry facility, and is served by elevators for convenient access to all
floors. There are 25 efficiencies, 74 one-bedroom apartments, and a caretaker unit. The on-site
property management staff organizes activities, events and excursions for the residents. The U.S.
Department of Housing and Urban Development insures and provides rental subsidies for all the
Abernathy Towers Tenant’s Association
Contact: Cheryl Braithwaik, Property Manager
Address: 1059 Oglethorpe Ave. SW
Phone: (404)758-9690
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Organized and operated exclusively for civic and charitable purposes; specifically
including the purpose of helping all tenants of Abernathy Tower.
Atlanta Business League Foundation, Inc.
Address: 931 Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)584-8126
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To enhance the business community at large, to encourage civic pride, and to reinvest
community money within the community.
Description: ABL was established as an affiliate of the National Business League which was
founded by Dr. Booker T. Washington. It was founded to enhance the African American
Business community at large. ABL seeks to provide empowerment and business development
opportunities for minorities throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area, especially those of African
Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, Inc.
Contact: Blanchard Cooke
Address: P.O. Box 92670 Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)817-9994
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Community based prevention and wellness organization committed to improving
overall health and wellbeing of marginalized individuals and communities.
Activities: Clothing Closet, Meals, Hygiene Kits, computer lab
Atlanta T.O.U.C.H.
Contact: Clarence Williams
Address: Call for current address
Phone: (404)758-9690
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Touching Lives by helping men and women transition from dependence to
Activities: Atlanta Training Opportunities and Ultimate Careers for the Homeless (T.O.U.C.H.),
Inc. (Aunt Virginia House) serves the transitional needs of prison-released and homeless single
women and men in the Metro Atlanta area. Provided is a 6-month transitional housing program
inclusive of life skills development and basic job skills training. The goal is to locate and secure
facilities and financial resources to increase bedding capacity to service 100 women and men per
year by the end of three (3) years.
AUC Consortium, Inc.
Contact: Dr. Sherry Turner, Executive Director & CEO
Address: P.O. Box 92527 Atlanta, GA 30314 or 156 Mildred Street Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404) 523-5148
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To provide services and programs to its member institutions.
Activities: Dual Degree Engineering program, AUC Orchestra, Career planning and placement
service. For more information, visit the website.
Benefactors Of Education, Inc.
Address: 988 Palmetto Ave. SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)213-8085
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To provide substantial support for the underserved students and prospective students in
the industry of arts in the form of grants, scholarships, workshops and information helpful to get
into the field of fashion and arts.
Activities: Scholarship fundraiser titled Men Who Cook
Boys to Men Club
Contact: Steven Jones, CEO
Address: 1236 Lucile Ave SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)758-9260
Email:[email protected]
Activities: Function as a Youth Community Service Club
Central Community Services
Contact: Dr. Brenda Davis Rowe, CEO
Address: 501-7 Mitchell Street SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404) 525-8340
Email: [email protected]
Central Ministries Early Learning Center
Contact: Wuandalyn Dabney, Center Director; Pam Trice, Program Coordinator
Address: 501 Mitchell street SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404) 525-8340
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To maintain an early childhood program that takes into account basic factors of child
development, family life and social settings which contribute to the development of the whole
while helping each child reach his/her highest potential.
Description: Following the mission, The Learning Center believes that the method of child
development enhances the growth of a child during the first five years, and enables each family
to remain an integral part of all Central Ministries. For more information, contact the Learning
Clark Atlanta University
Address: 223 James P. Brawley Drive, SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404) 880-8000
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To prepare a diverse community of learners to excel in their chosen endeavors and to
become responsible, productive, and innovative citizen leaders, locally and globally.
Community Council of Metropolitan Atlanta
Contact: Norma Barnes
Address: 80 Walnut Street
Phone: (404)935-5859
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To advocate, formulate, mandate and coordinate programs and resources that empower
and improve the quality of life for individuals and communities in the metropolitan area.
Activities: Success for teen’s workshop. Please check the website for more details.
Community & Housing Initiatives Corporation
Contact: Melanie D. Wofford
Address: 560 Larkin Street SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (678)698-7565
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Sowing seeds to foster opportunities for growth
Community Voices Healthcare for the Underserved
Contact: Melva B. Robertson, Health Communications Specialist
Address: 720 West view Dr.
Phone: (404) 752-8649
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To develop a diverse group of public health leaders, foster and support leadership
strategies and influence policies and practice toward the reduction and ultimate elimination of
disparities in health with the focus on neglected diseases and underserved populations, while
giving priority to health promotion and disease prevention.
Activities: Office of Behavioral Health, Center of Excellence for Sexual Health, and Health
Policy Program.
Divine Universal Sisterhood Inc.
Contact: Yahfa Irsasel
Address: 879 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
Phone: (404)752-5194
Email:[email protected]
Mission: Domestic Non-Profit Corporation
GA State Medical Association
Contact: Warren S. Hutchings, President – GSMA
Kimberly Williams, Executive Director - GSMA
Address: 720 West view Dr SW
Phone: 404-752-1564
Mission: To advocate for policies and legislation designed to narrow health the health disparities
gap for Georgia residents
Georgia Association of Special Programs, Inc
Contact: Yolanda McColumn
Address: 830 Westview Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314 Unit 134
Phone: Must contact each college directly
Email: [email protected]
Activities: Provides Trio Summer Programs. Please visit College website for more information.
Gift Transitional Home, Inc.
Contact: Christine Nwankwo
Address: 2001 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.
Phone: (404) 564-6486
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Description: Gift Transitional Home provides transitional housing to males and
females 18 years and above who are transitioning from homelessness. Fees are based on a sliding
scale range according to income.
Goodwill 888 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd
Contact: Cornella Lashore
Address: 888 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: 404-755-6440
Mission: We help people who are looking for work or better jobs so they can better provide for
their families.
Hammonds House
Contact: Myrna Anderson-Fuller, Executive Director
Address: 503 Peeples St SW
Phone: 404-612-0482
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Hammonds House Museum and Resource Center of African American Art is a fine arts
venue whose mission is to preserve, exhibit, and increase public awareness about the
contributions that visual artists of African descent have made to world culture.
*Five to six exhibitions are mounted annually interspersed with presentations from the
permanent collection.
*Each exhibition is introduced by way of an opening and artist/curator talk. The opening
talk which is videoed is made available for viewing throughout the length of the
exhibition. An interactive children's handout, "Viewpoint," is developed to help young
people enjoy and learn about the exhibition artist and medium.
*Educational outreach programs, utilizing local and national artists, scholars, critics and
cultural experts provide public seminars, lectures and workshops.
*Supplemental programming of cultural or artistic relevance are presented to support the
*Special children's programming includes a variety of activities to include printmaking
and collage workshops, hands-on sessions with tours, Kwanzaa and holiday sessions and
a summer camp.
*The Resource Center houses books, articles, catalogues, slides, films, videos,
microfiche, and computer database files on artists' histories. The Center is available by
Hope for a New Generation Atlanta
Address: GA P.O. Box 92040 30314
Phone: 404-641-3694 left a message not sure if it’s the organization or not
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Hope for a New Generation is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with other
youth organizations in order to give the youth opportunities to travel, participate in exchange
programs as well as participate in music, dance, arts performances, and improve their ability to
compete academically with their peers. This effort will help the youth understand cultural
diversity at both the national and international levels, develop inter-cultural learning skills,
academic excellence and participate in the preservation of their own cultural.
Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless Program, Inc.
Contact: Chrystal Thomas
Address: 1035 Donnelly Ave SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: 404-755-3353
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To support the basic needs of the homeless and working poor with the goal of
providing immediate assistance to restore them to their life paths of self actualization. Through
year round activities clients and partner organizations receive food, housing referrals, cleaning
supplies, toiletries and clothing.
Interdenominal Theological Center, Inc.
Address: 700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)527-7700
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To educate Christian leaders for ministry and service in the church and the global
Activities: Youth Hope Builders Academy, TheoEcology, Black Women in Church & Society,
Gardner C. Taylor Archives
Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary, Inc
Contact: Rev. Paul T. Roberts, President/Dean
Address: 700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)527-7782
Email: [email protected]
Activities: Member of the consortium of the six Protestant seminaries known as the I.T.C.
Joseph E. Lowery Institute For Justice & Human Rights, Inc
Address: 592 Beckwith Street SW #B Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)524-8406
Email: [email protected]
KIPP Strive Primary
Address: 80 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd, NW Atlanta, GA 30314/1444 Lucile Ave. SW Atlanta, GA
Phone: (404)753-1530
Mission: KIPP Academy was created to prepare students for top quality high schools and
Learn To Grow, Inc
Contact: Tyrone Bell
Address: 659 Cascade Ave.
Phone: 404-755-8788
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Mobilizing communities for change.
Activities: Alcohol and drug prevention, no set schedule for activities, Have Discussions at
health fairs and at town hall meetings. They also schedule and have education classes on alcohol
and drug prevention.
Leon Goodrum Foundation
Contact: Leon Goodrum, Founder
Address: 1176 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW
Phone: (404)758-4125
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To improve the future of students with C’s and D’s by giving them the inspiration,
support, and tools they need to overcome their obstacles and become successful; To restore hope,
build confidence and foster intellectual and emotional growth.
Life Savers Christian Ministry
Contact: Pastor Joseph Benton
Address: 1250 Donnelly Ave E-1
Phone: 770-572-3330
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To bring forth life saving messages that edify the soul and to give God’s people hope
for a successful future through, and by the powerful word of God.
Male Action Coalition, Inc
Contact: Rev. Olatungi Lumumba
Address: 946 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.
Phone: (404)444-6696
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To support the development of positive self esteem, spiritual consciousness and
culturally affirming values in young black males, preparing males for the roles they must assume
in the family, community, and society.
Activities: Mentoring and Rites of Passage School
Morehouse College
Address: 830 Westview Drive SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)215-2632
Email: [email protected]
Mission: to produce academically superior, morally conscious leaders for the conditions and
issues of today, whether “today” is post-Civil War or turn of the new millennium.
Morehouse College National Alumni Association
Contact: Guy Richardson, Secretary
Address: 830 Westview Drive SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)215-2657
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To foster, advance, and support the interests and welfare of Morehouse College in
accordance with its ideals, principles, and traditions.
Morris Brown College
Contact: Dr. Stanley J. Pritchett, Sr., President
Address: 643 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)739-1000
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To provide educational opportunities in a positive and nurturing environment that will
enable its students to become fully functional persons in our global society.
Morris Brown College National Alumni Association
Contact: Todd Blackburn
Address: 643 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)739-1030
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To promote the best interest of Morris Brown College toward the continuous
attainment of its mission by providing an organization where alumni may promote good relations
between alumni and college, aid in recruitment, organize and mobilize the collective strength of
alumni toward generating financial support.
National Lighthouse Youth Foundation Inc
Contact: J.R. Henderson, Founder
Address: 882 B Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)653-0781
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To provide a continuous and intermittent path for all youth.
Activities: Assistance to high school students in obtaining College education; serves as an
advocate for youth within the foster care system; Readying college grads for rewarding and
competitive workforce placement.
Robert W. Woodruff Library OF The AUC, Inc
Address: 111 James P. Brawley Dr. SW Atlanta, GA 30313
Phone: (404)978-2000
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To serve the Atlanta University Center schools and support scholarly research
Spelman College
Address: 350 Spelman Lane S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314-4399
Phone: (404) 681-3643
Email: [email protected]
Mission: Dedicated to academic excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and the intellectual,
creative, ethical, and leadership development of its students. Spelman empowers the whole
person to engage the many cultures of the world and inspires a commitment to positive social
Sister Song, Inc
Address: 1237 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404)756-2680
Email: [email protected]
Mission: To amplify and strengthen the collective voices of indigenous women and women of
color to ensure reproductive justice through securing human rights.
Activities: Educating women of color on reproductive and sexual health and rights; Works
toward access of health services, information, and resources that are culturally and linguistically
appropriate through integration of the disciplines of community organizinelf help, and human
rights education.
The Southwest Ecumenical Emergency Assistance Center
Mission: To provide services in four areas of critical need: Life Skills Enhancement, AntiHunger, Children-at-Risk and Dress for Success
Qualifications: Provides service to Georgia residents who live in Southwest Atlanta and reside
in zip codes 30310, 30311, and 30331 unless otherwise referred by a partnering church.
Phone: (404)756-1699
Email: [email protected]
Cost: Call for details
Description: Housed within West Hunter Street Baptist Church, SWEEAC provides emergency
assistance to Southwest Atlanta citizens facing crisis. The program encourages families to seek
ways to strengthen themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. The goal is to empower
clients with the tools to once again be self sufficient, productive and contributing members of
society. Prior to 2007, about 6,350 people were served in a typical year. Numbers continue to
increase as more than 12,626 are served with approximately 150,000 pounds of food being
distributed. Call for a list of all programs.
The Wren’s Nest
Address: 1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404)753-7735
Email: [email protected]
Mission: By preserving the legacy of Joel Chandler Harris and the heritage of African American
folklore through storytelling, tours, and student publishing, the Wren’s Nest serves as an
educational resource for the community, the greater Atlanta area and visitors from around the
Activities: Tours, Gardening, Book readings and releases
West End Medical Centers
Address: 435 Joseph E, Lowery Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404)752-1400
Mission: To provide the highest quality comprehensive health care services which are culturally
and linguistically appropriate, accessible, and affordable, focusing on prevention, early
diagnosis, and treatment to residents and at-risk populations in the West End and Greater Atlanta
West End Merchants Coalition
Contact: Charles Williams
Address: P.O. Box 11190, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 564-6486
Email: [email protected]
Mission: It is the mission of the West End Merchants Coalition, Inc. to grow and promote
businesses and encourage investment in our West End community.
Description: The West End Merchants Coalition, Inc. is a nonprofit community business
organization representing business throughout the 30310 zipcode. As a member of the West End
Merchants Coalition (WEMC) you will assist in identifying issues that influence business, affect
the community’s economic viability, and the quality of life in the West End. Our member
meetings are held the last Thursday of every month.
Calvary United Methodist Church
Address: 1471 S. Gordon Street/Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30310
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (404)753-8151
Global Health:
Mission: Combating the Diseases of Poverty by improving health globally.
Description: Call for more details.
Ministry with the Poor:
Mission: Engaging in ministry with the poor
Description: Call for more details.
Leadership Development:
Mission: Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregation
Description: Call for more details.
Church Growth & Development:
Mission: Developing principled Christian leaders for the Church and the world.
Description: Call for more details.
Cathedral of Faith Church-God
Pastor: Arthur F. Mosley
Address: 1137 Avon Avenue Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 752-8960
Food Bank
Mission: Call for more details.
Hours: Once a week on Wednesday, from 11-1pm
Qualifications: Must live in the zip code area of 30310, 30311, 3015
Phone: (404) 752-8960
Description: Cathedral of Faith Church-God Food Bank is responsible for the acquisition
of food, storage, and distribution. This includes the evaluation of inventory and
processing orders for each distribution site in the community
Clothing Closet
Mission: To provide clothing to those in need during emergency situations.
Hours: weekly; Wednesday from 11a.m. to 1p.m.
Facilitator: Various Church personnel
Qualifications: must live in the zip coded area 30310, 30311, 3015
Phone: (404) 752-8960
Description: Clothing Closet is for those who need help obtaining clothing in emergency
Central United Methodist Church:
Pastor: Byron Thomas
Address: 503 Mitchell Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)524-4263
Central Ministries Early Learning Center
Mission: To maintain an early childhood program that takes into account basic factors of
child development, family life and social settings which contribute to the development of
the whole while helping each child reach his/her highest potential.
Hours: Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm;School Hours: 7:00am - 6:00pm
Facilitator: Wuandalyn Dabney, Center Director; Pam Trice, Program Coordinator
Phone: (404) 525-8340
Email: [email protected]
Description: Following the mission, The Learning Center believes that the method of
child development enhances the growth of a child during the first five years, and enables
each family to remain an integral part of all Central Ministries. For more information,
contact the Learning Center.
Community Church of God
Pastor: Michael Allan Smith
Address: 850 Cascade Rd. SW Atlanta, GA 30311
Phone: (404)755-4100 or (404)755-4198
Mission: To minister to others through service.
Hours: The third Sunday every month (Downtown Atlanta)
Facilitator: Growth Opportunities Committee
Qualifications: Call for more details
Description: Community Church partners with Safehouse, an urban outreach in Atlanta,
GA to impact the lives of individuals who are in need. The physical and spiritual needs
are met through the feeding program and monthly service at Safehouse’s headquarters on
Ellis Street in Downtown Atlanta.
Nursing Home Visitation
Mission: To enrich the lives of many by spreading love to citizens within Sadie G. Mays
nursing home.
Hours: Weekly event
Qualifications: Call for more information
Description: Community Church is committed to ministering to the needs of people in
every phase of life. Visits are made weekly to Sadie G. Mays Nursing Home to share the
love of Jesus.
Annie B. Dixon Respite Care
Mission: To provide a respite care program for seniors and older adults to engage in a
safe, caring, and structured environment that will provide worship, exercise, social
interaction and mental stimulation.
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 am – 3 pm in the Rudolph Smith Ministry Center
Facilitator: Growth Opportunities Ministry
Qualifications: Call for details
Description: Volunteers will work with seniors and older adults to engage in fun
Community Block Party
Mission: Community Church’s annual Block Party is our big summertime community
fellowship and outreach event. Through partnership with Church on the Street, the
community Block Party is also a mission site for volunteers.
Hours: Annual event in June. Meets Friday 6:30-8:30
Facilitator: Growth Opportunities Committee
Qualifications: Open to the Public
Description: There are games, food and lots of activities for the whole family.
Information and resources on various topics such as health, wellness and parenting are
also available.
Community Masjid of Atlanta
Address: 547 West End Pl S.W.
Phone: (404)955-7548 works left message
Email: [email protected]
The Community Masjid is a 501c3 nonprofit, non-political religious organization with its
headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. It is affiliated with the National Community under the leadership of
Imam Jamil Al-Amin. The National Community is union of autonomous indigenous masjids that
are located thoughout the United States and beyond.
Community Masjid Programs:
Salah Five Times A Day
Janazah Services (burial)
Arabic Classes
New Muslim Classes
Seminars on various Topics delivered by International and Indigenous scholars and
students of knowledge.
Social Committee
Martial Arts Classes (mixed gendered male and female)
Muslim Scouting programs
From the Heart Church Ministries
Pastor: Charles W. Starks, Jr.
Address: 1583 Westhaven Drive, SW Atlanta, GA 30311
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (404) 755-9995/(404) 755-9982 (fax)
Men’s and Women’s Fellowship
Mission: To bring the men’s and women’s ministries together through love, faith, and
Hours: third Saturday 8:30a.m.
Description: The Men’s and Women’s fellowship ministry hosts breakfast every 3rd
Saturday 8:30 a.m. This ministry also hosts events for the entire family. Examples are
listed below:
 Family Fun Night Every 5th Friday 7:00p.m:
Family and Friends Weekend June 29- July 1
Gift and Talent Show March 30, 2012 at 7:00p.m.
 Pre-Marital Counseling:
Pre-marital workshop May 25-26
God’s City of Refuge
Pastor: Bishop Stilwell
Address: 1427 Lucile Ave. Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: 4 4
180 Degree Kitchen Meal Sharing
Mission: City of Refuge provides over 19,000 meals per month to needy individuals,
including children in COR programs, residents in transitional and shelter facilities,
neighbors in the local community and the homeless.
Hours: Call for info
Facilitator: Tony Johns
Phone: 404-564-7747
Email: N/A
Cost: N/A
Description: God’s City of Refuge Food Bank is responsible for the acquisition of food,
storage, and distribution. This includes the evaluation of inventory and processing orders
for each distribution site in the community.
180 Degree Kitchen Culinary School
Mission: To cultivate students in the area of Culinary Arts while preparing them for real
world experience.
Hours: Call for info
Facilitator: Tony Johns
Qualifications: At risk youth ages 18-25
Phone: 404-564-7747
Description: The Culinary Arts School is a 12-week, hands-on training program for 16
to 25 year old students from at-risk environments. Students receive entry level culinary
arts training and certification while preparing meals for the programs of City of Refuge.
In addition, students will have access to the supportive services offered through the
Community Resource Center, as well as the opportunity to attend GED preparation
courses. Students who perform well in the classroom will be invited to work available
catering jobs for pay.
Good Shepherd Community Church
Pastor: Richard D. Bright
Address: 445 Lawton Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404)758-5856
GSCC Urban Farm:
Mission: To provide delicious, healthy food to congregants and neighbors alike
Hours: Contact for more information
Facilitator: Rev. Richard S. Bright
Qualifications: Planters must help to care for the garden and must share the harvest with
Phone: (404)758-5856
Email: Contact the church for details
Description: The Urban Farm has a weekly harvest markets take place in front of the
church. Food available is available to anyone by donation. Anyone can plant in the
garden as long as they help maintain and share the harvest with others.
Higher Hope Christian Ministries
Pastor: Larry D. Taylor
Address: 1450 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (404)647-6525
Sunday School/Bible Study Class
Mission: To see people changed in order to change their world, which gives the ability to
see beyond the present reality.
Hours: Sunday morning
Facilitator: Church Pastors
Qualifications: Call the Church for more information.
Phone: (404)647-6525
Description: Bible study class is taught for every age (Preschool to Seniors and Married
Music Ministry
Mission: To create musicians through song and instrumentation to increase worship
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Music Ministry coordinator
Qualifications: Call for more details
Phone: (404)647-6525
Description: Music ministry partakes in Choir, Praise Team and professional teaching of
instruments and song.
Office of the First Lady
Mission: Whether kids or adults, everyone needs time each week with a smaller group of
people who can get to know us personally, share life with others, and encourage people to
pursue Jesus Christ.
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Mrs. Taylor, First Lady of Higher Hope
Phone: (404)647-6525
Email: [email protected]
Description: This Ministry oversees the Women’s ministry, Benevolence and Outreach,
and the Health & Wellness Ministry.
Special Events Department
Mission: To make each church function seamless by assisting in planning and
implementation of structured events.
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Contact Church for details
Qualifications: N/A
Phone: (404)647-6525
Email: [email protected]
Description: Special Events assists each ministry by planning, implementing, and
publicizing various events. This is also the department to contact if you are interested in
renting the facility for events such as concerts, group meetings, or wedding parties.
Young Adult Ministries
Mission: Youth Ministries hosts exciting events and activities for Christian youth and
teens in Atlanta.
Hours: Varies
Phone: (404)647-6525
Email: [email protected]
Description: This ministry offers youth a variety of programming with the ideal of a
rewarding experience to mold lives today and Christian leaders for the future.
Hillside Chapel & Truth Center
Pastor: Barbara L. King
Address: 2450 cascade Road SW, Atlanta, GA 30314
Email: [email protected]/[email protected]
Phone: (404)758-6811
Adopt-A-School Ministry:
Mission: The Mission of Hillside Adopt a School Program is to be an instrument of love
and support for public school children in our community and to ensure the success of our
children in academics and in life.
Hours: Contact for more information
Facilitator: Yacine S. Jallow-Forster
Qualifications: Must attend a public school within the realm of outreach
Phone: (404)758-6811
Email: [email protected]
Description: The Hillside Adopt a School Ministry seeks to bridge the gap for the
community school struggling to provide the “quality” public school education to which
each child is entitled. Through adoption, volunteers from Hillside International Truth
Center will affect a nurturing environment for successful learning. The Hillside Adopt a
School Ministry provides resources such as mentoring and tutoring programs, self-esteem
building activities, and parenting workshops as Hillside volunteers giving of their time,
talents, and finances address students’ needs.
Hillside Angel Food Ministry:
Mission: is to be a food relief program designed to provide access to high-quality food at
discounted prices. The program is open to anyone, but is especially beneficial to those
who may have fixed or minimal income (such as seniors, college students, etc.).
Hours: There are no set or regular meeting dates for this auxiliary. We coordinate a
monthly food distribution which generally takes place on the second or third Saturday of
every month.
Facilitator: LaQuintera A. Hill
Qualifications: Special preference given to persons on a fixed or minimal income
(college students and Seniors, for example).
Phone: (404)758-6811 ext. 24
Email: [email protected]
Description: Hillside serves as a host site for the larger (national) Angel Food Ministry
outreach program.
“We Are One” Couples Ministry:
Mission: To learn to be at peace with or without children, to learn self-worth, to
appreciate a mate’s worth, and to discuss any challenges and joys with honesty, love, and
Hours: 2nd Sunday, bi-monthly, 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Facilitator: Aliya Wade, Reverends Franky and Susie Lee
Qualifications: Married Couples
Phone: (706) 453-0770/770-309-0276
Cost: Call for details
Description: A support group based on the belief that marriages need a vision of what
will be tomorrow and how to be together; which produces the desire to make a spiritual
commitment to stay together. The couples within the group support each other by
attending regularly scheduled meetings, workshops, seminars, social events, retreats and
to fellowship with each other.
Freedom Ministry:
Mission: The Mission of the Hillside Freedom Ministry is to give support and spiritual
encouragement to the incarcerated.
Hours: 2nd Saturday of each month 12:30-2pm
Facilitator: Gloria Parker
Qualifications: Call for details
Phone: (404)758-6811
Description: It is to reveal undetected and undeveloped potentials of all persons in
prison, jail, halfway houses, detention centers and transitional centers.
Spirit of Brotherhood:
Mission: call for details
Hours: every Tuesday in the King Chapel at 7pm.
Facilitator: Lawrence Wade
Qualifications: Call for more details
Phone: (770) 309-0277
Email: [email protected]
Cost: Call for details
Description: Spirit of Brotherhood is a men’s auxiliary comprised of individuals who
come together to share, fellowship, pray and serve through various activities designed to
enhance spiritual foundation.
Top of the Hill Toastmasters
Mission: To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which
every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which
in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.
Hours: 2nd & 3rd Saturday each month, 11:00 AM
Facilitator: Terry Thompson, Rev. C.S. Taylor
Qualifications: Call for details
Phone: (404) 551-2519/(404) 514-6152
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Cost: Call for details
Description: Call for more information.
Youth of Truth:
Mission: Hillside’s Youth of Truth is a ministry committed to helping teens open
themselves up to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual potential through the use
of principles as taught by the Master Teacher, Jesus the Christ.
Hours: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays, during the 10:30 service
Facilitator: Rev. Sharon Hodnett, Andre Prospere
Phone: (770)313-2688
Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]
Cost: Call for details
Description: Teens are taught how to apply these principles in their day to day activities
as they continue their quest as well-adjusted, productive, and beautiful adults.
Impact United Methodist Church
Pastor: Olu Brown
Address: 765 Peeples Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (404)577-2826
Connection Groups:
Mission: The purpose is to empower people to connect with each other, build
relationships, and realize their God-given potential, thereby leading to transformed lives
and communities.
Hours: Groups meet each month
Facilitator: Varies by Group
Qualifications: Visit website for more details
Phone: (404)577-2826
Email: [email protected]
Description: Connection Groups are small gatherings of people who come together
regularly to share with each other, grow spirituality, and help make the community and
the world a better place. Groups meet in homes, coffeehouses, and restaurants throughout
the Metro Atlanta area and are open to anyone who is interested. You do not have to
attend Impact Church.
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Pastor: Isaiah Joshua, Jr.
Address: 1150 Westview Drive Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 753-7598
Tutorial Program
Hrs. of operation: August – May
Qualifications: Must be a student
Facilitator(s): Dr. Luther Rollen & Dr. Henrry Adam
Phone #: (404) 753-7598
Human Resource
Mission: The mission of the Shiloh Human Resource Ministry is to provide Christcentered, biblically based resources to help people discover their vocational call, career
direction, aligned with fulfilling jobs. The ministry purpose is to provide spiritual
support to church members and the community reminding all that during our darkest
time, GOD has a plan and will reveal as He deems appropriate.
Hours: Every other Wednesday 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Clothing Drive and pick up on
Facilitator: Dr. Luther Rollen, Dr. Henry Adam
Qualifications: N/A
Phone: (404) 753-7598
Email: [email protected]
His Extend Hands Food & Clothing Pantry
Mission: To provide food and clothing to the surrounding community.
Hours: Saturdays (except 5th Saturdays) from 10 am – 2pm
Facilitator: Dr. Yvonne Hairston
Phone: (404) 753-7598
Email: [email protected]
Description: His Extended Hands Pantry at Shiloh provides food and clothing to families
in our community on a weekly basis. On an average month, the Pantry provides over 100
families with non-perishable grocery items and seasonal clothing.
Shrine of the Black Madonna
Pastor: Cardinal Mwenda Brown
Address: 960 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. SW Atlanta, GA 30314
Phone: (404)752-5490
Cultural Centers & Bookstores:
Mission: To strengthen identification with the Black experience.
Hours: Tues- Sat: 11:00-7:00p.m.; Sun.:1:30-2:30p.m.
Phone: (404)752-5490
Cost: Varies by product
Description: Institutions designed to strengthen identification with the Black experience
and build a positive Black identity by maintaining connection to African heritage and
Community Service Centers:
Mission: To provide quality social services, educational opportunities, recreational
activities and cultural programs that can address the practical needs and interests of our
community. The Shrine also conducts outreach missions to students in Zimbabwe and
South Africa.
Hours: Call for details
Facilitator: varies by program
Phone: (404)752-5490
Cost: Call for information.
Description: We even offer educational programs designed to bridge the digital divide
by providing Black people with training and skills necessary for the modern
technological world.
Nursery & Learning Center:
Mission: When many are saying black youth won’t learn, the West End Community
Learning Center (WECLC) is proving that they will. The WECLC shores up the
community’s educational foundation, preparing youth and young adults for a world
where education is paramount.
Hours: Varies
Phone: (404)752-5490
Cost: Call for more information
Description: The WECLC’s staff consists of church personnel and volunteers from the
nearby Atlanta University Center. The Learning Center hosts several programs and
initiatives including the Alkebu-Lan (the most ancient name for Africa) Nursery School
and the General Educational Development (GED) Preparation Program. The Alkebu-Lan
Nursery School serves preschoolers and students in grades K-2. The Nursery School
promotes academic excellence using proven, effective methods of instruction. WECLC
also hosts a GED program that assists students at all levels of learning in preparation to
pass subjects areas including:
Social studies
Program facilitators assist students with college applications and in raising money for
GED testing fees. It is never too late to learn. The GED Preparation Program is open to
all who are ready to take the next step in their education.
Feed My Sheep (Feeding the Homeless):
Mission: The Shrine of the Black Madonna is actively involved in feeding the hungry
and building a network of urban co-operative gardens that will provide fresh, wholesome
food to the community.
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Rev. Toni “Abasi” Hill
Qualifications: Contact Facilitator for details
Phone: Call the Shrine for more details
Email: [email protected]
Description: The Atlanta-based, “Feed My Sheep” provides meals for the homeless in
West End Atlanta and its surrounding communities. Twice a month, ministers prepare
and deliver more than 150 hot breakfasts to sites and directly to those in need. The
number of meals prepared has increased over the year, a result of the impact of a difficult
Male Action Coalition:
Mission: To prepare Black Youth for leadership in a Pan African world community.
Hours: Contact for more information
Facilitator: Olatunji Lumumba
Qualifications: Under the age of 18
Phone: (404)444-6696
Email: [email protected]
Cost: Call for details
Description: The organization reaches out to black males of all ages. Young men who
attend college return to mentor high school seniors, giving them first-hand advice on how
to be successful in a collegiate environment. Additionally, T-MAC sponsors SAT courses
and guidance for applying for college financial aid. T-MAC, a 501c3 organization,
supports the development of positive self-esteem, spiritual consciousness and culturally
affirming values in our young black males. The program prepares sons for the roles they
must assume in the family, community and society. T-MAC aligns with other mentoring
groups that share the same mission. In the past, it has teamed with the program “Let Us
Make Men”, to sponsor a bus to conferences in Augusta, Savannah, and Fort Valley,
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
Pastor: Father Victor Galier
Address: 928 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd. Atlanta, GA 30310
Email: N/A
Phone: (404)758-8861
Health Ministry:
Mission: To develop a comprehensive health and wellness center, incorporating physical
activities, nutrition education and online services on site for Health Promotion & Disease
Prevention. The ministry partners with the Morehouse School of Medicine to provide
health services to parishioners. In the spring of 2011, fitness class was started to
encourage healthy lifestyles.
Description: The Health Ministry works with parishioners to create a faith environment
which supports holistic health principals involving physical, mental, emotional and
spiritual well being. Its members strive to promote “SHALOM”, which means peace,
health and wholeness through principles of healthy living.
Knights of Peter Claver:
Mission: Members of the Knights of St. Peter Claver strive to render service to God and
His Holy Church, render aid and assistance to the sick and disabled, and promote social
and intellectual association among our members.
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Call for more information.
Qualifications: Interested youth must have made their First Holy Communion.
Phone: (404)758-8861
Description: Knights of Peter Claver, Inc. is the largest historically African-American
Catholic lay organization in the United States. Our Junior Division welcomes Catholic
youth between the ages of 7-18. They are organized using the same structure of the
Senior Division.
Men’s Action Club:
Mission: To volunteer for service projects that will contribute to the overall enhancement
of the parish.
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Andrew Nelson, President
Qualifications: contact Andrew Nelson for details
Phone: (404)758-8861
Email: [email protected]
Description: The Men’s Action Club is a dynamic contributor to the life of the St.
Anthony of Padua Church. The men take on service projects to contribute to the parish.
At the same time, the club members celebrate friendships among themselves and develop
a spirituality that illuminates the challenges of the 21st century.
Young Adult Ministry:
Mission: To connect young adults with Jesus Christ, the Church, the mission of the
Church in the world, and a peer community in which their faith is nurtured and
Hours: Varies
Qualifications: Contact the church for more details.
Phone: (404)758-8861
Description: Adults in all stages of life – from single to divorced – are welcome. The
Young Adult Ministry has one purpose: to put people like you in contact with other
people and programs that respond to your needs. For more information, please contact
Ms. Candis Mayweather-Hunter, Group Leader.
Youth Religious Education
Mission: To give young people a foundation from which their faith grows.
Hours: Sunday mornings throughout the school year
Qualifications: Teens involved in this ministry have been through Confirmation
Phone: (404)758-8861
Description: Children’s church meets each Sunday during the school year. There is
monthly children’s church, which gives young individuals an opportunity to hear the
Gospel and participate in activities that reinforce the Good News learned in church.
Teen Ministry
Mission: helps to strengthen the bonds to the Catholic faith for teen-aged youth through
religious guidance, programs, discussions, retreats and community outreach
Facilitator: Teen Ministry Coordinator
Phone: (404)758-8861
Description: Teen Ministry provides leadership that is committed to developing the
spiritual, cultural, and social needs of the youth of the parish. Involved teens have been
through confirmation and are ready and willing to glorify God to the reality that young
people are an important and integral part of the parish community.
Warren Memorial United Methodist Church
Pastor: Donald K. Reed, Sr.
Address: 181 Joseph E. Lowery Blvd. SW, Atlanta, GA 30314
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (404)755-8931
Mission: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ through Leadership, Worship and Service
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Kenyatta Johnson
Qualifications: Call for more details
Phone: 404-755-8931
Description: Provides services to the community at large, including students and
teachers at M. Agnes Jones Elementary School.
West End Church of Christ
Pastor: Orpheus J. Heyward
Address: 1303 Ralph David Abernathy Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 753-6271
Program (s):
Marriage Maintenance Ministry
Mission: The mission is to provide Christian activities and examine biblical principles
that aid husband and wives in their pursuit of developing better marriage/relationships.
Hours: varies
Facilitator: Dr. Robert Wilson III and Stella Wilson
Qualifications: Call for more details
Phone: (404) 766-0774
Email: [email protected]
Cost: $180.00
Description: Call for details
Youth in Action
Mission: To promote a premier environment where every child may obtain the necessary
skills and encourage maximizing his or her Christian, academic, and social potential.
Hours: varies
Facilitator: Adenika Smith
Qualifications: Call for details
Phone: (404) 273-3405
Email: [email protected]
West End Seventh Day Adventist
Pastor: Calvin B. Preston
Address: 845 Lawton Street Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone 4 4
- 9
Home Buying Work Shop
Mission: To prepare potential home buyers for the venture of buying their own home.
Hours: Varies
Facilitator: Community Outreach Ministries
Qualifications: N/A
Phone: 4 4
- 9
Description: Please contact for more details.
West Hunter Street Baptist Church
Pastor: Toussaint K. Hill, Jr.
Address: 1040 Ralph David Abernathy SW
Phone: (404)758-5563
Program (s):
West Side Community C.M.E. Church
Pastor: Rev. Reginald G. Barnes
Address: 2114 Martin Luther King Jr. SW, Atlanta, GA 30310
Phone: (404) 696-5351
Food Bank
Mission: West Side Community C.M.E. Church Food Bank is responsible for the
acquisition of food, storage, and distribution. This includes the evaluation of inventory
and processing orders for each distribution site in the community.
Hours: Every Saturday of every month from 10a.m. – 2p.m.
Phone: (404) 696-5351
Senior Support Group
Mission: To provide basic support for senior citizens in need.
Hours: Second Tuesday of each month
Qualifications: Must be a senior
Phone: (404) 696-5351
Description: Call for details.
Youth Meeting
Mission: West Side Community C.M.E. Church has just a few program listed; I.E. (cub
scouts and boy scouts).
Hours: Saturday
Facilitator: Mr. Donnal Sweet
Qualifications: call for more information
Phone: (404) 696-5351
Description: Call for more information.
We have also compiled a list of active nonprofit organizations of which we could not gather
sufficient program information. If you have any information, please notify the MCCRI so
the records can be updated. The list is as follows:
Choreografitti Inc.
College Partners Incorporated
Covenant Partners Outreach, Inc.
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (CAU Ministry)
Footsteps to Paradise
Friends of Retarded Citizens Endeavors Central, Inc.
Friends of the Washington Park Annie McPheeters Branch Library
GA Violence Prevention Partnership, Inc.
Georgia Community Development Corporation
Hands Helping Hands Outreach Ministries, Inc.
Institute of Church Administration and Management
Joel Chandler Harris Association
KFM Youth Outreach Initiative, Inc.
P.R.T. Outreach, Inc. Atlanta
Possibilities Transforming Lives of Children, Inc.
Positive Yardage
The Trinity 7:16-17 Foundation
West End Business Education & Development Center