ProSNS® Series

Treasury of Love and
Romance: A Classic
Collection of Stories, Quotes,
Ballads, Verses, and Poems
Miller, Paul M.
808.8035 T784M
Twenty Love Poems and a
Song of Despair
Neruda, Pablo
861 N454t
Venus Trines at Midnight:
Love Poems
Goodman, Linda
811.54 G653v 1998
You Drive Me Crazy:
Love Poems for Real Life
Esselman, Mary D.
811.008 Y67L
Poems and Letters
Love Letters
50 Greatest Love Letters
of All Time
808.8635 F469Lo
A Love No Less: More Than
Two Centuries of African
American Love Letters
816.008 L897
The Book of Love: Writers
and Their Love Letters
808.8693 B724D
How to Write Love Letters
Lovric, Michelle
808.86 L911h
Letters to Juliet:
Celebrating Shakespeare’s
Greatest Heroine, the
Magical City of Verona, and
the Power of Love
Friedman, Lise
822.33 K Sh527rF
Love Letters
808.8693 L897
Will You Marry Me?
Seven Centuries of love
Schue-Riesz, Helene
808.8693 W689S
Love and
a list of resources compiled by the History & Humanities
Division of the Akron-Summit County Public Library
Love Poems
77 Love Sonnets
Keillor, Garrison
811.6 K27s
The Book of Love
Ackerman, Diane
808.8035 B724
101 Classic Love Poems
808.8193 On58c
Classic American Love Poems
811.008 C614a
The 100 Best Love Poems
of all Time
811.008 On58P
English Love Poems
Betjeman, John, Sir
821.08 B563e 1988
Bicycles: Love Poems
Giovanni, Nikki
811.54 G512bi
Erotic Poems
Washington, Peter
808.8193 Er71
Bleeding Hearts:
Love Poems for the
Nervous & Highly Strung
811.008 B646L
Gibran’s Little Book of Love
Gibran, Kahlil
811.52 G447g
Gifts of Love
Rice, Helen Steiner
811.54 R496gi 2nd ed.
Love Poems from Around
the World
808.8193 L897H
Great Love Poems
821.008 G786
Love Poems of Lord Byron:
A Romantic’s Passion
Byron, George Gordon Byron
821.7 B996L
Intimate Kisses: The Poetry
of Sexual Pleasure
808.8193 In61M
Irish Love Poems: Danta Gra
821.008 Ir68
Isn’t it Romantic:
100 Love Poems by Younger
American Poets
811.5408 Is84L
Longing for a Kiss: Love
Poems from Many Lands
808.8193 L855
Love is Enough: Poems and
Paintings Celebrating Love
821.808 L897
Love, Love, Love: Poems
on the Meaning of Love for
People in Love
Schutz, Susan Polis
811.54 Sch396Lo
Love: Poems
Steel, Danielle
811.54 St813L 1981
Love Poems of Rumi
Jalal al-Din Rumi, Maulana
891.5511 L897
Love Poetry Out Loud
Rubin, Robert Alden
821.008 L897
Marriage is a Promise of
Love: A Blue Mountain Arts
Collection About the Most
Beautiful Commitment Two
Hearts Can Share
810.8035 M359Mo
Marriage Poems
Hollander, John
808.81 M359
Never Let it End:
Poems of a Lifelong Love
Graham, Ruth Bell
811.54 G741ne
Love Poems
808.8193 L897
No Bliss Like This:
Five Centuries of Love
Poetry by Women
Hollis, Jill
821.008 N739
Love Poems
Giovanni, Nikki
811.54 G512L
Older Love
Hanson, Warren
811.54 H251oL
The Ordering of Love: The
New and Collected Poems of
Madeleine L’Engle
L’Engle, Madeleine
811.54 L566p
Passionate Hearts:
The Poetry of Sexual Love:
An Anthology
Maltz, Wendy
808.8193 P288
Pearls of Love: How to Write
Love Letters and Love Poems
Movsesian, Ara John
808.1 M935p
Poems for My Valentine:
A Gift of Love
811.008 P744R
Sensual Love Poems
808.8193 Se478
Sonnets from the Portuguese
and Other Love Poems
Browning, Elizabeth
821.8 B885s
The Soul in Love:
Classic Poems of Ecstasy
and Exultation
891 So722C
The Subject Tonight is Love:
60 Wild and Sweet Poems
Hafiz, 14th cent.
891.5511 H139s
Poems of Love
Browning, Margaret
808.8035 P744
This Valentine’s Day I
Promise You All My Love:
A Contemporary Collection
of Romantic Love Poems
from Blue Mountain Arts
811.54 T448
Risking Everything: 110
Poems of Love and Revelation
808.81 R595
Thoughts of Love: A
Collection of Poems on Love
811.008 T524Mo
A Rock Against the Wind:
African-American Poems and
Letters of Love and Passion
811.008 R682
A Treasury of French
Love Poems, Quotations &
Proverbs in French
and English
Branyon, Richard A.
808.81 T784
Rumi: The Book of Love:
Poems of Ecstasy and
Jalal al-Din Rumi, Maulana
891.5511 J26ru
Sacred Poems and
Prayers of Love
808.81 Sa123
Treasury of Jewish Love:
Poems, Quotations &
Proverbs in Hebrew, Yiddish,
Ladino and English
Gross, David C.
808.8193 T784jL