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DEC 2013
Waggeryd Cell
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DDA updated software
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Team PulpEye – a
PulpEye NEWS DEC 2013
During 2013 Team PulpEye has introduced PulpEye and our new technologies on several new
markets (and customers), becoming a complete global supplier in close cooperation with Elof
Hansson trading company and our other representatives. Their sales forces are now trained on
the PulpEye products and ready to meet existing and new customers.
We are now taking the next step in our company development thanks to our good reputation and close customer relations. We have also hired key people in order to be prepared for
the increased demand for our products and services.
In this issue of PulpEye News we introduce a breakthrough technology in cooperation with
our customer Waggeryd Cell in Sweden – PulpOnTarget. This is a feature that has been a goal
for us for many years. Finally we have reached this goal and the concept PulpOnTarget is fully
implemented. Tear, tensile and bulk are very important quality parameters for many of our
customers. By using PulpOnTarget, customers will be able to get frequent quality data online
without time consuming laboratory tests. With all the new features, PulpEye strengthens its
position as technology leader in this market globally. And more products will come!
We are also proud to give a kind of preview of our new online fibre wall thickness module by
providing the link to the article “R&D sets Canfor apart” in the magazine Pulp&Paper Canada.
The module will be will be fully introduced in the next issue of PulpEye News.
So far we have received very positive feedback on the new layout of our newsletter which is
distributed twice a year. We welcome your feedback for further improvements.
Finally, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
Öjvind Sundvall
Publisher Öjvind Sundvall, PulpEye, Editor Sören Back, SB Kommunikation, Layout Annika Olofsson, Grafisk Form
CrillEye helps
Waggeryd Cell
to be on target
PulpEye NEWS DEC 2013
The first mill installation of CrillEye, developed
in cooperation between PulpEye and the
Swedish research institute Innventia, has
been installed and is successfully running
at Waggeryd Cell in Sweden. Important pulp
strength properties can now be predicted
online, which contributes to a stable pulp
quality and reduces man-hours for lab tests.
Waggeryd Cell is a privately owned producer of
bleached softwood CTMP with an annual capacity
of 175,000 tonnes. The production line has threestage refining, peroxide bleaching and ends with
a flash dryer
The crill measurement is based on comparison
of two optically measured surface areas (light
absorption). The total area of fibres and crill is
measured with UV. The total area of fibres only
is measured with IR. The “crill variable”, CFP, is a
concentration independent ratio, obtained when
the fibre+crill area (UV) is divided by the fibre
only area (IR). No image analysis is required, making the measurements extremely fast.
In reality this means that tear, tensile, burst
index, Scott Bond and density can be calculated
by this state of art technology. As the CrillEye
measurements are online, new calculations can
be provided every five to fifteen minutes and
less man-hours are required for doing these tests
manually in the laboratory.
“We measure crill on all our pulp types and
by combining crill data with fibre data, PulpEye
provides us with the necessary strength properties online”, says Mikael Nylander, Mill Manager at
Waggeryd Cell. “Thanks to CrillEye we are able to
run closer to the specifications and the disc filter
CSF standard deviation has decreased.
“We now have a faster and more accurate quality follow-up and the pulp quality to the customer
is defined from PulpEye”, Ulf Karlsson, President
at Waggeryd Cell adds. “Needless to say, we are
very happy with this investment”.
WaggerydCell AB
Ulf Karlsson, President
[email protected]
+46 393 362 00
Michael Nylander, Mill Manager
[email protected]
+46 393 362 22
PulpEye AB
Öjvind Sundvall
[email protected]
+46 70 618 63 02
Today’s pulp and paper mills are often operating
with a minimum of staff to keep costs down in order to stay competitive. The backside of this coin is
sometimes lack of resources which might lead to a
situation where the full potential of equipment like
PulpEye is not achieved. This is where consultancy
support from PulpEye comes into the picture.
“We want our customers to make the most out
of the equipment they have bought from us,” says
Öjvind Sundvall. “Unfortunately we have seen cases
where e.g. lack of resources in the mills is causing a situation where they could benefit even more
from our online units. In a way we see it as our
responsibility to support in cases like that.”
“Our business is based on three legs; development and sales of online equipment, service
and consulting. Our consulting activities consist
of anything from educating process and maintenance staff in mills, implementing new possibilities
developed for our equipment to new or updated
software. All of this enables customers to utilise
their different equipment from PulpEye, as well as
related measurement equipment, and to get the
most out of them,” Öjvind Sundvall finishes.
of concentration sensors with PulpEye
PulpEye NEWS DEC 2013
Tom Jonsson
at Metsä Board
Husum checks
A method to quickly calibrate concentration
sensors in a pulp or paper line has been developed
in cooperation with the Iggesund and Workington
mills. In order to spread this method, we have developed an education programme and it is offered
to PulpEye customers to make their calibration
more time efficient.
It is of outmost importance that concentration
sensors are showing the actual concentration of
any pulp flow. However, over time the sensors may
in different ways be negatively influenced by the
pulp passing by. So far, manual and hence time
consuming laboratory work has had to be done
in order to make sure that the sensor shows the
actual pulp concentration at the measuring point.
The PulpEye method takes about two minutes
altogether. A sample is taken at the measuring
point, weighed and put through the PulpEye
equipment. The concentration value given by
PulpEye is than fed into the sensor. The whole
work is done by the I/E department and not by
laboratory staff. Every third month PulpEye is calibrated against a manual laboratory measurement.
Apart from reducing the time for sensor calibration considerably, the method contributes to a
more even quality and, last but not least, there is
money to earn from all this.
DDA upgraded software
Our DDA, Dynamic Drainage Analyzer, has been
upgraded with the new software version 4.1. This
latest version contains several improvements and
a completely new data export function. You can
now plot data with a single click and export data
for further analysis.
The new software has the following features:
• Improved and more user friendly interface –
Clearer settings and options
• New data export feature which makes it
easy to plot and export experiment data to
a third party software such as Microsoft
Excel or Open Office Calc
• The new software can be run on all DDA
units with USB communication
• Compatible with Windows 7
PulpEye NEWS JDEC2013
PulpEye can now offer remote
diagnostics and support packages.
Remote diagnostics and support performed by
trained product specialists give the following
• Faster trouble-shooting and problem solving
• Less down time and emergency service
• Always the latest software for free
• Customers with support agreement
are always prioritized
Some of the latest improvements:
• New screens for new applications
• Upgraded software 4.1
• Upgrade with USB communication
and safety switch
• Reference screen kit including screen and
standard procedure for conducting a
self-test on the DDA
• Recommended spare parts kit including
seals and most common wear parts
• New and extra robust transportation cases
All new DDA units come with one year remote
support! For more information regarding the
remote support agreement, please contact your
PulpEye representative.
The DDA is continuously upgraded with new
functions and spare parts in order to increase
efficiency and optimize the results.
Recent deliveries of DDA analyzers
The number of DDA, Dynamic Drainage Analyzer, customers is growing steadily. Recently, PulpEye supplied Harima in Japan and Lamirsa in Spain with one DDA each.
Lamirsa Group is a group of companies with more than 50 years’ experience of operating in the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The activity
of the company focuses on the production of a wide range of specialty chemical
additives, applicable to the different industrial sectors in which it operates.
Harima Chemicals Group is a chemical manufacturer built on products developed
using pine chemical resources like rosin, fatty acids, turpentine and other materials
all obtained from pine trees. The company transforms those key active ingredients
obtained from pine trees into daily essentials. The products are used in a wide range
of fields from resin for printing ink, paints and adhesives, to emulsifier for synthetic
rubber, chemicals for paper production, and solder used by electronic appliances.
Our concept
Quality is often defined as a stable level with only
online to the mill operators on screens. They can
small deviations from the targets set in the specitherefore follow the actual quality situation and
fications. To achieve that, critical parameters have
make necessary adjustments to keep the quality
to be measured online and corrections done
on specified targets.
automatically. This is what we mean
Once all units are installed, conwith our concept “PulpOnTarget”
nected and in full operation, Pulpwhich is applicable in all cases
Eye AB can offer the customer
where both fibres and crill are
a long-term contract where
we take the responsibility for
The physical base for
follow-up and updating data
”PulpOnTarget” is the connecmodels for laboratory data
tion between the units PulpEye,
as well as presenting monthly
CrillEye and ExtractEye. Fibre data
reports on deviations.
from PulpEye and crill data from
This concept is of course not only
CrillEye are fed into ExtractEye where
applicable on mechanical pulp lines,
tensile, tear, and burst strengths as
but also in paper mill’s stock prepawell as bulk and scott bond properties
ration plants in order to control the
are calculated. This is done every fifth
result of the refiners.
minute and the results are shown
PulpEye NEWS DEC 2013
Scott Bond value
Tear index
Other pulp properties
Tensile index
Burst index
With PulpOnTarget you can monitor your pulp quality online and instantly pinpoint
pulp deviating from your quality specifications.Using ExtractEye, Scott Bond value and tear,
tensile and burst index can be calculated online from crill and fibre data.
PulpEye opens sales office in Germany
In order to meet an increased demand for the
PulpEye products, a sales office will open on 1 January 2014 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The office
will serve the pulp and paper industry in Germany,
Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.
Edgar Braun will operate the office and serve
existing and new customers. Edgar Braun has a
wide experience from the pulp and paper trade
and has worked at PWA Stockstadt (today Sappi),
Am Haldenberg 6/1
88048 Friedrichshafen
Telephone number +49 7541 935 3053
Mobile +49 176 831 886 53
E-mail [email protected]
as well as for Sulzer Escher Wyss (today Voith),
Kvaerner, Kadant and TBPUpcon.
“I am very pleased that we establish a sales
office in Germany,” says Öjvind Sundvall. “We will
be able to serve new and existing customers for
PulpEye products in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands in a much better way
than what has been possible so far.”
CrillEye presented at
PaperTech India
CrillEye, developed in cooperation with Innventia,
was presented by Mattias Drotz, Innventia, at the
Papertech conference 18-19 July in Hyderabad,
India. The headline of the speech was “Fibre analysis and optimization of process” and covered all
aspects on how CrillEye can be used to calculate
different strength properties, as well as to optimise
fibre mixtures.
The results from PulpEye measurements of
different pulps available in India were presented.
Improved process control with PulpEye and CrillEye
results in a reduced fibre cost by having the right
mixture as well as in reduced overall energy consumption.
Training seminar for PulpEye representatives
PulpEye NEWS DEC 2013
As already mentioned in the spring issue of
PulpEye News, Elof Hansson is now representing
PulpEye in Asia and in South America. On October
7- 8 a group of representatives from Elof Hansson
participated in a PulpEye training seminar organised in Örnsköldsvik and including a mill visit to
SCA Östrand pulp mill in Sundsvall, Sweden. Apart
from the theoretical presentations, a visit at the
pulp mill was an interesting part of the seminar
in Pulp & Paper
The group was caught in between two seminar
sessions and consisted of, from left to right, Daniel
Sohlberg, guide and host SCA Östrand, Jamie Cornivelli, Chile, K K Chowdhury, Singapore, Anders
Rammsy, PulpEye, Aguspen Rasiman, Indonesia,
Waldir Moidim and Evanice Torres Fernandes,
both Brazil.
In cooperation with FPInnovations and Canfor, PulpEye is developing
a new online fibre wall thickness module. The module will be will be
fully introduced in the spring issue of PulpEye News. However, you
can already now read about it in the article “R&D sets Canfor apart” in
the September/October issue of the magazine Pulp&Paper Canada by
clicking on this link The article is found on page 13-14.
Training for process engineers
and product development
February 12-13, 2014
Many of our customers are interested in getting a deeper
knowledge of PulpEye and how to maximize the benefits
at the mills. Therefore we invite customers to a more
theoretical two-day course in Timrå, Sweden February 1213. The purpose is to give a more profound education with
focus on improved knowledge in fibre morphology, methods, communication, application examples and ExtractEye.
The course is specifically aimed at process engineers and
persons working with evaluation of data from PulpEye.
For more information, please contact Thomas Storsjö.
His contact details are:
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +46 70 618 63 03
Catrine Flemin, our new
Financial Manager
PulpEye NEWS DEC 2013
Education for PulpEye specialists
Catrine Flemin is, as of 1 January 2014, appointed as Financial Manager at PulpEye AB and will
be in charge of accounting, invoicing as well as
other related tasks. Previously she had a similar position at Eurocon Engineering AB where
she has been working for 13 years.
“Actually, Catrine did these tasks earlier as
an increasing part of her job at Eurocon,
but as we are growing we felt the need
for having a full time employed Financial
manager,” says Öjvind Sundvall. “As Catrine
already knows our business there will be no
learning curve. So we are very pleased with
this solution and look forward to having her
full time on-board.”
March 19-20 , 2014
During the spring of 2013 we performed specialist training
with good response from our customers. A total of 15
maintenance people from different mills have, as a result
of the training, been approved as PulpEye specialists.
Next occasion to participate in this two-day course is in
Timrå, Sweden, March 19-20. The purpose is to give users
additional knowledge on how to maintain, calibrate and
troubleshoot as well as about new functions being developed in the PulpEye software. The course is specifically
aimed at process engineers and PulpEye users, both new
users and experienced ones who want to get the most out
of the PulpEye equipment. Theory and practice is mixed so
that the participants will get most out of the course.
For more information, please contact Anders Forsberg.
His contact details are:
E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +46 70 618 63 06
Some example of course content
œ Measuring sequences
œ Fiber and shive pictures can be used for service
œ Configuration for sample points and pulp types
œ Dewatering information
œ Optimizing pulp sensor for sampling
and process consistency
œ Service trends
Merry Christmas and
A Happy New Year
For more information about our products,
please contact Öjvind Sundvall, ojvind. [email protected] (International) or
Lars Norin, [email protected] (Canada/USA), or visit www.pulpeye.com