Adult Outdoor House League Manual

Oakville Soccer Club Adult House League Manual
Adult Outdoor
House League
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
Table of Contents
Player Registration
Team Registration
Identification Photograph
Coaches/Team Captains
Playing Conditions
Helpful Links and Forms
Club Contacts
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
Welcome to OSC Adult House League
Dear Players,
Welcome to the 2014 season of OSC Outdoor Adult House League. We are excited and ready for
another strong and successful year of Adult Outdoor Soccer. Last year was very successful and
with the expansion of over 100 teams in the league, this year looks to be very similar.
The Coed League expanded to 12 teams last year and we are looking to increase the number of
teams again. This year we are anticipating 2 separate divisions with the A division being
competitive and the B division being recreational.
Men’s Open Age:
The MOA League is the largest league at OSC. We are expecting 32 teams this year with 4
divisions separating the group of teams that register.
Ladies Open Age:
The LOA League became the 2nd largest league among OSC’s available age divisions. With 20
teams expected to sign up, there is no doubt out Ladies League will be just as successful as last
The M35+ League is made up of 18 teams this upcoming summer season. Divisions will be
separated into 3, Premier – being the strongest, Division 1, and Division 2 – recreational.
The L35+ League is back for another year of expansion. Last year we managed to register 6
teams, but we are expecting 8 teams to register this year. All of which will be in the same
Oakville Cup:
The Oakville Cup is a knockout style tournament that will start early this year as we plan on
ending the tournament before September. Round 1 will have each division play an Oakville Cup
match on the day they regularly play, but once teams advance to Round 2 and so on, they will
play on off days.
OSC is proud to have all of you as players and we are excited for the year to begin.
See you on the field!
David Zanic
Adult Programs and Facilities Coordinator
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
OSC’s Adult House League is arranged in a variety of programs and divided based on either
gender or age. All OSC programs are offered to support the Canadian Soccer Association’s
Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development Strategy, with the Adult House League
Program falling under the Active for Life LTPD stage.
Adult Soccer (11v11)
Adult Soccer is a recreational program made available to all adults of various skill levels, who
share a common interest and passion for the game of soccer. OSC strives to provide adults with
a positive lifelong experience through a healthy activity that is both active and engaging.
Co-ed is open age and available to all men and women age 18 and up. Co-ed is available both
indoor and outdoor during the summer season. Individual registrations are accepted only for
indoor Co-Ed while team registrations are accepted for both indoor and outdoor Co-Ed. Please
note: at least two (2) female players must be on the field at all times for indoor co-ed and at
least four (4) female players must be on the field at all times for outdoor co-ed.
Ladies Open Age
A Woman’s only league for players of all skill levels, age 18 and up. Teams are divided into
divisions based on skill level. Individual and team registrations are accepted for both indoor and
outdoor Ladies Open Age.
Men’s Open Age
A Men’s only league for players of all skill levels, age 18 and up. Teams are divided into divisions
based on skill level. Individual and team registrations are accepted for both indoor and outdoor
Men’s Open Age.
Men’s 35+
A men’s only league specifically for players age 35 and up. Teams are divided into divisions
based on skill level. Individual and team registrations are accepted for both indoor and outdoor
Men’s 35+.
Ladies 35+
A women’s only league specifically for players age 35 and up. Individual and team registrations
are accepted for both indoor and outdoor Ladies’ 35+.
Players are permitted to register for multiple leagues where applicable.
Oakville Soccer Club Adult House League Manual
Adult House League Rules
Outdoor Rules
The Oakville Soccer Club Outdoor Rules contain the general rules for all soccer competitions plus
program rules specific to each age group.
Adult Soccer: Ladies/Men’s Open Age, Men’s 35+, Co-ed, Ladies’ 35+
Competition Rules
House League soccer is based on FIFA Laws of the Game with specific adjustments to
accommodate age and skill levels.
Player Registration
Each player must properly complete an official OSC registration form (online or hardcopy) by the
OSC registration deadlines for each season (summer, fall & winter). These dates are publicized
in the OSC’s Calendar of Events.
Separate registration is required for each program (summer outdoor, summer indoor, fall
indoor, winter indoor) and each division. Both individual and team registrations are accepted for
the Adult programs.
Team Registration
A player must be registered with Oakville Soccer Club before he/she plays in a league game.
Players are required to register and pay in full, 48 hours before the start of their first league
game. If players have not submitted the paperwork and submitted payments on time then
he/she will be forced to sit out the first week. A team using players not on their team list
(unregistered players) will be subject to disciplinary action. 1
No new registrations will be accepted after the team has played six games.
Returning Players -played in the previous outdoor and/or indoor season with the Oakville
Soccer Club.
Returning Non-Oakville Resident Players – reside outside of the Town of Oakville yet have
played in the previous outdoor and/or indoor season.
New Resident Oakville Players - reside in the Town of Oakville but have never played with OSC.
Players MUST provide proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, passport, health card, driver’s license
etc) in order to be rostered onto a team. Registration can be done by visiting the Pine Glen
Soccer Centre.
New Non-Oakville Resident Players - reside outside of the Town of Oakville and have never
played with OSC. Players MUST provide proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, passport, health card,
driver’s license etc) in order to be rostered onto a team. Registration can be done through the
website or by visiting the Pine Glen Soccer Centre.
As outlined in Section 9 of the OSA Policies (please click here for more details)
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
The registration form must to be signed by the player as it contains important declarations,
consents and waivers of rights. Proof of Age is required on initial OSC registration or after a
lapse in registration, or at the request of the Oakville Soccer Club.
Players are required to keep their contact information current and their e-mail address up to
date. This is important as the OSC uses e-mail as the primary form of contact.
Identification Photograph
Players are also required to submit a head shot photograph for the roster. Photographs are used
on the game sheet to properly identify players and eliminate any ineligible players. If a player
does not have a usable photograph one can be taken at the Pine Glen Soccer Centre at
designated times.
Full payment of fees is required upon registration for both individuals and teams. A $35 charge
is levied for any cheque returned by the bank.
The Oakville Soccer Club Refund Policy provides refunds (less an administration fee) prior to the
start of the season; once the season begins, no refunds will be processed. Applications for
refunds due to player injury are handled on a case-by-case basis by the OSC and require
supporting medical documentation.
Privacy Policy
Players’ personal information is stored on a stand-alone system which resides on a secured and
dedicated server. No other use is made of players’ information except as provided for in the
waiver information on each Registration Form.
All Adult House League players registering as individuals with the OSC will be provided with a
jersey (socks and shorts will be provided for outdoor only). Teams will have the option of either
getting uniforms through the club (jersey, shorts and socks) or organizing their own uniforms. If
a team elects to have uniforms provided by OSC, the team registration fee will increase to
account for uniform cost.
Team uniforms must be the same and players must wear their team uniform at games. All
jerseys must be numbered on the back, and must be tucked into the shorts at all times. If a
player is not wearing the appropriate uniform, s/he will NOT be allowed to play. In addition,
all players must wear shin guards and appropriate shoes (metal cleats are not permitted).
When two of the same colour teams are scheduled to play each other, the coach of the home
team is required to sign out a set of pinnies from OSC on the day prior or the day of the game;
the pinnies must be returned within 48 hrs.
Players and coaches must comply with The OSA Guidelines regarding FIFA Law 4 ‘Players
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
Players must not wear a medical support device (such as, but not limited to: a hard cast, splint
or brace), or any other equipment which, in the opinion of the referee, may cause injury to
other players or themselves. Religious headgear is permitted provided it does not pose a hazard
to the wearer or other players.
All jewellry must be taken off prior to the match. A player is permitted to wear a wedding band
or Medical Alert bracelet as long as they are taped. All piercings must be removed.
Game Ball
The ball must be a size 5. The home team shall be responsible for providing the game ball. The
ball will be judged fit for play by the referee and can only be changed during the game with
authorization from the referee
Coaches for OSC Adult Programs are permitted but not required. Adult House League coaches
are all volunteers. In the event that a team does not have a volunteer coach, a team captain will
be expected to absorb the coaching responsibilities. 1
No formal soccer or coaching experience is necessary to volunteer to coach Adult House League.
Coach/Team Captain Responsibilities:
- Knowledge of and adherence to the OSC Code of Conduct
- Ensure all players abide by the OSC Code of Conduct
- Completion of game sheets (must be submitted to the referee before the game begins)
- Ensure that the team is ready to play at least 5 minutes prior to game time (must have a
minimum of 7 players to field a team)
- In the event that a team is unable to play a game, the coach/team captain must inform OSC
at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so may result in league suspension.
- Ensure that each player is on the field for 50% of game time during recreational games
- Keep accurate records as mandated by OSC
- Embrace OSC values and principles, and lead by example
Adult House League team sponsorship is either arranged by the OSC’s Marketing Department or
arranged by teams independently. Teams that elect to have their jerseys organized by OSC will
automatically be assigned sponsors and are not permitted to seek or accept additional
sponsorship, or engage in independent fund-raising activities, for their Adult House League
team. Players registering as individuals will be placed on a team with a sponsor arranged by the
Oakville Soccer Club.
Teams are permitted to arrange their own sponsors so long as they also arrange their own
jerseys. Teams are not permitted to solicit sponsorship from alcohol or tobacco companies.
Additionally, the OSC holds a number of exclusive contracts with organizations including Tim
As outlined in Section 9 of the OSA Policies (please click here for more details)
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
Horton’s, Pizza Pizza, Ford and Coca-Cola. Therefore, teams are not allowed to seek sponsorship
from direct competitors. For example, a team is not permitted to seek sponsorship from
Domino’s Pizza as Pizza Pizza is the exclusive pizza sponsor of OSC.
Teams arranging independent sponsorship must submit a sponsor request to House League
Coordinator David Zanic before going ahead with the sponsor.
Sponsorships help to reduce the overall registrations fees and the Oakville Soccer Club
encourages every player to support OSC corporate and team sponsors.
Anyone interested in becoming an OSC sponsor should complete a Sponsorship Form. Contact
Joy Neefs, Director of Marketing and Corporate Sponsorships at 905 849 4436, ext. 4433 or
[email protected] with questions or for more information.
Fields for Adult House League games are assigned by the OSC. Field maps are available on the
OSC website.
The Oakville Soccer Club has the authority to make field changes and cancel or reschedule
games at any time. It is the responsibility of each participant to check the Latest House League
News on the OSC website for rescheduling information. In the event of rain, the Town of
Oakville may deem the fields unplayable. OSC will post any closures on the website no later than
2pm on game day. Town of Oakville weather hotline: 905 338 4395.
A listing of soccer fields and the restrictions and expectations around the use of fields is
contained in the Club’s Field Use and Scheduling Policy. As a coach/player if you wish to rent
River Oaks or Pine Glen indoor fields during your season, please be aware that all players on
your team must agree to the rental as it will be an additional expense that the House League
team will have to absorb. Please contact Gordon King for bookings at 905 849 4436 ext. 4434 or
[email protected]
Use of fields without a Town permit may result in sanctions against the offenders from both the
Club and the Town of Oakville.
When visiting one of the Town’s parks or recreation facilities, coaches, spectators and players
are asked to ensure that vehicles are parked properly to avoid any fines and in consideration for
neighborhood residents.
Please be respectful to the conditions of the field; when you leave the premises ensure all
garbage is thrown out and personal belongings are taken.
Urinating on or near the fields is strictly prohibited and violates Town by-laws. Offenders may be
subject to OSC disciplinary measures. Please use the public washrooms available at the parks.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages on and around the adjacent areas of all fields is not allowed
by either participants or spectators under any circumstances. Offenders may be subject to OSC
disciplinary measures.
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
Pets must be leashed at all times as required in Town of Oakville By-Law 1999-159 and are
prohibited at a number of fields. If a referee deems a pet to be a nuisance the pet must be
removed at once.
Any injuries sustained in Adult House League team activities must be reported immediately on
an Incident Report Form to be given to OSC to ensure compliance with OSC and OSA insurance
requirements. All players are covered by the OSA Accident Insurance Policy as long as they are
participating in OSA sanctioned activities. To file a claim, you must fill out the Accident Claim
Players must be medically fit to play soccer before returning from an injury. The player’s health
and fitness must be paramount in establishing when a player can return from injury and the
player or the team staff, may override any decision to return to playing or practicing.
First Aid/Medical Training
• Referees can call upon Coaches/Team Officials to provide assistance in emergencies.
Coaches/Team Officials can remove injured players from the field only if it is safe to do
so. Otherwise, players should not be moved until EMS help arrives. If in doubt, injured
players should not be moved.
• Coaches/Team Officials should not attempt to treat the injury unless they have proper
medical training.
• Coaches/Team Officials are not authorized to administer any drugs and must ask the
injured player for permission to assist them prior to doing so.
• Players are responsible for obtaining medical opinions. Players must show proof that
they can resume play if requested by OSC.
Head Injuries/Concussions
• Common types of head injuries: bump, bruise, laceration, concussion, confusion,
compression, skull fracture.
• Recognize the key symptoms of head injuries: altered level of consciousness, bleeding
from ears or nose, pain, deformity, black eyes, nausea & vomiting, bruising behind ears,
headache, weakness, and unequal pupils.
• If any of these symptoms occur, players must be removed from play and should seek
medical attention. Following a head injury/concussion, players must present written
medical clearance to OSC before being allowed to return to play.
• All coaches/team captains are encouraged to take the Emergency First Aid course
offered by the Oakville Soccer Club. This is a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
(WSIB) approved program and is offered at a discounted rate to our members. Our first
priority is for the safety and security of our players and we believe that this initiative
offers an added benefit to everyone. Program details are outlined on the OSC website.
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
Playing Conditions
It is the responsibility of the Adult House League team coach/captain, as well as the game
referee, to inspect game and practice fields and report any hazardous conditions or other facility
issues to the OSC as soon as possible.
Referees and coaches/team captains are required to follow the OSA-lightning-safety-severeweather-policy at all times to ensure the safety of the players and others at games and
Decisions on game cancellations due to inclement weather are at the discretion of the referees.
In the event that a game is abandoned or cancelled due to referee decision, the game will either
be rescheduled or the game will stand depending on the amount of time played. If 60 minutes of
the match have been played, the result is final whether the referee calls the game or play has
been stopped due to serious injury. If 60 minutes has not passed, the game will be rescheduled
to a later date.
OSC does not guarantee that games will be rescheduled due to weather conditions. In addition,
refunds may not apply.
Discipline is administered in compliance with OSA policies and OSC Discipline Procedures.
Discipline for game-related misconduct by players and team staff is administered by the Oakville
Soccer Club using the OSA Discipline by Review (DBR) process. 1
Where OSA policies require Discipline by Hearing (DBH), or where the Club determines that a
hearing is required, all parties required to attend will be given notice to attend in accordance
with OSA policy and will be advised of their rights to see the report against them and their rights
to bring witnesses and/or an adviser or to request a postponement of the hearing.
Misconduct is usually reported by the game official but can also be reported through a letter of
complaint to the OSC which, after investigation, may result in discipline charges. Any such
complainant must be willing to be identified and to appear at any subsequent discipline hearing.
Appeals of OSC discipline decisions are made to the Peel-Halton Soccer Association in
accordance with the Rights of Appeal which will be provided with all DBH decisions (DBR
discipline decisions are not appealable).
Where Protests are permitted, these are made in accordance with the OSC’s Outdoor Rules.
Note: Protests regarding decisions of the Referee will not be accepted.
As outlined in Section 9 of the OSA Policies (please click here for more details)
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
The Oakville Soccer Club has clear expectations for the behaviour of all parties involved in OSC
sponsored soccer in the community.
Fair Play Code
The Fair Play Code and the Code of Conduct cover players, coaches, referees and parents on or
around the soccer field. The Code of Conduct provides the principles by which everyone
associated with the Oakville Soccer Club must comply. Failure to comply may result in
disciplinary action that could result in the termination of the membership of a player and/or
coach or termination of the employment of a referee.
Parents and Spectators are subject to OSC’s Friendly Fan Policy governing sideline conduct as
well as by the Town of Oakville’s Rzone zero tolerance operating procedure. In addition, the OSC
follows any other municipal by-law applicable. Individuals who engage in any unacceptable
behaviour, as defined in this procedure, may, depending on the severity, be barred immediately
from the premises and if necessary, suspended for a period of time.
The Oakville Soccer Club also subscribes to the Harassment Policy as published and approved by
the OSA. The Harassment Policy applies to all employees, directors, officers, volunteers,
coaches, game officials, administrators, players, Players and registrants of the OSC. Those
wishing to file a complaint are asked to do so directly with the Ontario Soccer Association.
Inappropriate behaviour by referees, coaches, players and spectators must be reported using
the Incident Report Form.
OSC 2014 Adult House League Manual
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Club Contacts
House League
David Zanic, Adult League Programs Coordinator
Lorin Berballa, Adult League Assistant
Lynn Joiner, Director of Operations
Paula Lachance, Finance Manager
Joy Neefs, Director of Marketing and Corporate Sponsorships