Getting Started TV PC

Getting Started
Connecting Your Device
Connect the Soundbar and the audio line.
Powering On
Make sure that the soundbar is plugged into a power source. Push
the on/off button on the remote control. The LED indicator light on
the front will light up.
User’s Manual
Ematic Soundbar
EQ Function
Remote Control
Press the EQ button to choose from the equalizer options: music,
movie, standard, etc.
Bluetooth™ Mode
Press the MODE button to switch to Bluetooth mode.
1. You will hear a tone, and a green light will flash.
2. Scan for devices in your Bluetooth settings.
3. Connect to ESB212 when scan has completed.
4. The default password is: 0000.
AUX Mode
Press the MODE button to switch to AUX mode.
30W 2.0 Channel Soundbar with Bass Enhancer
Total Peak Power 50W
Ultra-thin 55mm / 2.2” deep
Frequency Response: 100Hz-20kHz
Voltage AC: 100-240 / 50-60Hz
Speaker driver:
50mm full frequency driver + 116 x 45mm bass enhancer
• Input Sensitivity: 850mV
• AUX in, Bluetooth input
Customer Support
Visit for customer service regarding your device.
Connect Soundbar to another device to stream music.
Note: MP3 Line-in and AUX mode use the same audio input
channel. Both cannot be played at the same time.
To submit a request, fill out the required information online. You will
be provided a ticket number regarding your issue, which you can
refer to when contacting us further.
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