2014 Youth Summer House League Manual

Oakville Soccer Club House League Manual
Youth Summer
House League Manual
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Table of Contents
House League Format
Active Start (U4-U6)
FUNdamentals (U7-U8)
Learn to Train (U9-U12)
Soccer for Life (U13+)
Soccer for Life (Adult)
Red and White Divisions
U7 – U10 Super League
Age Group Formats
House League Rules
Privacy Policy
Playing Conditions
Helpful Links
Club Contacts
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Welcome to the OSC House League Program
Dear Players and Parents,
Welcome to the 2014 season of OSC Outdoor House League. At OSC we are committed
to Long Term Player Development in all of our programs. This year, we worked to offer
House League programs that are in line with Canadian Soccer Association guidelines and
provide you and your child with the best experience possible.
What’s New?
Learning facilitators will be part of our Active Start and U6 FUNdamentals age groups
(U4 – U6). Each program will now have one qualified paid facilitator per game along
with two volunteer coaches.
Expanded U7 – U10 Super League
Designed to allow training opportunities to any U7 – U10 players who join the
program, the Super League provides professional coaching during development
sessions and the chance for volunteer coaches to grow and refine their skills.
Age Group Amalgamations – U13/U14, U15/U16, U17/18
A player draft will be conducted by volunteer coaches under the supervision of OSC
Staff at the ages U13-U18.
What Stays the Same?
A focus on FUN – OSC is committed to providing quality programming so that its players
can enjoy the game.
Festival Days
All (U4-U12) House League participants will have the opportunity to participate in a
Festival Day for their age group, where they will play a game, receive a medal or trophy
during a recognition ceremony, and have the chance to have family and friends watch
them play. Players U13 to Adult will participate in Oakville Cup competition.
Have fun this summer!
David Harris
Executive Director
OSC 2014 House League Manual
House League Format
OSC has implemented Long Term Player Development formats which allow for smaller-sided
games, more touches on the ball, and a more fun experience for all players. U4-U12 House
League participants receive a uniform, soccer ball, team photo, play 14 games (12 for
U4/U5/U6), and celebrate their season at a festival day for their age group where they are
awarded medals/trophies.
OSC’s House League is arranged by age divisions and divided into boys and girls teams. These
programs are offered to support the Canadian Soccer Association’s Wellness to World Cup Long
Term Player Development Strategy.
U4-U6 – Active Start & U6 FUNdamentals (3v3)
Active Start is a program that introduces the beginner to the game of soccer via a series of fun
soccer related activities, where the coach is simply a facilitator who encourages all players. OSC
believes that U4-U5 players should not be “coached” but encouraged to experiment and express
themselves with the soccer ball in a safe, fun learning environment. The key factor is that
players are learning in a safe, pressure free environment with an emphasis on fun. At U6 players
will begin to learn basic motor skills.
U7-U8 – FUNdamentals (5v5)
FUNdamentals continue at these age groups as players are encouraged to develop within a
small-sided game environment where the role of the coach is to facilitate as well create a
learning environment where players are allowed to play and learn the game for themselves. The
focus at this stage is on continued development of physical literacy and recognition that
individual technical development is paramount.
U9-U12 – Learn to Train (U9-U10 7v7, U11-U12 9v9)
OSC is committed to the individual development of players as opposed to the development of
teams. At the Learn to Train stage, players begin acquiring specific soccer skills.
U13+ - Soccer for Life (11v11)
At this age, games are played at 11 a side. Players begin to focus on position-specific skills and
physical preparation.
Adults – Soccer for Life (11v11)
Adult Soccer is a recreational program made available to all adults of various skill levels, who
share a common interest and passion for the game of soccer. OSC strives to provide adults with
a positive lifelong experience through a healthy activity that is both active and engaging.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
NEW: Red and White Divisions –U11 - U12
OSC organizes House League players from U11 to U12 into Red and White Divisions to play
solely recreationally (White Division) or competitively (Red Division). This is consistent with
the Club’s focus on Player Development and provides the best experience for player
enjoyment of the game.
White Division is designed to allow players to have fun. All players receive equal playing time
regardless of ability. Team practices are encouraged and are at the coaches’ discretion. If
coaches choose to run a practice, players who cannot attend will not be penalized in any way.
There are NO assigned practice fields or times.
Open Development opportunities are available for any players at U7-U14 seeking additional
training from the club’s qualified coaching team.
Red Division selection is based on coaches’ and technical staff evaluation. Commitment to the
team through attendance at both games and practices is required. All players will receive equal
playing time regardless of ability or commitment. Each player who is identified to play in the Red
Division by OSC Technical Staff WILL BE assigned a designated practice venue, time and day.
U11– U12 Red Level teams will practice at Pine Glen Indoor or River Oaks outdoors.
An additional $25 fee will be incurred in the Red Division registration fee to cover the use of
practice venues.
NEW: U7 –U10 Super League
Players who enroll in the program will receive one structured training session per week with a
professional coach.
Oakville Soccer Club House League Manual
Active Start/
Learn to Train
Soccer for Life
Size Refs Scores
*Red/White Divisions run from U11-U12
**Field Ambassadors onsite for all games
***Super League U7 – U10
Adult Soccer
Ball Sz
Field Dims
Goal Size
Coaches as on-field
No Kick Ins
20 yds x 15 yds
Pop Up Goals
50 minute program with
paid Learning Facilitator
and Volunteer Coaches
36 yds x 22 yds
5 ft x 10 ft
10 min. warm-up
2 x 20 min halves
5 min halftime (snack
break) 5 min cool down
55 yds x 36 yds
70yds x50 yds
6.5 ft x 12 ft
6.5 ft x 18 ft
Game Time
2 x 25 min halves
5 min halftime
10 min warm up
2 x 30 min halves
5 min halftime
5 min cool down
U13/14 2x40 min halves
U15/16 2x45 min halves
U17-U18 2x45 min halves
5 min halftime
2 x 45 min halves
5 min halftime
U4-U7 plays on Saturdays. Please Consult OSC Youth Days of Play and OSC Adult Days of Play for all other ages
U4-U12- FESTIVAL DAYS- Consult Events Calendar for Dates
U13-Adult- OAKVILLE CUP- Consult the Events Calendar for Dates
House League Rules
Oakville Soccer Club House League Manual
Outdoor Rules
The Club Outdoor Rules contain the General Rules for all soccer competitions plus Program
Rules specific to each age group.
Active Start & U6 FUNdamentals (U4-U6)
FUNdamentals (U7-U8)
Learn to Train (U9-U10)
Learn to Train (U11-U12)
Soccer for Life (U13+)
Adult Soccer Ladies/Men’s Open Age, Ladies/Men’s 35+, Co-ed
Competition Rules
House League soccer is based on FIFA Laws of the Game with specific adjustments to
accommodate age and skill levels.
Player Registration
Each player must properly complete registration (online or in person) by the registration dates
for each season (summer, fall & winter). These dates are publicized in the OSC’s Calendar of
Separate registration is required for the outdoor (summer) and indoor (fall/winter) seasons.
Space is limited per age group and gender. Registration for the OSC’s other programs such as
open development or summer camp is also available online for returning players.
Returning Players -played in the previous outdoor and/or indoor season with Oakville Soccer
Returning Non-Oakville Resident Players -Reside outside of the Town of Oakville yet have
played in the previous outdoor and/or indoor season.
New Resident Oakville Players -Reside in the Town of Oakville but have never played with OSC.
Players must provide proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, passport, health card, driver’s license
etc) in order to be rostered onto a team. Registration can be done by visiting the Pine Glen
Soccer Centre.
New Non-Oakville Resident Players -Reside outside of the Town of Oakville and have never
played with OSC. Players must provide proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, passport, health card,
driver’s license etc) in order to be rostered onto a team. Registration can be done through the
website or by visiting the Pine Glen Soccer Centre.
Online waivers must be accepted by the player (or parent/guardian) as it contains important
declarations, consents and waivers of rights. Proof of age is required on initial OSC registration,
after a lapse in registration, or at the request of the Club.
Players (and their parents) are required to keep their contact information current and their email address up to date. This is important as OSC uses e-mail as the primary form of contact.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Payment of fees is required upon registration. A $25 charge is levied for any cheque returned by
the bank.
OSC recognizes the importance of all residents having an equal opportunity to access soccer
programs and enjoy the many benefits that participation brings. Financial assistance to qualified
applicants is available for most programs. Please see the Fee Assistance Policy and Fee
Assistance Application Form for more information.
The Oakville Soccer Club Refund Policy provides refunds (less an administration fee) prior to the
start of the season. Once the season begins refunds are not available. Applications for refunds
due to player injury are handled on a case-by-case basis by OSC and require supporting medical
Please note that registration in the House League program is eligible for the Federal Children
Fitness Tax Credit up to the age of U16.
Privacy Policy
Players’ personal information is stored on a stand-alone system which resides on a secured and
dedicated server. No other use is made of players’ information except as provided for in the
waiver information on each registration form.
All Youth House League players registering with OSC are provided with a jersey, shorts, and
socks. Those in the U4 to U13/ U14 age groups are provided a practice soccer ball. All players
must wear their team uniform at games. If a player is not wearing the appropriate uniform,
s/he will NOT be allowed to play. In addition, all players must wear shin guards and players U6
and older must wear appropriate soccer shoes.
Players must wear their jerseys for the duration of games and practices. When two of the same
colour teams are scheduled to play each other, the coach of the home team is required to sign
out a set of pinnies from OSC the day prior or on the day of the game; the pinnies must be
returned within 48 hrs. Under no circumstances is a “skins vs. shirts” game allowed.
Players and Coaches must comply with The OSA Guidelines regarding FIFA Law 4 ‘Players
Equipment’. Players must not wear jewelry, a medical support device (such as, but not limited
to, a hard cast, splint or brace), or any other equipment which, in the opinion of the referee,
may cause injury to other players or themselves. Religious headgear is permitted provided it
does not pose a hazard to the wearer or other players.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Convenors are responsible for their assigned age group (division) assigned and will assign White
Level coaches. The convener will work as a liaison between coaches, parents, OSC and the staff
coach, in addition to assisting with scheduled activities and events by the Oakville Soccer Club.
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Attend convener meetings and training sessions as scheduled by the Oakville Soccer
• Ensure each team is assigned a coach by following up with coaching applicants and
asking for volunteers through registered player lists (if necessary).
• Finalize placement of players on teams as per coach requests and sponsor requests.
• Take part in the pre-season Coaches’ Kick Off for designated age group to meet coaches
and assist with hand out of coaches’ packages (see Calendar of Events for dates).
• Confirm and enter game scores from coaches for age group/division (U13+).
• Act as a liaison between coaches and OSC for distribution of information, upcoming
events, schedule changes, etc.
• Liaise between coaches, parents and OSC when necessary regarding, but not limited to,
concerns, referee attendance, field conditions, etc.
• Attend award presentations for their designated age group at end of season events.
• Collect all player evaluations for designated age group and send copies to the Club (U7U18).
• Submit feedback or attend end of season feedback session.
• Display a clear understanding of and adherence to OSC Vision, Mission and Values as set
in the OSC Strategic Plan as well as in the Principles and Policies related to House League
• Communicate with the House League Program Assistant on any issues requiring
• May not be involved as a team official/club official with another club.
• Must sign Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Agreement as conveners have access
to sensitive and personal information.
• Cannot coach and convene in the same age group and gender.
Skills & Qualifications:
• Strong organizational and communication skills.
• Ability to meet deadlines and complete tasks in a timely manner.
• Computer knowledge and access to Word, Excel and Internet/Email.
• Ability to be fair-minded and exercise good judgment.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
OSC House League coaches are all volunteers. Those who are interested in becoming a House
League coach must fill out a volunteer application form and attend a mandatory coach
information session. A current Vulnerable Sector Screening is required for all coaches 18 years
and older.
Coaches must be at least 16 years of age. Any coach under 18 must be accompanied by a
guardian at all times and must include the guardian’s information on the coaching application.
Coaches automatically receive their child on their team (*if the coach does not have a child they
can select another player) and one additional player request. If the coach has an assistant coach,
their child will be the additional player request.
NEW: The coaches’ player draft is introduced at U13/14, U15/16, and U17/18. This will take
place under the supervision of designated OSC staff and the age group/gender convenor.
No formal soccer or coaching experience is necessary to volunteer to coach House League. OSC
does ask for exemplary commitment, communication, skill development and fair play from all
coaches. OSC offers coaching development opportunities to coaches of all levels through the
OSA Age Specific Courses.
NEW: Super League
All Super League coaches will be selected by the OSC Technical Department to conduct
practices. Each Super League team will also have a volunteer coach who will in turn coach the
games and assist at their team practices under the supervision of the paid coach.
What House League Coaches Do/Provide:
- Fun, enjoyable experience for the participants
- Instruction in soccer skills as set out by the club
- Introduction of team skills (Mini-Soccer)
- Introduction to positional play and individual roles on the team (U13+)
- Encourage self-confidence and individual skill development through positive reinforcement
- Introduce and encourage the concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship.
- Coach 1 Game per Week
- Conduct practices (where appropriate)
- Attend Coach Information Session, Coaches’ Kick-Off and any other coaches’ clinics as
mandated by OSC’s Technical Department.
- Communicate with parents (i.e. practice/game times, refreshment schedule and other OSC
related events)
- Knowledge of and adherence to the OSC Code of Conduct
- Ensure parents and players abide by the OSC Code of Conduct
- Complete game sheets (where required)
- Distribute player equipment as issued by the OSC
OSC 2014 House League Manual
- Be prepared to referee if required
- Ensure player safety is paramount
- Keep accurate records as mandated by the OSC
- Complete and send player evaluation forms to OSC as required
- Be a positive role model
- Be appropriately dressed
- Embrace OSC values and principles
- U13 + coaches must submit games scores to age group convener within 24hrs after a game.
Coach Registration and Assignment to Teams
Each coach must be properly registered on an official OSC registration form. Each coach must
provide a valid Police Check. Police Checks are valid for two years and you can be reimbursed if
the original copy is issued to the Oakville Soccer Club.
The Oakville Soccer Club provides a check list of pre-season/post-season activities as a reminder
for all coaches. Each Coach is required to complete and maintain a Team Information Sheet for
their team including emergency contact numbers (available on OSC’s website under Coaches
Templates and Files).
Coaches are also responsible for keeping track of game and practice attendance as a component
of each player’s post season assessment and for the Red/White team assignment for the
following season.
- Coaches should never be alone with a player.
- Coaches are not responsible for player transportation to and from practice and games.
- Coaches are not responsible for providing water and snacks for players.
Coach Development
The Oakville Soccer Club is committed to developing its volunteers. OSC offers training sessions
for House League Coaches and works closely with the OSA in regards to coaches’ training.
Please visit www.oakvillesoccer.ca for more details on Coaching Clinics being offered by OSC.
All OSA coaching courses are available for signup through their website, www.ontariosoccer.net
We strongly urge all coaches to take the RESPECT IN SOCCER online course through the OSA’s
House League team sponsorship is arranged by OSC’s Marketing Department. Team officials
and/or parents are not permitted to seek or accept additional sponsorship or engage in
independent fund-raising activities for their House League team. Independently created team
websites for House League teams are only permitted with written permission from OSC.
Sponsorships help to reduce the overall registrations fees and the Club encourages every player
to support OSC corporate and team sponsors. Sponsors can request either their child or another
additional player request for their team(s).
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Anyone interested in becoming an OSC sponsor should complete a Sponsorship Form. Contact
Joy Neefs, Director of Marketing and Sponsorships at 905-849-4436, ext. 4433 or
[email protected] with questions or for more information.
Fields for House League games are assigned by the Oakville Soccer Club. Field Maps are available
on OSC’s website.
OSC has the authority to make field changes and cancel or reschedule games at any time and it
is the responsibility of each participant to check the latest House League News on the Club
website for rescheduling information. In the event of rain, the Town of Oakville may deem the
fields unplayable. OSC will post any closures on the website no later than 2pm. Town of Oakville
weather hotline: 905-338-4395
A listing of soccer fields and the restrictions and expectations around the use of fields is
contained in OSC’s Field Use and Scheduling Policy. As a coach if you wish to rent River Oaks
field or Pine Glen’s indoor fields during your season, please be aware that all parents/guardians
on your team must agree to the rental as it will be an additional expense that the House League
team will have to absorb. Please contact [email protected] for bookings.
Use of fields without a Town permit may result in sanctions against the offenders from both the
Oakville Soccer Club and the Town of Oakville. All fields that OSC has a permit for are used for
our House League games. If you would like to procure a field permit for White House League
practices you may contact the town directly. Coaches are responsible for rental and insurance
To apply for a field permit, visit www.oakville.ca
Mouse over “Culture & Recreation” heading
Under “Facilities,” select “Facility Rentals”
Click on “Sports Fields”
You may also email [email protected]
When visiting one of the Town’s parks or recreation facilities, coaches, parents and players are
asked to ensure that vehicles are parked properly to avoid any fines and in consideration for
neighborhood residents. A reminder to all attending games that the Town also has an Anti-Idling
Be respectful of the conditions of the field, when you leave the premise ensure all garbage is
thrown out and personal belongings are taken.
Urinating or defecating on or near the fields is strictly prohibited and violates Town by-laws.
Please use the public washrooms available at the parks.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages on and around the adjacent areas of all fields is not allowed
by either participants or spectators under any circumstances.
Smoking is strictly prohibited on any Town property.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Any injuries sustained in House League team activities must be reported immediately on an
Incident Report Form to be given to OSC to ensure compliance with Club and OSA insurance
requirements. All players are covered by the OSA Accident Insurance Policy as long as they are
participating in OSA sanctioned activities. To file a claim, you must fill out the Accident Claim
Form. Any accident sustained in House League team activities must be reported immediately on
an Accident Report Form.
Players must be medically fit to play soccer before returning from an injury. The player’s health
and fitness must be paramount in establishing when a player can return from injury. The player,
a parent, or the team staff may veto any decision to return to playing or practicing.
First Aid/Medical Training
• If a child is injured during a House League session, the player’s parents are to be
contacted and the child released into the care of a parent.
• Referees can call upon coaches/team officials to provide assistance in emergencies.
Coaches can remove injured players from the field if it is safe to do so. Otherwise,
players should not be moved until EMS help arrives. If in doubt, injured players should
not be moved.
• Coaches should not attempt to treat the injury unless they have proper medical first aid
• Coaches are not authorized to administer any drugs and must ask the injured player for
permission to assist them prior to doing so.
• Parents are responsible for obtaining medical opinions. Parents must show proof that a
player can resume play if requested by OSC.
Head Injuries/Concussions
• Common types of head injuries: bump, bruise, laceration, concussion, confusion,
compression, skull fracture.
• Recognize the key symptoms of head injuries: altered level of consciousness, bleeding
from ears or nose, pain, deformity, black eyes, nausea & vomiting, bruising behind ears,
headache, weakness, and unequal pupils.
• If any of these symptoms occur, players must be removed from play and should seek
medical attention. Following a head injury/concussion, players must present written
medical clearance to OSC before being allowed to return to play.
• All coaches are encouraged to take the Emergency First Aid course offered by the
Oakville Soccer Club. This is a Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) approved
program and is offered at a discounted rate to our members. Our first priority is for the
safety and security of our players and we believe that this initiative offers an added
benefit to everyone.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
Playing Conditions
It is the responsibility of the House League team coach, as well as the game referee, to inspect
game and practice fields and report any hazardous conditions or other facility issues to OSC as
soon as possible.
Referees and coaches are required to follow the OSA-Lightning-safety-severe-weather-policy at
all times to ensure the safety of the players and others at games and practices.
Decisions regarding game cancellations due to inclement weather are at the discretion of the
coaches for age groups U4 – U6 and referees for U7+. OSC does not guarantee that games will
be rescheduled due to weather conditions. In addition, refunds may not apply.
Discipline is administered in compliance with OSA policies and OSC Discipline Procedures. This
includes policies governing sideline behaviour as detailed in the OSC Friendly Fan Policy.
Discipline for game-related misconduct by players and team officials are administered by the
Club using the OSA Discipline by Review (DBR) process.
Where the OSA policies require Discipline by Hearing (DBH), or where OSC determines that a
hearing is required, all parties required to attend will be given notice to attend in accordance
with OSA policy and will be advised of their rights to see the report against them and their rights
to bring witnesses and/or an adviser or to request a postponement of the hearing.
Misconduct is usually reported by the game official but can also be reported through a letter of
complaint to OSC which, after investigation, may result in discipline charges. Any such
complainant must be willing to be identified and to appear at any subsequent discipline hearing.
Appeals of OSC discipline decisions are made to the Peel-Halton Soccer Association in
accordance with the Rights of Appeal which will be provided with all DBH decisions (DBR
discipline decisions are not appealable).
Where protests are permitted, these are made in accordance with the OSC’s Outdoor Rules.
Note: Protests regarding decisions of the referee will not be accepted.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
The Oakville Soccer Club has clear expectations for the behaviour of all parties involved in Club
sponsored soccer in the community.
Fair Play Code
The Fair Play Code covers players, coaches, referees and parents, and the Code of Conduct
applies to the same parties on and around the soccer field. The Code of Conduct provides the
principles by which everyone associated with OSC must comply. Failure to comply may result in
disciplinary action that could result in the termination of membership of a player and/or coach
or termination of employment of a referee.
Parents and spectators are subject to OSC’s Friendly Fan Policy governing sideline conduct as
well as by the Town of Oakville’s Rzone zero tolerance operating procedure. In addition, OSC
follows all municipal by-laws. Individuals who engage in any unacceptable behaviour, as defined
in this procedure, may, depending on the severity, be barred immediately from the premises
and if necessary, suspended for a period of time.
The Oakville Soccer Club subscribes to the Harassment Policy as published and approved by the
OSA. The Harassment Policy applies to all employees, directors, officers, volunteers, coaches,
game officials, administrators, players, and registrants of OSC. Those wishing to file a complaint
are asked to do so directly with the Ontario Soccer Association ([email protected])
Inappropriate behaviour by referees, coaches, players and spectators must be reported using
the Incident Report Form.
OSC 2014 House League Manual
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OSC Online Registration (through OSC website when applicable)
OSC Player Evaluation Form
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OSC Volunteer Opportunities
Club Contacts
House League
Melanie Bradley, House League Program Assistant
Lynn Joiner, Director of Operations
Coach Development
Chris Grierson, Technical Director
Ian Sinclair, Technical Director
Referee Development
Richard Bowden, Referee Development Manager
Paula Lachance, Director of Finance and Human Resources
Joy Neefs, Director of Marketing and Corporate Sponsorship