The Greek Letter W From the Director

The Greek Letter
April 2012 / Volume 3 Issue 2
From the Director
here has this spring semester gone? It seems as if yesterday we
were preparing for our students to return from winter break, and
now we are about to say goodbye until August!
In This Issue . . .
Panhellenic Council Strives for
Values Congruence
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Values Congruence (cont.)
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IFC Meets with FSUPD
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From Collegiate Members
Chapter Consultants
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Multicultural Greek Council Strives
for Unity
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Order of Omega: Greek Week
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FSU Greek Community Awarded
$5,000 Grant
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FSU Greek Grant (cont.)
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NPHC Community Service
and Extrav
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Emerging Leaders Course
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Greek Community
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The Office of Greek Life Staff:
Robyn Brock, Assistant Dean / Director
[email protected]
Nicole Gray, Assistant Director
[email protected]
Danielle Rudd, Student Program Assistant
[email protected]
Arthur Doctor, Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
Michelle Robinson, Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
Susannah Shiner, Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
Not only has our office been busy, but all four councils have worked incredibly hard this semester. The councils have been occupied planning
campus-wide, community service events, and making strides to ensure all
Greeks are living their values. New programs are being established, recruitment efforts are being perfected, and the Greek community is coming together stronger than ever.
The National Pan-Hellenic and Multicultural Greek Council recently held
their annual council and chapter executive board elections. While our
office knows some familiar faces on the new executive boards, we are
extremely excited to begin working and creating relationships with the
new leaders.
We are already looking ahead to the fall semester recruitment efforts.
Both the Panhellenic Association and the Interfraternity Council are improving their plans for their recruitment process. Panhellenic has been
focusing on removing “frills” and implementing values based recruitment
days. IFC will still conduct an informal rush process, but will keep track
of statistics and
better organize the gentleman that are attending events that week.
As the semester is starting to come to a close, I want to send big congratulations to our spring graduates. I’m so proud of all your hard work at
Florida State. Continue to uphold the Garnet and Gold, set goals for
yourself and achieve them, live your values, and make a mark on your
community. I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.
For more information about programs, resources and services related to
fraternities and sororities, please contact us at [email protected] or
visit our website at
Page 2
Volume 3 Issue 2
Panhellenic Council Strives for Values Congruence
he Panhellenic Association executive board and the 16 chapters who represent the council have been working diligently to rally their community
around the values they were founded upon. The mission statement of the 2012
Panhellenic Council states:
As members of the Panhellenic Executive Board we promise to act with integrity and
uphold the Panhellenic values of leadership, scholarship, sisterhood, and
Since the new officers of the Panhellenic community were installed, they have
done just that through various methods. In the area of leadership, the council
has be able to provide four women with scholarships to attend the Southeastern
Panhellenic Conference (SEPC) and four additional women will be able to take
part in the Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute (UIFI). Each scholarship
recipient will have the opportunity to build upon their knowledge of Panhellenic
and general fraternity/sorority life from peers throughout the nation. The hope
is for the eight women to bring the knowledge and skills they have gained back
to the community to further the efforts that have already been initiated.
Scholarship has always been a priority and strength within the Panhellenic community. However, this past semester there was a sense of complacency within
this value. The Vice President of Academic Affairs has worked tirelessly to work
with her chapter counterparts to find ways to motivate the women who are
struggling, and how to put systems in place to help mentor the younger members through their first few semesters at Florida State University. (cont. page 3)
Upcoming Events:
Greek Awards
Initiation Deadline
Finals Begin
The Greek Letter
Page 3
Volume 3 Issue 2
Panhellenic Council Strives for Values Congruence (Cont.)
Sisterhood amongst our chapters has been an initiative for some time now. With
the launch of Panhellenic delegate only meetings, president meetings, sister
chapters, and an increase emphasis on Women’s History Month, the community
is moving forward.
Finally, and arguably the most assertive effort the Panhellenic community has
made, is the attention that has been paid to how philanthropic service events are
executed. For several semesters prior to Spring 2012, the council and its organizations have had intentional conversations about events they would choose and
not choose to support. The final product of these conversations was the
unanimous passage of the Resolution on Philanthropic and Service Events. In
the resolution the Panhellenic community has clearly stated their definition and
purpose of a philanthropic and service event. If events are not congruent with
this definition and value, they will not take part. In addition, the resolution has
provided the opportunity for greater conversations about self/group accountability and about values-based programming.
IFC members working with FSUPD
during a breakout session
The Panhellenic community has started 2012 off strong and the momentum is
continuing. The women continue to look towards this community to continue to
emulate congruence through their values and history.
The Interfraternity Council Meets with FSUPD
n an effort to improve connections and communication between the Interfaternity community and the Florida State University Police, IFC held a joint
seminar with FSUPD. Presidents, Risk Management Chairmen, and Social Chairmen from every IFC fraternity were in attendance as well as Chief of FSU Police, David Perry, officers from the Greek Cop program, and Robyn Brock, the
Director of the Office of Greek Life.
Chief Perry led the productive conversation with brief introductions, recent
FSUPD updates and successes., and a breakout session. Groups of fraternity
men were grouped with two-to-three officers and discussed rumors, conflicts,
any unanswered questions, and ways to assist one another.
The goal of the breakout session was to familiarize Greek leaders with proper
policies, rights, and responsibilities that they are entitled to. Attendees were also
able to interact with the officers in a positive environment and create a working
connection between FSUPD and IFC to make our campus safer.
Chief Perry with IFC President Nicoo
Spayde speaking to IFC members
The Greek Letter
Page 4
Volume 3 Issue 2
From Collegiate Members to Chapter Consultants
our IFC men from Florida State University have been chosen to be chapter
consultants for their national headquarters. Dan Amato (Kappa Alpha Order), Ryan Schell (Phi Delta Theta), John Frazier-Strickland (Pi Kappa Phi), and
Bradley Middleton (Pi Kappa Phi) will begin their work as consultants beginning
this summer.
Dan Amato is eager to begin his experience as a consultant. “I’m looking forward to becoming close with the Associate Directors for Chapter Services and
the rest of the national office staff ”, said Amato. “The staff seems to be just as
close with one another as our chapter brothers are. It’s pretty incredible to be
afforded an opportunity to travel to different chapters, and help make multiple
young men’s college and fraternal experiences the best they can be.”
Although Amato does not know which region he will be assigned to, he is hoping to work with chapters either in the West or South East part of the country.
Arthur Doctor and Michael Mahramus
Ryan Schell will be working directly with Phi Delta Theta’s expansion team. The
fraternity currently has interest groups and colonies across the United Sates,
which means Schell will spend most of his time traveling. Some of his responsibilities will include meeting with university officials and students, holding recruitment clinics, and ensure new chapters have the skills and knowledge to become
Schell is most excited about meeting students not just interested in joining a
Greek organization, but starting one themselves. “The process of becoming a
chapter can be long and trying, but I look forward to guiding our new chapters
through the process.”
Bradley Middleton will be working directly with Pi Kappa Phi’s chapters on the
East coast. He will begin his training in June and start traveling in August to help
with the chapter expansion process.
“I think the most challenging part of the job will be getting use to the long days
and staying accountable for my work; however, I think once I get into the swing
of things the new routine will be normal”, said Middleton.
The Greek Life Office is very proud of these four individuals, and wish the best
of luck in their new journey as fraternity men.
2012 IFC Executive Board with
David Ward, Austin Black, and
Robyn Brock
The Greek Letter
Page 5
Volume 3 Issue 2
Multicultural Greek Council Strives for Unity
he Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) was founded on the ideal to promote unity and cohesion on Florida State University’s campus. Over the
past academic year, the 11 culturally-based fraternities and sororities have
achieved many goals. Each organization held several fundraisers and participated
in many community service efforts. Amongst the various philanthropic and service events each chapter initiated, the council came together as one unified
group to participate in FSU’s Dance Marathon. Their participation was not only
to support Children’s Miracle Network, but to show how the unification of these
organizations can benefit great cause.
In addition to MGC’s commitment to working together, the council has taken a
critical look at how they implement systems to guide them forward. The council
passed a progressive, new expansion policy in which the community will be open
to new organizations in the fall. MGC has recognized the need for continuing to
bring organizations to campus that represent all student populations at Florida
State University. While the council will welcome expansion in the upcoming academic year, they have also developed an extensive plan to help grow, develop,
and assimilate these organizations into Florida State University, the Multicultural
Greek Council, and the Greek Life community. The commitment to work as a
council and develop new organizations will bring a sense unity that will sustain
the council and its member organizations.
As the academic year comes to a close, the Multicultural Greek Council has welcomed eager groups of new members. These newly initiated members are visiting Voting Council meetings, running for executive board offices, and learning
what it means to be a member of the greater Multicultural Greek Council community.
In addition to the newly initiated members, two organizations gained Full Membership status within the Multicultural Greek Council. Omega Phi Beta Sorority,
Inc. and Hermanidad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc. completed numerous amounts
of programs, community service events, and seminars. Both organizations have
successfully sustained themselves within the Florida State University community
allowing them to move from Associate Membership to Full Membership. Please
congratulate members of both organizations for their hard work and continued
success at Florida State University and within the Multicultural Greek Council.
MGC members at GLS in
Panama City, FL
"You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes. You
can steer yourself in any direction
you choose. You're on your own.
And you know what you know.
You are the guy who'll decide
where to go." -Dr. Suess
The Greek Letter
Page 6
Volume 3 Issue 2
Order of Omega Prepares for Greek Week
he Omega Epsilon chapter of Order of Omega has started this semester
off with a bang. The group held it spring membership drive in late January and early February, and the response was amazing. After completing the
application and interview process, fifty new members representing all four
councils were initiated on February 29.
In addition to their membership drive, Order of Omega has been working diligently on preparing for Greek Week 2012. Greek Week events will take place
from April 9-11 and culminating with the Greek Awards Banquet on April 12.
The events for the week are as follows:
Monday, April 9: Field Day
Tuesday, April 10: Bone Marrow Drive
Wednesday, April 11: Dance Competition at The Moon
Thursday, April 12: Greek Awards
VP of Programming, Paulina Cromwell, and her committee have been working
hard to make sure this week is fun, exciting, and promotes unity among Greek
students at Florida State. If you have any questions regarding Greek Week, feel
free to contact her at [email protected]
Congratulations to the new
members of Order of
Alexandra Balandis
Brooke Behrmann
Chris Beude
Alexandria Brobst
Nicole Bryan
Courtney Buchanan
Kendall Clark
Amy Crane
Logan Desouza
Sarah Elam
Ashley Fagan
Hillary Freesmeier
Andrew Gonzalez
Rachel Griffin
Christina Gualtieri
Alexandra Harper
Elise Hauerman
Robert Holroyd
Andrea Johnston
Sarah Kalis
Jillian Laskowitz
Evan Levey
Elizabeth Major
Jenna Manelli
Brittany Manin
Arron McCausland
Lauren McCormack Chesley Mcleary
Order of Omega looks forward to having all chapters participating in the week.
Cameron Miller
Serkon Mutlu
Caitlin Parks
Ryan Rabac
Ashley Rembert
Mary Rohrbacher
Jordan Sandberg
Sheena Sanil
Sara Saxner
Leonard Schrager
Jordan Simas
Jennifer Stitch
Brooke Swilley
Amanda Terrell
Kali Tripodis
Javier Verdeja
Frankie Vignone
Hope Williams
Alexis Wilpon
Kayleigh Whitman
Patrick Wolfe
The Greek Letter
Page 7
Volume 3 Issue 2
Florida State University Greek Community Awarded $5,000 Grant
n the Fall semester the Panhellenic president, along with members of the
Greek Life staff, worked tirelessly to secure a grant through Kappa Delta
Sorority’s Confidence Coalition. The ConfidenceU Grant is provided to colleges,
universities, and/or individuals who are looking to create and sustain confidence
-building programs. The grants are supposed to bring awareness to one or multiple issues facing young women in today’s college community. Within these
guidelines and collaborative efforts with the Florida Center for Preventative
Research, Women Advocating for Healthy Relationships was developed and submitted.
Alpha Delta Pi, Kappa Alpha Psi,
and Pi Kappa Alpha volunteering at
The BIG Event
Background Information:
Research indicates that women are exploring intimacy at younger ages with college-age women being at a greater risk of sexual assaults and coercion. In
Women’s Safety Survey, the studies found that young women between 18 and 24
were at a greater risk of physical or sexual assault, but only between 12 – 20% of
such incidents are being reported.
At Florida State University, the Police Department has been intentional about
holding programs such as RAD – Rape Aggression Defense - to educate women
about the ways to protect themselves from such harm. In addition to RAD,
Thagard Health Center and the University Counseling Center offer peer-lead
programs and groups to discuss issues of intimacy as it relates to contracting
unwanted sexually transmitted diseases. However, the above statistics suggest a
need for prevention and education efforts to engage women in conversations
about sexual relationships.
With the large population of sorority women, over 3,000, and our partnership
with the Florida Center for Prevention Research, Florida State University is the
perfect place to engage women about such a relevant issue in our community.
(cont. page 7)
Panhellenic Association Executive
Board at their retreat
The Greek Letter
Page 8
Volume 3 Issue 2
Florida State University Greek Community Awarded $5,000 Grant
The Program
The interactive, participant-driven program will provide a space for college
women to address and discuss issues relating to: the pressure to have sex,
providing and obtaining consent, misperceptions about sexual relationships, and
rape myths, as well as, self and group accountability.
The program will provide a consistent, cyclical, and realistic conversation among
the women of our sorority community. Each presentation will be executed to
small groups within each sorority and will provide ample
opportunities for participant interaction, as well as, feedback. The participants
will leave the program with a wallet-size, business card that will
provide phone numbers of the resources they can use in case they find themselves in an unhealthy, high-risk situation.
Panhellenic Association Executive
Board rock climbing
Intended Outcomes:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
1. Identify pressures relating to healthy relationships of being a woman
at the Florida State University.
2. Define the concept of consent as it relates to sexual relationships.
3. Comprehend the gap that exists between realizty and perceptions of
healthy, sexual relationships.
4. Summarize accountability expectations of self, family, and sorority
5. Use information and skills to become Peer Leader Facilitators and
educate the greater female population at Florida State University.
After much time, effort, and dedication by all of the people who worked on the
grant, the office was awarded one of ten (10) $5,000 grants to implement this
program. The money will be used to purchase the materials necessary to provide
the program to each sorority. Each sorority will have the chance to attend the
program, with the hope of all 26 participating before the end of Fall 2012. Be on
the lookout for more information.
Megan Thompson, Emily Talpalar,
and Jenn Kreuzpaintner at SEPC
The Greek Letter
Page 9
Volume 3 Issue 2
Working Together in Service to Others
Upholding the shared value of service, the National Pan-Hellenic Council at
FSU has committed numerous hours of their time and talent to bettering the
Tallahassee community. In observation of National Black HIV AIDS Awareness
Day, council members volunteered to attend and prepare participant materials
for awareness events hosted by Thagard Student Health Center. In honor of
Breast Cancer Awareness Week, the council joined several student organizations
in wearing pink during Market Wednesday as a show of community support for
the cause.
The FSU-NPHC has formed an ongoing partnership with the LawrenceGregory Community Center at Dade Street. Representatives from every chapter
have spent their afternoons playing games and mentoring local youth. The unity
step team has also performed for the community center patrons and shared the
rich history of their organizations. The council will continue to support the
Community Center at Dade Street and a variety of charitable causes across
Greek Life facts:
The Interfraternity Council (IFC)
currently has 23 chapters.
The Multicultural Greek Council
(MGC) currently has 11 chapters.
The National Pan-Hellenic Council
(NPHC) currently has 7 chapters .
The Panhellenic Association (PH)
currently has 16 chapters.
NPHC Extrav 2012
A successful Extrav Step Show was held on Saturday, February 25 in the Tully
Gymnasium by the National Pan-Hellenic Council. About 300 people were in
attendance including representation from all four Greek councils, alumni, and
campus partners.
The theme for this year was Mission Impossible. Six organizations took part in
the competition. Phi Beta Sigma won first place for the fraternities and Zeta Phi
Beta took first for the sororities. Both first place winners received a $1,000 prize.
NPHC appreciates the community’s support with another successful Extrav program.
The Greek Letter
Volume 3 Issue 2
Page 10
Emerging Leaders Course
he Emerging Leaders Course is a three credit-hour course taught each
spring semester by staff from the Office of Greek Life. This selective leadership development course blends academic and cocurricular content. The
course helps students identify and formulate personal values in the context of
their Greek experience, develop relationship skills through interactive dialogue
and presentations, and demonstrate cognitive development through selfevaluation and the creation of leadership action plan.
About 50 students are enrolled in the two-section course. This semester’s topics
range from courage, diversity, professionalism, team building, and many more!
Students are encouraged to keep a journal to reflect on what they have learned
the classroom. With the completion of the course, students will be able to use
their journal entries to reflect on the legacy they want to leave at FSU, the type
of leader they would like to become, values that define them, and goals they
would like to achieve.
Greek Community Conversation
he firsts steps for the Task Force for the Advancement of Greek Life began during the fall semester. The Task Force has created an intentional plan
of action with the goal of better aligning the Greek community with its espoused
values of scholarship, leadership, service, and friendship, and with the overall
mission of Florida State University.
At the first Task Force meeting, five committees were created: Hazing, Alcohol
and Drug Abuse, Scholarship, Over-Programming, and Values Congruence. The
subcommittees have been busy meeting, conducting research, and having group
discussions as to what the Greek community is doing well and what can be improved upon. The subcommittees presented their findings, and gave their final
recommendations to the FSU community and stakeholders on Sunday, March
18. Students, advisors, and alumni provided beneficial feedback to all subcommittees.
The Task Force was happy to find that the community is very supportive of the
proposed recommendations. The next Task Force meeting will be held on
Wednesday, April 11 to review final feedback. The Task Force will also submit a
final report with recommendations to Mary Coburn, the Vice President for Student Affairs.
For more information on the Task Force, visit
A day at the “Rez” working on t
eam building activities in the Emerging
Leaders course.
The Greek Letter