The Challenge Manual

The Challenge Manual
Welcome to the Ride 24 hr challenge. This Manual is
designed to provide you with an overview of the
challenges, the build up to the events and what will
happen on the day itself.
Bikes at
the start.
Updating your Registration
Self Funding or Charity Fundraising
Fundraising & Charity Matters
The Start & Finish of the Challenge
Rest Stops & Food
Ready to get going…
Navigation Aids
Night Cycling Protocol
Urban Cycling in Traffic
Emergency Procedures & The Control Room
The Ride 24 hr series consists of three challenges.
Insurance Advice
The London 2 Land’s End Challenge
14th - 15th June 2014 - 310 miles.
The London 2 Newcastle Challenge
30th - 31st August 2014 - 300 miles.
The London 2 Paris Challenge
6th - 8th September 2014 - 280 miles.
You can edit your registration details via the Ride 24 hr
website, by clicking on the ‘REGISTER NOW’ tab and then
following the link that says ‘VIEW / AMEND YOUR EXISTING REGISTRATION’ and then using the password you
created whilst registering initially. Please use this function to
edit your details if any of your personal information changes
(such as home address, e mail, mobile) as it‘s important
these details are up to date because Action Challenge and
your chosen charity (if applicable) will be using them to
contact you and mail out challenge literature. You can edit
your details up until 4 weeks prior to the challenge.
The count down be
Note: Any changes made after the deadlines detailed in
Section 1 (Time Line) WILL NOT be processed. It is your
responsibility to ensure that all your details are up to date
and correct before these deadlines pass.
If you lose or forget your registration password you can
retrieve it by following the onscreen instructions.
You will have signed up for Ride 24 in one of 2
ways; either a SELF-FUNDER or as a CHARITY
You also have the option to purchase a return journey back
to London after your challenge.
For Land’s End and Newcastle this will be a return coach
and will cost £39
For Paris this will be a return Eurostar and will cost £50.
There is also the option to book on to the celebration dinner
for Paris, this will cost £30 per ticket.
If you would like to book any of the options you can do so by
logging back in to your registration and selecting the option
you would like to purchase.
We have teamed up with accommodation experts, ‘Your
Event Stay’ to provide you with a comprehensive list of
hotels surrounding the event.
If you are a ‘Self Funder’ you have elected to pay the
entire cost of your place on the event yourself, and
when you registered you chose one of the following
To pay the full cost of your place when you
registered, meaning you that have no further
financial obligations once that payment has
OR you choose to pay your initial registration
fee and then pay your remaining balance at
least 8 weeks prior to the start of the
challenge. In this instance you will receive an
e mail with a payment link 12 weeks before the
challenge date. Failure to pay your final
balance by the due date may result in you
being cancelled from the event and your initial
registration fee is non-refundable.
We encourage all participants to fundraise alongside
the Ride 24 hr challenges where possible. As a self
funder you are able to fundraise for a charity of your
choice, to whatever level suits you. The best way to set
this up is to just let your charity know you intend to
fundraise, and then set up an online fundraising page,
as it’s the easiest way to collect donations from friends
/ family / colleagues - (
We advise the best way to join the challenge is either to be dropped off at the start of the event (exact address
with postcodes to be released in the final event information pack), a taxi from a mainland rail station, or that you
cycle to the start. Please remember the carriage of bikes on mainland rail is restricted – so if you are planning on
joining using public transport a bike bag or box is highly recommended. You will need to arrive to the start with as
much time as you will need in order to build your bike, and then to register onto the challenge, you will pick up your
departure pack at registration.
There will be a Breakfast / Brunch served upon arrival at the finish of the event. Families and supporters are
welcome to attend the finish and can purchase breakfast coupons on arrival.
Signage – The route will be fully signed and marshalled, and you will be issued with a detailed route map. The
signage will be in the form of fluorescent pink arrows indicating direction and pink hazard signs representing an
oncoming hazard to be aware of. You will be fully briefed immediately before the start and all participants must
attend this briefing.
Rest Stops – The cycling will be broken up into stages and at each rest stop water, energy snacks (includes
sandwiches, cakes, flapjacks, fruit, nuts, pasta pots etc), and drinks will be supplied, along with toilet facilities. At
certain stops, including the finish line there will be a full hot meal and this will include a selection of hot and cold
buffet food to cater for all dietary requirements with an emphasis on carbohydrates and protein.
Rider Numbers – These will be in your Departure Pack and will include a rider number, one for your main cycle
jersey. This must be safety pinned to your back, and safety pins will be in your Departure Pack.
Bike Numbers – A bike number and timing chip will also be given to you in your Departure Pack and this must be
attached to the front of your bike (with the cable ties enclosed)
GPS Downloads – GPX files of the route will be uploaded into the participants area and are for use with Garmin
Bike Racking – At the start there will be a clearly marked bike racking area and mechanics will be available for
any last minute assistance before the Full Event Briefing. On arrival into each rest stop there will be sufficient bike
racking for all cyclists arriving and departing.
Event Security & Staff – All event staff will be easily identifiable in red Action Challenge t-shirts.
Support & Pace Riders - A number of pace riders are embedded throughout the course and within the main
pelotons. They are there to lead, offer support and motivate you through the ride. Our front pace rider will be at
the front of the lead peloton and will be hitting an average of 18mph to get our riders to the finish within 24 hours.
Our other pace riders will be aiming for a 15mph pace over the distance.
Mechanics – There will be mechanics supporting the ride throughout the 24 hours, and they will be carrying spare
emergency equipment. However, it is recommended you carry 3 x spare inner tubes on your bike and a puncture
repair kit with extra inner tubes and a small pump in your day bag.
Medics – There will be medics available throughout the event and these will be following the same route as the
cyclists in vehicles. The medics will be based at the front and back of the event and at rest stops.
Cash – Please bring sufficient cash with you for this challenge. Whilst this is a fully inclusive event, you may
want to purchase some additional items.
When registering for the Ride 24 hr as a Charity
Fundraiser, you selected a charity from our list of Title
and Participating Charities and made a fundraising
declaration agreeing to raise a minimum amount per
participant, per challenge for your chosen charity.
Note: All fundraising monies should be sent
directly to your charity and NOT to Action
Challenge. If you have an online fundraising page,
you will NOT need to physically make a transfer as
the website will do this for you. If you are at all
unsure please contact your charity and confirm
they have seen the page and accept that you are
actively fundraising for them.
Tips for setting up your Just Giving online
fundraising page successfully
You can set up your Just Giving page by following the
link provided in your confirmation email or alternatively
visit (please note if you are
supporting a smaller charity you may need to get them
to register with Just Giving in order for you to set up
your page.)
Your charity will have been notified that you have
decided to fundraise for them, and you will be
encouraged to create an online fundraising page
straight away ( ), so that you can
start fundraising. Once your fundraising page has been
created, your charity will also receive an automatic
alert from the online site.
Your charity should be in contact within a couple of
weeks (maximum hopefully!) of you signing up to
discuss your fundraising, or to send out a fundraising
welcome pack to you; however all charities do work in
slightly different ways so if you are unsure about what
you are meant to be doing regarding fundraising
procedures, please contact your charity directly.
Make sure your friends are aware of which challenge
you are doing and how tough it is by inserting the Ride
24 hr logo to your sponsorship page. Provide your
friends with more information on the challenge (the
distance, ascent etc) and include a link to the website so they can see for themselves.
Maybe persuade some of them to join you.
For all fundraising material and fundraising help
please contact your charity.
Ideally, at least 50% of your minimum fundraising
target should be with handed your charity at least 6
weeks prior to the start of your challenge (for exact
dates please look at your Time Line). This is so that the
charity can confirm that you have been actively
fundraising for them, so they can then confirm your
place on the challenge – as this is being paid for out of
your gross fundraising (the fee paid by the charity to
Action Challenge is £150 (UK Events) or £450 (Paris)
for services provided). Failure to reach the 50%
deadline by the specified date might result in the
charity cancelling you from the event. The full amount
of your fundraising pledge is due to be with your charity
no later than 4 weeks after the challenge ride.
for the c
Charity reps
the way…
g all
The route selection criteria take in to account safety,
scenery and accessibility. Please ensure you are familiar
with and adhere to the Highway Code. (especially Rules
for Cyclists 59 – 82). You will also need to stick to our
Event Rules and Procedures throughout the challenge.
Please take a look at our separate document on this, for
more information. Please stick to the designated route at
all times.
G e t t in g
The route will be posted to the participant area as a PDF
document, a GPX file, and KML file (for use on Google
Earth and Google Maps). Google Map Links will also be
posted so that participants can access the entire route,
and you will also be handed a hard copy of the route on
the day of the challenge.
The route will be clearly signed with PINK ARROWS
(which are directional) and GLOW STICKS also during
the night time. In the outskirts of villages/towns this
signage may become harder to spot, so please
familiarise yourselves with the route before the ride, and
have the Route Map with you and track your progress on
it so you are aware of your assumed location.
Cycling at night requires practice and we highly
recommend if you have limited experience of cycling at
night, or have only ever cycled short distances in the
dark then you plan at least one long night cycle prior to
the challenge. In addition to overall visibility reducing due
to darkness, depth perception and judgement of
distances are also impaired, and more concentration is
required to detect obstacles in the road, potential
hazards and keeping track of signage and the route. At
the same time, your body will be fighting tiredness and
muscle fatigue as it works throughout the night to keep
pedalling when usually sleeping and resting.
When cycling at night it is a legal requirement that your
bike is fully fitted with the correct lights and reflectors
as below:
Ø white front light
Ø red rear light
Ø red rear reflector+ white front reflector
Ø amber/yellow pedal reflectors ­ front and back
LED wheel lights, clipped onto your bike wheel will also
ensure your highly visible whilst out on the road. A
head torch, positioned on top of your cycle helmet is
useful for identifying hazards like pot holes, mud,
puddles, etc in the dark, which is much harder than in
the day.
The use of high visibility clothing, reflective material,
ankle cuffs, and anything else that is bright or lights up
should be worn whilst training at night, and on the
challenge itself. It will be compulsory that you have no
less than one item of hi-visibility clothing or reflective
material which is clearly visible at all times.
Cycling at night is of course very different to cycling by
daylight – however that is not to say it is inherently
more dangerous or risky. It should be remembered that
in addition to overall visibility reducing due to darkness,
depth perception and judgement of distances is also
impaired. Detecting obstacles in the road, potential
hazards, or indeed route finding requires more
concentration and situational awareness.
ion Ch
Setting out from the start, the route does pass through
urban, well-built up areas and you may encounter some
heavy traffic along certain points of the route. You will need
to cycle single file to avoid frustrated drivers pressurising
you from behind, and to prevent long queues of traffic
forming. Every cyclist should always cycle defensively working on the principle of ‘the driver has not seen me,’ and don’t
try and predict what any vehicle is going to do.
Building up your confidence cycling through urban areas,
and in traffic is key to staying safe whilst out on the road
training. If you are new to cycling, we recommend embarking upon an adult cycling proficiency training ride either as
an individual or with a group of friends led by qualified
instructors to improve your confidence on roads with heavy
traffic, and with complex road layouts.
Based in our London office, the control room oversees the
management and coordination of the event. They are the
‘eyes in the sky’ and the voice on the phone. All emergency
and non - emergency calls are fielded through the central
control room. If you find yourself in trouble, lose your way or
have any questions at all our team are on hand throughout
the entire duration of the Challenge. The control room is in
constant contact with all members of the Action Challenge
team and will dispatch staff out to come and get you should
you require it!
This insurance is to protect you as an individual
where you are involved in an accident or incident
where injury to a third party or damage to property
occurs and is deemed to have been caused by your
negligence. Personal Liability insurance is included
in the event cost to the value of £2 million. All
participants must read the relevant section of the
Rider Insurance Policy (section A Personal Liability)
prior to taking part in the Event.
This insurance is to provide for a one-off payment in
the event of an accident causing permanent or
debilitating injury whilst you are on the ride. The
maximum cover is £25 000. All participants must
read the relevant section of the Rider Insurance
Policy (section B Personal Accident) prior to taking
part in the Event.
Contact details will be provided in the Route Packs issued
at registration – and remember - bring a fully charged
mobile phone and use it only for essential communication, and put the control room contact details in it, as
you might need them.
Insurance and Advice
Ride 24 hr is fully protected and insured under a £10
million Public Liability Cover. The ride is operated in
accordance with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations
and participants are protected by the associated
legislation this provides for.
In addition, participants on Ride 24 hr are insured under
a comprehensive policy taken out by Event Organisers
Action Challenge in respect of Personal Liability and
Accident Cover.
Bike insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended and protects your bike against damage,
theft, and loss. Please note that neither the organisers Action challenge, nor the Charities accept any
liability whatsoever in respect of damage, theft, or
loss of personal property (including bikes!) whilst on
the event howsoever caused.
There are many companies providing specialist Bike
Insurance and your bike may be covered under your
home contents insurance so you would be advised
to check this prior to deciding whether or not to take
out specific additional insurance.
Now please make sure you take a look at the other
documents within the Participant Area of the
website and check back for regular updates on
your ride.
If you have any questions in relation to this
material or anything to do with the ride in general
please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 609
6695 or email [email protected]
Action Challenge, London.