Back to School Pre-K and K Websites

Back to School Pre-K and K Websites
Note: These websites are just suggestions. Please preview any website you intend to use with your class
before using it. Some of these pages are intended for a teacher-directed lesson or activity and not for
independent activity at a center.
(Pre-K) Colors
 (Several color games here - COOL!)
 Use the paint pages can be used for teaching about colors
 Curious George painting page
 Color matching game. Drag middle circle to the same color on the wheel
 Interactive Humpty Dumpty, then paint the picture and learn colors after
reading the nursery rhyme
 Drag the color car to the color wheel
(Pre-K) Shapes
 (Several shape games here - COOL!)
 shape match
 Eye Spy shapes game
 (Several letter games here - COOL!)
(Pre-K) Letters
 letter sounds
 letter of the day with Cookie Monster
letter identification
 Picture match with beginning letters
 Choose a letter to learn more
(Pre-K) Numbers
 Several number games here - COOL!
 counting game
 counting game
 counting game
 Number identification
 Number writing
 Number identification and counting game
(Pre-K/K) –
and letter
 handwriting practice for the promethean board
 pick the right clothes for the weather
Rhymes and
 Short videos with captions to sing along to favorites