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Table of Contents
Welcome Letter from Parks Director, Kirk Kincannon
Mission Statement for Boulder Parks and Recreation
Valmont City Park
Valmont Bike Park History
Bike Park Costs
Bike Park Features, FAQ and Glossary
City of Boulder Volunteer Information
Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities
Risk and Liability
Accident Insurance for all City of Boulder Volunteers
City of Boulder Anti-Discrimination/Harassment Policy
Benefits for Volunteers
Volunteer Safety and Best Practices
Park Safety Considerations
Volunteer Potential Hazards
Concussion Awareness
Park Emergency Procedures
Responding to an Emergency
Reporting an Emergency
Volunteer Roles
Host, Trail Crew, Trail Boss
Volunteer Conduct and Commitment
Forms, Waivers, Reporting and Survey
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Dear Valmont Bike Park Volunteer,
Welcome! Thank you so much for volunteering your time and talents at Valmont Bike Park.
Why are your volunteer efforts so important? Because the park simply would not be what it is today
without volunteers like you. Volunteers have helped to make this state-of-the-art bike park not only a
community treasure, but also a magnet for world-class events and cyclists. Volunteer efforts not only
put the park in outstanding working order for local events due to excellent maintenance, grooming and
upkeep, but have also attracted such national events as the U.S. National Cyclo-cross Championships,
which will be held here in 2014. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!
Over the past several years, Valmont Bike Park volunteers have helped to seed, mulch, weed, sweep,
prep and rehab our park and courses, hailed as “outstanding” by the International Mountain Biking
Association (IMBA). In 2011 alone, volunteers contributed about 1,250 hours of their time (and more
than 5,000 hours from 2008-2010). Those are outstanding numbers, and exemplify the dedication and
spirit of this community.
Once again, thank you for your volunteer efforts. We are honored to have you join us in continuing to
make Valmont Bike Park what it is today.
Kirk Kincannon
Director, Parks and Recreation Department
City of Boulder
Parks and Recreation– The Benefits Are Endless! 
This Volunteer Manual is pertinent and specific to Valmont Bike Park located at 3160 Airport Rd., Boulder,
CO 80301. The Bike Park is managed and maintained by the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation
Department. Your time and talents as well as all program, permit and event fees serve to offset the daily
maintenance costs, park staffing and expenses.
We hope your volunteer experience enriches your life and provides an opportunity for service and learning.
Please contact your volunteer coordinator if you have any questions or comments about any part of your work.
Again, our sincere thanks for your help—and welcome aboard!
Welcome to Valmont Bike Park
Valmont Bike Park (VBP) is a 42 acre natural-surface cycling facility with a “skill progression” design that
serves all ages, abilities and riding styles. This design allows riders to improve their riding skills as they work
their way up to advanced-level single track, slopestyle, dirt jumps and cyclo-cross elements throughout the
VBP opened to the public in June of 2011 and represents a multi-year vision to bring a state-of-the-art cycling
facility to Boulder. The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset and is free for individual use. The bike park
is an unsupervised facility and helmets and protective gear is highly recommended. Participants ride at their
own risk and in case of an emergency should call 9-1-1.
Onsite programming for Bike Clinics, Classes and one-on-one Instruction is available through approved
adventure providers such as Avid4Adventure and Lee Likes Bikes. Program or Event permits can be obtained
by completing applications available online at or contacting
[email protected]
VBP offers 4 miles of trails and over 40 features for several off-road cycling styles and disciplines. This
unique bike park was designed for day-to-day recreational use as well as a venue for races, including worldclass events such as UCI (Union Cycliste Internationle) Cyclo-cross events.
Mission Statement
The mission of the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department is to provide safe, clean, and beautiful
parks and facilities and high-quality leisure activities for the community. These services shall enhance
residents' health and well-being and promote economic vitality for long-term community sustainability. We
will accomplish this through creative leadership, environmentally sustainable practices, and the responsible
use of available resources.
Vision Statement
Strive for excellence in our parks and recreation system to reflect and serve the unique values and qualities of
our community.
Valmont City Park
The 40-acre Valmont Bike Park is part of the 132-acre, largely undeveloped, Valmont City Park (VCP). The
park property was purchased in the mid-nineties and an original concept plan for VCP was approved by
Boulder City Council and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in 1998. An updated park concept plan
was adopted in 2006 to better reflect the current recreational needs and interests of the community. The final
concept plan for VCP was approved in July 2008, and will be implemented in three phases. In Phase 1, the
city is developing 45 acres on the north side of Valmont Road. This phase includes the 40-acre bike park and
will also feature improvements to the existing dog park and development of a disc golf course. Future phases
of the park will be developed as public and private funding become available.
Valmont Bike Park History
The vision for a state-of-the-art bike park at VCP arose from a multi-year effort by Boulder’s cycling
community. Led by the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA), a local, non-profit advocacy group, cyclists
became actively engaged in city council meetings and during public participation sessions on the park’s
Once a bike park was adopted as part of the 2008 VCP development plan, the Parks and Recreation
Department forged partnerships with BMA and the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to
share in the planning and design of the park. BMA also agreed to help with fundraising and long-term
stewardship of the bike facility and formed a partnership with the PLAY Boulder Parks Foundation as a
mechanism to receive donations. To date, BMA and the cycling community have helped the city raise close to
$500,000 in non-tax funding from donations, sponsorships and grants. Over $100,000 was from individual
and small business donations, and two grants have been received from the State of Colorado’s “Great
Outdoors Colorado” program, totaling $245,000. The remainder was from other grants, foundations and
A major ground breaking ceremony was held in October 2009, and the bike park’s development was soon
underway. Starting in the summer of 2009, more than 220,000 cubic yards of soil were delivered to the site
and shaped into the terrain of the new park. The park opened to the public on June 11, 2011 and serves as
many as 400 visitors per day during the summer months.
Projected Cost of Valmont Bike Park
The projected total cost of the specific bike park amenities to date is $1,256,277. Of the total cost, 35% has
been funded with grants, donations and sponsorships. The remaining 65% was funded by sales and property
taxes allocated to park development. Future funds collected from all fundraising efforts will be used for the
park’s maintenance.
Bike Park Features and Amenities:
Four miles of bike trails
More than three dozen terrain park features and ridable elements
A permanent race and event podium
Historic renovation of the Platt Farm House available for rental
Two large parking lots on Airport Rd and Valmont Rd
A restroom facility with drinking fountain
Family Cycling and Cross Country Trails:
• Easier (Green Circle) trails = about 2 miles and More difficult (Blue Square) trails = about 2 miles
• Skillz Loop: beginner dirt loop with log and rock rides, bridges and learning features
• Tot Track: paved loop for small riders on tricycles or run bikes
• Tot Park: a children’s playground for non-bike recreation and play
Slopestyle (SS):
• Small SS Trails (beginner course): 960 linear feet – 18 features
• Medium SS Trails (intermediate course): 860 linear feet – 8 features
• Large/Extra Large SS Trails (advanced course): 1250 linear feet – 17 features
Rideable Elements:
• Log Rides: 5
• Elevated Bridges: 9
• Large Terrain Park Features: 2
• Terrain Park Fabricated Lips: 8
• Flat Wall Rides: 2
• Curved Wall Rides: 3
• Rock Rides: 21
• Rock Causeways: 3
• 20 Foot Wide Pedestrian/Vehicular Ditch Bridges: 5
Dual Slalom Course:
• Permanent, World Cup start gate and timing systems for practice and competition use.
Dirt Jumps (DJ):
• Extra Small and Small DJ Trails (beginner): 570 linear feet
• Medium DJ Trails (intermediate): 300 linear feet
• Large DJ Trails (advanced): 334 linear feet
Pump Parks:
Mesa-Top Pump Park: 4,800 square feet of terrain
Creekside Pump Park: 3,000 square feet of terrain
Cyclo-cross (CX) Amenities:
• “5280 Run Up”: The largest permanent CX staircases in North America, at one mile above sea level.
• “The Belgian Steps”: A smaller version of the permanent race staircase
• “The Sand Box”: A sandpit for CX racing, complete with race-grade, large grain sand.
• Six permanent CX barriers available on site for practice and competition use.
Valmont Bike Park FAQs
What are the park hours?
The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset. The park may be closed occasionally due to special events, for
maintenance or weather/trail conditions. Closures will be posted at the park and on the Valmont Bike Park
Facebook and Twitter Accounts.
Is there be a fee to use the bike park?
Individual use of the park is FREE--there is no charge for admission. A fee may be assessed for groups,
rentals, events and commercial uses. Permits applications are online at or by
contacting [email protected]
How can I donate to and support Valmont Bike Park?
Donations can be made at
How was the park funded?
The projected total cost of the specific bike park amenities to date is $1,256,277. Of the total cost, 35% was
raised with grants, donations and sponsorships. The remaining 65% was funded by sales and property taxes.
Can I rent Valmont Bike Park for a special event, group ride or private class?
Programming opportunities and picnic areas are available at Valmont Bike Park. For more information, visit or contact Mike Eubank at [email protected]
Can I rent a bike or helmet at the park?
Bike and helmet rentals are not available at the park, but a number of local bike shops offer rentals and are
posted at
Do I have to wear a helmet? Pads?
The City of Boulder highly recommends wearing helmets and protective gear when riding in the park.
Is there a park concession stand? Or vending machines?
Plans call to install a vending machine for drinks. There is also a seasonal drinking fountain in the park plaza
and regular food vendors that are permitted to stop at the park during peak hours.
Does the bike park have restrooms?
Yes, there are year-round restrooms available in the park’s plaza.
How old do you have to be to use the bike course?
There is no age requirement to participate at the park, but minors 12 years old and younger should be
accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Who should I call if I get injured at the park?
Please call 911 for all emergencies and indicate your location and nearest parking lot. The park is not
supervised and provides no onsite medical assistance.
Can I run on the trails or do I have to be on a bike?
The park is designed specifically for bike use – running on the bike trails or vegetation is not allowed.
Can I bring my dog to the park? On the trails?
Dogs are welcome at the nearby dog park, located on the northeast corner of Valmont City Park – but should
not be brought to the Valmont Bike Park or on any of its trails for safety reasons.
Can I ride my bike to the park?
Yes, the park is easily accessible by bike using Boulder’s network of multi-purpose trails and bike lanes. The
City of Boulder has a route-finding website, www.GoBikeBoulder.Net, that will help you find the safest and
fastest route to Valmont Bike Park. There are bike racks located by the restrooms and on the south side by the
storage building.
Is it safe to ride the bike park’s jumps and features?
Cyclists ride the park at their own risk. Off-road cycling is inherently dangerous. All riders must take personal
responsibility for their own safety and actions at the park. Please obey all park signs and do not attempt
features that are beyond your skill level.
Glossary and Terms
Mountain Biking is a sport which consists of riding bikes on natural surfaces, often over rough terrain.
Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability,
comfort and performance in rough terrain. The vast majority of mountain biking falls into recreational XC or
cross country riding. This individual sport requires endurance, core strength and balance, bike handling skills,
and self-reliance. XC type mountain biking generally requires a smaller range of skills but a higher level of
fitness than other types of mountain biking. Advanced riders pursue steep technical descents and, in the case
of freeriding, downhilling, and dirt jumping, aerial maneuvers off of specially constructed jumps and ramps.
Cyclo-cross (CX, cyclo-X or “cross”) is a form of cycling (and racing) typically involving pavement, wooded
trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to dismount, carrying the bike to navigate the
obstruction before remounting. Like cross country running, cyclo-cross season is predominantly a fall and
winter sport (the international or "World Cup" season is September–January). Races consist of many laps of a
short (1.5–2 mile) course featuring varied terrain and surfaces. The sport is very popular in Boulder County
where over 50% of the Colorado registered racers live in or near Boulder. The sport is popular in traditional
road cycling countries such as Belgium, France and Netherlands. In 2012 and 2013 the World Cup will be
hosted by Louisville, KY.
Dual slalom is a form of one-on-one mountain bike racing consisting of two riders racing two almost
identical, side-by-side tracks down a slope. The courses are usually short—with one run lasting about 30
seconds. The course features exciting, technical jumps and turns. Each rider’s time is measured, then they
switch tracks for another run, with the rider earning the lowest combined time moving on and the slower rider
Freeride and Slopestyle is the discipline that encompasses everything from downhill racing without the clock
to jumping, riding “North Shore” style (elevated trails made of interconnecting bridges and logs), and
generally riding trails and/or stunts that require more skill and aggressive techniques than cross country riding.
“Slopestyle” type riding is an increasingly popular genre that combines big-air freeride with BMX style tricks.
Courses include jumps, large drops, quarter-pipes and other wooden obstacles. There are always multiple lines
through a course and riders choose lines that highlight their particular abilities and skills.
Dirt Jumping (DJ) is the practice of riding bikes over shaped mounds of dirt or soil and becoming airborne.
The idea is that after riding over the “take off” the rider will become airborne, and aim to land on the
“landing.” Dirt jumping can be done on almost any bike but bikes specifically designed for dirt jumping are
generally smaller and more maneuverable hardtails (no rear suspension) so that tricks are easier to complete.
Pump Track is a series of dirt bumps and berms designed to be ridden on sheer momentum and body
movement (hence, the pumping), alleviating the need to pedal. Pump tracks are seen as a good introduction to
mountain biking for kids or anyone who wants to improve their bike handling skills.
City of Boulder Volunteer Information
Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities
A Volunteer has the RESPONSIBILITY to:
Respect the rights of all participants and staff
Be courteous, professional and follow through on all commitments
Be aware and follow any procedures regarding facility use and safety
Understand and respect confidentiality
Work as part of a team
Inform the Bike Park staff of termination and reasons why
Be responsible for attending all required trainings
Be responsible for prompt and dependable attendance or notify Bike Park staff of any absence
A Volunteer has the RIGHT to:
Have clear tasks and responsibilities
Have training and access to resource people for assistance
Have their skills respected and used
Have periodic reviews and employment recommendations
Be heard and have a part in planning
Be kept informed
Be recognized and appreciated
Volunteer Agreement
During your orientation, you and your volunteer coordinator will review your volunteer agreement.
• The volunteer agreement is your contract with the City of Boulder, and it contains the following elements:
• A description of the work that you agree to accomplish. Your duties will be summarized in a written
description spelling out your time commitments, assignments and responsibilities.
• The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the people that you wish to have notified in case of
• Assurance that you are protected from tort claims and eligible for compensation for injuries incurred while
performing volunteer duties.
• Certification of your health and physical capability to perform the volunteer job.
The volunteer agreement may also address the following:
• Requirements for a background check, if applicable.
• Training options for first aid, CPR and AED.
• The way in which your work will be evaluated. If you believe you will need a detailed written evaluation to
be used for future job applications, this should be stated in the volunteer agreement.
• Any additional requirements or criteria that you and your supervisor agree to.
Volunteer Evaluations
You and your supervisor should periodically review your volunteer agreement to ensure that it is accurate and
up to date. Evaluations are a two-way street: upon completion of your assignment, you are encouraged to
assess your Volunteer experience. (“References and Forms”)
Risk and Liability
As a volunteer with the City of Boulder, your title has been clearly defined for risk and liability reasons. All
volunteers should review this information and must sign a risk and release form.
Volunteer Accident Insurance
Volunteers for the City of Boulder are not considered employees or agents of the City and are therefore not eligible for
worker’s compensation if they are injured while performing their volunteer duties. However, the City does carry a
medical insurance policy to augment an individual’s primary coverage. For complete details of the coverage, please see
the memorandum on the following page dated March 4, 1997.
The Volunteer Insurance Program is only valid when an individual is performing their volunteer duties and not at any
other times.
Governmental Immunity
Under State Law, you are considered an “Authorized Volunteer”. You are covered under the Colorado Governmental
Immunity Act Section 24-10-101 and you are subject to the application provisions of the Act. The Act does not cover
willful and/or wanted behavior including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, racial or gender discrimination, drug
and/or alcohol use. Essentially, if a tort claim is brought against a volunteer while performing their job duties, the City
will provide representation and legal assistance. Again, this does not cover illegal acts and only applies during and
within your volunteer duuties.
While working as a volunteer for the City you might become knowledgeable of confidential information. This
information might include policy decisions under consideration by the City, private information of City Staff and/or
participants in cit activities, or information about individuals in the public. Regardless, all of these groups and
individuals have a right to their privacy and you are expected to honor their right and not discuss confidential
information that you might learn while performing your volunteer duties.
Accident Insurance for all City of Boulder Volunteers
March 4, 1997
TO: All City of Boulder Volunteers
(Excluding Volunteer Firefighters, Police Officers,
Rescue Squad Members or Sports Teams)
Suzanne Kohlmann 303-441-3893
Benefits Manager
Accident Insurance
Since 1993 the City has provided accident coverage for volunteers. The accident medical portion of the
coverage would cover you for medical treatment, hospitalization and licensed nursing care, required as the
result of a covered accident. This insurance does not cover expenses incurred which are eligible under full
Medicare Coverage or any other group or franchise policy.
The coverage will pay up to a maximum of $25,000. The insurance applies while you are traveling directly to
and from, and while participating in, volunteer-related activities. Initial medical expenses must be incurred
within 60 days of the accident. They are then covered for a one-year period following the accident.
Other than x-rays, dental care is covered up to $500 for accidental injury to natural teeth.
This coverage also provides up to $50.00 for repair or replacement of eyeglass frames and up to $50.00 for
repair or replacement of eyeglass prescription lenses damaged as a result of an accident.
In addition to the accident medical coverage, the insurance company will pay benefits for death or loss of limb
or sight occurring within one year after accident.
No benefits will be paid for loss caused by or resulting from:
medical, surgical or nursing treatment rendered by any person employed or retained by the Volunteers
Insurance Service Association (VIS);
any abdominal hernia, however caused;
sickness, disease, bodily or mental infirmity or medical or surgical treatment thereof or bacterial infection that
is the natural and foreseeable result of an accidental external cut or wound;
war or act of war, declared or undeclared;
travel or flight in any vehicle or device for aerial navigation, including boarding and alighting from:
while being used for any test or experimental purpose, or
while the insured is operating, learning to operate or serving as a member of the crew thereof; or
while being operated by or for or under the direction of any military authority, other than transport type
aircraft operated by the Military Airlift Command (MAC) of the United States of America or the similar air
transport service of any other country.
If you have an accident which results in personal injury you can obtain a claim form from your supervisor.
Follow the instructions carefully. After completing the form, return it to your supervisor with your itemized
bills. Your supervisor will forward the paperwork to the volunteer coordinator who will sign the claim form
and submit the paperwork to the Association Insurance Management (AIM) for processing.
If you have any questions regarding the accident insurance, please contact the Human Resources Department
at 441-3070.
This is only a summary – the Volunteer Insurance policy will be utilized for benefit interpretation.
Benefits for Valmont Bike Park Volunteers
Outside of the usual benefits of volunteering there are some specific benefits that the City of Boulder
volunteers enjoy:
Access to more jobs: Volunteers are eligible to apply for City of Boulder internally listed jobs. These jobs
are open to City employees and volunteers. Employment with the City of Boulder can be very competitive
and volunteers have an advantage over the general public with access to more jobs.
Tax deductions: The miles traveled in your personal vehicle to and from your volunteer job can be deducted
for tax purposes. Keep good records of your miles traveled and consult with an accountant for further
Job Reference: Volunteers can use Valmont Bike Park as a job reference if needed and the City of Boulder
will maintain your volunteer records for up to three years.
First Aid/CPR Classes: Volunteers can sign-up for these classes for free or a nominal fee. First Aid/CPR
training is a valuable skill to have while working, playing or volunteering.
Volunteer Incentives: Depending on how many hours you have donated, you will receive a token of
appreciation. These items can include: water bottles, t-shirts, lunch coolers, hats, and gift certificates just to
name a few.
Bike Park Stewardship: Above all, volunteers at Valmont Bike Park have indicated that they have always
been thanked by park participants from every age and skill. Volunteers have rated this experience extremely
high and rewarding as they play an important role in one of the largest urban parks in the world.
Volunteer Safety and Best Practices
Your Safety is the number one priority. Be safety conscious at all times. The City makes every effort to instill
safety consciousness in all workers, yet ultimate responsibility for safety rests on each individual. It is
important that each volunteer set a good example for visitors. While it may not be possible to avoid every
accident, training in safety awareness and creating an atmosphere in which people look out for each other go a
long way to insuring accident-free volunteering.
All volunteers will ride at a modest pace and must wear safety gear including helmets. You must ride within
your abilities during your volunteer shifts. Contact the City staff as soon as possible if you sustain an injury
during volunteer time. All volunteers should carry foul weather gear, adequate water and prevent sun overexposure. If you get caught in foul weather/lightning, seek shelter immediately.
Safety is “no accident.” A job done right is a job done safely:
• Become familiar with the Bike Park safety plans, and Emergency Response Access.
• Always wear an approved safety vest when performing volunteer duties at the Bike Park.
• Always be aware of what is happening with you and your surroundings.
• Where possible, reduce obstacles and safety hazards in your work environment.
• Report any safety hazards or unsafe trail conditions to staff immediately.
Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration
Most bike park activities can be physically strenuous. The combination of hot weather, dry climate and sun
exposure can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and, in serious cases, heat stroke. Volunteers need to ensure
that they are drinking plenty of water and resting when feeling tired. The symptoms of heat exhaustion can
range from headaches to fainting to shock. The rule of thumb is to stay hydrated.
Sun Burn
In Colorado, we experience many sunny days, so sunburn is a natural concern. Volunteers should ensure that
participants and themselves are wearing sunscreen (SPF 15) when participating in outdoor activities.
User Conflicts
Use friendly, helpful, and professional communication techniques. Your goal is to educate and inform users,
not to enforce rules and regulations. Disengage from a contact if the situation becomes dangerous or
aggressive. Observe and report dangerous events as soon as possible and do not confront the offenders.
Concussion Awareness
A concussion is a brain injury that cannot be seen on x-rays or CT scans. It affects the way a person may think
and remember things, and can cause a variety of symptoms. It is important to know that a person does not
need to be knocked out (lose consciousness) to have had a concussion. A variety of problems may happen
after a concussion, including:
• Does not know time, date, place, or activity
• General confusion
• Cannot remember things that happened before and after the injury
• Knocked out
• Headache, Dizziness or Feels dazed
If you recognize any of these symptoms, please stop the activity and get assistance or call 911.
Park Emergency Proceedures As with all emergencies, make sure you account for your own safety first. In the event of a true emergency or
other situation that requires assistance, volunteers should use all means available to them in order to reach the
City of Boulder Police Department and/or City Staff. This can include your telephone, a visitor’s cell phone,
or sending a visitor to phone for help.
If you are injured while volunteering or you make contact with an injured visitor, get in touch with City Staff
as soon as possible. Dial 911 in a true emergency. The non-emergency City of Boulder Police Department is
Your safety is our first concern. Do not initiate contacts that compromise your safety. Leave the area and
request assistance as soon as possible. Examples of situations to avoid include:
Threatening or disorderly person
An incident involving weapons, alcohol or drugs or indecent exposure
A malicious, willful violation or aggravated circumstance requiring a citation
Break-ins that have already occurred (e.g. buildings or vehicles)
Crimes in progress (e.g. breaking into vehicles)
Found or abandoned property
Vicious or unattended dogs or other dangerous animals
Any immediate safety concern or hazard
Protect yourself. Consider your own safety first. Do not rush into the situation and put yourself in danger.
Secure the area. so more accidents do not occur. Safely stop all bike traffic to the area, get others to help.
Take control of the situation. However, do not go beyond your training or skills. Do bystanders have first aid
Check / Ask the victim if they are OK or need assistance. If the victim does not respond or appears to need
emergency assistance, CALL 911. Do not move the victim or provide first aid unless you are properly trained
or certified to do so. The typical situation is for staff and volunteers to secure the area and situation until 911
response arrives onsite to provide medical care.
When calling 911 you will need to:
• Identify who you are.
• Give your location - be prepared to give the exact location in the park and closest parking lot.
• Explain what has or is occurring (be brief and to the point). Let them know the nature of the injuries and
specify the number and approximate ages of the victims.
• Send someone to the closest parking lot to meet the emergency team upon arrival.
• Always keep your cellular phone on to receive incoming calls and be prepared to answer more questions as
When waiting for the rescue team to arrive you will need to:
• Stay with the victim and continue to monitor the situation. Calm and reassure.
• Find out what has happened - ask the victim and others for information
When help arrives you will need to:
• Assist or lead the loading of the victim on the rescue team as needed. Be sure to fill out the Accident Report
Form located at the Park in the Volunteer Shed. and assist Park Police or other authorized
Notify the Park Staff when you become aware that a person is missing. Park Staff will plan the search and be
in charge of the situation. Cooperate and be as helpful as you can. Ask any witnesses who may be involved to
stay and assist. Collect information such as time, location last seen, description of person, clothing, bike or
helmet color, full name, address, parent/spouse/roommate/neighbor name and phone number, etc. It may be
possible that a person has left and is at home.
In the case of any accident, thoroughly and accurately fill out a City of Boulder Incident report and file it in
the specified folder in the Volunteer Shed. Please report the incident to the Park Supervisor, Callie LaHaie at
303-441-3451 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) or to the On-Call
Supervisor at 303-441-1870 during off hours (Monday through Friday 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 a.m. and weekends or
Volunteer Roles
Volunteers are essential to Valmont Bike Park. The volunteer role was developed to help ensure a safe and
enjoyable experience for park guests. It is each individual effort that makes the program work. Each one of
you represents a high level of care and competency in communicating information, promoting safe trail use,
and, if necessary, providing first aid assistance. This assures park guests, especially new ones, that people
really do care about their park experience and encourages them to return again and again.
There are three distinct Volunteer Roles at Valmont Bike Park. Each role is a requirement to obtain and
progress to the next level of service and commitment.
Valmont Bike Park Hosts will serve to increase park guest satisfaction through personal contact and sharing of
park features, access and information.
Major Responsibilities
• To foster and maintain good public relations
• Answer questions using park information provided by staff
• To provide a level of visibility on park trails
• To inform trail users of park rules
• To assist guests with minor equipment repair on the trail
• Provide information to visitors, including maps and safety information.
• Wear provided VBP Volunteer vest and appropriate gear including helmet.
• Water and sweep trails if you feel comfortable/safe and it is needed.
• Assist according to your abilities in an emergency situation. CALL 911.
• Document all known injuries, maintenance requests, and observations.
Requirements for Becoming a Bike Park Host
• 16 years of Age or older
• Sign an Acknowledgment of Risk and Release and Service Agreement form
• Sign an agreement for a criminal background check
• Attend required training
• Read required materials, and stay current on park rules and regulations
• Adhere to guidelines set forth in this manual
Valmont Bike Park Train Crews will assist in maintenance activities at Valmont Bike Park under the direct
supervision of City of Boulder Park Staff. These volunteers will be trained at a more advanced level
depending on attitude, ability to work safely around bikers, and their understanding of bike parks and their
skill level.
Major Responsibilities
• Perform the same responsibilities as a Park Hosts (as listed above)
• Wear provided VBP Volunteer vest and appropriate gear including helmet while riding. Glove and Personal
Protective Equipment are mandatory as work requires.
Check in with park staff or an approved Crew Boss when reporting for a shift prior to performing any work.
Work in groups of two or more when performing any trail maintenance activities.
Assist according to your abilities in an emergency situation. CALL 911.
Document all known injuries, maintenance requests, and observations.
Requirements for Becoming a Bike Park Trail Crew
• Same as all of the requirements to become a Park Host
• Due to the added responsibilities and safety concerns of the VBP Trail Volunteers, all Volunteer Trail Crew
members and Bosses are required to be over the age of 18 years old.
• Ability to follow directions and safely complete trail surfacing projects in a group setting as assigned by city
staff or an approved Trail Boss
• Adhere to guidelines set forth in this manual
In the future, a limited number of Valmont Bike Park Trail Crew volunteers may be selected to serve as VBP
Trail Boss Volunteers. These individuals will offer exceptional customer service abilities, a great attitude, and
a high level of trail building skills. These volunteers will also have advanced trainings that will help them
manage volunteers at Valmont bike Park in a safe and effective manner. This program may be available in
Time Commitments and Volunteer Shifts
Park Hosts are generally needed at the Bike Park during weekday evenings, weekends and at races or events
during the peak season from approximately May 1 to October 31. Host volunteers are encouraged to bike the
park for at least four hours each month during peak season. Volunteers may serve as Park Host based on their
availability to be at the park with an effort to attend during peak use times in order to interact with as many as
users as possible.
Trail Crew Volunteers will schedule their time based on regular maintenance projects planned by Park Staff.
These maintenance days will be offered throughout the season in addition to special projects as needed.
Please note that as a member of the Trail Crew at times, you are required to work in pairs. Park Staff will
schedule about one project each month with volunteers for a 2-4 hour period.
As a Representative of the City of Boulder. . .
• Strive to project a positive image for the City of Boulder. The average visitor may judge the bike park based
on the action of a single volunteer. Overcoming one discourteous encounter will often take several positive
contacts by other personnel.
• A volunteer should provide impartial information.
• At no time is a volunteer to assume the role of City of Boulder personnel. A volunteer does not discuss
events or self-interpret policies with the public or media. When in doubt as to what information to provide,
refer to information made public by City staff or that has been provided by staff or is published on the city
website. All media inquires are to be referred to the Parks and Recreation Communications Manager at
• Conversations are confidential. This includes those with visitors, with and between agency personnel, and
via telephone.
• While volunteering, you represent the City of Boulder. Your main objective is to enhance the visitor
experience at the bike park and assist the park users as you can.
Prohibited Conduct
The following activities constitute safety hazards and ethical considerations:
• Failure to follow city staff instructions unless the instructions are illegal or unsafe.
• Violations of any park rules and regulations, including; possession or use of drugs, consumption of
intoxicating beverages, and possession of firearms while volunteering.
• Smoking in City structures or vehicles.
• Fights or use of abusive language toward the public, employees or other volunteers.
Volunteer Discipline Guidelines
An important and valued segment of the City of Boulder workforce is the large number of volunteers who
willingly give of their time on a regular basis, working without any remuneration beyond the personal
satisfaction derived from their service. They are governed by the volunteer guidelines established by City of
Boulder that skills developed as a volunteer be viewed as important job skills.
Volunteer Performance
The staff will discuss with the volunteer any need for changes in performance, seeking suggestions from the
volunteer on means of enhancing the volunteer’s relationship with the City, conveying appreciation to the
volunteer and gauging the continued interest of the volunteer in serving in that position. In appropriate
situations, more training might be required, re-assignment to another position or release from volunteer
service. In the event that any act of negligence conducted by a volunteer that causes damage to the park, it will
be the responsibility of the volunteer to pay for remediation.
Separation from Volunteer Service
Most volunteer positions are for a defined time period and volunteers are asked to honor that time
commitment. However, volunteers may resign at any time for any reason. Volunteers who fail to satisfactorily
perform their volunteer assignments are subject to suspension or release.
Examples which may constitute disciplinary measures include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Any behavior that adversely impacts the efficiency or effectiveness of City of Boulder functions.
• Incompetence or inefficiency in performance of job duties.
• Deliberate or careless conduct endangering the safety or well-being of fellow volunteers, City employees or
the public.
• Negligent, willful damage, waste or unauthorized use of City of Boulder property.
• Insubordination or refusal to comply with lawful orders or regulations.
• Abusive language or unbecoming conduct.
• Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
• Conviction or admission of a serious crime, while you are innocent until proven guilty, some charges will
warrant suspension.
• Accepting bribes or misuse of City funds.
• Any condition, event or change in status that renders a volunteer ineligible for his or her obligations
pursuant to federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations.
As a volunteer, you do not have enforcement authority. Be familiar with all agency rules and regulations, and
comply with all rules and regulations yourself. You may educate visitors about regulations as long you decide
this is safe. Do NOT do so whenever there is a question about your own safety. All enforcement of rules and
regulations is left to appropriate law enforcement authorities. Report violations of laws or rules, and refer
difficult policy questions or issues to appropriate agency personnel.
ALL media inquiries should be referred to City personnel. Under NO circumstances should you speak to the
media as an agency representative. The number for media contact is 303-413-7200.
Confidential information must not be discussed with the public. Confidential information could include crime
incidents, rescue or accident reports, sensitive species or habitat information, or proposed budget or policy
changes. If you are questioned about such matters, politely but firmly refer the questioner to appropriate
agency representative. They will answer questions or connect them with appropriate personnel.
Volunteers shouldn't expect special privileges or favors. Use of agency property or equipment for personal
benefit or acceptance of gratuities from the public is not permitted. Any money, clothing, or other valuables
found on these properties should be turned in to the Boulder Police Department.
This manual provides an overview of information you need to know to maximize your volunteer experience at
Valmont Bike Park. Of course, please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you find you need additional
clarification. The primary goal of any volunteer at Valmont Bike Park is to enhance the user experience and all
volunteers will be expected to provide directions, assist in emergencies, and generally just be on site as
someone who can help in any circumstance.
City of Boulder – Parks and Recreation
Volunteer Acknowledgment of Risk and Release
P.O. Box 791, Boulder, CO 80306
Project/Park/Group: ______________________________
Name (first last):________________________________________________________________
Mailing address (optional): ________________________________________________________________
City: _________________________ State: __________ ZIP: ____________________________
E-mail ________________________________________________________________________
Primary Phone (H/W/Mobile): _______________________
Emergency contact: ______________________________________________________________
I, the undersigned, agree for myself or for my minor child/ward, to volunteer for City of Boulder Parks and
Recreation, and understand and agree to the following:
1. I will follow instructions of my placement and perform my service to the best of my ability.
2. I acknowledge that there are dangers and risks incurred as a result of participating in activities connected or
associated with volunteering; and I knowingly assume all risk for any injuries, death, damage or loss to my
person, including but not limited to: falling down, tripping, bumping; back, bone, joint, head, neck, muscle
or spinal injuries or strains; cuts, scrapes; choking; allergies; heat stroke, heat exhaustion, sunburn or other
injuries; and/or any damage or loss sustained to my property.
3. In the event of any emergency, I authorize City of Boulder officials to secure from any licensed hospital,
physician and/or medical personnel any treatment deemed necessary for my immediate care, including
ambulance transport. Further, I agree that I will be responsible for payment of any and all medical services
4. I waive and relinquish all claims I may have as a result of my participation as a volunteer against the City
of Boulder and its officers, agents, servants and employees.
5. I act only as a civilian volunteer and do not function as an employee, agent or representative of Parks and
Recreation and/or the City of Boulder.
6. I give permission for media coverage of myself and/or my minor child/ward to be disseminated for public
relations purposes.
7. This Acknowledgement of Risk and Release is valid for a period of 5 years from the date executed below.
While serving as an Authorized Volunteer for the benefit of, and involved in the activities at the request of, the City of Boulder, Department of Parks and Recreation,
volunteers are provided the protection of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act Section 24-10-101 (et. seq.) and are subject to the applicable provisions of the
Act. The Act does not cover any willful and/or wanton behavior including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, racial or gender discrimination, drug and/or alcohol
CONVICTION RECORD: Answer this section truthfully, including all offenses of which you were
convicted, pleaded no contest and /or placed on probation, fined, or given a suspended or deferred sentence.
Do not list arrests. Include any convictions by military trial and any criminal charges for which you are
awaiting disposition. List all cases other than minor traffic violations. Driving under the influence, careless,
reckless, or hit-and-run driving are not minor traffic violations. If you are in doubt, please list the offences.
PLEASE NOTE: A full disclosure by you is to your advantage as your record does not necessarily disqualify
you for volunteering. Factors such as but not limited to, age at time of offense(s) and the date of offence(s) as
well as the relationship between the offence(s) and the volunteer job for which you apply may be taken into
account. The Volunteer Coordinator routinely verifies conviction and other information listed on this
application. If you do not respond correctly, or if you commit errors of omission of fact, either intentionally
or unintentionally, you may be ineligible for volunteering with the City of Boulder.
Have you ever been convicted of a violation of any ordinance or law other than a minor traffic
violation? _no _yes
If yes, provide the information requested below for each offense.
I acknowledge and understand the City of Boulder Parks and Recreation risk and release. This
acknowledgment of risk and release shall not be modified orally. All minor’s signature must be accompanied
by the signature of the parent or guardian.
Name (printed)
Signature of parent or guardian (if volunteer is a minor)
Volunteer Signature
If you have any questions or concerns, please call:
Mary Malley, Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator, 303-413-7245
Criminal Release Form
I, ________________________________________________________ (Name must appear as it does on your
drivers license - Please Print legibly)
Born on ___________________________________________________
authorize release of my criminal history records to Boulder Parks and Recreation.
Volunteer Coordinator for Valmont Bike Park
Boulder Parks and Recreation
Valmont Bike Park
Volunteer Orientation Checklist
Volunteer Name:_______________________________________________
______ Application
______ Criminal Release
Discuss Valmont Bike Park - history, programs and services.
Discuss volunteer rights and responsibilities, policies and procedures, notification of
absence, confidentiality, time commitment, etc.
Discuss liability/insurance policy.
Discuss benefits for volunteers.
Discuss safety considerations.
Discuss safety/emergency procedures (reporting any incident/accident occurring to
participant or volunteer, etc.)
Discuss volunteer job description (specific role) for individual program.
Provide volunteer with necessary phone numbers in case of absence or emergency.
Anti-Discrimination/Harassment Policy.
Review Volunteer Conduct.
• Volunteers are required to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality,
and conduct in the course of, or in relation to, their volunteer service.
• Volunteers are expected to be courteous, considerate, and prompt when dealing with
and serving the public.
• Volunteers are prohibited from using alcohol or illegal drugs while on duty, as
described in the volunteer agreement. A volunteer who uses intoxicants while on duty
is subject to dismissal and cancellation of his/her agreement.
• Volunteers should consult with their supervisors on general questions they may have
regarding the applicability of various regulations which may pertain to their service.
Staff Signature
Volunteer Signature
Boulder Parks and Recreation
Valmont Bike Park
How did you become aware of volunteer opportunities at Valmont Bike Park?
Describe briefly what your job duties were as a volunteer?
Do you feel that you received adequate orientation and training before your volunteer
placement? _____ yes
_____ no
_____ somewhat
What would have made your orientation or training better?
Do you feel that the responsibilities given to you as a volunteer were adequate according to
your interests and abilities ____ yes ____no
____ somewhat
Did you find your "on the job" supervision to be satisfactory?
____ yes
____ no
____ somewhat
Was your supervisor approachable with new ideas, problems, concerns, etc.?
____ yes
___ no
____ somewhat
Do you feel that you received adequate recognition for your volunteer services?
____ yes
___ no
____ somewhat
What did you like best about your volunteer experiences?
What could be improved to make your volunteer experience more valuable?
Do you plan to volunteer with us again? ________________________________
Additional Comments:______________________________________________________________
Please return to:
Mary Malley, Parks and Recreation Volunteer Coordinator
3198 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
Name: _________________________________ Phone: ________________________