Sample Problems

Sample Problems
Description: These problems are representative of the harder problems of our tests,
which we think will be more useful for preparation.
3rd grade:
1. How many numbers from 1-20 are multiples of 3 and even?
Answer: 3
2. Bob has 20 Pokemon cards. If the number of cards he has doubles each day, how many days
will it take him to get 160 cards?
Answer: 3
4th grade:
1. John does not like multiples of 5 for some reason. He starts making a list of numbers starting
from 1, and skips every multiple of 5. What is the 13th number on this list?
Answer: 16
2. A rectangle has side lengths of 20 cm. and 2 m. Find the area of the rectangle in square cm.
Answer: 4000 square cm.
5th grade:
1. The radius of a circle is multiplied by 2.5. What will this action multiply the area of the circle
by? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest hundredth.
Answer: 6.25
2. Bill rolls two standard six sided die. What is the probability the two numbers he gets
multiply to a prime number?
Answer: 1/6
6th grade:
1. Jason takes the digits 5, 6, 7, and 8 and makes two 2-digit numbers with these digits, using
each digit once. Jason then multiplies these two numbers together to make one final number.
What is the maximum possible value of this final number?
Answer: 6460
2. Find the units digit of the number 654321
Answer: 6
7th grade:
1. Kevin has $3000 in a bank that compounds interest annually at a rate of 10%. How much
money does he have after 3 years?
Answer: $3993
2. Find the area of a regular hexagon with side length of 2√ . Express in simplest radical form.
Answer: 18√
8th grade:
1. Find the sum of the odd numbers from 1 to 399 (Including 1 and 399)
Answer: 40,000
2. Calculate and express the following as a common problem:
Answer: 99/100