Lambda Pi Eta Advisor Handbook Spring 2013

Lambda Pi Eta
Advisor Handbook
Spring 2013
A Letter from the National Office
Dear Lambda Pi Eta Chapter Advisor:
On behalf of the National Communication Association, we wish to offer our deepest thanks and
gratitude for your work as a chapter advisor for Lambda Pi Eta. LPH has over 600 chapters,
which means over 600 chapter advisors work diligently to organize chapter meetings, inspire
students, and help them succeed academically and professionally all the while keeping up with
their own professional and academic responsibilities. It is through your hard work that LPH has
grown to the national presence it has today.
The purpose of Lambda Pi Eta is: (a) to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic
achievement in communication studies; (b) to stimulate interest in the field of communication;
(c) to promote and encourage professional development among communication majors; (d) to
provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication. We
encourage all advisors to read through this handbook and use it as a resource to build a strong,
active chapter that engages its campus and local community.
As an LPH chapter advisor you help students reach new academic and professional heights.
Your time as chapter advisor will have a lasting influence on your members. It is our hope that
LPH members will follow your example as a scholar and your dedication to the communication
We wish you the best of luck in your role as chapter advisor.
Brad Mello
Associate Director of Academic
and Professional Affairs
Justin Danowski
Academic and Professional
Affairs Associate
Table of Contents
About Lambda Pi Eta (LPH)……………………………………………………………………3
LPH Website and Resources………………………………………………………...……...…5
Leadership Calendar and Important Dates………………………………..……….…….......7
NCA’s Annual Convention……………………………………………………………………...8
The Chapter……………………………………………………………………………………...9
Chapter Officers…………………………………………………………………….....11
Chapter Activities……………………………………………………………………...12
Membership Fees……………………………………………………………………..17
LPH Chapter Benchmarks…………………………………………………………………….18
Appendices A-E (available online)
Appendix A (Chapter Application)…………………………………………..………………...22
Appendix B (Advisors Pledge)……………………….………………………………………..24
Appendix C (Annual Report)...……………………….………………………………………..25
Appendix D (Induction Script).……………………….……………………………………......26
Appendix E (Chapter Renewal Form).………………………………………………………..27
About Lambda Pi Eta (LPH)
LPH represents what Aristotle described in his book, Rhetoric, as the three ingredients of
persuasion: Logos (Lambda) meaning logic, Pathos (Pi) relating to emotion and Ethos (Eta)
defined as character credibility and ethics. Lambda Pi Eta follows six goals that exemplify the
three ingredients of persuasion. LPH is also an officially recognized National Honor Society.
The Six Goals of Lambda Pi Eta:
1. Recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication
2. Stimulate interest in the field of communication
3. Promote and encourage professional development among communication majors
4. Provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication
5. Establish and maintain closer relationships between faculty and students
6. Explore options for graduate education in communication studies
The purpose of these six goals is to guide each chapter to study, promote and develop the
communication discipline. Every chapter should attempt to connect each event, activity,
fundraiser, speaker or any other chapter function to one or more of the goals.
National Recognition of Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS)
Lambda Pi Eta is an officially recognized National Honor Society by ACHS. According to the
ACHS website ( the mission of the Association of College Honor
Societies is to build a visibly cohesive community of national and international honor societies,
individually and collaboratively exhibiting excellence in scholarship, service, programs, and
governance. The Member societies of the Association of College Honor Societies are as
divergent as knowledge itself. ACHS is the only certifying agency for college and university
honor societies. Being a member requires each chapter and the national organization to strive
for organizational excellence and scholastic achievement. The membership also strengthens
LPH’s network and connection with other societies, as well as potential job and internship
opportunities. The ACHS website has a range of resources, grants and recruitment information
National Office Contact
Lambda Pi Eta
1765 N St, N.W.
Washington D.C., 20036
Brad Mello
Associate Director of Academic and Professional Affairs
[email protected]
Justin Danowski
Academic and Professional Affairs Associate
[email protected]
To see the most current LPH National Officers and Faculty Advisory Board please visit the
Lambda Pi Eta Website and Resources
The LPH website provides members and advisors with resources and tools to help each chapter
order induction materials, plan events, apply for national awards, read about LPH history, read
previous issues of Simply Speaking (LPH official newsletter) and achieve academic excellence.
To begin, first go to the website Then click on “About,” “Resources,” or
“Membership and Materials.” Each of these links will open a new window to read the
constitution, order materials, apply for awards and more.
Each section is explained in more detail below.
About LPH
Explore the structure, read FAQs, and find links to current LPH chapters. In this section you can
LPH Constitution: Read the rules and regulations of LPH.
List of Current Chapters: Find all active chapters with their Greek name and affiliation.
FAQs: Read general LPH Q&A.
Governance and Leadership (see page 5)
Learn how to:
1. Start a chapter: First you need to meet the eligibility requirements. Second, submit the
chapter application form, advisor’s pledge, proof of a communication program (meeting
LPH standards), and a $100 application fee. Third, receive your charter and begin
recruitment and induct new members. (see membership page 16).
2. Induct students: Each chapter should induct students every academic year. You can
induct new members in the fall, spring, and/or summer semester. The chapter should
use the induction script (available online and in appendix D) as a guide to the induction
ceremony. This should be a formal event highlighting the new members’ academic
excellence in communication.
3. Apply for awards: Awards allow chapters to receive national recognition from the
National Office, National Officers, Faculty Advisory Board and the chapter membership
at large at NCA’s annual convention. The awards are presented to each winner and
highlighted in the Simply Speaking Convention Special Issue. Every chapter is
encouraged to apply to at least one award, if applicable. Each award has an application
available online.
a. Chapter of the Year Award (deadline 9/15)
b. Rookie Chapter of the Year Award (deadline 9/15)
c. Advisor of the Year Award (deadline 9/15)
d. Rookie Advisor of the Year Award (deadline 9/15)
e. Top Student Paper Award (individual and group) (deadline 3/14)
f. Undergraduate Research Award (no deadline, rolling submissions)
4. Keep your chapter active: Every chapter should strive to keep their members active and
make a presence on campus. See page 11 for a sample of chapter activities.
In this section you can find:
Awards - Six opportunities for outstanding chapters to receive recognition.
Chapter Activities –Sample chapter activities for your LPH chapter (see page 11). – A comprehensive career resource website targeting honor society
members. Check out LPH’s page at
NCA Convention – Updates on the annual NCA Convention (see page 9).
Simply Speaking – The official newsletter of Lambda Pi Eta published in the fall and
spring contains examples of chapter activities, upcoming deadlines, convention
information, job and internship opportunities and contact information.
Teleconference Series – NCA’s annual interactive teleconference for advisors and
Membership and Materials
Find membership forms and learn how to order induction materials. In this section you can find:
Chapter Application Form (found in Appendix A)
Requirements for Academic Institutions (See membership page 16)
Requirements for Individual Student (See membership page 16)
Advisor’s Pledge (found in Appendix B)
Induction Script – Follow this script to induct new members of LPH (Found in Appendix
Chapter Renewal – Each chapter must renew and fill out this form every year (Found in
Appendix E)
Chapter Annual Report – Help us learn about your chapter (found in Appendix C)
Please check the website for any of your questions or needs. All of the required forms and
ordering induction material instructions can be found online.
If you are unable to find your answers online please do not hesitate to contact the National
Important Dates
Please use this calendar as a guide throughout the academic year. There are important
deadlines for applications and award submissions. Feel free to add your own events and
induction schedules to the calendar. It is important to keep your chapter active and engaged.
NOTE: You can induct students at any time during the semester (both fall and spring, even
summer if you wish).
 Prepare for first chapter meeting
 September 15th Award Application Deadline
 National Student Officer Nomination Deadline October 15
 Chapter reports due November 1
 NCA National Convention
 Chapter renewal form and fee due December 1
 Prepare for upcoming semester
 Reach out to chapter officers
 Stephen A. Smith Top Paper Submission deadline *same as Convention deadline
subject to change, please check online for most up-to-date information
 Hold spring chapter meeting (hold as many as needed throughout spring semester)
 Induction/Graduation ceremony and events
Induction/Graduation ceremony and events
June – August
 Prepare for upcoming semester
 Reach out to chapter officers
NCA’s Annual Convention
The National Communication Association, hosts an annual convention in November. The 2013
convention will be held in Washington D.C. between November 14– November 17, 2013.
Every LPH member is encouraged to submit their paper the LPH paper competition or to any
other appropriate unit of NCA. If the paper is accepted the student is committed to attending the
convention. LPH members that present their paper at an LPH sponsored session are
eligible to receive a travel stipend to help pay for travel costs (check with the National
Office for the amount). LPH members that attend the convention are also encouraged to
volunteer to work at convention in exchange for a complimentary convention registration.
****Paper submission deadline is same as Convention deadline which is subject to change,
please check online for the most up-to-date information
At convention the National Office presents award winners with a certificate and any award
winnings. There is a business meeting to elect new national officers and discuss other LPH
Attending the convention is a great way to network and meet fellow members and scholars in
the communication discipline. If you are unable to attend the national convention you should
attend regional or local conferences to present papers or just to listen and learn. Many regional
conventions have specific undergraduate conferences and/or poster sessions that provide LPH
student an opportunity to present their work.
For more information on NCA’s convention please visit
Future convention locations include:
2013 Washington, DC
2014 Chicago
2015 Las Vegas
The Chapter
Every Lambda Pi Eta chapter must use the student membership and chapter membership
eligibility guidelines outlined in the constitution. Any chapter may apply more eligibility
requirements (such as a departmental service requirement) in addition to the established
requirements in the constitution. For a chapter to be eligible they must meet the following
Grant baccalaureate degrees
Be accredited by the appropriate regional association
Have an academic school, division, or department in the field of communication studies
Offer a minimum of 30 academic hours in communication and communication-related
Appoint/select a faculty advisor for the Lambda Pi Eta chapter
To start a chapter, first confirm that your institution meets the above eligibility requirements. If
your university or college meets these five requirements then you must fill out a chapter
application form, an advisor’s pledge, proof of a communication program and a $100 application
1. Chapter application form
2. Advisor's pledge
3. Proof of a communication program that meets Lambda Pi Eta requirements (generally a
photocopied course catalog)
4. $100 application fee (This includes a framed charter and payment of the chapter's first
year of dues) payable by check (made out to NCA) or credit card (Visa, MC, Discover)
Each new chapter will receive a charter with their chapter name on it.
Individual Student Membership Eligibility Requirements:
Must have completed 60 semester credit-hours (90 quarter credit-hours), have a
minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 for all courses taken, and have at least a 3.25
GPA for all communication studies courses;
Must have completed the equivalent of 12 semester credit-hours (18 quarter credithours) in communication studies and currently be enrolled as a student in good standing,
as determined by the institution's policies.
Undergraduates who are elected shall rank not lower than the highest thirty-five percent
of their class in general scholarship. The cumulative scholastic record of the student as
interpreted by the institution where membership is to be conferred shall be the basis for
computing scholastic eligibility for the purpose of classification in ranks. In addition,
students should display commitment to the discipline of communication.
All persons considered for membership shall exhibit high standards of personal and
professional character and shall support the purposes of the honor society.
How to become a member
Every chapter has different recruitment practices; however, every chapter must follow the
member eligibility requirements. A student that meets these requirements may become a
member of Lambda Pi Eta. Each student must apply and pay a $30 membership fee which will
cover a lifetime membership in LPH and the certificate and pin. Honor chords will cost an
additional $9 per student. Once the certificate is order (see below for order details on then the National Office will receive the receipt, name, induction date and
email address of each individual member that an order was placed for. Once that order is
placed and the student is inducted, he or she is now a lifetime member of LPH.
Ordering Certificates, Pins and Honor Chords
Every student member should submit the national initiation fee ($30) to his/her chapter prior to
induction. This one-time fee covers lifetime membership in Lambda Pi Eta. All orders must be
placed online at, follow the directions below. Once ordered the student
will be sent a personalized induction certificate and a Lambda Pi Eta lapel pin. Honor cords (red
& white or gold) are also available for purchase at the cost of $9, which can be ordered at the
same time as certificates.
Chapters can order certificates and honor cords online. This service will allow the National
Office to process orders quicker and minimize errors. Note that processing time increases when
you choose the “pay by check” option (please allow a minimum of three weeks to receive
materials). Orders are not processed until check/payment has been received. Be sure to fill in all
required fields when ordering to receive your order in a timely manner (e.g. Induction date,
Inductee’s Name and shipping address). In the event you leave off a student’s name you will
need to process a separate order (the chapter will be responsible for additional shipping &
handling where applicable). By following these simple instructions, your order can be placed in
Lambda Pi Eta Online Ordering Instructions:
1. Visit
2. Log in using your password. Your password is your chapter name (Ex: alpha beta).
3. Click on the correct school name. (You will be able to edit school name during the
Checkout step, Inductee(s) Information section.)
4. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided, and order your merchandise!
If you encounter any problems with the website, please use the Live Support link available on
the webpage or call Award Concepts at (800) 659-7801 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Central Time.
Membership Expectations
The National Office expects each chapter to follow the six goals of LPH. Each chapter at
minimum should: recruit members, order certificates and pins, hold an induction ceremony, elect
officers, submit the annual report form, attend the National Communication Association’s annual
convention (if possible), submit papers to regional and national conferences and pay the annual
renewal fee, as well as the membership fee per new inductee. These are the basic
Every chapter should strive to hold events that promote the six goals of LPH. Advisor’s should
have high expectations for their members and should expect to guide the students throughout
the semesters. Chapter and chapter advisors should strive to do the following:
Hold at least one meeting per semester
Plan at least one event a semester (academic, philanthropic, or social)
Communicate with the National Office (e.g. annual report)
Facilitate career, research and networking assistance (utilize career centers)
Communicate with your university or college’s campus life, career center, honor
societies’, student clubs and administrative offices
Stay connected with alumni
Chapter Officers
As written in the LPH constitution, chapters must elect officers. Recommended offices include
the traditional leadership structure of President, Vice-President, Scholarship Officer, Treasurer,
and Secretary; however, each chapter may elect to install a differing leadership structure by
majority decision of the chapter. In addition, a faculty advisor shall be elected or appointed
annually. The elections can be held at a chapter meeting by ballot. It is up to each chapter on
how to hold elections. Each officer should meet with incoming officers for continuity of the
If a new advisor is appointed it is important to notify the National Office to update the contact
Duties of Office
Each officer may have the following responsibilities:
President, or alternative officer, shall announce all meetings, preside in the conducting of
business, and actively promote the purposes of Lambda Pi Eta in the university
Vice President, or alternative officer, shall be responsible for special programs and
projects, and serve in the absence of the President;
Scholarship Officer, or alternative officer, shall be responsible for encouraging academic
excellence and stimulating intellectual inquiry among the members through activities
such as inviting guest speakers, informing members of opportunities for research and
involvement in professional associations, determining the eligibility of and recruiting new
members, and presenting awards for outstanding contributions;
Treasurer, or alternative officer, shall be responsible for collecting annual chapter dues,
collecting and transmitting initiation fees and information, establishing a yearly budget,
disbursing funds for appropriate organizational expenses, and accounting for all funds;
Secretary-Reporter, or alternative officer, shall keep a complete set of minutes of the
business of the chapter, deposit the minutes with the faculty advisor at the expiration of
the term in office, assure adequate media coverage of the activities of Lambda Pi Eta,
and keep a record of chapter activities.
Terms of Office
Officers shall be elected for terms of one academic year. All officers shall be elected from and
by the members at the last regular meeting of the academic year and shall assume the duties of
their respective offices at the first regular meeting of the next academic year or at the end of the
current semester during which they were elected.
Inability to Serve
If a person is elected to office but cannot complete the term, she/he is to be replaced by an
election of the current membership.
The President, or alternative officer, may appoint such committees as shall be appropriate for
furthering the purposes of Lambda Pi Eta.
Chapter Activities
Every chapter is encourage to develop, plan and implement chapter events individually or in
collaboration with other clubs or honor societies, as well as other LPH or Sigma Chi Eta
chapters nearby.
To start, first visit the Chapter Activities page on the website found in the Resources section.
There you can download:
Fall 2012 chapter highlights
How to plan a Communication Studies Day event
How to plan a Free Speech Week event
Simply Speaking is another great resource that will typically have highlighted events of the year.
Any advisor can use the already established events and make them their own. A chapter should
attempt to have one social, philanthropic and academic event each academic year. As your
chapter grows you may be able to do one of each event per semester. Many chapter advisors
suggest that you establish an annual event which helps to generate more “buzz” each year and
works as a recruitment event as well. Planning and scheduling is important to ensure student
and faculty participation. You may want to partner with other clubs or other honor societies, as
well as plan around upcoming events or campus wide activities.
Some other event ideas are:
Service Projects – connect with your campus or community
o Ex. Communication Studies Day, a campus/community wide event with
presenters, student and faculty participation.
Connect with your campus and do ambassador work (e.g. PR, social media or website
development for department)
Resume writing workshops
Host study break for department during final weeks
Make t-shirts
o Ex. Sigma Kappa: Greek Letter t-shirt making party
Invite alumni back to campus and have a panel discussion about graduate school or
career options
o Ex. Sigma Gamma Chapter: “Life After Graduation Sham-Rocks!” invited 3
alumni to discuss career and grad school experiences.
A spring celebration (for graduating seniors)
o Ex. Alpha Xi: Spring luncheon to honor graduating seniors.
Encourage students to submit and attend state, regional and national communication
conferences and conventions
o Ex. Omega Iota: Several members participated in Florida Communication
Association Convention as panelists.
Invite speakers to conduct a panel or lecture
Watch a political debate
o Ex. Sigma Gamma: Sponsored debate watch party in student center.
Holiday events (socials)
o Ex. Mu Gamma: Hosted a student/faculty costume and bowling contests.
Tutoring sessions
The most common recruitment practices are:
Use communication department list of eligible students based on GPA
Email those students with invitation letter to apply to LPH
Email current members to forward application to eligible friends or peers
Use flyers or brochure information in dorms or department offices and lobby
Use a Facebook page and Twitter account to reach out to potential members
Have current student officers and the advisor to announce membership during classes
Please review the samples below. One is an acceptance form and the other two are an
invitation letter that could be emailed or mailed to potential members.
SAMPLE Invitation Letter to New Inductees
Dear NAME:
Congratulations! Because of your outstanding academic achievement Lambda Pi Eta, the
National Communication Association Honor Society, invites you to be a member of the
To be eligible for membership in Lambda Pi Eta, you must meet four requirements:
at least 60 hours of college credit
at least 12 hours in communication
an overall GPA of at least 3.25
a GPA of 3.5 in communication
The X Chapter has determined that you meet these qualifications and invites you to become a
member. Student membership is $30, payable to X College. To recognize your achievements,
the Communication Studies Program will purchase for each student an honor cord that can be
worn with your regalia at graduation to signify your achievements.
To accept this invitation to be a member of the X Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, please return the
enclosed acceptance form and your personal check made out to X College to
. Once
we receive your acceptance form and membership fee, you will be invited to attend an induction
ceremony scheduled for DATE/TIME. More details about this event will be coming to you from
the X Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta after you return your acceptance form.
Once again, congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement! We are proud of the
work you have accomplished and honored to have you as a member of the X Chapter of
Lambda Pi Eta.
Contact info
SAMPLE LPH Acceptance Form
Acceptance form for the X Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta
The National Communication Association Honor Society
Lambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Association’s Honor Society for undergraduate
majors and minors in communication. Membership in this organization signifies academic
Eligibility requirements are:
60 hours of college credit
12 hours of credit in communication courses
3.25 GPR overall
3.5 GPR in communication courses
As Program Coordinator of the Communication Program, I have verified the academic
record of _______________________________ and deemed her eligible to join Lambda Pi Eta.
Program Coordinator, Communication Studies Program
I, ______________________________, having been invited to join the Sigma Gamma Chapter
of Lambda Pi Eta at Columbia College, do officially submit my acceptance form. I have an
enclosed a check for $30 to pay my one-time membership fee in Lambda Pi Eta.
Student Signature
Name as you would like it to appear on your certificate. (Please print clearly.) Please return this
acceptance form along with a check made out to
SAMPLE LPH Membership Form
NAME: _____________________________________
STUDENT ID: ________________________
(must be at least 3.25)
(must be at least 3.0)
(must have completed at least 12)
(must have completed at least 60)
Advisor signature: ___________________________________________
Student signature: __________________________________________
National Membership Fees
There are three types of required national membership fees:
1. Chapter application fee - $100 application fee to start a chapter. Once you have
submitted your application and have been approved by the National Office, you will be
sent an email with an invoice for $100. You will also be sent an advisor’s pledge, which
you will need to fill out and return. This cost includes the creation and shipping of a
a. Pay by check
2. Chapter renewal fee - $35 due December 1 each year. This fee will keep the chapter
active. If the fee is not paid the chapter will be UNABLE to order induction material.
Chapters that haven't paid the renewal fee will not be able to order certificates or honor
cords. After 2 years of inactivity, a chapter's charter will expire and a new chapter
application will need to be submitted.
a. Pay by credit card or check
3. National initiation fee - $30 due prior to induction. This one-time fee covers lifetime
membership in Lambda Pi Eta. This fee is NOT paid directly to the National Office but
paid to Award Concepts online when ordering certificates and pins. The National Office
will receive a receipt of payment for each chapter that orders through Award Concepts.
That receipt will serve as recognition of membership.
a. Pay by credit card or check
Chapter Membership Fees/Dues
Each chapter may require more fees or chapter dues from its members to pay for events,
socials, trips and other activities (e.g. asking each new member to pay $45 and $30 is initiation
fee and $15 is for a social event or speaker).
Lambda Pi Eta Chapter Benchmarks
Each chapter should use the following benchmarks as a starting point to achieve academic
excellence. Chapter advisor’s should amend and add benchmarks based upon the chapter’s
Chapter Development Benchmarks
Registration with institutional office
Election of officers
Recruitment of new members
Initiation of new members
Establishing chapter goals
Learning Benchmarks
Academic activities in coordination with six goals
Participation in NCA Annual Convention
Participation in local/regional conferences
Advisor Benchmarks
Provide logistical leadership for chapter
Assist student members in planning activities/events
Communication with National Office
Participate in chapter activities
Recruit new members
National Office Benchmarks
Chapter resources
Awards and recognition for excellence
Annual Convention planning/support
Newsletter – Simply Speaking
Day-to-day assistance/operational support
Maintain standards and quality of excellence
Lambda Pi eta Chapter Benchmarks
Check list for
Chapter Development Benchmarks
Registration with institutional office
Election of officers
Recruitment of new members
Initiation of new members
Establishing chapter goals
Learning Benchmarks
Academic activities in coordination with six goals
Participation in NCA Annual Convention
Participation in local/regional conferences
Advisor Benchmarks
Provide logistical leadership for chapter
Assist student members in planning
Communication with National Office
Participate in chapter activities
Recruit new members
National Office Benchmarks
Chapter resources
Awards and recognition for excellence
Annual Convention planning/support
Newsletter – Simply Speaking
Day-to-day assistance/operational support
Maintain standards and quality of excellence
*Put a date for each goal and evaluate throughout the semester.
New Edition of Pathways to Communication Careers in the 21st Century, 8th Edition
An updated version of this popular NCA publication is available for purchase at
Revisions include updated career information and salary data, as well as the addition of profiles
of recent communication graduates and the careers that they are pursuing.
Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education
The purpose of honor societies in colleges and universities is threefold. First, they exist primarily
to recognize the attainment of scholarship of a superior quality. Second, a few societies
recognize the development of leadership qualities and of commitment to service and excellence
in research, in addition to a strong scholarship record. Third, to the degree that this recognition
is coveted, they encourage the production of superior scholarship and leadership. (To download
the full 13-page PDF click on the following URL:
Astin, A. W. (1999). Student involvement: A development theory for higher education. Journal of
College Student Development, 40, 518-529.
Baker, K., Beer, J., & Beer, J. (1991). Self-esteem, alcoholism, sensation seeking, GPA, and
differential aptitude test scores of high school students in an honor society.
Psychological Reports, 1147-1150.
Cress, C., Astin, H., & Zimmerman-Oster, K. (2001). Developmental outcomes of college
students’ involvement in leadership activities. Journal of College Development, 42(1),
Fellows, R., Broderick, S., & Fallahi, C. R. (2004, March). Is there a relationship between Psi
Chi membership and psychological achievement? Poster presented at the annual
meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Washington, D.C.
Ferrari, J. R., Athey, R. B., Moriarty, M. O., & Appleby, D. C. (2006). Education and employment
among alumni academic honor society leaders. Education, 127(2), 244-60.
Magrath, J. & Sleigh, M. J. (2003, March). Psychology majors’ perceptions and expectations of
honor society membership. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern
Psychological Association, Baltimore, MD.
Mission statement and ends (2004). The Association of College Honor Societies. Retrieved
June 25, 2008 from
NACADA. (2004). NACADA statement of core values of academic advising. Retrieved June 25,
2008 from the NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources Web site:
Appendix A
Directions: The new chapter application form is online. Fill in the text boxes listed below.
Appendix B
Lambda Pi Eta
Advisor Honor Pledge
As the advisor to the chapter of Lambda Pi Eta
located on the campus of
, I pledge
(insert institution's name)
that I will guide my chapter in accordance with the national
constitution of Lambda Pi Eta.
signature of chapter advisor
National Coordinator
Lambda Pi Eta
National Communication Association
1765 N Street, NW
Washington, D.C., 20036
Appendix C
Lambda Pi Eta
Annual Report
Chapter Name:
School Name & Mailing Address:
Chapter Advisor:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Chapter Officers with Email Addresses:
Vice President:
Chapter Website:
Total Number of Members:
Total Number Inducted in
Chapter Activities
Appendix D
The following is a sample script for a Lambda Pi Eta induction ceremony. Please feel free to use
it as a guide and adapt it to meet the individual needs of your chapter. Many chapters will invite
a key note speaker such as: a faculty member, dean, administrators or individuals outside the
university or discipline.
Room Set-up: Chairs are arranged theater style with a center aisle. A table is in the front of the
room with three candles. To the right is a podium for speakers and to the rear of the room is a
table for refreshments. Greeters meet people at the door with a program and any other handouts.
Faculty Advisor: I would like to begin by welcoming everyone to the Lambda Pi Eta (your
chapter) Induction ceremony. First, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the chapter officers and
our special guests (make a list of chapter officers and any special guests).
President: The name Lambda Pi Eta is represented by the Greek letters L (lambda), P (pi), and H
(eta) symbolizing what Aristotle described in his book Rhetoric as the three modes of persuasion:
Logos meaning logic, Pathos relating to emotion, and Ethos defined as character credibility and
ethics. The candle lighting ceremony will describe each of these Greek letters.
Lambda Pi Eta was initiated by the students of the Department of Communication at the
University of Arkansas and was then endorsed by the faculty and founder, Dr. Stephen A. Smith
in 1985. The Speech Communication Association established Lambda Pi Eta as an affiliate
organization and as the official national communication honor society for undergraduates in
1994. In February 1996, Lambda Pi Eta was inducted in the Association of College Honor
Societies. There are currently 344 active chapters worldwide.
Now I would like to ask all new inductees to please assemble in the rear of the room and for
faculty and Lambda Pi Eta chapter officers to please come to the front of the room and form the
receiving line. (Faculty should be at the front left side of the room and officers at the front right
side of the room. New members should be lined up alphabetically in the back of the room.)
Chapter Officer #1: The first mode of persuasion is logos, or logic. In all aspects of scholarship
and its application to one’s life, logic plays a major role in deliberations and problem solving.
(Light first candle)
Chapter Officer #2: Pathos, or emotional appeal, the second symbol of our organization’s title,
encompasses a driving force that makes an organization vital and effective. (Light second
Chapter Officer #3: The last mode of persuasion is ethos, or character credibility and ethics.
Aristotle sees character credibility as a primary means of affecting change in society and in one’s
life. Thus it is appropriate that ethos is a major symbol of Lambda Pi Eta. (Light third candle)
Chapter Officer #4: The purposes of the Honor Society, according to our constitution are:
To recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement
To stimulate interest in the field of communication
To provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication
To promote and encourage professional development among communication majors
To establish and maintain close relationships and mutual understanding between faculty
and students
6. To explore options for further graduate education
Chapter Officer #5: The membership in Lambda Pi Eta is composed of undergraduate students
who have declared and interest in the field of communication and have achieved a high level of
academic excellence.
To be eligible for membership, students must have completed 60 semester hours (90 quarter
hours) in undergraduate credit courses; have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0;
have completed the equivalent of 12 semester hours (18 quarter hours) in courses in
communication; have a grade point average of at least 3.25 in these courses; be in the upper 35%
of their graduating class; and be currently enrolled as a full-time student in good standing with
their institution.
President (to inductees): As I call your name please come forward to receive your certificate of
membership and pin. (As names are read, each member should come forward through the
receiving line, shaking hands with faculty and receiving membership materials. Once through the
line, members should line up behind the table facing audience.)
President (to inductees): As newly inducted members of Lambda Pi Eta, do you accept the
challenge to maintain the high academic and leadership standards set forth by the organization
and to serve as examples for the achievement of excellence in the field of communication? And
do you promise to work toward the achievement of the purposes and goals as set down by the
national organization of Lambda Pi Eta? If so, please answer "I do."
(To audience) I now present to you the newly inducted members of the (your chapter) of Lambda
Pi Eta for the (academic year). Welcome! Will the faculty, administration, family, and friends
please join the chapter officers in welcoming these new members.
Now, I would like to invite you to join the new members for refreshments and thank you for
attending our ceremony.
Appendix E
Directions: The new chapter renewal form is online. Fill in the text boxes listed below.