1 Airport rammar, ocabulary & ronunciation

Units & topics
S peaking & W riting
1 Airport
Introducing yourself and saying
where you are from
Meeting on a plane
Exchanging names and numbers
Airline phone numbers
Identifying objects
Exchanging contact details
Air travel
page 4
WB W Punctuation (1).
Form filling
2 People
S Favourite things
Favourite things
Personal details
page 10
S Discussing ages
S Jobs
W Questions to find out
personal details
WB W Punctuation (2).
Personal description
R eading & Listening texts
Going through customs
Useful phrases: Asking for
R Brad Pitt’s favourite things
In the world today …
G rammar, V ocabulary & P ronunciation
Units & topics
S peaking & W riting
R eading & Listening texts
G rammar, V ocabulary & P ronunciation
G be: present simple affirmative. Nouns.
a/an. this/these
9 Hotel
S Hotels, rooms and furniture
R For the holiday of a lifetime
G there is / there are. some/any
page 60
S Where you want to live
R Your home in the stars
V Rooms and furniture. Prepositions of
V Countries. Nationalities. Languages.
Common objects. Numbers 0–10
G Possessive determiners. be: present
R The percentage of women in
certain jobs in the UK
V Favourite things. Numbers 11–999.
Useful phrases: Greetings and
P a/an
R Meet the Collisters
page 16
S Lifestyle
R Who is it?
G Possessive ’s/s’. Present simple
R Wife Exchange
V Family
WB W Punctuation (3).
Description of a family
4 Different
Men & women
Likes & dislikes
page 22
S Differences between men
and women
S Likes and dislikes
W A short personal message
WB W Punctuation (4).
Email to a new friend
Review A
page 28
5 Days
Daily routine
Going out
page 32
Sophie’s favourite relative
R He or She?
Are men and women the same or
G Present simple. Object pronouns
S The weekend
R Seven perfect daily moments
Interview with three people
WB W Sequencing: then, after
(that). Description of a perfect day
Useful phrases: Ordering and paying
Special days
page 38
S Special days
Anecdote: Your favourite
WB W Paragraph organisation
S Water sports
Water sports
page 44
W A simple narrative
WB W Time expressions.
Telling a story
R Little and Large
The top three world festivals
Saint Patrick’s Day
Useful phrases: Asking about opening
and closing times
Two people talking about water
R It’s always warm on the inside
R Shark attack!
Useful phrases: The weather
V Days of the week. Verb phrases:
have and go
P Long vowel sounds: \iÜ\, \∏Ü\, \OÜ\
G Present simple with adverbs of
frequency. Prepositions of time
S Family similarities
page 72
S People’s clothes
WB W Connecting sentences.
Description of a person
12 Money
S Money
page 78
S How much you pay for things
S Lost property
WB W Summary of graphic
Two people talking about diets
My brother’s 18th birthday
Useful phrases: Buying a sandwich
A man talking about his clothes
R Mr Average and his clothes
TV presenter describing people
arriving at the Oscars
G Countable and uncountable nouns.
some/any. How much …?/ How many …?
V Food and drink
Focus on: in, on, above, below, next to
P Vowel sounds: same spelling, different
G Present continuous
V Physical description. Clothes.
Plural nouns: a pair of …
Focus on: get
Useful phrases: Buying clothes
P Consonant sounds: \s\, \z\, \Z\, \S\
R savekaryn.com
G Comparative and superlative
The most valuable things
R Lost property
Phoning a lost property office
Useful phrases: Describing objects
V Money. Big numbers
Focus on: like
P Schwa (\E\)
Pages 84, 85: Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation review
Pages 86, 87: Reading & Listening. Writing (holiday postcard) & Speaking • Song: Sailing
Focus on: go
G Past simple: regular and irregular verbs
G Past simple: affirmative, negative and
question forms
Anecdote: Your last summer
Lottie’s last summer holiday
V Feelings. Adjectives
Useful phrases: Complaints and
S Dance
S Character
WB W Correcting capital letters
and spelling. Description of a
talented person
14 TV
page 94
15 Experiences
Old friends
page 100
S TV programmes
S Future plans and intentions
WB = Workbook. Each unit of the Workbook contains a one-page section which develops practical writing skills.
G can for ability. Adverbs of manner.
Frequency expressions
R Joaquín Cortés: a life in dance
V Character adjectives
R How do other people really see
P Stress patterns with can
Focus on: be
Useful phrases: Making excuses
Different TV programmes
R Big Brother
G Future forms: want to, would like to,
hope to. (be) going to
Interview with the winner of
Big Brother
V TV Programmes
WB W Linking words: and, but,
because. Completing a form
Juliet’s favourite TV programme
P Sentence stress
S Your (travel) experiences
S Old friends
Anecdote: An old school friend
WB W Wh questions.
Expanding notes into a text
Focus on: What …? and How …?
Useful phrases: Suggestions and offers
International Travel Magazine
R Adventure World Travel
Conversation between two old
school friends
Tom’s oldest friend
G Present perfect + ever. Present perfect
or past simple?
V Past participles
P Vowel sounds: irregular past
Useful phrases: In a restaurant
16 Drive
page 106
S Drives to work
R Driving to work
S Journeys
Interview about Heinz Stücke
W Your journey to work/school
Carla’s nice drive
WB W Using adjectives. Text
P Vowel sounds: irregular past simple
Pages 56, 57: Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation review
Pages 58, 59: Reading & Listening. Writing (a memorable day) & Speaking • Song: Don’t Worry, Be Happy
A radio programme ‘Hidden
Anecdote: Your favourite TV
Focus on: make and do
P ed endings
Interview about Debra Veal
R I want to be alone
S How you do things
page 88
V Water sports. Time expressions. ago.
Time linkers
S Feelings
R Alone at sea
13 Talent
V Verb phrases: make and do. Months.
Ordinal numbers. Dates
W A retired person
page 56
11 Looks
G Present simple: daily routine.
Telling the time
page 50
Review B
W Two menus
page 84
8 Alone
WB W Description of a holiday
Anecdote: Your last delicious meal
Review C
P Ordinal numbers
7 Sea
S Food shopping lists
R Eat well, enjoy your food and
lose weight
Useful phrases: Expressing opinions
R Ms Dynamite’s perfect weekend
S Habits and frequency
S Diets
P ing sound
Jack and Layla’s likes and
W A perfect weekend
6 Living
S Eating habits
page 66
V like / don’t like + ing
Pages 28, 29: Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation review
Pages 30, 31: Reading & Listening. Writing (web profile) & Speaking • Song: I Like The Way …
S Daily routines
10 Food
P 3rd person endings \s\, \z\, \Iz\
Useful phrases: Advice and
Focus on: in, on, near
P Words with ‘silent’ letters
WB W An invitation
S Families
W Sentences about your family
Useful phrases: Problems with a hotel
P Sounds of the alphabet
3 Family
Anecdote: Your favourite relative
WB W Description of your
home and locality
Useful phrases: Directions
G Questions with prepositions. Tense
V Prepositions of movement. Places in
a city / the country
Focus on: across, along, down, into,
out of, past, through, up
P Vowel sounds: \AÜ\, \∏Ü\, \OÜ\, \uÜ\
Review D
page 112
Pages 112, 113: Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation review
Pages 114, 115: Reading & Listening. Writing (email to an old friend) & Speaking • Song: Get Here
Pairwork: Student A page 116 • Pairwork: Student B page 121 • Grammar Extra page 126 • Recordings page 136 •
Phonetic symbols page 143 • Irregular verbs page 143