Sample Paper – 2013 Class – XII
Sample Paper – 2013
Class – XII
Subject – Literature in English
Time: 1hr 30 minutes
– edited by Chris Woodhead
Question 1.
‘I have walked and prayed for this young child on hour’ writes W B Yeats in
‘A Prayer for my daughter.’ What are the blessings wished by an anxious father for
his child?
Question 2.
Describe the farewell given to the doomed youth as described by Wilfred Owen in his
poem “An Anthem for the Doomed Youth”.
Question 3.
What had Thetis expected to see on the shield of Achilles? What did she actually see
in the poem The Shield of Achilles by W H Auden?
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WUTHERING HEIGHTS – Emily Bronte
Question 4.
Analyze the character of Edgar Linton. How does he compare to Heathcliff
Question 5.
Discuss the theme of precarious class distinction running through the novel.
Support your answer with instances from the novel.
Question 6.
Write short notes on any two:
(a) Victorian England.
(b) Motifs in the novel
(c) Significance of the location for Wuthering Heights?
ARMS AND THE MAN– George Bernard Shaw
Question 7.
'Arms and Man' is called a modern play. It has no modern theme but it is modern in
the sense of new way of thinking. Comment.
Question 8.
Comment on the critical responses that were received by the play ‘Arms and the
Question 9.
Write short notes on any two:
(a) Problem plays written by G B Shaw.
(b) Frivolousness of Louka
(c) The theme of Romanticism of War.