February 2014
2nd Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials
Network Stakeholder Meeting
The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) held its
second stakeholder meeting on February 18, 2014 at the St.
Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre in Toronto.
Dr. Janet Dancey, Scientific Director, provided an update on
Phase I activities and the progress of the 3CTN business plan to
date. The meeting agenda focused on the elements that have
changed since the first stakeholder meeting on November 2,
2013. Over 40 stakeholders attended the meeting and were
invited to comment and provide feedback on new and updated
business plan sections. Prior to the meeting, the draft business
plan was sent to funders and the Steering Committee (SC) for
The key changes highlighted at the meeting included updated
3CTN objectives, the creation of an Executive Committee and
three strategic teams, the introduction of disease site
committees and portfolio maps. The 3CTN working groups
recommendations have been prioritized into Network initiatives
approved by the SC and will be implemented in Phase II.
The feedback from the meeting will be incorporated into the final
business plan. Prior to submission, the business plan will be
reviewed and approved by the SC. The 3CTN business plan will be
submitted on March 14 for international review.
For more information, contact Karen Arts.
About 3CTN
3CTN is a pan-Canadian initiative
with broad stakeholder
The focus of 3CTN is supporting
clinical trial activities at sites
conducting academic trials;
3CTN will improve the efficiency and
quality of clinical trials by providing
coordination and support for a
network of teams at cancer
treatment centres and hospitals;
3CTN is currently in Phase I:
development of a pan-Canadian
business plan;
In Phase II, 3CTN will implement the
approved business plan.
Visit www.3ctn.ca for more
| February 2014
Progress to Date
 Second Steering Committee meeting held;
 Fifth Portfolio Committee meeting held and portfolio
details finalized;
 3CTN working group final recommendations completed;
 Program logic model and prioritization of Network
initiatives completed.
 Draft of business plan completed and sent to funders and
Steering Committee for feedback;
 Second 3CTN Stakeholder Meeting held on February 18,
 Meeting held with funders on Feb, 19, 2014.
Question of the Month: How will the Network Cancer Centres (NCCs)
work with the Network Affiliated Cancer Centres (NACCs)?
In May 2014, 3CTN will release a Request for Applications (RFA) for Network Regional
Coordinating Centres (NRCCs) and NCCs. In the application, the NCCs will need to describe
their proposed NACC linkages, collaboration activities, budget and deliverables. The NCCNACC relationship will encourage collaboration and increase access to clinical trials for
patients. 3CTN encourages potential NCCs to start discussions with their NACCs as soon as
possible. More details to follow once the RFA has been released in early June.
Implementation Strategy
WANTED: Letters of Support
As part of the Business Plan, 3CTN would like
to include letters of support from as many
stakeholder groups as possible. To show your
support, submit a letter of support to Karen
Sincere Thanks!
MaRS Centre
661 University Ave
Suite 510
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M5G 0A3
Once 3CTN receives notification of the
successful review of the business plan,
initial implementation activities will
include the following:
 Establish agreements with
 Issue RFA for NRCC, NCCs and hold
RFA information sessions;
 Establish NCC baseline
recruitment and trial activities;
 Identify NCC-NACC linkages;
 Finalize 3CTN governance
committees and strategic teams.
3CTN aims to finalize agreements with
NRCCs and NCCs in September 2014.
Stay tuned in May 2014 for an official
announcement on the start of Phase II from
For inquiries please
contact: [email protected] or
call 1-866-678-6427
Canadian Cancer Clinical
Trials Network
Key Dates
March 14, 2014: 3CTN Business Plan
submitted and Phase I ends
As Phase I comes to an end, 3CTN would like to
thank all stakeholders, advisors, Steering
Committee, Portfolio Committee and working
group members for their time, expertise and
input into the development of the 3CTN
business plan.
Production of this newsletter has been made possible
through financial support from the Canadian Partnership
against Cancer and Health Canada.
For a list of our partners, please visit www.3ctn.ca.