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PIA/SD’s bi-weekly electronic newsletter, the Bulletin Board, provides exclusive contact with members of the San Diego printing industry on a continuous basis. It’s a great way to consistently
remind 500+ members of your company name, products, and services. PIA/SD is offering a new
opportunity for companies to advertise in the Bulletin Board.
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October 31, 2008
There are twelve measures on the November
ballot on which voters have to make a decision. They range from subject such as treatment of farm animals to legislative redistricting
reform. PIC has taken the following positions
on these ballot measures:
High Speed Rail Bond
Treatment of Farm Animals
Children’s Hospital Bond
Parental Notification about Abortion
Rehabilitation of Non-Violent Offenders
Public Safety Spending (Criminal Penalties)
Renewal Energy
Ban on Gay Marriage
Victims’ Rights
Renewable Energy/Alternative Fuel Bond
Redistricting Reform
Veterans’ Bond
No Position
No Position
No Position
No Position
No Position
No Position
No Position
If you have questions on these or other statewide ballot issues, please contact Gerry Bonetto at 800-449-4898.
Mark Your Calendar for Our FREE Health Benefits Fair
Printing Industries Benefit Trust (PIBT) and PIA/SD staff will be on hand to
show you what's new and how cost saving alternatives can best benefit
your company.
1x: $149 3x: $289 6x: $499
Yes, please sign me up for:
If you would like to talk about how PIBT can
work in your company or discuss options for
the plans you already offer, please call
Miriam Reimers at 858-571-6555 or email her
at [email protected] She can show you ways
to increase options yet still control your costs
and simplify your administration.
6x ($499)
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Clear Out Your Cupboards for the
Harvest Food Drive!
November 17-21, 2008
The Sales Club Harvest Food Drive will begin on
Monday, November 17 and we need everyone's
support and participation! Each year, the PIA/SD
Sales Club teams up with the San Diego Food
Bank to collect food donations for San Diego's
families in need, on behalf of the printing industry.
In addition to donating food, you can also contribute monetary donations to the Food Bank here. As we near the end of
the Harvest Food Drive, please deliver your full boxes to one of two drop-off
locations by Friday, November 21, 2008.
Drop off canned food to one of the following locations by Friday, November 21:
North Coastal
Precision Litho
1185 Joshua Way
Vista, CA 92083
P: (760) 727-9400
Kearny Mesa
PIA San Diego
3914 Murphy Canyon Road, Ste. A157
San Diego, CA 92123
P: (858) 571-6555
All companies who donate will be listed on the website and in the Messenger. Click here for more information.
Mingle Bells V
Join the Holiday Bash of the Year!
For the fifth year in a row, PIA/SD has teamed up with
12 other San Diego communications associations
for a joint holiday mixer. Mingle Bells is the holiday
networking opportunity for professional associations
spanning the advertising, marketing, communications, broadcast, and graphic industries. This is a great opportunity to enjoy
a fun night among peers and mix and mingle with new customers in related
San Diego industries. Enjoy the music, entertainment, hosted appetizers,
no-host bar, and raffle.
Please invoice me
Thursday, December 11, 2008
Universal in Hillcrest
1202 University Avenue
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Register online at:
www.sandiegoadclub.com/minglebells and don’t forget to indicate that
you’re a PIA/SD
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Ten innovative technologies, one
award. Don’t miss the FREE webinar
on the groundbreaking InterTech recipients.
Inaugurated in 1978 to foster awareness and understanding of advanced
graphic arts technology, the PIA/
GATF InterTech™ Technology Awards
honor excellence in innovative technology for the graphic communications industry. This year, twenty-eight
applications were submitted, and
ten innovative technologies were selected to receive the award. Find out
why these technologies impressed
the independent panel of judges at
PIA/GATF ’s InterTech Award Recipient Technologies webinar.
This webinar is presented at no cost
to PIA/GATF members ($99 for nonmembers), so take advantage of this
opportunity to learn about these ten
innovative advancements in digital
press design, prepress content and
color control, flexographic printing
material, value-added print processes, and more...
Complete An Eco-Design
Survey and Help Save the
PIA/GATF is asking its members
to participate in
a survey that is
currently being
conducted that
is designed to
determine what
sustainability attributes of printed products and
packaging are of most importance
and carry the most credibility with
designers and brand owners.
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The Green GPS:
Your Step-By-Step Guide
to a Green
The Green GPS is a step-by-step workbook tool to
help get printers moving on their green initiatives.
Maybe your company has already said, "Okay, we
know we need to do this, and quickly, but how exactly do we get started?" This detailed workbook
gives step -by-step instructions for implementation
of taking the FSC certification to the next level.
Please charge my credit card
November 6, 2008
11 a.m. - 12 p.m. PST
Location: Your Office
Your ad here! Your ad here!
Visit the PIA/SD website for more info.
Check enclosed or being mailed (payable to PIA San Diego)
FREE Webinar:
InterTech™ Award Recipient
For more information, click here.
Register here.
1x ($149)
P I A / G AT F ' s
Economic and
Department has
new and timely
report, Managing in Turbulence: Understanding
Economic Crisis and the Impact on
Print. It provides an understanding of
the causes, depth and nature of the
crisis, impacts on print, and an assessment of the expected path of the
economy and print markets over the
next few months. Additionally, it offers
advice on managing a printing firm in
such a turbulent environment. The report which has a non-member price
of $295 will be distributed to members free of charge within the next
few days. More...
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Member Rates: Understanding the
Economic Crisis
Ads must be:
• Sent as .jpg, .gif, or .pdf file format.
• 2” x 3.5”
February 2-6, 2009
Have you reserved your booth yet?
Don’t miss the industry event of the year!
For each completed survey, the
sponsor will make a donation to the
Nature Conservancy - an organization dedicated to preserving the
world’s natural spaces. The survey
will take about 10 minutes to complete. If you would like to receive a
summary of the survey findings when
it is completed via e-mail, please fill
in the form at the end of the survey.
Using this "green GPS" for printers will help guide any company to create
and implement a green/sustainable plan that even the largest companies in
the industry (and demanding clients) would be proud of. And, it works well
regardless of your location, size or starting point.
Advertising in the PIA/SD
Bulletin Board is currently a
“member’s only” option, so
take advantage of it now!
Purchase the Green GPS workbook now and as a PIA/SD member, receive
20% off the total price of the guide! More…
It’s Survey Time!
Your Help Is Needed in the Sheetfed Benchmarking Study!
On the heels of the excellent reception for the 2007 Sheetfed Benchmarking Study and the 2008 Digital Benchmarking Study, the Technical Research Department is conducting a new “Sheetfed Benchmarking Study.”
All commercial printers with sheetfed printing equipment are encouraged to
participate. Those who do will receive a free customized report highlighting
their company’s performance against other industry-leading sheetfed printers. To participate, visit www.piagatfresearch.org/sheetfedstudy and fill-in
the contact information.
Mark Your Calendars!
CS3 Power Users Webinar Series
November 7-21, 2008
Health Insurance Checkup Seminar
November 13, 2008
Harvest Food Drive
November 17-21, 2008
Internet Slow Pay Launch Seminar
November 19, 2008
Mingle Bells
December 11, 2008
Unsubscribe here.
Questions or comments? Email us or call (858) 571-6555.
FAX TO: 858-571-7935
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