AA3 - 12 Month Maintenance Checklist

AA3 - 12 Month Maintenance Checklist
Changing XY-2/3 Sample Probe and Sample Line
NOTE: The XY2 Sampler Probe is p/n: 168+B532-03. The XY3 Sample Probe is p/n: 168+B582-03. They are NOT interchangable!!
Remove Probe and Sample Line
- Disconnect sample line from probe and connector/splitter
- Unscrew large white nylon nut at the top of the probe
- Remove probe and sample line
Prepare New Probe
- Sleeve probe to sample line (p/n: 562-2015-01) with a short piece of tygon (p/n: 116-0536-09)
Install New Probe
- Remove large white nylon nut from new probe
- Insert Probe into holder
- Slip nylon nut over probe before fully putting probe in place
- Direct sample line to go to the left of the sample arm
- Carefully center probe in lower guide
- Tighten the nylon nut
Route New Sample Line
- Starting at the probe, route the new sample line to the left and then down through the zip tie
- Leaving a small amount of slack, insert the sample line through the 2 clips on the back of the arm
- Route the sample line across the top of the sampler arm or around back of the sampler to a clip placed
on the side of the sampler
- Keep sample line as short as possible by keeping the sampler as close to the pump as possible
- Turn on the sampler and allow it to go through initialization
- Adjust length for slack as needed and cut sample line
- Attach to sample pump tube using connector/splitter
CSM-AA3YR rev 2 5/11
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