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Zero Sample by ZenithMarkeese
Zero Sample by ZenithMarkeese
Dragon Ball Z
2001-04-11 03:00:00
2001-04-11 03:00:00
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Five DBZ chars get killed by a char based on the ultimate creepy bad guy. I made this to show
Zero Sample
Author’s note: Warning: This isn’t for the weak of heart folks. This story was
written by me for a friend to show off how to make a creepy bad guy. Suffice
to say her response was “. . . . . . . . . .disturbing. . . . . . ”. Anyway if you don’t like
Vegeta, Goku, Tien, Choutsu or Yamcha getting killed don’t read this. Oh and
the standard disclaimer I don’t own DBZ and Zero is a char that I’m helping
my friend design. The scary thing is that its supposed to be the char designed
after me! Well obviously it’s a seriously twisted version of me anyway.
Zero sample
Floating motionless in the air, Zero waited for the first of them to arrive. To the east the sun was setting slowly sending an array of colors through
out the sky that he truly enjoyed. If he hadn’t been waiting for a fight he would
have simple sat down and watched it set from a hilltop, he couldn’t though,
so, instead he just watched as he waited. A trail of smoke from the destroyed
village below caught a gleam of the late evening light, turning different colors,
making him think about how something so pretty could have come from some
thing that polluted the air.
He didn’t have long to contemplate this though as he felt a stirring in
the air around him. Turning around he met his opponent face to face.
“Zero!” Called out Goku. The Super sayjin floated in mid air like himself. There was a look of horror on his face as he saw the destroyed homes below.
“How could you do that to those people!”
“Ah man this is so not good.” said Tien.
Zero looked over the whole group, Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien and
Choutsu, “I did that to both gain your attention and also so that the people
there who where cutting down this forest so quickly would no longer be its threat.”
A look of shock came over the groups face.
“Yu-you, monster!” said Yamcha stuttering, his eyes wide.
Zero just looked at the man calmly for a second then raised his hand
palm forward. “Yamiyo.” A blast of dark light shot forward. Yamcha gasped
once then fell to the earth below a gaping hole through his chest. Zero turned
as ,Goku in anger fired a blast at him. “Yami, nekura.” A black energy shield
appeared in front of him absorbing the blow before it reached him. Another
blast of black energy hit Choutsu.
“Choutsu!” yelled Tien. Flying quickly over to the small fighter, Tien
had a moment to realize that no physical damage had happened before the now
mind controlled Choutsu self detonated, killing them both.
“NOOOOOO!!!” yelled Goku turning SSJ in his rage.
he felt the man grab his arm when punched out.
Flying at Zero
There was a sickening crack as Zero broke his arm and then punched
through Goku’s head. The dead saiyjin fell to the ground.
“You won’t get me that easy!” said Vegeta, unperturbed by the death
of his colleagues. Vegeta turned SSJ and glared at him. “Now you’ll feel the
wrath of a true super saiyji. . . ..”
Vegeta was cut short as Zero dashed forward, grabbed him by the head,
and, with one jerk broke his neck. Watching the last of the fighters fall to the
ground below for a moment Zero flew over to one of the hills.
Picking up a flower from the ground he layed back to enjoy the sunset,
not in the least interested in what he had just done. Instead he was more
interested in the pink color the clouds had turned in the sunlight
Zenith Markeese: Well there it is. Well please review even knowing
this was short. Oh and by the way, I didn’t write this when I was depressed.
This was just my idea of the ultimate creepy bad guy and believe it or not I
didn’t even get into the half of it.
P.S. the author’s name i was doing this for was Nisshoku.
favorites list if your interested.
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