Class-VI (Syllabus and Sample Question Paper)

(Syllabus and Sample Question Paper)
Generations of Computers, History of Computer, Input Devices, Output Devices, Networking,
Programming with Logo, Internet, Basic Concept of Multimedia, More on MS-World, Introduction
to the Power Point. Top 10 Learning Modules, More about Window, Everyday Computer Science.
The Actual Question Paper Contains 40 Questions. The Duration of the Test Paper is 60 Minutes
MS-Paint is a?
(A) Application software
(C) System software
(E) None of these
The word ‘computer’ usually refers to the central processor unit plus?
(A) External memory
(C) Input devices
(E) None of these
(B) Accounting software
(D) Physical component
(B) Internal memory
(D) Output devices
Which one of the following devices is named after the name of an animal?
(E) None of these
The language that the computer can understand and execute is known as?
(A) Machine language
(C) High level language
(E) None of these
(B) Assembly language
(D) All of these
Which company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry?
(A) Motorola
(C) Intel
(E) None of these
Which topology requires a multipoint connection?
(A) Mesh
(C) Bus
(E) None of these
(B) F5
(D) F9
The information to be communicated in a data communications system is the _______?
(A) Medium
(C) Message
(E) None of these
(B) Star
(D) Ring
Which key do you press to check spelling?
(A) F3
(C) F7
(E) None of these
(B) Protocol
(D) Transmission
@ symbol is pronounced as?
(A) At the rate
(C) At the run
(E) None of these
(B) At the same
(D) And
10. Control unit of a digital computer is often called the:
(A) Clock
(C) ICs
(E) None of these
(B) Nerve center
(D) All the above
11. ____________ is the protocol suite for the current Internet.
(A) TCP / IP
(E) None of these
12. Refresh button is found on?
(A) Task bar
(C) Address bar
(E) None of these
(B) Status bar
(D) Tool bar
13. A _______________ connection provides a dedicated link between two devices.
(A) Point to point
(C) Primary
(E) None of these
(B) Multi-point
(D) Secondary
14. In which way does MS-Ofce provide help?
(A) What’s this
(C) Ofce Assistant
(E) None of these
(B) Help menu
(D) All the above
15. _______________ option is used to close our accounting after nishing work.
(A) Sign out
(C) Sign in
(E) None of these
(B) Inbox
(D) Log in
1. A
6. C
11. A
2. B
7. C
12. C
3. C
8. C
13. A
4. A
9. A
14. D
5. C
10. B
15. A