Jekyll and Hyde.

Program Note Sample Sheet from Jekyll and Hyde.
Dear Cast/Crew/Pit/Production Team,
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. It was a privilege to work
with all of you. You did a spectacular job! Break legs!
Congratulations to the entire cast, crew, pit, production and directing
members of Jekyll and Hyde on an outstanding show! Your individual and
collective talents are second to none! Way to go!
Carrie and Neil Codell
We couldn’t be prouder. Every show gets better and better. It’s so much fun
watching you do what you love.
Congratulations to you and the entire cast on another fantastic show.
Mom, Dad, Carly and Sammi
You were great!
Awesome production.
Love Grandma and Papa
Congratulations on four fabulous years of
amazing performances on the stages of HPHS!
We have loved every minute of every show! Your
tireless work ethic and incredible passion moves
and inspires us. We are so proud of you! You are
and always will be our shining star.
Ti Amo Cami! Mom, Dad and Bryce.
Cami Codell
Lady Beaconsfield
Michael (Sir Poops),
It’s been a great four years…keep following your
dreams. We’re so proud of you!
Have fun!
Love ya!
Mom, Dad & Josh.
Michael Cohen
Sir Proops
Congratulations to the Crew, Cast and Orchestra!!!
Corrine Bronson-Adatto and Steven Adatto
Dear Conor,
We are so proud of your hard work and
Congratulations to the cast, crew, pit and board
on a great show!
Mom, Dad, Patrick & Trevor
Colette, we are so proud of you!!!!!!!
Mom, Dad, Marielle, Mia and Joie
Congratulations Martin and best to the entire cast and crew of Jekyll and
From the Gold Family (also known as the Original Martin Gold Fan Club).
Conor Flavin
Poor Chorus