State of South Carolina ) County of Horry

State of South Carolina
County of Horry
Town of Surfside Beach
Resolution #14-140
In Recognition of T. J. “Bill” Harrison, First Mayor of the Town of Surfside Beach
Naming Poplar Park the “T. J. ‘Bill’ Harrison Memorial Park”
WHEREAS, the Town of Surfside Beach Town Council in chambers duly assembled in a
regularly scheduled meeting held on the 14th day of January 2014 is desirous of recognizing
Thomas Jenkins Harrison, also known as T. J. ‘Bill’ Harrison, the first mayor of the Town of
Surfside Beach; and
WHEREAS, Town Council recognizes that a policy was adopted on September 9, 2003 that
prohibits naming public properties after individuals; however, that policy was not codified as
an ordinance, and Town Council deems it appropriate that this resolution be adopted for the
following reasons:
1. T. J. “Bill” Harrison was the first mayor of the Town of Surfside Beach.
2. The Harrison Family has maintained a presence in Surfside Beach since before its
inception in 1964, beginning in 1956 as the sixth permanent residents of Surfside Beach.
3. The first town hall office was located in adjacent to Mr. Harrison’s grocery store on
Highway 17 South at 3rd Avenue, in an office space built for this purpose; the first post office
was also located adjacent to the grocery store.
4. The town celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year and the 50th Anniversary Focus
Group recommended naming Poplar Park in honor of Mr. Harrison.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Surfside Beach Town Council
does hereby formally name the park located on the corner of Surfside and Poplar Drives as the
T. J. “Bill” Harrison Memorial Park
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following steps shall be taken to effect this
1. A sign designating the park as the T. J. “Bill” Harrison Memorial Park shall be erected
in the park at the corner of Surfside Drive and Poplar Drive.
2. A bronze relief of former Mayor Harrison shall be erected.
Resolution 14-140
January 14, 2013
Page Two
3. Said relief shall include former Mayor Harrison’s tenure, 1964 to 1967, and such other
information as Town Council approves upon recommendation of the town administrator.
4. The town administrator is directed upon adoption of this resolution to implement this
BE IT SO RESOLVED, this 14th day January 2014.
Douglas F. Samples, Mayor
Mary M. Mabry, Mayor Pro Tempore
Ann Dodge, Town Council
Mark L. Johnson, Town Council
Elizabeth A. Kohlmann, Town Council
Roderick E. Smith, Town Council
Randle M. Stevens, Town Council
Debra E. Herrmann, CMC
Town Clerk