sample document This is a good sample for goal AOI justification

This is a good sample for goal
statement, and an average sample of
AOI justification
sample document
Sample Document
Very good and personal Goal Statement,
and very nicely done AOI justification.
Very good ideas. Just one little missmatch between her chosen AOI and her
goal. In the beginning, she says her goal is to
produce 3 story books, that would have
been HI. In order to link it better to
H&SE, she should have started her Goal
Statement with her 2nd sentence: "I
hope to set an example for book
companies…", and then continue with
the first, something like: that is why I
will "produce 3 story books which have
the same…".
Sample Document
Good and personal Goal Statement,
although the student does not write the
actual word "goal"… she should! Instead
of "My idea is to…" it would have been
better for the student to write "The goal
of my project is to break…"
AOI justification, OK … Although using
the MYP AOI wording and even questions
related to it, would have been better.
Sample document
Personal Project
“Behind the Scenes: COLOMBIA”
My personal project is a Documentary about the myths currently attached to Colombia.
The documentary is called ‘Behind the Scenes: COLOMBIA’ and I chose to make this
documentary for a lot of reasons. The first reason is that I am from Colombia, and since I
moved to Singapore, I have realised that a lot of my peers either do not know much about
my country, or they have never even heard of it. The second reason is that the people who
do know about Colombia, think of it as an extremely dangerous country where there is
violence everywhere and drug dealers in every corner. Not only do my peers think this, but
some teachers do as well. Recently, I have been getting a lot of questions from my peers
and teachers about Colombia, if it is too dangerous to visit, if it is dangerous to live there,
etc. So by making this documentary, I would like to set the record straight. My idea is to
break the myths and show that Colombia is a beautiful place to live in.
AOI Justification:
My chosen AOI is Health & Social Education. This is because I am showcasing this to
teenagers in OFS, my audience, and teaching through the documentary so they can
understand more about Colombia and its people, and clear up any untrue or misguided
facts about Colombia.
The product will prove that the AOI is Health and Social Education because viewers will be
more knowledgeable about Colombia and will understand more about the country. The AOI will also
be proven by a survey given to students asking them what they know about Colombia before the
video, and another one for after the video is over. I think this video will help to clear up a lot of
untrue facts that students might have heard through media about Colombia. I think this
because the video begins by explaining the myths about Colombia and then explains what
the problems in Colombia really are and also shows that a lot of things are being done to
help reduce the number of problems. This will be supported by a interview with a foreign
person in Colombia who talks about how her opinion has changed about Colombia since
she has lived there. All these things will help my audience to understand more about
Colombia and towards the end of the video, there is footage about some of the good
things Colombia is known for.
Good sample of personal engagement in
the goal statement. The AOI justification
is a bit ambiguous, as in the beginning
she focuses more on the social
repercussion of the guide, which would
lead to think the AOI would be C&S or
H&SE, but later on she explains it better,
and why HI is her chosen AOI.
Sample document
In-text reference in both subheadings!
Very good sample of Goal Statement and
AOI justification.
Sample Document