TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Online Application Sample

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
Online Application Sample
The questions below are those asked in the 4-page Online Application to the TD Friends
of the Environment Foundation.
Work through this form – fill it out – then complete the different sections when you
apply online. DO NOT SUBMIT this form. Use the online version.
More information and Application
Online Application:
Page 1
* Required before final submission
Apply for funding from TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.
Charitable Registration Number
(Please note that Charitable Registration Numbers are not required from Municipalities that
apply for funding.)
In addition to your Charitable Registration Number, you must provide your School Board name.
Please complete a separate application for each Chapter of the TD Friends of the Environment
Foundation that you are applying to.
To see a list of our Chapters, please click on "Our Chapters" above.
Organization Name
If the legal name of your organization is different from your organization name, please indicate
here. Otherwise, please leave this space blank.
E-mail Address
Street Address
Province [Drop down menu]
Postal Code
Organization Phone #
Organization Fax #
Web Site Address
Primary Contact for Organization
e.g. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.
First Name
Last Name
Title/Position or Affiliation to Organization
Primary Contact - Office Phone
Primary Contact - Home/Other Phone
Page 2
* Provide a brief description of your organization
Describe the purpose and/or mandate of your organization?
* What is the primary focus of your organization?
Please select the category that best describes your organization:
Is your organization affiliated with any other international, national, regional, provincial or local
If yes, please give the full name of the organization(s) to which you are affiliated.
* Brief project title.
Please limit your response to no more than 25 words. More details can be provided in the
spaces below.
* What is the primary focus of your project/activity? Please select one option only:
* Project Description & Impact on your Community:
Tell us about your plans, what is unique about the project and how it fits into the mission and
goals of your organization. No more than 200 words please.
* What is the environmental issue that will be addressed by the project?
* Why is this an important issue/problem in your community?
* What is the dollar amount of your request?
* Over what period is the project taking place?
* Project Start Date
* Project End Date
* Please select the chapter you are applying to. For a list of communities in each chapter
please see Our Chapters at the top of this page.
00504 Toronto/North York
Please indicate the province/territory in which the project is taking place?
* Please indicate the town/city that is closest to the project site?
How many volunteers will be involved with the project?
Page 3
Project Budget
* What is the total amount (in dollars) of your project budget?
* Please give us an itemized list of how TD Friends of the Environment Foundation funds will
be used and provide the dollar amount per item.
Please list other sources of revenue (if any) and amounts for this project. Include any in-kind
Page 4
* How would TD Friends of the Environment Foundation be recognized for funding this project?
How will you share the results of this project with others?
How will you measure the effectiveness of this program?
What measures are in place to gage your results? How will you quantify its success?
Please describe any controversial issues associated with this project. If applicable.
Please use this section to briefly mention any relevant points that have not been addressed in
the application form. No more than 200 words please.
In submitting this application to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for funding, the
applicant agrees that in the event this application is successful, The Toronto-Dominion Bank
(TD), will be granted permission that, at its option, TD may publish or otherwise use the
applicant's name and project details without limitation and without compensation, in any
publicity carried out by TD or its advertising agencies.