Standard EquipmEnt

Standard Equipment
Rocklabs are world leaders in the
development of sample preparation
equipment for the minerals and metal
industry. Our Standard Equipment range
extends from crushing, splitting and
dividing through to pulverising samples
ready for analysis.
Our equipment has been developed for
many different parts of industry; from
small research institutes and university
laboratories, to commercial or industrial
laboratories and large-scale mining and
Rocklabs Sample Preparation
Equipment is the industry standard
and is built to last using the highest
quality componentry.
Designed for purpose
Rocklabs has developed specific
equipment suitable for crushing,
splitting and pulverising materials
including rocks, soil, coal, cement,
glass, limestone, bricks, wood, plant
material, slags and concrete; and
for XRF, XRD, other instrumental
methods and wet chemistry.
Range of sizes and
We have equipment suitable for
high volumes and large spaces, or
smaller units designed to process
smaller volumes in more compact
High Quality
Our equipment is low maintenance
and built to last.
Standard Equipment
Boyd Crusher
Rotating Sample Dividers
Rocklabs Boyd Crusher is the world’s
first double-acting fine jaw crusher.
Featuring top and bottom moving jaws,
the patented design enables samples to
be reduced to 25 times the original size
in a single pass.
Rocklabs Rotating Sample Dividers
(RSDs) are designed to split out a
representative proportion of a sample
with a high degree of dividing accuracy.
The design is robust and the machinery
easy to operate. Rocklabs produce RSDs
in benchtop and stand alone models.
Rocklabs Pulverisers are used for
pulverising a variety of materials for
subsequent analysis. Rocklabs produce
Pulverisers in a Standard model, a
more compact benchtop model and the
RM 2000 model.
·· Jaws can hold up to 5kg of sample
·· 50mm sample can be crushed to 2mm in a single pass
·· Jaws can be easily adjusted and rotated to extend useful life.
·· Delivers an accurate representative
split of any proportion (from 2% to 50%)
·· Provides two representative splits:
sample and remainder.
·· Pulverises material from 1g to 100g (bench top model) and 100g to
1500g with other models.
·· Very low contamination of samples
·· Low capital cost
·· Quiet and low
Range of Heads
Big Boyd Crusher
Rocklabs offers a wide range
of Heads to be used on the
Bench Top Ring Mill and the
Standard Ring Mill including
Agate, Carbon Steel, Chrome
Steel, Tungsten Carbide and Zirconia. The correct choice
of head is determined by the size and type of sample
being pulverised.
This larger-model
Boyd Crusher features
jaws that can hold
up to 20kg of sample
and crush a 150mm
sample to 6mm in a
single pass.
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