Li Lu
Associate Editors
Andreas Rüdiger
Simon P. Ringer
Jan Van Humbeeck
Topical Issue: Frontiers in Thermoelectric Materials
Guest Editors
Dr. Tie-Jun Zhu and Dr. David Singh
Aims and Scope
Functional Materials Letters is an international peer-reviewed scientific journal for original contributions
to research on the synthesis, behavior and characterization of functional materials. The journal
seeks to provide a rapid forum for the communication of novel research of high quality and with an
interdisciplinary flavor. The journal is an ideal forum for communication amongst materials scientists
and engineers, chemists and chemical engineers, and physicists in the dynamic fields associated with
functional materials.
The scope of the journal covers theoretical and experimental studies of functional materials,
characterization and new applications-related research on functional materials in macro-, micro- and
nano-scale science and engineering.
Li Lu (National University of Singapore)
Associate Editors
Simon P Ringer (The University of Sydney, Australia)
Andreas Rüdiger (Université du Québec, Canada)
Jan Van Humbeeck (Kathelieke Universiteit Leuven,
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Editorial Board
Andrew J Bell (University of Leeds, United Kingdom)
Jin-Hyo Boo (SungKyunKwan University, Korea)
Rüdiger-A. Eichel (RWTH Aachen University &
Research Institute Juelich, Germany)
Mark Hoffman (New South Wales University, Australia)
Kiyoshi Kanamura (Tokyo Metropolitan University,
Kenji Kitamura (Kyushu University, Japan)
Yigal Komem (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology,
Jianyi Lin (Institute of Chemical and Engineering
Sciences, Singapore)
Zongwen Liu (University of Sydney, Australia)
Yong Fong Lu (University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA)
Janina Molenda (AGH University of Science and
Technology, Poland)
Stanislav Nespurek (Laboratory of Electronic
Phenomena, Czech Republic)
Masanori Okuyama (Osaka University, Japan)
Stuart Parkin (IBM Almaden Research Center, USA)
David Joseph Singh (Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Ai Kah Soh (Monash University Sunway Campus,
Shi-Gang Sun (Xiamen University, China)
Qiang Xu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)
Dongfeng Xue (Dalian University of Technology, China)
Tie-Jun Zhu (Zhejiang University, China)
Featured Articles
Crystallization of Oxides as Functional Materials
Congting Sun, Shuyan Song, Dongfeng Xue, Hongjie Zhang (Chinese
Academy of Sciences, China)
Defect-Origin and Stability of Visible Emission in ZnO Nanopillars
Xiaoyong Xu (Southeast University and Yangzhou University, China),
Zhulin Jin, Chunxiang Xu, Jiyuan Guo, Zengliang Shi (Southeast
University, China), J. Pan, Jingguo Hu (Yangzhou University, China)
Recent Advances in Sodium Intercalation Positive Electrode Materials
for Sodium Ion Batteries
Jing Xu, Dae Hoe Lee, Ying Shirley Meng (University of California San
Diego, USA)
Recent Progress in Boron- and Nitrogen-Based Chemical Hydrogen
Zhang-Hui Lu, Qiang Xu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (AIST) and Kobe University, Japan)
Synchronous Electrochromism of Lithium Ion Battery with Chemically
Fabricated Transparent Thin Films
Hiroki Nagai, Hiroki Hara, Mitsuhiro Enomoto, Chihiro Mochizuki,
Tohru Honda, Ichiro Takano, Mitsunobu Sato (Kogakuin University,
Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Pure and Cu Doped Zno Nanorods:
Role of Copper or Defects
Shalendra Kumar, B. H. Koo, C. G. Lee (Changwon National University, Korea)
, Sanjeev Gautam, K. H.
Chae (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), S. K. Sharma, M. Knobel
(Universidade Estadual de Campinas, (UNICAMP), Brazil)
Single-Phased and Emission-Tunable CaLa2-xEuxZnO5 Phosphors with Blue
Light Excitation for WLEDS
Vengala Rao Bandi, Bhaskar Kumar Grandhe, Kiwan Jang, Ho-Sueb Lee
(Changwon National University, Korea), Soung-Soo Yi (Silla University, Korea),
Jung-Hyun Jeong (Pukyong National University, Korea)
SnO2 Nanocrystallite: Novel Synthetic Route from Deep Eutectic Solvent and
Lithium Storage Performance
C. D. Gu, Y. J. Mai, J. P. Zhou, J. P. Tu (Zhejiang University, China)
Spinel Li2MTi3O8 (M = Mg, Mg0.5Zn0.5) Nanowires with Enhanced
Electrochemical Lithium Storage
Zhensheng Hong, Tongbin Lan, Yongzan Zheng, Lilong Jiang, Mingdeng Wei
(Fuzhou University, China)
Synthesis and Properties of Li2MnSiO4 Composite Cathode Material for Safe
Li-Ion Batteries
Marcin Molenda, Michał Swietoslawski, Alicja Rafalska-Łasocha, Roman
Dziembaj (Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Synthesis, Phase Transfer and Surface Modification of Hydrophobic
Quantum Dots for Bioapplications
Ruili Zhang (University of Jinan, China), Xiao Zhang (University of
Toronto, Canada), Xiaoyu Li, Ping Yang (University of Jinan, China)
The Study on Synthesis and Modification for Iron Phosphate
X. Yang, S. M. Zhang, J. X. Zhang, M. Y. XU, P. Ren, X. C. Li(Shanghai University
of Electric Power, China), L. C. Yan (Hangzhou Normal University, China)
Highly Cited Articles
Thiocyanate-Free, Panchromatic Ruthenium (II) Terpyridine Sensitizer
Having a Tridentate Diethylenetriamine Ligand for Near-IR Sensitization Of
Nanocrystaline TiO2
Ashraful Islam (National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan and King
Saud University, Saudi Arabia), Surya Prakash Singh, Liyuan Han (National
Institute for Materials Science (NIMS))
A Porous Vanadium Pentoxide Material and its Electrochemical
Properties in Aqueous Electrolyte
Zhaohui Li, Jiaojun Tang, Jie Yang, Cheng Cheng, Qizhen Xiao, Gangtie
Lei (Xiangtan University, China)
Band Gap Prediction of Alloyed Semiconductors
Keyan Li, Yanju Li (Dalian University of Technology, China), Dongfeng
Xue (Dalian University of Technology and Chinese Academy of
Sciences, China)
Enhanced Electrocaloric Properties of PMN-PT Thin Films with LSCO
Buffer Layers
Y. He, X. M. Li X. D. Gao, X. Leng, W. Wang(Chinese Academy of
Sciences, China)
Hierarchical Carbon Nanotube-Inorganic Hybrid Structures Involving
CNT Arrays and CNT Fibers
S. Neocleus, S. W. Pattinson, A. M. Moisala Motta, A. H. Windle
(University of Cambridge, UK), D. Eder (University of Cambridge, UK
and Universität Münster, Germany)
Highly Catalytic Active Nanostructured Pt Electrodes for DyeSensitized Solar Cells Prepared by Low Temperature Electrodeposition
Hong Lin, Feng Hao, Chun Fu Lin, Jian Bao Li (Tsinghua University,
China), Ning Wang (University of Electronic Science and Technology
of China)
LiFe1-xMnxPO4/C Composite as Cathode Material for Lithium Ion
Ai Fang Liu (Tongji University, China), Zu Biao Wen (Jiangxi Normal
University, China), Ya Fei Liu, Zhong Hua Hu (Tongji University, China)
Material Problems and Prospects of Li-Ion Batteries for Vehicles
J. Molenda (AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland)
Mild Solution Route to Mixed-Phase MnO2 with Enhanced
Electrochemical Capacitance
Deyuan Cui, Kun Gao, Pai Lu (Dalian University of Technology, China),
Hong Yang, Yinong Liu (University of Western Australia), Dongfeng Xue
(Dalian University of Technology, China)
Rapid and Cost Effective Synthesis of ZnO Nanorods using Microwave
Irradiation Technique
Faheem Ahmed, Shalendra Kumar, Nishat Arshi, M. S. Anwar, Bon
Heun Koo, Chan Gyu Lee (Changwon National University, Korea)
Rapid Thermal Annealing Induced Enhanced Band-Edge Emission from
ZnO Nanowires, Nanorods and Nanoribbons
Soumen Dhara, P. K. Giri (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,
Ultrathin Li4Ti5O12 Nanosheets as a High Performance Anode for Li-Ion
Zhensheng Hong, Tongbin Lan, Fuyu Xiao, Huixing Zhang, Mingdeng Wei
(Fuzhou University, China)
Most-Read Articles
An AFM Investigation of Surface Energy of Pentacene Films on Parylene-C And
M. Iazykov, M. Erouel, R. Villey, E. Souteyrand, J. Tardy, M. Phaner-Goutorbe
(Université de Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon and CNRS), V. A. Skryshevsky (Kiev
National Taras Shevchenko University, Ukraine)
Electric, Magnetic and Mechanical Coupling Effects on Ferroelectric Properties
and Surface Potential of BiFeO3 Thin Film
Amit Kumar, Feng Yan, Kaiyang Zeng, Li Lu (National University of Singapore)
Modification of Structural and Transport Properties of Layered LixNi1-yzCoyMnzO2 Cathode Materials
Anna Milewska, Janina Molenda (AGH University of Science and Technology,
Poly (3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene)/MnO2 Mesoporous Nanocomposite with
Excellent High-Rate Electrochemical Properties
Qing Lu, Yikai Zhou (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
Solvothermal Preparation of CeO2 Nanocubes and Their Catalytic Properties
Dong-En Zhang (Huaihai Institute of Technology, China and Japan Science and
Technology Agency), Ai-Mei Chen (Lianyungang Higher Vocational Technology
College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China), Ming-Yan Wang, Jun-Yan Gong,
Xiao-Bo Zhang, Shan-Zhong Li, Gui-Quan Han, Ai-Ling Ying (Huaihai Institute
of Technology, China), Zhi-Wei Tong (Huaihai Institute of Technology, China and
Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Structural and Optical Properties of Eu3+ Doped Cerium Oxide
R. Srinivasan, A. Chandra Bose (National Institute of Technology, India)
Synthesis, Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of In-Situ Synthesized
Polyaniline/Silver Nanocomposites
Fahad Alam, Sajid Ali Ansari, Wasi Khan, M. Ehtisham Khan, A. H. Naqvi
(Aligarh Muslim University, India)
Thin NiTi Wires with Reduced Thermal Hysteresis for Shape Memory Actuators
Riccardo Casati, Ausonio Tuissi (National Research Council (CNR-IENI), Italy),
Serguei Belochapkine, Calum Dickinson, Syed A. M. Tofail (University of
Limerick, Ireland)
Trap Distribution near the Energy Band Gap Edge in MDMO-PPV
Vaidotas Kažukauskas, Mindaugas Pranaitis (Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Call for Papers
Functional Materials Letters provides a common forum
for materials scientists and engineers, chemists, and
physicists to rapidly communicate the most important
topics and issues in the dynamic field associated with
emerging field of functional materials.
“ World Scientific is pleased to announce
that authors can now choose to have their
journal articles made available with full
open access! For this purpose, authors will
be charged a basic article processing fee.”
We welcome original research paper related to different
aspects of Functional Materials in the categories listed
below and others related to the broad theme of the
For more information, please email:
[email protected] for more information.
Ferroelectric materials
Ferromagnetic materials
Multiferroic materials
Magneto-optical materials
Optoelectric materials
Thermoelectric materials
Energy conversion, Energy storage and materials for
sustainable energy
ŠŠ Shape memory materials
ŠŠ Computational science and design to predict novel
functional materials
ŠŠ Application of micro- and nano-engineering in
functional materials
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