1. The goal of achieving a synergistic effect through IMC is to
a) achieve as large of a reach and frequency from advertising as possible
b) make sure that any marketing effort uses all media available
c) make various media build on each other's efforts, to ensure coherent and timely communication
d) keep to a minimum the number of different media that need to be coordinated
2. One of the following is NOT a ‘Top Down Approach’ method:
a) Arbitrary allocation
c) Competitive Parity
b) % of Sales
d) Objective and Task Method
3. To meet FTC standards for the use of a celebrity endorser,
a) the celebrity must be considered an expert in the field
b) the celebrity must actually use the product
c) the FTC must approve the spots before they are run
d) the celebrity must actually write the statements he or she makes within the advertisement
4. Thomas Automobile’s management has budgeted $1,000,000 for television advertising for
the coming year. How much can their advertising agency expect to earn from this
commitment using a traditional commission system compensation plan?
a) $20,000
c) $100,000
b) $15,000
d) $150,000
5. “A FREE conditioner bottle with the purchase of a shampoo bottle” is an example of:
a) Self Liquidating Premium
c) Free Premium
b) Price Off Deal
d) Sampling
6. The anxiety or regret that lingers after a consumer makes a difficult purchase decision is
referred to as
a) Cognitive consistency
c) Cognitive dissonance
b) Evaluative state
d) Evaluative confusion
7. A subset of brands from a particular product category that becomes the focal point of a
consumer's evaluation is a(n)
a) Evaluative set
c) Brand Focus Set
b) Consideration set
d) Cognition Set
8. According to our class presentation, which of the following is NOT one of the ‘Source
Attributes’ influencing persuasion?
a) Credibility
c) Attractiveness
b) Power
d) Consistency
9. In RFM analysis, RFM stands for recency, frequency, mailings. – F
10. Motorola's worldwide advertising campaign for cell phones is an attempt to provide a
common theme and presentation in all markets including consumers in North America,
Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. This is an example of a global advertising
campaign. - T
11. Contests and sweepstakes are excellent devices for stimulating brand interest. – T
12. The elaboration likelihood model of information processing (ELM) includes two paths to
a consumer’s attitude change, a central (low involvement) route and a peripheral (high
involvement) route. - F
13. Define functional benefits and emotional benefits. Then, select a product that you use at least
once a week and describe two possible functional benefits and two possible emotional benefits a
person might receive from using the product. Be as specific as possible.
14. What according to you is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)? List any two
promotional tools that form an important part of an organization’s promotional mix. Explain
each briefly with relevant real world examples.
15a. The Pizza ad shown here is an example of
______________________ execution style. Explain why.
15b. ____________________ ad appeal is used in the
“Michelin” ad shown here. Justify your answer.