7. On this page you can create

1. Go to ClickClickSave.com.
Select Your Community (City)
page is shown on the right.
4. Enter your email address
and password, and then click
on “Login”. You will now go
to the Advertiser Center Home
Click on the City where you
will be entering your business
information. This will take
you to the home page for the
selected city.
2. Home Page for City Selected
Click on “Advertise” for more
information. That will take
you to the Advertise page.
Click here to start inputting
your data. Which will take you
to the New Account page.
Note: If you are listed in the
Business Directory, click on the
“Gold Key” to sign in, to add
new offers, or make changes to
your information or offers.
7. On this page you can create
an offer or offers to be viewed
on ClickClickSave.com. We
require* that the offer be a
savings to the user. A free service, specials, discounts, and
sale items all qualify. To view
your offers and / or add a photo
click on: “View special offers”
on your Advertiser Center
Home Page.
* See “Terms of Use” on
ClickClickSave.com if you
have a question on posting
something that could be considered objectionable.
5. Your Advertiser Center
Home Page is your control
panel. From here you will
create new offers, update your
profile, put in your logo and
photo. Click on Update Profile
will take you to the Update
Profile Page. Click on Create a
New offer will take you to the
Special Offer Page. You can
also pay for your advertising
on this page. For those sending
a check, please ignore the pay
buttons. Click on contact or
look at the back of this flyer for ADVERTISE CENTER HOME PAGE
the address to mail your check.
8. This is a sample of what a
business page with offers looks
like. Yours can look similar.
The logo can only be 400
pixels (px) by 100 px and less
than 50 KB. The photo on the
offer is 100 px by 100 px and
less than 50 KB. The photo
in the lower right is 300 px by
300 px and less than 50 KB. If
you need assistance in sizing
photos, or logos, email them to:
[email protected]
This is a free service with the
initial setup of your
6. On this page you can enter
a heading for your business
and enter a description of your
business and / or information
about you. You can also enter
your public email, and any other changes to your information.
You can also upload a photo
and your logo. See # 8 to see a
sample of what a business page
looks like with a logo, photo,
and a couple of offers.
9. If you click on the printer
icon on one of the offers, it
opens a new page with the
offer. The user has the option of printing the offer. We
recommend that whenever
possible just have the potential
customer mention they saw
this offer on ClickClickSave.
com. As the Internet evolves
more and more individuals will
be using a portable device to
search the web, and will not
have access to a printer.
3. Start inputting your information. When finished, click
on “Submit”. Congratulations,
you have now created your
Business Page on ClickClickSave.com. You will now be
directed to the Login page.
Note: Most of this information
is not posted on your business
page. The only information that is
transfered to your business page is:
Business Name, Business Address,
Business Phone and Website address. You can enter a public email
later on the update profile page.