Year 4 Homework Grid Term 1 Weeks 5-6 Spelling Maths

Year 4 Homework Grid
Term 1 Weeks 5-6
Learn your class spelling list. Have a go at
some of the fun spelling ideas provided.
Times Tables!!
Master your 2x and 3x tables . Learn them
frontwards, backwards and sideways.
Study Ladder
Logon to to complete the tasks set by your
teacher. These activities reinforce and consolidate skills learnt in
literacy and mathematics during class.
Physical Activity
Helping at Home
Enjoy some family and friend time by playing
an indoor game (not requiring
computers/TV). Play cards or your favourite
board game. Eg Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee.
Try your hand at something artistic such as
painting, drawing, sketching, sewing, knitting
or woodwork. Keep it for yourself or give it as
a gift to a family member or friend (after you
have brought it to school to show the class).
Get off the couch and get outside! Enjoy the
outdoors, fresh air and get fit and healthy.
Play a sport, ride a bike, go fishing, walk the
dog, have a swim. Get Active!!
Prepare your weekly news presentation (2
mins), on a piece of paper or palm cards
ready to present to your class on your news
day. Practise it in front of a family member,
or even the dog! 
Week 5: Presentation of your creative
Week 6: Watch the news and report on a
news item that you found interesting.
As you complete each activity,
record it in your Homework book.
Return to school on Wednesday
Week 6.
Lend a hand around the house or backyard to help get the chores
done. Make your bed, tidy your room, wash up, mow the lawn, or
weed the garden! Mum & Dad will be thankful, and you never know,
you may earn some pocket money!
Find a book or magazine that interests you and enjoy some quiet
reading time before bed each night. Ask Mum & Dad to read to you
some nights too!
1. Acrostic Poem
2. Chalk writing
3. Computer
4. Magazine Cut
Make an acrostic poem using the letters of your words eg. SHOE: Stay happy over Easter.
Write your words on the concrete, the blackboard or a white board. Try writing them with your eyes closed.
Type your words on the computer and print them. Cut and paste them onto your Homework book.
Find the letters that make up your spelling words in magazines or newspapers and glue them into your Homework book. You might even be
able to find the whole word in the newspaper.
5.Magnetic Letters
6.Letter Stamps
7.Short Story
9.Word Find
Arrange the magnetic letters to form your spelling words.
Stamp your spelling words using the letter stamps and stamp pad into your Homework book.
Write a short story in your Homework book using your spelling words.
Use a stencil to write your spelling words into your Homework book.
Using a blank grid make a word find. Include all of your words. Swap with a friend. Glue the word find into your Homework book.
10. Clap the Rhythm
11.Body Shapes
14.Sand Tracing
16.Water Painting
17.Bubble Writing
18.Fancy Letters
19.Finger prints
Clap the syllables of your spelling words and remember the beat for each word.
Try to make each letter of your spelling word by bending and stretching your body into shapes.
Use chalk to draw hopscotch squares for your spelling words. Hop on the letters in order saying each letter as you land.
Mould your spelling words from playdough. Roll it into coils and shape the letters of your words.
Write your spelling words in a sand tray.
Skip, jump or hop saying each letter of your spelling words aloud or bounce a ball.
Using a container and a paintbrush - paint your words. Try to finish each word before the water dries.
Write your spelling words in your Homework book using bubble writing.
Draw your spelling words in your Homework book in large block letters and decorate the letters with a design. Be creative.
Use paint or a stamp pad to finger print the shapes of the letters that make up your spelling words. Print them in your Homework book.
20.Hole Punch
21.Paper Chain
22.Pin Prick
23.Wool Letters
24.Word Art
27.Word Cube Mobile
28.Word Shapes
29.Friends Back
Use the dots from a hole punch and your spelling journal to create the shapes of your spelling words.
Write the letters of your spelling words on to strips of paper and link them together to make paper chains.
Create your spelling words by pricking holes in paper with a pin. Do this on a soft surface like the carpet.
Use wool to form the letters of your spelling words. Glue them into your Homework book.
Use the letters of your spelling word to create a picture
Arrange blocks or other objects to form words. Try placing large objects and viewing from above.
Make your spelling words using matchsticks. Choose one word to glue into your Homework book.
Make a cube form a piece of paper. Before gluing it together write your spelling words on the faces.
Write your spelling words in lower case and draw around them to for a shape. Think about your shape.
Trace your spelling words on to a friend's back. Can they guess your word? Trace slowly.
Use your Homework book to play hangman. See if your partner can guess your words.
Spelling List