JF McKenna Ltd Newsletter New products and developments

JF McKenna Ltd
New products and developments
A lot has been happening
within JF McKenna’s over the
last few months and we are
now pleased to announce just
some of our developments.
We have brought to the UK and
Ireland a revolution in LPHW
Heating and Air mixing from
Chore-time called “Cubo”
Chore-time's CUBO™ Heat
Mixer equalizes the house
temperature by circulating hot
air from the ceiling back to the
floor. Its built-in heat exchanger
can also add heat to the house.
Connection to LPHW is a perfect
choice especially from a
renewable heating source.
JF McKenna Ltd
We have teamed with The
Collinson Agricultural Division.
Renowned for superior quality,
all products have been designed
and select ed t o maximize
feeding efficiency. Silos,
conveyors and feeders are all
available as a complete system
or individual items, installed or
as parts only, the choice is
Collinson have a comprehensive
storage range of high quality
silos with capacities of up to 40
tonnes. Their range is
complimented by flex auger
conveyors which together with
our Chore-time range can
transpor t the feed to its
destination. They have an
expansive range of feeders
including their renowned spin
feeder and with various
weighers help to aid feed
management. “Working together to reduce
your energy costs”
Our Energy saving partner for
the UK market have a tailored
solution for your farm. Biomass,
PV, Solar or wind multiple
options but one number.
EcoFit provides the following
solutions to commercial markets:
• SiteSelection
• Bespoke Solution Development
•P r o j e c t M a n a g e m e n t &
• Maintenance Contracts
See the enclosed flyer!
Andy Price: Mark Stephenson: Kieran Murphy:
Richard Campbell:
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Head office: 028 3752 4800