3100 Purge and Trap Sample Concentrator Features

3100 Purge and Trap Sample
Unmatched inertness with Silcosteel tubing and Silcosteel-treated fittings throughout the
sample pathway. Performance benefits include corrosion resistance and reduced adsorption
of active compounds.
Sample path temperature uniformity—increased recovery and reduced condensation.
Liquid sample drain system with large bore tubing and orifices for quick and reliable
Trap Pressure Control (TPC) increases recoveries and resolution, reduces peak tailing and
Modular built-in Moisture Control System (MCS) ™ removes virtually all moisture without
affecting polar analytes (5°C above ambient to 320°C range bakes out water between runs).
Quick Trap Cooldown and Rapid trap heating.
USEPA specified 12” traps are controlled from ambient to 420°C.
Direct Injection on top of trap for easy troubleshooting
Less trap replacement costs
Tenax® loses its adsorptivity when subjected to overshoot temperatures above
recommended specification
Traps easily customized
Temperature uniformity and control along entire length of trap yield sharp peaks and
increased reproducibility
Optional TurboCool improves resolution and reproducibility of lighter gases by purging onto
a cold trap (-20°C) that is at the same temperature for the entire purge cycle. Shorter
chromatographic run times increases lab productivity.
Standby gas flow keeps the sample pathway swept with inert gas.
Flow Tuned Tubing (FTT) features constant uniform internal diameters on all fittings, valves,
and tubing to eliminate dead volume and maintain constant linear velocity during desorption
to the GC.
Capable of interfacing to two 16 discrete position autosamplers for a total of 32 positions.
AutoBake mode bakes out all discrete autosampler lines without starting the GC.
Up to 16 methods stored including pre-programmed USEPA methods 502.2, 524.2, 601,
602, 624, 8000, CLP, Bakeout, AQUATek 50, and AEROTrap 6016.
Up to 12 method changes in any sample order on a single automatic cycle of any Tekmar
Hand-held controller’s modular design aids in diagnostics.
TekLink software.
Runs independently or integrated with Windows™ systems (i.e., Hewlett-Packard
ChemStation, PE Nelson™, TurboChrom™, Varian Star GC Workstation™) with built-in
Capable of running four sample concentrators without additional hardware for the 3000.
Saves bench space, only 9” wide.
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