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Impact investment
Sample Investments
The Truestone Global Impact Fund LP invests across the globe where we can establish a Local
Investment Partnership through which we can nurture and grow businesses. In particular there
are specific geographies where we already have such partnerships in place, and our focus is on
maximising the value of those regional markets.
In response to growing demand from impact investors with a specific geographic focus, we are
now also building a series of impact funds covering the following regions:
Emerging Eastern Europe through Truestone Angello
Kyrgyzstan and former Soviet Central Asia through Truestone ACTB
Emerging South East Asia through Truestone Uberis
Africa through Truestone ACTB
Whilst we enjoy working in some of the most challenging emerging economies, we recognise
that there is huge financial inequality and social need in the UK and we also aim to address
opportunities nearer to home for social investment through our own in-house team.
Green Pastures, UK
Green Pastures is a UK company investing in housing
stock specifically for the benefit of the homeless and
ex-offenders, with care provided on contract from local
community care providers. The Fund’s investment is
secured against two particular properties in the Midlands
area, and will see a conservative annual yield from a
relatively low-risk investment.
MCA Kemin, Kyrgyzstan
An investment into loan capital and equity into what is
known as MCA Kemin, an established microfinance and
SME finance business in a rural part of Kyrgyzstan which
sits on the borders of Kazakhstan, China and Uzbekistan.
This business, into which our investment partner has
already invested, provides credit for farmers (the rural
poor) tailored around arable growing and livestock
breeding cycles. The business has one of the lowest
default rates and interest rates in Kyrgyzstan and is
highly community focused. Loans are provided for seed,
livestock and equipment in this emerging economy
and in what is a very remote region.
will have board representation, and through our
local investment partner, ACTB, will help to grow
the loan book and develop the management and
leadership team.
Microfinance Business, Sierra Leone
A Sierra Leone based microfinance and SME finance
business. This business has been pioneered by ACTB,
is now fully commercial and profitable with six
branches and 60 staff in Sierra Leone. The business
has nearly 5,000 clients, most of whom are female.
There has been enormous transformation in the
establishment of this business and in the women’s
lives. The services provided apart from the provision
of capital, include basic training in stewardship
around money and business, together with adult literacy
classes in a country where literacy rates are very low.
The objective of this business over the next few years
will be to add a further US$6 million of capital to the
loan book with the intention to become a ‘Pro Poor Bank’
and deposit taker by 2017.
Sunlabob, Cambodia
Sunlabob is what is known as a full service renewable
energy provider based in Laos, Cambodia and potentially
Burma in the future. This company provides commercially
viable energy services for remote areas where the public
electricity grid does not yet reach. In rural areas Sunlabob
has acquired unrivalled knowledge and experience of
local markets and stakeholders whilst developing energy
solutions. These solutions are a mix of renewable energy
offering a clean, safe and sustainable alternative to the
consumption of kerosene or wood for lighting or other
uses in rural households. These interventions support
the progress of rural communities as people have light to
pursue an education or income generating practices.
Banah, UK
Banah is a Northern Ireland based business which
friendly alternative to cement using ‘Geopolymers’.
The company currently has grants and commitments of
£6 million available, which will fulfill its initial business
proposal. Banah’s management team has patented
its product and has an increasing order book and
its factory site has been secured in Northern Ireland.
Amongst the many extraordinary properties of this
‘Geopolymer’ cement is that it has potentially 85%
less carbon emissions in its production process when
compared to Ordinary Portland Cement, the manufacture
of which contributes 8% of the planet’s carbon emissions.
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