workshop Beyond the page KAIseR e # 1

Isssue # 1
Beyond the page
why go ‘beyond the page’?
Scrapbooking is addictive. Sooner or later
I bet if we all take a look at our scrapbooking
you are going to want to put on display your
supplies we have loads of little bits and
creativity rather than keeping it all hidden in
pieces left over from when we brought an
embellishment to put that final finishing
Going beyond the page gives you the chance
touch onto a page.
of taking something that normally would be
little left over bits on our Beyond the Page
looked at as plain and boring and turning it
products and make them more productive.
into something unique and beautiful, that
All the projects we have featured here are
can either be used to decorate your home
quick and simple to make. There are so many
or given to someone as a wonderful gift.
thousands of embellishments out there so
A Beyond the Page gift is extra special as
you can be as adventurous as you wish and
the person receiving it can see how much
create a work of art that is unique and has
work has gone into it, combined with extra
its own personality – but most of all enjoy it
journaling; it can make it so much more special.
and have fun.
We can use these
Melissa Kennedy
Beyond the page series 3 coming soon.
You’ll love what we’ve got...
Issue #1 Beyond the page
Lace up journal
Beyond the page series 3
Magazine storage Box
in this issue
KAISER workshop is a free publication with fresh ideas
for scrapbooking & craft projects. It is available from
craft & scrapbooking stores or you can download it from
workshop team
Melissa Kennedy
Scrapbooking Adviser
Beyond the page
Try your hand at these 5 simple projects
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w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u
square open album
As these albums come with five pieces, you will need to decide how many of those you will
attach a photo to. Choose your photos and carefully crop them to your desired size, keeping in
mind that some of your photos may need to be printed smaller to fit.
As the next step is choosing paint and paper that co-ordinate and compliment these photos,
you may want them printed in black and white so that they will match any color scheme you
choose. In this example we have chosen the complimentary colors of lime and violet.
Issue #1 Beyond the page
Gently rub sandpaper over the pieces to remove any rough edges.
example two flowers were cut from scrap paper strips and
Decide which pieces you want to cover in paper and which to
ribbon that were glued together.
paint and do so. Once these are dry you can give them an aged
You can print messages and quotes on tags and adhere, use
or distressed effect by either sanding (use a nail file or small
sanding block), painting or inking the edges. If desired mat your
photos, otherwise just adhere them in place to the pieces. To add
further interest your photos can be placed on angles.
Now it’s time to decorate and give your work some personality.
Layer the flowers on each side of the album, add brads or
are endless, and limited only to your imagination.
Randomly thread ribbon through the side notches and knot to
join the pieces together. Again different colors and textures will
give extra effect.
Whoever you give this too is bound to love it.
bling to the centres for extra effect and adhere in place. In this
rubons and other embellishments to decorate. The options here
Rub on transfers
Express your message on almost any surface with
our range of rub-ons. They are ideal for all your
scrapbooking and card making needs and come
in a variety of themes and alphabet sets to add
that final touch to your project. Easy to use with
the included applicator. Check out our full range at
w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u
Choose a letter/s, words or phrase that you are going to decorate
K aiser P r o d u c t s :
7” Monologue Letter
Kaisercolor - White
Scrapbook Paper Contemporary: Candy
O t h er :
Metal tags
Issue #1 Beyond the page
and gently sand off any rough edges.
If this is a gift for someone special, think of their favourite colour or
the deco of the room it will be going into. Find a co-ordinating
colour and paint the edges of your letter. Ensure you paint the
whole letter if you are not completely covering in paper.
As the Kaiser Monologues are flat and don’t have a multi level edge you don’t need
to exactly trace around the shape. Just roughly cut a piece of paper that will be big
enough to cover the entire letter.
Cover the letter evenly with glue and place your paper on top. Gently rub over with
a sponge or cloth to ensure it is all stuck down. Do not use too much glue as this
will cause your paper to bubble. Allow to dry for a while.
Turn over letter and trim edges carefully with a scalpel.
Distress edges if you wish, by either sanding, inking or painting. If painting, just
put a bit of paint on your fingertips and gently rub around the edge of the letter.
Now the fun begins – look in your stash of embellishments and dig out some
flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, buttons and make your letters unique. Keeping in
mind the backside of your letter needs to be kept as flat as possible so it will hang
correctly if required.
Monologue Letters
By popular demand we have just released a new
extra large size into our range of monologue letters.
Now you can get both standard (170mm) and extra
large (280mm) in original and funky fonts.
w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u
Simple Frame
These are so simple and easy to make, you won’t be able to stop at just one.
Choose 4 co-ordinating colours and cut them into 15cm squares. If you would like these pieces to be more random sizes then make sure
you cut those pieces of paper appropriately. Roughly work out the layout and the order you would like to place the papers on the frame.
These do not have to be cut to the exact size of the frame as they will be trimmed down later.
Wood Letter Numbers
& Shapes
Wooden letters, numbers and shapes are ideal for
adding a 3rd dimension to beyond the page projects
or general crafting.
Small 30mm • Medium 60mm • Large 90mm
Issue #1 Beyond the page
Gently sand frame to remove any rough edges. Paint the frame
your desired colour. As most of the frame will be covered just
ensure the edges are painted neatly. If you don’t want to completely
cover the frame in paper – Paint the whole of the frame your
desired colour.
If you want the edges that overlap each other on the frame to have
an aged or distressed look, rip the sides of the paper that belong to
the one placed on top. These ripped edges can be inked or chalked
for further effect.
Lightly paste some glue onto the frame and stick down your papers
in desired order. Don’t worry about the overhanging paper as we
will trim that next.
Turn the frame over and with a sharp scalpel carefully run it down
the sides of the frame to trim off the overhanging papers. This
turns out to be a much easier and neater finish than trying to cut
your paper at the start, the exact size.
For further effect you can distress the edges of your frame by either
sanding, chalking, inking, or painting them.
Give your frame the finishing touch by using rubons and
add a quote or two. Further decorate with ribbon, and other
embellishments you may have to complete the look.
Scrapbooking Papers
This initial range includes flat colours, textured colours,
printed designs and vellums - in a range of paper
thickness. Most sheets used in this magazine are
also available individually. Check out our full range at
w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u
Ribbon Box
Think about what colour ribbons you are going to store in this ribbon box and if
possible choose the color of your paint and paper accordingly.
Gently sand pieces to remove any rough edges.
You can assemble the box now and paint it later, but if you wish to
distress any of the edges for an aged effect it is easier to paint each piece your
desired colour now and then distress each edge individually before assembling.
The same applies for the inside of your box, you can turn your painted pieces
over and do each piece now or wait until it is assembled.
Issue #1 Beyond the page
To assemble, glue together each piece, leaving one of the sides until last
otherwise you won’t be able to insert the lid notch into the correct position.
When the glue is dry cut a 5.5cm strip of 12x12 patterned paper and stick
to lid of box.
Again dig into your stash of embellishments and decorate as desired.
Roll up neatly some of your ribbons and place ends through appropriate
holes so you can see them.
Scrapbooking Papers
w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u
Magazine Storage Box
Assembling the storage box, using glue on all joins. Hold together in position with a
rubber band whilst glue is drying. Once glue is dry give the box a coat of paint. Keep in
mind if you have chosen a paler color it is best to give it 2 – 3 coats.
Choose coordinating 12x12 papers from the KAISERscrapbook
range to decorate your storage box and cut the following sized
strips - Three 5cm (patterned), six 0.5cm (terracotta), three
1.2cm (brown) and three 1.2 cm (beige) strips. Adhere these
strips to your box carefully with glue and wait to dry.
Issue #1 Beyond the page
Paint the letters in your desired colour and leave to dry. Once dry you
can distress the edges for further effect by either sanding them or
wiping edges with ink or paint. In this example I have swiped white
paint around the edges and then once dry sanded them slightly.
Adhere letters to the sides of the box and leave to dry.
The same applies for the wooden tag embellishment: paint, distress
edges with paint and sand them for final effect. Tie ribbons on the
sides of the tag and adhere to box.
For further distressed effect you can add some ink around the edges
of your box.
Trim, fold, perforate or edge...
w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u
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Square open album
Rectangle album cover
Square album cover
Christmas hanging album
Rectangle personal album
Round personal album
Hanging open album
Paper bin
Embellishment caddy
Hobby tray
Storage Box
Scrapbooking paper unit
Square open album
Ribbon dispenser
Table tidy
The KAISERscrapbook Beyond the page range are raw wood components only.
Issue #1 Beyond the page
Beyond the page series 3
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Issue #1 Beyond the page
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