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BAD Cover Letter.
Hello Madam or Sir,
My name is Badtu Dabon. Since you are reading this, I want to thank you for the opportunity to
introduce myself and see how well I fit the Marketing and Sales Leadership Training Internship.
I used to be an Equity Analyst with experience on both the Buy and Sell sides working with equity, fixed
income and option products. Some of my responsibilities were:
Cash Flow, Income Statement and Balance Sheet analysis
Construction of Valuation and Profit/ Loss models and impact analysis
Programming of asset allocation models containing equity, fixed income and options
Trade capture, verification and fail review in order to minimize Firm exposure
Now I am a first year MBA student at Boston University concentrating on Finance with a focus in
Capital Markets. This program at boston University, which contains a specialized curriculum in Capital
Markets, is allowing me to leverage not only my undergraduate education where I had a dual
concentration in Finance and Accounting but also my prior work experiences. I currently hold Series 7,
63 and 65 securities licenses and I am studying for the CFA level 1 exam.
Most recently I worked for Fidelity Investments where I was the primary liaison on a new Bond trading
software program linking the inventories of over 70 Brokers and Dealers. The project allowed me to
work directly with internal and external Traders, Portfolio Managers and technology teams. Prior to
that I was in Lehman Brothers’ Analyst Program where I worked on their Institutional Equities trading
desk in a middle office role. Working with both Trading and Sales I ensured proper post-trade
positions, prices and confirmations.
I thrive in a fast paced, results driven environment; I bring a passion for Capital Markets along with a
hands on atention to detail. I am looking to apply my analytical and quantitative skills, along with my
commitment to constant improvement to a Sales and Trading internship where I can immediately
contribute and personally continue to grow professionally.
I appreciate the time you will take to review my résumé, and hope you find, as I do, that I have
excellent skills and background.
Thanks alot!
Badtu Dabon
No heading
Outdated salutation
“It’s all about me”
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Unprofessional ending
Phyllis Steen
Boston, MA 02215 | 617-353-2834 •
[email protected] |
September 1, 2010
Ms. Erna Alfred
American Express
3 World Financial Center
New York, NY 10285
Dear Ms. Alfred:
The 2010 American Express online campaign featuring humorous short films of Seinfeld and Superman
changed the way I view the American Express brand. I am very interested in being a part of a brand that
has been so successful in creating new and exciting ways to connect with people. That core value
influences all aspects of my life, from my work in traditional and online media to my improvisational
comedy background. My professional goal is to apply my commitment to service, excellence and creativity
to the American Express brand.
After hearing you describe the challenges and opportunities at AXPi, I believe the environment there
directly aligns with my strengths and experiences. In my most recent position at Google, I took it upon
myself to revise my team’s sales approach to more accurately address our consumer packaged goods
customers’ needs. That strategy was successful enough for me to be invited to consistently collaborate
with clients on new approaches to their online strategies.
While I was regularly challenged in my work, I returned to school to further develop my leadership skills.
In my first semester at Boston University, I was selected by the MBA faculty to represent the first-year class
on the Program Development Committee, a taskforce comprised of faculty and administrators charged with
evaluating and shaping the curriculum. Additionally, I, along with a classmate, developed and presented a
proposal for an online business targeted to the needs of urban American women, aged 22 to 34. A panel
from BU’s Entrepreneurial Management Institute recently selected us as the winner of its “$1000 Business
Concept Competition”, and we are in the process of drafting our initial business plan.
I hope you will take the time to review my resume as I believe it will provide you with additional
information on how I could contribute to AXPi’s goal of delivering a “best in class experience for its online
customers.” Thank you in advance for your time.
Phyllis Steen
Justin Thyme
U.S. Citizen
595 Commonwealth Avenue • Boston, MA 02215 • 617-353-2834 • [email protected]
Brooke Lasky
Global Commercial Banking/Treasury Services
Bank of America
335 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10017
October 2, 2009
Dear Ms. Lasky:
Please consider my candidacy for the Global Commercial Banking/Treasury Services MBA Leadership Program
with Bank of America. My conversations with Kathleen Kenslea and Harry Curtis at the information session at
Boston University on September 18th reinforced my interest in the program. I am eager to be part of an
organization that values passion and teamwork as functions of its core business strategy.
The Global Commercial Banking/Treasury Services MBA Leadership Program will serve as an excellent
opportunity to leverage my existing strengths to support Bank of America’s global business growth initiatives.
My professional experience in brand strategy consulting and the arts and entertainment industry has equipped
me with the unique ability to be process-driven and strategic, yet flexible and innovative. These experiences
have also allowed me to establish a record of achievement through multiple leadership roles in marketing,
business development and project management.
My creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and proven ability to flourish in dynamic, fast-paced environments are
consistent with the qualities of leadership that can contribute to Bank of America’s future success. I would very
much like the opportunity to discuss how the depth and dimension of my credentials can benefit the strategic
goals of your company. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information or for an interview at
617-353-2834. Thank you for your consideration.
Justin Thyme
Joaquin [email protected]  Boston, MA 02215
H: 617-353-2834  C: 617-353-2834
May 17, 2010
Mr. Luke N. Fourwirk
555 Brattle Street
Cambridge, MA 02137
Dear Mr. Fourwirk,
I am a first-year MBA student at Boston University. This letter is to express my interest in a potential
summer Marketing Internship at PharmaCo. I am extremely impressed with PharmaCo’s
commitment to developing infectious disease products. My recent conversation with you has
confirmed my interest in PharmaCo, and I am now writing to request an invitation to interview for a
summer intern position.
At this moment, I am completing a global market research consulting project for Millennium
Pharmaceuticals in which I am honing research and analysis skills to better understand patients’
current perceptions and anticipate their future needs. As a product development associate (project
manager) at Amgen, I led cross-functional teams toward successful registration of new pharmaceutical
products with international drug regulatory authorities. In this process, I was exposed to all facets of
drug product development and very much enjoyed being a part of a team dedicated to bringing new
products onto the market. All of this has fueled my desire to pursue a career in product marketing.
With my previous experience in product development and current business studies in the health sector
industry, I believe I have the combination of skills and qualities you are looking for in a successful
intern. I am excited by the strong potential fit I see with PharmaCo. Particularly, I believe that my
passion for meeting unmet medical needs fuels a high degree of initiative, which thrives in a driven,
fast-moving, and entrepreneurial environment such as that of PharmaCo.
Attached, please find my resume for your review. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to
discuss how I might be an asset to your organization this summer. Thank you for your time and
Joaquin D’Planque
MBA Candidate, Boston University
United States Citizen
Boston, MA 02215 | 617.353.2834
[email protected]
December 1, 2010
Ms. Ani Greville
Program Officer, Executive Office
Global Business Coalition to fight HIV/AIDS
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10020
Dear Ms. Greville:
This letter is to express my interest in the Director, Geneva Office position at Global Business Coalition on
HIV/AIDS. I feel I am well qualified for this position because of my successful work in African development,
and belief in the power of business for a sustainable solution to the HIV/AIDS crisis.
In a recent Net Impact Case Competition, my team’s presentation, titled “AIDS in Africa: Can big Pharma
win?”, argued for an approach that necessarily included business in the fight against HIV/AIDS. My passion
to fight against this scourge stems from first hand experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger and as
Administrative Officer for Africare/Niger.
As professional strongly committed to using the power of business to fight HIV/AIDS, I can contribute my
skills and experience as the Director of the Geneva office.
“International experience and global health
policy knowledge...”
In this column, pick 2
to 4 “needs” that the
“Strong Communication
and relationship
has in their
posting. They may be
listed as Experience,
“…strong Requirements,
organizationalorabilities to manage
a diverse and
growing work plan.”
Grew up in Nigeria, lived and worked in Niger as a Peace
Corps volunteer and NGO personnel. Navigated Niger’s
health system for infected victims and extensive lecturing.
In this column, match
needs andand
the communicating with
Demonstrated abilities
various stakeholders, including governments, businesses,
examples of your
NGOs, and constituents.
career with each of
needs in
Excellent organizationalthe
successfully managing and overseeing the growth and
development of an organization from a program of less than
$500,000 to well over $6 million.
Attached, please find my resume for your review. I will follow up with you shortly to discuss my candidacy
and how I can best contribute my skills and apply my experience to benefit GBC.
Roland Rock
When sending your resume via e-mail, attach ONE document that is 3 pages
long: this cover letter as page 1 and your résumé as the remaining pages. That
way they are printed out together looking exactly the way you want. Make
sure the cover letter header and résumé header are identical, providing you
with a ‘brand’ letterhead.
Boston, MA 02215
888.555.1212 [email protected]
April 23rd, 2010
Art Fuldodd, Jr.
Medical Devices R Us
100 Main Street
Framingham, MA 00000
Dear Mr. Fuldodd,
I am writing to express my interest in the Product Manager position in the Framingham office of
Medical Devices R Us.
I am an ardent Marketing professional with a proven track record of delivering revenue-generating
results in a variety of corporate settings. I will significantly contribute to the benefit of your operation by
providing innovative approaches to problem targeting, and cost effective solutions. I offer the following
relevant qualifications for your current needs:
“Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s
BS Mechanical Engineering; MBA candidate
Boston University (2010)
“Marketing and Sales background a plus.”
Sales rep, strategic business development and
research analyst
“Strong verbal and written communication skills;
ability to listen effectively and communicate with
individuals and in small and large group settings”
Managed marketing teams and directed
numerous projects; developed and delivered
sales tools, led sales training, and provided
strategic field marketing support.
“Active interest in business and organizational
effectiveness issues; stays current on local,
national, and global business trends.”
Led direct and indirect sales, medical
education, advocacy, and managed care
Continuing is my résumé which further details my qualifications for the Product Manager position. I
look forward to speaking with you soon to learn more about this role and the opportunity to further
impact Medical Devices R Us’s performance.
Mark Etting
Anne Tena
595 Commonwealth Avenue • Boston, MA 02215 • 617-353-2834 • [email protected]
December 1st, 2009
Mr. Robert Burns
President, Marketing Division
Nestle Purina
123 Checkerboard Square
St. Louis, MO 63110
“Prospecting” Cover Letter” for opening
a dialog with a target company with no
known job openings.
Dear Mr. Burns:
I learned of Nestle Purina through online research using in the Feld Career Center at Boston
University’s School of Management. Currently, I am completing my Masters of Business Administration with a
concentration in Marketing at BU and from my research on your web site, I believe there would be a good fit
between my skills and interests and your needs.
I am interested in a Brand Management position upon completion of my degree in May 2010. As a graduate
student, I am one of six members on a marketing development team where we are writing a strategic marketing
plan for Nike. My responsibilities include creating and implementing tailored programs including identifying
strategies and managing creative development. This requires the use of my creative, organization and
leadership skills. Through previous internship experience, I have established a strong background in database
management and marketing communications. These skills would benefit the marketing efforts of Nestle Purina.
Attached is my résumé which further outlines my qualifications, making me well suited to the project areas in
which your division of Nestle is expanding efforts. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss a position with
you, and will contact you in early January. Similarly, if you have any questions or if you need any additional
information from me, such as a company application form or transcripts, please do not hesitate to contact me at
(617) 353-2834 or via e-mail at [email protected]
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Anne Tena
Anne Tena
10402 Manly, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
919.621.1294 [email protected]
July 15, 2010
Art Fuldodd, Jr.
Medical Devices R Us
100 Main Street
Framingham, MA 00000
“Prospecting” Cover Letter” for opening
a dialog with a target company with no
known job openings.
Dear Mr. Fuldodd,
John Barbour, an associate of yours and former colleague of mine, suggested I get in touch with you. John is
keenly aware of your business needs and very familiar with the benefit of my contributions in a broad range of
industries. As a result, he felt an introduction was warranted.
I am an accomplished Senior Executive with a consistently proven ability to provide strategic vision and effective
operational execution in both Fortune 500 and Entrepreneurial/Start-up companies; the impact of my
performance spans both domestic and international arenas.
My value proposition embraces all key metrics including significant sales, profit and market share growth,
increased consumer awareness, and enhanced brand value for the key product lines and brands involved.
Continuing is my résumé which further details the merit of my efforts. I will follow-up with you shortly and look
forward to speaking with you to discuss how we may develop a collaborative association.
Juan Anatu
Juan Anatu