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Dr. Paula DiMarco • [email protected]
Assignment Objective:
This project is geared towards the design and production of a paper sample kit. The
objectives are:
341: production Design
paper Co
Sample Kit
Design objective:
Create a paper sample book for a real
or fictional paper company featuring
a concept or theme for at least 6
different varieties (color or texture) of
paper. All images and type must be
printed on the actual paper from your
company. The paper sample book/
kit should be formatted so that the
consumer can remove or actually feel
the samples of the paper. •
Learn about various paper attributes
Create a paper promo that shows off the quality of a paper product line, and how
it can be used.
Develop a visual concept that advertises a brand line of paper.
Use a existing tag line for the product line, or develop a tag line for the product.
Exposure and practice of building and binding.
Paper promo Kit: (FINAL PRODUCT)
• Develop a tag line or use and existing tag line that relates to the
product line.
• Use images printed on the actual paper to show how color can look.
• Images should relate to the theme or concept.
• Depends on what type of binding you choose. • Standard paper sample booklets- outside binding 9 x 6. This size is
not the size of the pages of the booklet or paper samples, this is the
outside cover size.
• You do not need to make it this size, you can experiment and try
something different. Pages:
• Pages do not matter. What matters is the amount of various papers
you use in the sample kit.
• 6 or more various types of paper. You can do more types of paper.
• You can find a specific sub-brand of paper (product line) and do your
kit on that product line only.
• All the paper samples or swatches must be labeled with the name,
style, and weight
Grading Criteria
Grading is based on the following:
Conducted Research
Provided Sketches/Comps
Time (having things done on time)
Followed directions according to specs
Demonstration of proper use of Skills
Techniques as specified in objectives
Demonstration of effective Typographic concepts
Type usage and treatment.
Demonstration of effective design concepts
Layout and composition using the
elements and principles of design.
Any one of the following works just fine. The only requirement is that
all the elements be stored neatly in a package. • Saddle stitch
• French fold with various types of binding
• Metal wire binding (only)
• Various folds
• Final product must be designed using InDesign and Illustrator.
• All images can be altered and constructed in Photoshop and must
be the correct resolution at 100% the size.
• All logos and any line graphics must be in vector form.
• Paper kit must be a package. This means bounded in a manner
that all paper samples and promo elements are included or in a
constructed folder/box.
341: production design
These are standard swatch book sizes.
Samples 2
341: production design
These are whole packages of a product line.
Samples 3
341: production design
Samples 4
341: production design
Different ways to package.
Samples 5
341: production design
Information about each paper type.
Samples 6
341: production design
Binding with differnt paper sizes.
Samples 7