fabricated letters from the

fabricated letters
from the Rivermeade product range
fabricated letters
Fabricated lettering whether in metal or
acrylic is considered to be a signmaking
standard specified by sign designers,
architects and end-users everywhere. The
fabricated letter form can convey just the
right image for most organisations whether
in illuminated or non illuminated form.
Rivermeade makes the best.
aWe are happy to work in all materials —
aluminium, brass, gilding metal, stainless
steel, zintec and acrylic. We carry ample
stocks of all these materials.
We offer all the build specifications from
fabricated flat face to rim and return, rimless,
bevels and bezels in a huge range of sizes
from as small as 75mm (in some materials) to
over 2,500mm.
You also have a choice of illumination
method (see separate section) using neon or
Our paint shop can finish in any BS or RAL
colour or match any PMS colour in either a
hard wearing stove enamelled finish or
architectural quality powder coating.
Whatever your requirement we can advise
on the best combination of materials, build,
illumination and finish.
Fabricated flat face polished
stainless steel letter.
Rimless construction halo
illuminated using Chainlight.
Rim and return construction.
Fabricated metal letter with
inverted bevel and acrylic face.
Aluminium can be used for both internal and
external applications. Light in weight (less than
half the weight of stainless steel) aluminium is
particularly suitable for larger letters where ease
of handling may be important to facilitate fixing.
Less robust than steel, aluminium must be
finished to a particularly high standard — a good
stoved finish or powder coat is essential to
prevent oxidisation.
Stainless steel is perhaps the most versatile
and robust of all lettering materials. It is
impervious to most weather conditions and if
cleaned regularly will last for many years. It can
be ordered as mirror polished, satin grained or
in stove enamelled finishes.
Acrylic ICI Perspex is used as the industry
standard and can be fabricated in either 3 or
5mm thicknesses to suit all sizes. However, care
should be exercised when specifying illuminated
colours to avoid those with poor light
transmission characteristics. Heat expansion can
also cause problems. If in any doubt, contact our
commercial office for advice.
Construction methods
The photographs show the most popular
construction methods for fabricated letters.Also
available but not illustrated are:- acrylic beaded
edge, acrylic flat face and open face trough
lettering.All our fabricated letters are
constructed with 20swg thick returns. Letter
faces, where applicable, are cut from either 20, 18
or 16swg thick material, dependant upon the
letter size and stroke width.
Backtrays and fixing methods
Full metal backtrays are used to house
Letterbrite or neon for face illuminated letters.
The backtray is fabricated from the same
material as the letter face and has 25mm deep
returns. It is fitted to the fabricated letter by
discreet button head fixings. Backtrays are predrilled for wall fixing.
Foamex backtrays are cut from 10mm thick
material and are a cheaper lightweight alternative
to full metal backtrays.They are fitted by means
of screws through the letter return. Foamex
backtrays are also drilled for wall fixing.
Clear acrylic backtrays are supplied with halo
illuminated letters. Generally cut from 5mm thick
material the backplates are fitted to the
fabricated letter by means of loose brackets.
They are drilled to accept screw fixings and
35mm long spacers.
Loose half brackets are used for fitting letters to
internal wall surfaces.As the loose brackets are
fitted to the substrate by means of discretely
positioned woodscrews the letters can easily be
removed when redecoration takes place.
Soldered half brackets are used on letters when
a more permanent method of fixing is required.
Brass locators can be fitted to the half brackets
when the letter is required to stand off the wall
surface (approximately 15mm). Stud fixings will
allow the letter to be flush fitted to the wall
Full bridges span the full width of the letter
stroke and are fitted to larger letters to ensure
that the letter remains rigid. Brass locator or
stud fixings can be fitted to the reverse of each
letter (refer to soldered half brackets above).
Paint finishes
Powder coating is an extremely durable long
lasting architectural quality finish.Applied by
electrostatic charge a powder coated finish is
good for a 7-10 year lifespan.Available in most
BS or RAL colours as standard.
Stove enamelling is paint applied wet and then
baked to approximately 150°C to provide a
tough durable finish which should last 4-7 years
depending on site conditions.
If you are unsure which finish to specify please
ask our commercial office.
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