HemaSpot™: Advanced Blood Sampling Introduction HemaSpot Design

HemaSpot™: Advanced Blood Sampling
Jeanette Hill
Spot On Sciences, Austin, TX
HemaSpot Design
HemaSpot (patent pending) is an easy-to-use device for self sampling and robust
storage/shipping of blood samples at ambient temperatures. HemaSpot uses a
finger stick to collect and dry blood within a protective cartridge. Once dried, the
sample is stable at ambient temperature and can be safely and easily shipped to a
diagnostic test site for analysis.
Based on dried blood spot
technology and leveraging
the phenomenal success of
newborn blood screening,
HemaSpot allows anyone to
take a blood sample at any
time and any location. This
enables important research
and diagnostic testing that
was not previously feasible.
Easy Remote Blood Sampling
Innovative Fan-shaped Form
Traditional dried
blood spot circle
HemaSpot fan form
2. Add 2 drops of blood
(~70 µL) to device
3. Close lid and ship at
ambient temperature for
analysis or storage
% Recovery
1. Stick finger
with lancet
Small Molecule Analysis by LC-MS/MS
Filter Paper Grades
DNA (total)
Faster drying than circle
Protein (Hb)
Small Molecule (Oxycodone)
Efficient Analyte Recovery
•HemaSpot allows self-sampling and immediate transport at ambient temperature.
•Samples can be stably stored in HemaSpot for years at room temperature.
•All major analytes including nucleotides, proteins and small molecules can be efficiently
extracted and analyzed by LC-MS/MS, RT-PCR, ELISA, etc.
•The fan form increases drying rate and improves sample consistency.
45 amino acids analyzed in a single
injection from one HemaSpot blade.
Comparison of whole blood and
dried blood samples.
AB Sciex aTRAQ method
Mean of 5 separate donors
HemaSpot enables remote blood collection by allowing a sample to be taken by
anyone at any time and anywhere.
This material is based upon work supported by DARPA under Contract No. W31P4Q-11-C-0234.
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