Colgate Panhellenic Association Welcome Letter

Colgate Panhellenic Association
Welcome Letter
Dear Potential New Members,
Welcome to 2012 Formal Recruitment! I am very excited that each of you has made the
decision to explore sorority life at Colgate and gain an insight into each chapter’s values
and character. Before you share your personalities, interests, and backgrounds with us, I
want to share a story with you.
When I was in high school, I didn’t think I would ever join a sorority. I’d seen Legally
Blonde too many times to count, and though “Woods comma Elle” was entertaining, she
painted a picture of sorority girls that was silly and… pink.
My perspective slowly shifted during my freshman year at Colgate as I got the sense
that, here, sorority women were different than the “Miss America” types I’d heard about
at other schools. I didn’t know many, but one sorority woman that I was friends with was
creative and wrote a cooking & fashion blog complete with her own photographs.
Another sorority friend was inclusive and spoke to me about her close ties with her
family. Sophomore year, I participated in Formal Recruitment and joined a chapter
whose mission and members resonated with me. Today, I am lucky to be surrounded by
women who inspire me, give me advice and make me laugh like crazy, many of whom I
don’t think I would have met had I not joined a sorority.
And now that I am an officer for the Panhellenic Association, I am convinced every day
of the strength of Colgate’s three sorority chapters and the fact that here, we use the
lens of Greek life for good. Particularly in recent years, I am impressed by the
interconnectedness of our female Greek community – it seems that each chapter sees
its success in the success of the other two as we work collectively to make an impact on
Colgate’s campus and on each other. Together, we sponsor many philanthropic and
educational initiatives per semester, we serve as leaders in nearly every corner of
Colgate’s extracurricular life, and we achieve an all-sorority GPA that is higher than the
all-university (and all-fraternity!) GPA. We’re not perfect, but sorority members at
Colgate are certainly at a high point of self-reflection and innovative problem solving,
bringing us into an even more mutually supportive and empowering future.
So, I urge you to keep an open mind and think of Formal Recruitment not as an end
invitation to a specific chapter, but as an opportunity to learn more about and potentially
join a greater community that is fun and kind, intelligent and ambitious, interested and
interesting. I hope that you will show us your true self, for it is the celebration of your
uniqueness that will enrich our existing chapters.
We have hand selected amazing Recruitment Counselors to support you throughout this
process, and Pam and Lindsay will always be available to you this week. However, if at
any point during this experience you would like to talk to me (questions, concerns,
comments, anything at all…) please do not hesitate to contact me at
[email protected] I mean it.
Wishing you all the best,
Katie Rapp
Colgate Panhellenic Association
Inclusivity Statement
The Panhellenic Association governs Colgate’s three nationally recognized female
Greek letter organizations, Delta Delta Delta, Gamma Phi Beta and Kappa Kappa
Gamma. Panhellenic values sisterhood and philanthropy, manages sorority recruitment
and creates and maintains standards for member chapters. Panhellenic is working to:
Continue to encourage and provide resources for exceptional academic
Establish a growing number of opportunities for officers and other Greek members to
take active roles as leaders in our school and broader community.
Create educational events meant to enrich the intellectual and personal growth of
chapter members and the greater Colgate community, with a focus on women’s
wellness issues such as body image and female solidarity.
Better the Hamilton community through communication with key Hamilton leaders to
assess how we can support the needs of the town through service projects.
The Panhellenic Association values diversity and will recruit potential new members
on an inclusive and non-discriminatory basis without regard to race, sexual
orientation, ethnicity, disability, or socioeconomic status
To further the Panhellenic Association commitment to value diversity and nondiscrimination we...
o create welcoming and receptive environments for potential new members
from diverse backgrounds and experiences
o recruit and support the needs of a diverse group of young women, including
providing financial support in the form of awards where needed
o explore genuine and new avenues for connecting with, and welcoming
women from all walks of life into Formal Recruitment
Schedule of Events
Monday, September 3rd:
Information session for all PNMs, Love Auditorium, 7pm
Wednesday, September 5th:
Go Greek Night, parties begin at 5 pm
Thursday, September 6th:
Sisterhood Night, parties begin at 5 pm
Friday, September 7th:
Philanthropy Night, parties begin at 4 pm
Saturday, September 8th:
Preference Night, parties begin at 5 pm
Sunday, September 9th:
Bid Day, bids handed out between 11 am and 1 pm
Colgate Panhellenic Association
Contact Information
President: Katie Rapp, [email protected]
VP of Recruitment: Pam Duncan, [email protected]
VP of Recruitment: Lindsay Martin, [email protected]