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Information Driven Innovation in SAARC Countries for
Knowledge Development and Capacity Building
New Delhi
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A famous quote by T. Dewar "Minds are like parachutes, they
work best when open" and innovation is a key to change your
mind's vision/ideas/thoughts into reality. Everyone get ideas but
there are very few who can give wings to their imagination.
Generation of ideas is a mere process but converting your idea
into a useful invention makes all the difference. Innovation paves
the way for brighter future of mankind. With this idea we
developed the concept of our project "Information driven
Innovation in SAARC countries for Knowledge Development and
Capacity Building."
SAARC nations does not have good ranking in Global Innovation
Index (GII) as compared to western countries. Within SAARC
nations we have seen declining trend in GII's from 2011-2013.
Invention and Innovation have become one of the important
parameters for deciding the country's economy across the world.
Our project aims at creating awareness among SAARC nations to
discover all new dimensions of Innovation. We may achieve this
by providing1. Prior Art Search- Under the Prior Art Search activity, one can
seek to unearth prior inventions that bear close resemblance to
any patent or non-patent literature. Under this activity, search is
conducted on patent literature, product literature, research
journals and databases. One can ask for search report for
proposed query with respect to novelty and inventiveness. This
helps in filing of patent application or initiating new research
2. Patent Informatics- Patent Informatics is the macroscopic
analysis of multiple patent data. Under this activity, analysis is
carried out on large volumes of patent data in order to have an
idea about the technology landscape. This analysis will unearth
strengths and weaknesses of technologies in order to help R&D
strategy, technical auditing, policy and investment decisions.
3. Training- Under this activity, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
training will be provided to researchers, scientists and academic
professionals through classroom /e-learning.
The results of prior art, patent mapping and training are intended
to assist various stakeholders such as researchers, academicians,
technologists of SAARC and to help them various research and
policy decisions.
CSIR-NISCIAR with support of SAARC Documentation Center has
launched the above project under Patent Informatics Division to
benefit inventors, research institutes and science planners in
SAARC countries.
World Wide Web as the name suggests has develop its
roots in every sphere. We have moved on from days of blackboard
to virtual classroom. From book reading to e-Learning. Internet
not only provides us with seamless knowledge but it also
connects many nations irrespective of boundaries. Using this
attribute of web we have developed South Asian Intellectual
Property Knowledge Network (SAIPKN). The things to keep in
mind while developing any E-Learning platform is that it should be
interactive, user friendly, innovative, reliable and scalable. All
these features have been implemented in SAIPKN .
SAIPKN is a web based knowledge network. The portal
will be a common platform for knowledge sharing among the
SAARC member nations. The major aim of SAIPKN is to impart
knowledge services on patents and other kinds of Intellectual
Property Rights among the SAARC nations. It is a platform where
scientists, researchers, technologists of SAARC nations can get
virtual training and refined course material in the field of patents
and IPR. The features which makes SAIPKN different includes
administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of
e-learning education courses.
The main features in SAIPKN include-
User friendly, easy navigation and 24*7 accessibility.
Email based self registration.
Use of Captchas for security of the website.
User can create their own profile where they can upload their
profile picture, interests etc can maintain their private
contacts on portal, has a facility of personal messaging as
Online courses on IPR.
Courses can have videos, images for better understanding of
the subject.
Blogs and discussion forums so that user can freely exchange
ideas and clear their doubts.
Feedback module is provided so the user can rate the trainer
and course material.
Welcome to SAIPKN
Home page-The user can visit the home page via going to URL
Login Page-This acts as the gateway for the registered users for entering the websites by providing their credentials like username and
password given at the time of registration. The user can visit the login page by clicking the link “You are not logged in” in the navigation
menu at the home page. Users are requested to remember their usernames.
Registration Page- New Users can register at SAIPKN by clicking on the links New account/Create New Account on the login page. It is an
email based self registration process so the user must have a working e-mail id. Users are requested to remember their usernames.
User's Home Page- After the successful login user can view its home page which give the personal details of the user like profile picture,
name ,email-id, messages, courses enrolled etc. Through this page the user can edit his/her profile details, password etc. This page can
be customized by users as per their requirements.
Course Module-The user can access the courses enrolled directly by clicking on course link in navigation menu or by clicking in courses
overview block on the user's home page. The user can view the course tutorial, videos, quiz etc. Videos are provided for better
understanding of the topic. The user can read the course material by clicking the book shaped icon. On the right the index of the
chapters is given for easy accessibility of different course modules to the users.
Discussion Forums and Blogs- The user can create their own personal blogs, discussion topics to express their ideas. This feature
provide the platform of connecting intellectual minds across the globe so as to resolve their queries and share knowledge.
Project Leader
Dr. Tarakanta Jana
Senior Scientist & Head
Patent Informatics Division
CSIR- National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources
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