Creating an Appliqué Design with Lettering

Creating an Appliqué Design with Lettering
The BES Lettering has 102 appliqué designs built
into the software to conveniently create customized
lettering designs with appliqué.
The software automatically inserts the steps to created the appliqué, such as straight stitching for the
appliqué fabric, straight stitching for the appliqué position, and satin stitching for the final tack down.
In addition, appliqué letters can be created in the
BES program.
“See the tutorial for Creating Appliqué Lettering”
1.After opening the BES Lettering Software Program, select the Home Tab, then choose the icon
Add Design. When the drop down selection appears select Add Appliqué Design.
2.Notice in the Properties Box the appliqué design
option appears. For this exercise scroll down and
choose Appliqué 094—the Apple.
Creating an Appliqué Design with Lettering
3.Once the apple appliqué is selected, click, hold,
and drag the left mouse in the center work area
to create the apple. When the mouse is released
the stitches will be created for the design and will
be positioned in the workspace area.
8. The design is now ready to be positioned and
sized. To do this click on the Select icon in the
upper left corner of the BES Lettering screen.
5. Once the design is selected it can be size, rotated, moved, and thread colors changed. The
nodes (small boxes around the design) can be
moved right in the workspace. The sizing nodes
and the rotation node are shown in the diagram
at the right.
Creating an Appliqué Design with Lettering
6. There are several different ways to change the
size. First of all, click on one of the nodes and
hold down the left mouse. Continue holding
down the left mouse while moving the mouse to
size the apple appliqué. Notice how a shadow of
the design moves with the mouse to provide a
visual representation of the size.
7. The second method for sizing is to use the Properties Box located at the right of the screen. The
designed can be sized Absolute (using inches
and metric) or Relative (size can be changed using percentages).
For this exercise click on the box beside Absolute and change the height to 4.25 inches. Then
click on Apply at the bottom of the Properties
box. The width will self justify.
8. Now that the appliqué design is created it’s time
to add the lettering! For this exercise, click Normal in the Text Style area, then click in the
workspace area. Type “Apple”.
9.Select the Sonegra font style and click on Apply
at the bottom of the Properties box.
Creating an Appliqué Design with Lettering
10.The lettering and appliqué are now ready to be
11.Click on the “b” to access the functions.
-orSet up the Quick Access Tool Bar to have the
Save As Icon available.
12.Notice a format called brf is the first format selection in the “Save Type as” box. This is a working format for designs so they can be saved and
then easily re-opened to edit at a later time. This
is perfect to change the lettering but keep the apple appliqué. Instead of “Apple” a name could be
used in it’s place. This saves a great deal of time
and effort!
13.In addition most of the popular embroidery file
formats are built into the program so designs can
be saved to match many of the embroidery machines available today.
Creating an Appliqué Design with Lettering
Tips and Techniques
It helps to have the grid turned on and sized for
inches when sizing designs that need to be a specific dimension.
When resizing designs the stitch count is automatically recalculated, but keep in mind if designs are
resized to extremes stitch quality may be affected.
Personalization of lettering and designs.
With the brf working format designs can easily be
saved and re-opened to edit at a later time. The size
of the design can be changed as well as the lettering
size, word, or font style, offering almost instant customization!