MSBL / MABL Set To Host 19th World Series

MSBL / MABL Set To Host 19th World Series
The newly remolded Tempe Diablo Stadium will again be the WS tournament headquarters, located at 48th and Broadway in Tempe.
MANAGER MEETING DATES / TIMES 2006 MSBL / MABL WS Scheduled For October 15th - November 4th
25+ National
Saturday 10/14 7:00p Recap Of The World Series Information Package Sent To All Prospective Team Managers
By Tom Prendergast
Tempe Diablo Stadium Press Box
The annual MSBL and MABL World Series is just around the corner, again. This is the
18+ Over
Wednesday 10/18 12n
19th year that MSBL / MABL has been coming to Arizona to host what has become the
Tempe Diablo Stadium
largest amateur World Series in the country. Planning for this event started in January and
28+ Wood Bat Wednesday 10/18 7p continues right up until the tournament starts.
Tempe Diablo Stadium Press Box
Earlier this year on June 2nd, the National MSBL / MABL office sent out the 2006 World
information packet. Just like they do every year. This includes individual players
Week 2 (35+ Over / 28+ Fed & Central
for each division, official forms, hotel information and the tournament rules.
38+ National and 48+ Over Wood Bat
are very diligent about getting this information out to their teams. For
Sunday October 22nd 7:00p
fee’s and forms in on time, the national office rewards them with the
The Buttes — Amphitheater Room
best practice times and whenever possible a stadium game. And because there’s so much
65+ Over
Monday 10/23 7:00p detail work for a manager to get accomplished, occasionally some pieces of information
Tempe Diablo Stadium Press Box
may get overlooked.
Week 3 (38+ Over / 45+ and 48+ Over / To help make sure that doesn’t happen to any team this year, I thought it might be a good
idea to produce a Special Managers Edition of the World Series Daily News. This way you
55+ and 58+ Over
can look over some of the details that you might have missed, or even forgotten about in the
Sunday October 29th 7:00p
national memo. Last year I sent the umpires their own special edition WS Daily News and
The Buttes — Amphitheater Room
they felt it was very helpful.
The World Series staff takes communication very seriously. We have several phone lines,
high-speed internet access, cell phones and a information office to provide participants and
spectators with the most current scores and standings. provides us with the
ability to report real time scores that get posted as soon as they are called in to the office.
EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTION HOURS Despite this, problems can and do arise on a fairly regular basis. If this happens to your
team call the office immediately and let us know the situation. (continued on page 2)
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
The MSBL WS office is located inside
Tempe Diablo Stadium (Gene Autry Suite)
Located on the second floor
Stadium Mailing Address:
2200 W. Alameda Drive
Temp, Arizona 85282
WS Information Line
WS Office Phone Line
WS Fax Number
MSBL National Web Site Address:
MSBL President
Steve Sigler
Tournament Director
Tom Prendergast
Asst WS Director
Paul Juarez
Umpire In Chief
Dick Jolly
E-mail address: [email protected]
Assistant UIC
Jon Browar
Clyde Miller
Scores / Standings
Randy Evans
Marketing Director
Brian Sigler
WS Transportation Dir Lou Myers
WS Souvenirs
Vic Puglisi
Publisher / Editor
Tom Prendergast
[email protected]
The MSBL WS Daily News is published
every day during the WS Tournament and
is available at several tournament hotels
including the Dobson Ranch, The Buttes
and the WS office. It is also available on
line at:
2006 MSBL / MABL World Series Current
Division Listings Can Be Found At:
Under the Up Coming Tournaments
(on the left hand side) click on the
19th Annual MSBL / MABL World Series
and then click Division Listings.
Trade Show will be open
Thursday October 26th
through Sunday the 29th.
page 2
September 2006
Proper Pre-Game Procedure Before All MSBL/MABL WS Games
By Tom Prendergast
In an attempt to standardize the pre-game procedures and meeting at home
plate with managers and umpires, I would like to emphasize a few key points:
1) Whenever possible we would like to request that both umpires arrive at the
field a minimum of thirty (30) minutes prior to the game. If only one umpire
is on hand then he should dress for the plate and head to the field.
2) Fifteen minutes prior to the game both team managers should attend the
home plate meeting. After introductions the umpires will give each manager a white WS umpire evaluation card. Please make sure that the umpires names are listed on them.
3) The umpires will go over the normal ground rules for the field that you are
on. Pointing out anything that could be an issue during the game. Open
gates, dugout poles, invisible out-of-play line, etc.
A. Both teams should exchange complete rosters, with first and last
and last names and jersey numbers. Identify up to two (2) courtesy
runners per team. (Also identify any A/B batters)
B. Know time limit rule and curfew (if any). Which starts after the first
pitch (the field umpire will then announce official start time)
C. The home team scorekeeper is keeping the official book and the
umpire should periodically verify the score with them during the
course of the game.
D. In the event that either team would like to lodge a protest they must
first ask for time and then do so through the home plate umpire.
The game clock continues to run during the protest. All protests
must be called in by the on-field umpires. This process begins o
once the protesting team hands the umpire $50 in cash.
Protest Procedure:
1) Manager asks for time. Tells the home plate umpire he
would like to protest a call. Hands the umpire $50 in cash.
2) Umpire calls the WS office and asks to speak to the
tournament director. Identifies himself and the situation and
then hands the phone to the protesting manager.
3) After explaining the protest situation to the WS tournament
director the protesting manager hands the phone back to
the umpire. The umpire answers any questions that the
tournament director has.
4) If the protest is upheld, the umpire gives the money back. If
the protest is denied then the umpire keeps the money.
E. Ask if either team has any questions. If a manager requests to see
a players photo ID and the manager refuses, note that on the back
of the blue score card.
D. In the event a team is protesting an eligibility issue, just inform the
umpires and the other manager before the game is over. No need
to give the umpires $50. This will be handled at the WS office.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Scheduled For 10/15 - 11/4 (continued from page 1)
Players Wishing To Participate In Multiple we can’t solve the problem if we don’t know about it. This could include umpires, the
Divisions At This Years World Series
other team, anything that has to do with the 2006 WS and is important to you, then it’s
(28+ /MABL - 38+ / 48+ / 58+ and 65+ teams) important to us.
1. Players must register and pay for both teams Once you and your team arrive in Phoenix, things start to get pretty exciting and events
begin happening very quickly. It’s really important that your team is represented at the
2. Attempts will be made to assist with both
managers meeting. If you can’t be there then make sure someone else from the team is.
teams schedule, but there are no guarantees.
3. To participate in the playoffs a player must Last minute field changes, rule clarifications, and stuff your team needs to know gets
play in a minimum of 3 games for each team. discussed at the meeting. Please try to attend, the meetings only last about an hour.
As many of you already know, Steve Rosenburg passed away earlier this year of lung
In addition, the player must have a minimum
of two at-bats (plate appearances) and or a total cancer. Steve was a major part of the World Series staff the last 9 years and a very good
friend. We miss him very much and his absence leaves a huge (continued on page 5)
of six (6) innings pitched.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 3
MSBL / MABL Mourns The Loss Of Atlanta President Steve Rosenburg
By Tom Prendergast
Longtime MSBL / MABL National Board Member and
Atlanta League President Steve Rosenburg passed away in
June of complications from lung cancer. He was 54 years old.
He was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer back in April after
returning from the Las Vegas MSBL / MABL
Kick-Off Classic.
Buried in his baseball uniform, Rosenburg was remembered
at a graveside service at Arlington Memorial Park in Sandy Springs, GA. In
addition to 200+ local ballplayers wearing their jerseys, several MSBL and
MABL Presidents from around the country were on hand as was national
President Steve Sigler who delivered the eulogy. Rosenburg’s quick passing
was a shock to everyone who knew him and a blow to the Atlanta MSBL which
he’d been a part of for the last 18 years. In addition to his duties as a league
president, he was a major player on the MSBL/MABL national stage serving
as the assistant tournament director for both the World Series and the Fall
Classic. He also was on hand for the Disney Holiday Classic and Las Vegas
His accomplishments both on and off the baseball field were impressive.
National MSBL Board Member, MSBL Hall of Fame and MSBL / MABL
Lifetime Achievement award winner. What’s more he never passed up an
opportunity to pitch in a ball game. “Have Glove - Will Travel” was his motto and he did!
We will remember “Rosie” with a # 9 on the World Series and Fall Classic
patch.” “Steve Rosenburg will live forever with the MSBL / MABL and its
extended family”, Steve Sigler.”
Premier Travel will again be setting up the Western Style BBQ’s with beef,
chicken, beans, condiments, coffee, tea and soda on buffet tables at the
Tempe Diablo Stadium. This event is a great way for members to meet and
greet other players attending the World Series from other cities.
Please encourage all of your players to mingle and get to know each other
(wearing their league ID, MSBL T-shirts) in a relaxed environment.
Each team will be given meal tickets equal to the number of players on their
team. In order to avoid an over-crowded situation, food will be served starting
at 5PM, with additional food stations.
25& Over NAT/28+ CONT and MABL Friday, OCTOBER 20; 7PM - 9PM
35 & Over NAT and 38+/48+ Wood Bat Thursday, OCTOBER 26; 7PM-9PM
65 & Over Thursday, OCTOBER 26; 7PM-9PM
28 & Over FEDERAL/CENTRAL Thursday, OCTOBER 26; 7PM - 9PM
38/45/48/55/58 & Over Sunday, OCTOBER 29; 5PM – 8PM
HardBall Magazine Coverage
HardBall magazine will assemble a group of writers (some professional) and
photographers to provide comprehensive coverage of the event.
Championship Game Score Keeping
New this year for all championship games will be the implementation of a rule
that requires each team that is a finalist to supply a scorer. This means that
for each championship game their will be two official scorers. The WS office
will provide a scorebook.
Ken Vanderpoel will be the HardBall liaison, and after the game he will collect
both of the scorebooks, rosters, and of course contact information for both
team managers.
The purpose in doing this is to ensure that HardBall gets accurate and timely
scoring data from all World Series Championship games.
September 2006
New Age Divisions For The 2007
MSBL And MABL World Series
By Steve Sigler
Please be advised that 2007 will represent
the 20th Anniversary of MSBL. After our
first decade, we changed our age groups
from 30+/40+ to 28+/38+ and I believe it
has worked out well.
In accordance with our second decade,
MSBL is announcing for 2007 all National
tournaments will be:
18+/25+/35+45+/55+/60+/65+ format.
Age divisions for the 2006 World Series
and Fall Classic will remain as previously
This year the World
Series staff is
offering to e-mail
a copy of the
Daily News to
anyone who
would like to
receive a color
copy each day.
To get on the distribution list send your
e-mail to: [email protected]
Stadium Announcers
As in prior years, all stadium games will
have announcers where P.A. systems are
available. The announcers will also maintain the scoreboards, where appropriate.
Please make sure to bring a complete copy
of your teams roster, including first and last
names along with a jersey number.
2006 WS Available Stadiums
Hohokam Stadium
Maryvale Stadium
Peoria Stadium
Phoenix Municipal Stadium
Scottsdale Stadium
Surprise Stadium
Tempe Diablo Stadium
Note: As stated in the WS Memo from the
National Office on June 2nd, 2006, all WS
teams must provide the opposing manager
with a complete list of players who are on
their roster. This list must include first and
last names along with a uniform number.
WS Refund Policy: Any team that submits
a WS deposit of $500 or more and finds
that at a later date finds they cannot commit to participate will not be entitled to any
refund or receive a credit in the future.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 4
Team Merchandise Distribution Schedule
(Held at Tempe Diablo Stadium)
Each team will receive their allocation of World Series
merchandise as listed below, which will include the following:
·Baseballs (RMSBL)
·Scorebooks ·Promotional Items
·Equipment Bag
·Field Direction Book & Map
Each MSBL team will be given 3 dozen balls, MABL 2 dozen,
1 official MSBL World Series scorebook, World Series
programs, a transportation manual with directions to all fields
from various hotels and other miscellaneous merchandise.
Note: All t-shirts and patches will be picked up at the World
Series merchandise distribution center the day before the
tournament is scheduled to begin. See Forms Packet.
September 2006
• All Playoffs will be on Friday - 9 innings - no
time limit, except those divisions where three
wins are needed on Friday to qualify for the
• Championships games to be played at Tempe
Diablo Complex on Saturdays when available
Playoffs Saturday - Championship Sunday
If two or more teams end in a tie, the tie breaker would be
head to head competition. If for any reason this still does
not break the tie, runs allowed will be utilized to break the
tie. Detailed playoff information for all divisions will be sent
with the schedule in early-October.
Team Pick-Up Schedules
25& Over Nat/28+ Cont.: Saturday, October 14, 4PM - 6PM at Tempe Diablo Stadium
18 & Over:
28 & Over Wood Bat
Wednesday, October 18, 8AM – 12 Noon at Tempe Diablo Stadium
Wednesday, October 18, 5PM – 7PM at Tempe Diablo Stadium
28 & Over All Other Div:
35 & Over Nat
38+/48+ Wood Bat
Sunday, October 22, 9AM - 5PM at Tempe Diablo Stadium
65+ Wood Bat
Monday, October 23, 6PM – 7PM at Tempe Diablo Stadium
38 & Over/45/48 & Over/: Saturday, October 28, 2PM – 5PM, at Tempe Diablo Stadium
55/58 & Over
Sunday, October 29, 8AM – 5PM, at Tempe Diablo Stadium
Avoid the last minute
rush and please try and
come early in the day.
It’s also a good idea to
bring an extra guy to
help carry your teams
WS merchandise.
2006 MSBL and MABL World Series Former Professional Player Regulations
25 & Over
No team may have more than five (5) ex-pros on their roster, with no more than two (2) being pitchers.
35 & Over
45 & Over
55+ Over
There is no limit as to the number of ex-pros that a team can have, except for the fact that they
are limited to having only two (2) pitchers who have been out of professional baseball between three (3)
and eight (8) complete seasons.
18 & Over
No team may have more than two (2) ex-pros on their roster.
48 & Over
Only two (2) players that are considered ex-pros are allowed to participate. One ex-pro is allowed to
participate in this division.
28 & Over
Only one (1) player that is considered ex-pro may be allowed to participate.
38 & Over
48 & Over
18 & Over
28 & Over
38 & Over
No ex-pros, under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
48 & Over
58 & Over
For 2006, we will again require a minimum roster size of 14 players per team.
This is done to ensure, from past experiences, that teams have sufficient number
of players for the weeklong tournament.
2006 MSBL / MABL World Series
Individual Player Costs
After September 15th - fee increases $10
After October 2nd - fee increase $20
All players participating must have paid
the $26 National membership fee.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 5
September 2006
Full roster, waivers and full tournament fees must be submitted by September 22. Individual players
checks WILL NOT be accepted and will be returned – one check from the team manager must be
submitted. Any roster additions or past due fees will be collected at the stated increased rates. All
checks must be submitted by the team manager:
28+ Wood
65 & Over
Before September 15 $184
After September 15
After October 2
These forms must be fully completed when submitted.
Proof of age - each team will have the responsibility of keeping proof of age of all players (copy of photo
driver’s license at all games). Copy of driver’s licenses are to be retained by all team managers (do not
send to MSBL National!) and must be in your possession throughout the tournaments. League presidents
and team managers must sign roster to attest validity of all players.
Players signatures on these forms are mandatory. A newly signed waiver must be submitted for the tournament – Do not send copies of regular season or prior year waivers. Each waiver states that the player
has complied with mandatory minimum MSBL participation and warrants correct age. Any infraction to either rule will result in team forfeitures and individual player disqualification. Please use appropriate MSBL or
MABL form and have players print this information clearly.
WESTERN STYLE BBQ ORDER FORM (only if ordering extra tickets)
AWARD DINNER REGISTRATION FORM (only if ordering extra tickets)
We are most pleased to once again, be able to have our Dinner Banquet at one of the
Valley’s most exciting facilities, Pointe at South Mountain, which will include a featured
speaker. This year we are creating a really special event for both MSBL Dinner
Banquets - Saturday, October 28th and Saturday, November 4th.
Each paid player participating in the MSBL World Series receives a ticket to the banquet,
additional tickets for wives / girlfriends and children are $30 each.
(continued from page 2)
void. Replacing him as the WS
assistant tournament director will
be his protégé and good friend,
Paul Juarez. Paul has been a partWild Card Promotions has produced an outstanding 5-color World Series logo for
time member of the WS staff for
2006. Enclosed please find T-shirt Order Form, which must be completed & returned to:
the last five years and is the past
President of the San Francisco
Wild Card Promotions (Vic Puglisi - 951-867-2327)
MSBL. In addition, Joe Banasik
P.O. Box 672
(National Hall of Fame member
Blue Jay, CA 92317
and President of the Houston
Submit your orders early. These T-shirts are included in the tournament fee and
MSBL/MABL) and Mike
will be picked up at your team’s tournament registration.
Cadanazzi Rhode Island MSBL
MSBL / MABL Umpire Abuse Policy (In effect for the 2006 World Series Tournament) will also be joining the WS staff
Any of the following actions can (and will result) in a player being ejected from a game and this year.
or suspended from the tournament.
The next 30 days will go by fast
1) Pushing an umpire or intentionally blocking an umpires movement
so if you get a chance please take
2) Sustained arguing of an umpire’s decision
a few minutes and read through
3) Using abusive, profane, threatening or obscene language or gestures
this newsletter. This will also be
4) Throwing any equipment in anger 5) Creating a disruptive or dangerous situation
available on the national website.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 6
September 2006
Some Pertinent World Series Rule Highlights
While a majority of the rules that follow directly come from the MSBL/MABL Rules and Regulations – January 2006, there
are issues which are tournament-specific. With this thought in mind, the National Rules Committee has put together these
rules, which will apply for this year’s tournaments. These rules, as they relate to the MSBL/MABL National Tournaments,
are definitive and supersede any other sets of rules that the MSBL/MABL, or your local league, may have.
For reasons unknown each year a few rules seem to get overlooked or forgotten. In an attempt to re-enforce and clarify
these rules before the tournament begins I have listed a few of the most “forgettable rules” that we have. They include:
Alcoholic Beverages
No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted on the field during any National Tournament game. Please keep the consumption of these type of beverages limited to those areas away from the field or dugouts, except at school facilities where
drinking is prohibited. Any participant who is found to be drinking during a game will be ejected and is subject to expulsion
from the tournament. Alcohol is also not permitted in the parking lot of any fields used for our national tournaments.
A/B Batting Order
A/B can be used anywhere within the lineup. The batters occupying the A/B spots from batting position 1 through 10 must
be declared at the home plate meeting. Once added, these players are now considered part of the batting order and cannot
be deleted except as noted in Rule 3.f of the MSBL National Rules. A/B batting positions, can be added to the bottom of the
lineup at any time during the game.
Number of Players
Teams must have eight (8) players for an official game. The team may borrow one player from the opposing team if the
manager of this team consents. The team with eight may also borrow a player from a team other than the one that they are
playing if, and only if, the opposing manager consents. Games will be forfeited if a team can not field at least eight players
within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time, or officially adjusted starting time. If a team has nine players only and therefore bats nine players only, the opposing team will have the option of batting nine players as well.
Courtesy Runners
Players that will need courtesy runners must have their manager notify the opposing manager and home plate umpire at the
home plate meeting. Otherwise, the opposing manager has the right to refuse the courtesy runner. Each team will be allowed a maximum of two players per game who can be classified as needing a courtesy runner. Each time a designated
player reaches base, he will call time out and at that point will be replaced by the last batted out. If the last batted out also is
listed as needing a courtesy runner, the second to last batted out will run. In the case that no outs have been recorded
when the designated player reaches base, the last batter in the lineup will act as the last batted out.
In the event that a player becomes injured during a game, and the maximum number of courtesy runners (2) have been
designated, a pinch runner must be used and no courtesy runner will be allowed.
If the offensive team replaces the runner with the wrong courtesy runner (a player that was not the last batted out) and the
opposing team protests before the next pitch, then the original runner must run and the right to use the courtesy runner for
this particular batter will be forfeited for the balance of the game.
If the original runner inadvertently runs for himself and the opposing team protests after the first pitch, the right to use the
courtesy runner for this particular batter will be forfeited for the balance of the game.
If the right to use a courtesy runner is forfeited by violating any of the three rules above, the offending team will not have the
right to use another courtesy runner for an injured player.
(For example: A team designates 2 courtesy runners prior to the game and in the 4th inning, one of the designated runners
inadvertently runs for himself. That player then forfeits his right to a courtesy runner for the remainder of the game and the
team may only use the one other courtesy runner originally designated. Should a player get injured after this, that player
must be pinch run for.)
For the sake of fairness and accuracy, the entire team’s roster, including last names and numbers and not just the starting
lineups, must be exchanged by teams before the start of each game. The Rules Committee suggests that teams come to
the event with a complete prepared roster form with all of the above stated information.
Each manager has the prerogative to bat as many players in his initial lineup as long as there are at least ten (10) hitters. If
the manager wishes to add players to the bottom of the lineup (i.e. hitting positions 11, 12, 13, 14, etc.), he may do so at
any time. Added players to the bottom of the line-up may be added as individual hitters or as A/B. Any added player to the
bottom of the lineup or pinch hitter must notify the opposing team manager of the batting order change. If no notification is
made, and proper protest is made, an automatic out will be assessed to that batter. If a player is pinch hit for, he may not
re-enter the game as a hitter, but may stay in the game defensively. Batters may not be deleted or skipped over, regardless
of their batting position or when they were added to the game. If a team increases the (continued on the next page)
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 7
September 2006
Some Pertinent World Series Rule Highlights (continued)
size of their lineup to 15 hitters, they must always have 15 hitters in their lineup.
An exception exists to this aspect of the rule. If a player is forced to leave a game due to injury or ejection, a reserve player,
not previously entered into the game as a hitter, must hit in the replaced batter’s place. If there are no reserves who can
replace the individual, the spot is skipped and all hitters below that position move up. The first time this vacated spot comes
up in the batting order, an out will be assessed. After that one time, no out will be recorded for skipping the spot vacated by
the displaced player.
A team MAY declare at the time that lineups are exchanged prior to the start of play that any batting order position will be
occupied by two (2) players in each such batting position. That is, 3A/3B, 10A/10B, etc. The first time that position 3 gets
an at bat, 3A would hit and the next time this slot hits, 3B would be up. Then 3A hits the third time this spot in the order
comes up, and so on, alternating between these two players throughout the game. Once a team declares the use of this A/
B system, it must continue using it for the remainder of the game. Hitters in the A/B position from the batting order may be
pinch hit for, just as any other player. An A/B position may be added to the bottom of the lineup at any time during the
game. Teams can not add a “B” batter to an existing lineup spot once the game begins.
In the case that a team bats a player not designated on the roster given to the home plate umpire and the opposing team,
that player, upon proper protest, will be found illegal and declared out after one pitch is thrown. The opposing team may
protest this illegal player at the time of the offense. Penalties will not be retroactive and teams may not protest the use of
this illegal player once the game is completed. If the team feels the player is not on the team’s tournament roster, then the
protest will be heard.
In the case that a team has mistakenly put the wrong numbers for their players on the lineup given to the home plate umpire
and the opposing team, the team will correct the error(s) with no penalty.
The penalty for a team having a player bat out of turn is an out, if protested before the first pitch.
All players may be substituted for, at any time, except the pitcher. Defensive players need not be in your batting order.
In regards to substituting for the pitcher, if he is removed from the mound, he may only re-enter as a pitcher once in a game
and must wait until the start of the next inning before he can resume pitching regardless of whether he stays in the game
(i.e. as the right fielder).
Age Requirement
Needless to say, this is a critical issue surrounding the integrity of our league and the individual team. A manager has the
right to question the age of opposing team members and we therefore require that all players/managers carry some form of
photo identification (government or state issued) that indicates their date of birth. All participants should keep this identification with them during all games and if a manager believes that a player is underage, he should play the game under protest
by notifying the home plate umpire and the opposing team manager. This protest must then be filed in person at the National Tournament Headquarters and the Rules Committee will hear the case promptly. If it is found that a player or players
should not be participating in the tournament, then the offending team will not only forfeit the game on which the protest was
filed, but all games that they have won regardless if the underage individual participated in those wins or not.
Players must be 18 years of age, 25 years of age or 28 years of age by the first game of their respective divisions to participate. There is no upward age limit for the MABL Division, therefore anyone over the age of 18 can be a part of the MABL
event. In order to participate in the Father/Son division, sons must be at least 16 years of age.
The National Tournament Rules Committee will continue its position regarding the ruling that all individuals that play in the
25+, 28+, 35+, 38+, 45+, 47+, 48+, 55+, 58+ and 65+ Divisions must turn 25+, 28+, 35+, 38, 45, 47, 48, 55, 58, or 65 during
the calendar year. Therefore, if a player turns 25+, 28+, 35+, 38, 45, 47, 55, 48 or 65 by December 31, 2006, he is eligible
to participate in his respective division.
The MSBL Tournament Staff reserves the right to grant an age exemption when proper reasons allow. All age exemption
requests MUST be submitted IN WRITING to the national office. The Tournament Staff will have copies of all denied and
accepted waivers at the tournament and it is strongly suggested the team that requested the exemption carry a copy of the
approved exemption with them.
Length of Game, Ties and Arbitrarily “Stopping Play”
All National Tournament games, with the potential exception of some playoff situations, are scheduled to be 9 innings in
length. However, due to the large load of games to be played and our schedule constraints, no inning may start after 3:00
of the actual start time, not the scheduled start time. The official start of the clock is with the first pitch. Please keep in mind
that all innings that start before you reach the 3:00 point must be played to completion. There is no reverting back to the
last inning or starting a new inning if the score is tied and you have played 3:02, etc. If, during the home team’s at bat, time
expires with the home team leading, the game will stop at the point the 3 hour time limit (continued on the next page)
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 8
September 2006
Some Pertinent World Series Rule Highlights (continued)
Length of Game, Ties and Arbitrarily “Stopping Play”
has been reached. Once the 3rd out is recorded in the bottom of an inning, the new inning immediately begins. For example, if the third out is recorded in the bottom of the 8th inning and 2 hours and 58 minutes have elapsed in the game clock,
the 9th inning immediately begins and may be started.
Teams cannot arbitrarily stop a game (quit) if the score is lopsided and the team that is losing decides it does not want anymore runs scored against them. If a team “quits” before the time limit or 9 innings, the final score will be changed to reflect
10 additional runs times the # of unplayed innings. The game must be played a minimum of 5 innings/2 hours for this rule to
be in effect. In addition, no team can arbitrarily forfeit a game because they will “benefit” by not playing. Any team that purposefully forfeits a game will be ineligible for the playoffs.
Games can still end in a tie and standings are determined by points. For example, your team will receive two points for
every win you post, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss. Obviously, the team with the most points will win their respective division and advance to the playoffs.
Collisions, Decoys and Slide Rule
The rules committee is concerned about possible unnecessary and violent collisions that may occur with the catcher at
home plate, and with infielders at all bases. The intent of this rule is to encourage base runners and defensive players to
avoid such collisions whenever possible.
a. When there is a collision between a runner and a fielder who clearly is in possession of the ball, the umpire shall
(1) Whether the collision by the runner was avoidable (could the runner have reached the base without colliding) or unavoidable (the runner’s path to the base was blocked) or
(2) Whether the runner actually was attempting to reach the base (plate) or attempting to dislodge the ball
from the fielder.
PENALTY—If the runner, a) could have avoided the collision and reached the base, or b) attempted
to dislodge the ball, the runner shall be declared out even if the fielder loses possession of the ball.
The ball is dead and all other base runners shall return to the last base touched at the time of the
(3) If the fielder blocks the path of the base runner to the base (plate), the runner may make contact or slide
into, a fielder as long as the runner is making a legitimate attempt to reach the base or plate.
(4) If the collision by the runner was flagrant, the runner shall be declared out and also ejected from the
contest. The ball shall be declared dead.
b. If the defensive player blocks the base (plate) or base line clearly without possession of the ball, obstruction shall
be called. The runner is safe and an immediate dead ball shall be called.
(1) If the base runner collides flagrantly, the runner shall be declared safe on the
obstruction, but will be ejected from the contest. The ball is dead.
Decoy Rule
Any fielder may use a decoy only if it serves a strategic purpose. For example, if a fielder, who sees a man attempting to
steal second base during a hit and run, looks upward into the sky and says that he’s got the pop-up when in fact the ball has
been hit on ground is a legal decoy as it may cause the runner to retreat to first base and prevent him from advancing.
However, if a fielder fakes a tag, forcing a player to slide, when there is no strategic purpose or apparent play, the runner
will be ruled safe and all runners will advance one base. This is entirely an umpire judgment decision and not a rule that
may be protested.
Force Play Slide Rule
The intent of the force-play-slide rule is to ensure the safety of the defensive player. This is a safety as well as an interference rule. Whether the defense could have completed the double play has no bearing on the applicability of this rule. This
rule pertains to a force-play situation at any base, regardless of the number of outs.
a. On any force play, the runner must slide on the ground and in a direct line between the two bases.
Exception—A runner need not slide directly into a base as long as the runner slides or runs in a direction away
from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the play of the fielder.
(1) “On the ground” means either a head-first slide or a slide with one leg and buttock on the ground.
(2) “Directly into a base” means the runner’s entire body (feet, legs, trunk and arms) must stay in a straight
line between the bases.
(continued on the next page)
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 9
September 2006
Some Pertinent World Series Rule Highlights (continued)
Force Play Slide Rule
(3) If a runner goes into a base standing up and does not make contact or alter the play of the defensive
player, interference shall not be called.
b. Contact with a fielder is legal and interference shall not be called if the runner:
(1) Makes a legal slide directly to the base, or
(2) Is on the ground at the time of contact and the fielder moves directly down the line between the two
bases to attempt a play.
(3) Makes a legal slide and makes contact with a defensive player who is on or over, but not beyond, the
(4) When the base runner slides beyond the base, but does not (a) make contact with, or (b) alter the play
of the defensive player, interference shall not be called.
c. Actions by a runner are illegal and interference shall be called if:
(1) The runner slides or runs out of the base line in the direction of the fielder;
(2) The runner uses a rolling, cross-body or pop-up slide and either makes contact with or alters the play of
a fielder;
(3) The runner’s raised leg makes contact higher than the fielder’s knee when in a standing position;
(4) The runner goes beyond the base and either makes contact with or alters the play of the fielder;
(a) Beyond the base” means any part of the offensive player’s body makes contact with or alters
the play of the fielder beyond the base.
(5) The runner slashes or kicks the fielder with either leg;
(6) The runner illegally slides toward or contacts the fielder even if the fielder makes no attempt to throw to
complete a play.
(1) With less than two outs, the batter-runner, as well as the interfering runner, shall be declared out and no
other runner(s) shall advance.
(2) With two outs, the interfering runner shall be declared out and no other runner(s) shall advance.
(3) If the runner’s slide or collision is flagrant, the runner shall be ejected from the contest.
(4) If the bases are loaded with no outs, a double-play attempt is made, and interference is called, all other
runners must return to their original bases.
Intentional Walks
Each team is allowed to intentionally walk an opposing team player once in a game. Therefore, the total number of intentional walks each team is allowed each game is one. All four pitches must be thrown.
If a team attempts an intentional walk twice in a game, the home plate umpire must stop play and have the catcher resume
his defensive position behind the plate. A balk will be called and any runners on base will advance one base. The count
will also be restarted at 0-0. If a pitcher hits four (4) batters in one game, the pitcher must be removed.
Protests and Make-Ups
All protests (not made on the field) must be lodged with the Tournament Director within a reasonable time frame after the
completion of the game in question. All protests will be decided by the Rules Committee.
Protests regarding a player’s eligibility must be made before the game or as soon as the player in question enters the game,
offensively or defensively.
In the event of a rained out game or games, every effort will be made to make up the contest(s), but this is not guaranteed.
Ex-Professional Ball Player Requirements
A player must be out of professional baseball (A, AA, AAA, or Major League) for three complete seasons before becoming
eligible to participate in MSBL/MABL National Tournaments. Therefore, for the 2006 World Series and Fall Classic, any
player who received compensation AND participated with a professional baseball team (A, AA, AAA or Major League) during 2004 or more recently is ineligible unless given special permission to participate by the National Tournament Rules
A player who played in a Rookie League, Independent League or who was invited to a Major League Spring Training and
then released without playing for a minor league affiliate will not be held to the requirements listed above.
(continued on the next page)
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 10
September 2006
Some Pertinent World Series Rule Highlights (continued)
Ex-Professional Ball Player Requirements
A participant in the MSBL/MABL National Tournaments is NOT to be considered an “ex-pro” if:
A. The player has been out of any level of professional baseball for eight complete MSBL/MABL seasons;
B. The player is 38+ years old and he has been out of pro ball for at least five complete seasons.
C. These exemptions do not apply to the Central Division, where NO ex-pros are allowed despite the length of
time out of pro ball.
Ex-Pro Guidelines (Two Levels of Ex-Pros)
A Level – Any Player who appeared on a AAA or Major League Roster
B Level – Any Player who appeared on a A or AA Roster
National Division
American Division
Continental Division
Mountain and Federal Divisions
No limit on number of ex-pros
2 A Level & 2 B Level
1 A Level & 2 B Level
1 B Level ex-pro out between 3-8 years
No ex-pros of any kind
The fact that a player has played professional baseball at any level for any length of time must be disclosed on the roster
submitted to MSBL/MABL Tournaments organizers. Failure to disclose a player’s ex-professional status may result in the
disqualification of the player from MSBL/MABL events, and the forfeiture of any games in which the player participated.
Central Division Requirements
In this division, for MABL, 28+, 38+, 48+ and 58+, where equality is the key word, there are several specific requirements
which apply to the Central Division only. They are as follows:
A. All uniformed players must have at least one plate appearance during the game, minimum of 15. (only applies
in 9 inning games)
B. If a team has 16 or more uniformed players, they may elect to bat 15 players only (at least one plate appearance for 15 players).
C. If a team has 14 or fewer uniformed players, the opposing team will have the option to bat the same number of
uniformed players despite the number of uniformed players they have.
Example: Team A has 13 uniformed players and Team B has 21 uniformed players. Team A must
get all 13 players at least one plate appearance. Team B has the option of only getting 13 players
one plate appearance as well, despite the fact they would normally have to get 15 players one plate
D. In the event that the game ends with unbatted players, the violating team, under proper protest, will forfeit any
win garnered.
E. No ex-professional ballplayers allowed in this division. There are NO EXCEPTIONS, despite the player’s age
and/or length of time out of pro ball.
Remember: The MSBL / MABL World Series Central Division was created as a “Participation” Division. Therefore, the
following rules are in place for this division only! ·
Every uniformed team member must have a minimum of one at bat (plate appearances) during the game, except:
- If a team has 16 or more uniformed players, they may elect to bat 15 players only (one plate appearance)
If a team has 14 or less uniformed players, the opposing team will have the option to bat the same number
of uniformed players on the opposing team, but at 14 or less, players still must have a minimum of one at
If you did not bat (plate appearance) a player during the game, using the above rules and:
- You did not get up in the bottom of the 9th
- Your game ended as a time limit
Teams cannot use these reasons for exemptions. In the event that the game ends with an unbatted player(s), the
winning team, upon proper protest, will forfeit any win garnered.
Playoff Scheduling
While the tournament playoff format dictates that one division is slotted to play against another (i.e. Division 1 vs. Division
6), the Tournament Committee has been given the authority to switch the playoff pairings so that teams representing the
same league will not have to play one another until the Championship Game, unless the pairings have a major impact on
higher seeded teams.
In the event of any confusion, conflict or disagreement of any of the rules and regulations included herein, the decision of
the National Tournament Rules Committee is final and binding.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 11
Problem Solving And Trouble-Shooting (What To Do If This Happens)
By Tom Prendergast
OK, so it’s year number 19 for the MSBL / MABL World Series in Arizona. Over
that time we’ve played thousands of games. History has a tendency of repeating
itself, sometimes over and over. So chances are that problems that came up in
the past will happen again.
Getting Lost (Players / Umpires or an Entire Team)
The greater metropolitan Phoenix area is a continuously growing metropolis. On
any given day of the year you will probably run into at least one road construction
project, which could lead to you (or more likely a team) losing their way and ending up lost. When this happens, simply call the WS office and advise us of the
situation. Obviously, this is less critical when it happens in the morning. As the
day goes on and with so many fields without lights, it becomes a little more problematic. By informing the WS office of the situation early, that allows us to come
up with a back-up or contingency plan.
Only One Umpire Shows Up For The Game
Boy I hate it when this happens, but chances are it will. During the course of
1000 plus games this will probably happen. If only one umpire shows up to work
your game, then he will be behind the plate. Please notify us at the WS office as
soon as you can so we can send another umpire to the field. If for whatever reason one team manager refuses to take the field without two umpires, MLB rules
allow for the home plate umpire to recruit another ump from the home team.
Gates To The Field Are Locked (Poor Playing Field Conditions)
You arrive at the park and the gates to the main entrance are locked. Usually
the park is available one (1) hour prior to the start of the scheduled game. In
some cases the groundskeeper may simply be trying to keep people off the field
before the game. In any event, call the WS office and we will get the gates open.
A more serious problem would be if when you arrive at the field the playing conditions are less than ideal. I’m not talking about no foul lines or a batter’s box, I
mean standing water, high grass, a hole in the pitcher’s mound or batter’s box. If
that happens then I definitely want to hear from you. Part of the experience of
playing in Arizona are the great fields.
Lights Won’t Come On (But The Sprinklers Do)
It’s late in the game and the home team is behind by two, with no outs and the
bases-loaded. Your 3, 4 and 5-hole batters coming up and emotions are running
high. Does this scenario sound familiar? It should. Here’s what’s happened in the
past: either the lights wouldn’t come on (either because they are on a timer or
somebody forgot to leave the light box open) or the sprinklers do! When this happens, one team (the one that’s winning) usually regards this as an act of nature
and wants the game to be declared over or the other team (the one that’s losing)
insists that the game be suspended and completed at a later date.
A quick call to the WS office will resolve this problem. We have all of the field
contacts so chances are we can get the problem fixed. (continued on page 12)
September 2006
MSBL Travel Services
The official website for booking
travel arrangements to all 2006
MSBL National tournaments.
Easy-To-Use Format
Unbeatable MSBL Discounts
for Airlines and Hotels
View travel time from your hotel to
MSBL WS fields
Call Rich Rosenblum
(800) 645-3350
Pictures of the newly remodeled
Tempe Diablo Stadium concourse
(from the third base side)
In addition to the outside of the
Tempe Diablo Stadium all of the
seats in the lower level were
replaced. The stadium turf was
removed and replaced with a brand
new Bermuda grass field.
MSBL / MABL World Series Final Score Cards
In an effort to insure accuracy when it comes to game
scores, the WS office would like the home plate umpire
to verify the final score with each team’s manager after
the game. These blue score cards have a place for the
date, day, time, division, fields, and the umpire’s names.
We would like each card filled out with the visiting team
and home team and next to these names we would like
for the umpire to write in the score.
On the back of these cards is a place for the umpire to
list the pitchers that participated in the game. Due to this
years participation requirements (for pitchers) you will
need to make sure your pitcher is listed on the back of
the card for verification purposes.
It’s also probably a good idea to list your pitchers in the
scorebook that pitch each game.
For every game that gets played during the MSBL / MABL
World Series a blue score card gets turned into to the office
complete with the score and managers signature.
2006 MSBL / MABL WS Daily News Manager Preview
page 12
Problem Solving (What To Do If This Happens) (continued from page 3)
In the past we have made every effort to get this game completed the same
day. If we can’t get somebody to turn the lights on or if the sprinklers make the
field unplayable, my first option is to find a vacant field to complete the game
as quickly as possible. Failing to do that, I will suspend the game and reschedule it at a later date and time in the tournament.
Serious Injury To A Participant (Life Threatening or Sprained Muscle)
In the event of a possible serious injury, always call for help or assistance. If
you don’t have your cell phone on you ask someone in the stands to call 911.
Only after the situation on the field has stabilized should you call the WS office
and let us know what’s going on. If a player is unable to be moved off the field
because of the injury, the game clock stops. A less serious injury will not result
in a time stoppage.
Protest Issues / MSBL Special Play Rules and Regulations
The official protest procedure is listed on page 2 (under pre-game procedures)
so follow that when the situation arises. Here are a few sample protests that
we had in prior years and I suspect we will get these again:
- Batting Out Of Turn (cannot protest, just an out if the opposing manager
alerts the umpire before the next pitch is thrown).
- Participation Rule (handled by the WS office) During a Central League
game, a player or players fail to get an official at-bat. In this division, every guy
is required to appear offensively in a game. Not handled by the umpires!
- ID Check (Every player is required to have a photo identification) A team
manager may request to see an opposing player’s photo ID in any game
(during a stoppage in play). He may do so by requesting the umpire to ask the
other manager for that player’s ID. If the other manager refuses, then play
continues and we handle the follow up in the World Series office. No penalty is
assessed at the field and the player may continue to participate in the game.
There is no need for a $50 protest fee when this happens.
September 2006
Non-Approved Hotel Policy and Fee
As in past years, players who elect to stay
at non-approved hotels during their participation at any MSBL/MABL national tournaments must pay a fee to the League. For
2006, the fee per player is $15.
Starting this year, however, there is a new
policy that may waive the $15 fee!
Here's the deal…
We think there are great hotel choices on
the approved list for just about every
budget and taste. But there will always be
changes to that list; adding and deleting
hotels is part of an on-going process that
often is influenced by the comments and
recommendations of our members.
We're not asking you to go on a search for
hotels to add to the approved list! But if
you are convinced that a NON-approved
hotel is the right property for you and/or
your team, and you want to stay at that hotel, please let us know about it before making your room reservations. There's a
good chance that we just might agree
with you and add it to the approved list
If the League agrees with your choice
and you book your rooms through
msbltravel, that will save you the $15
per player fee.
For a quick reply, simply call or email us
with the following information:
1) the name of the non-approved hotel
2) the number of rooms you need
3) your check-in and check-out dates
4) your name and the name of your team
MSBL/MABL World Series Umpire Evaluation Cards Are
Helpful In A Number Of Different Ways
By Tom Prendergast
For several different reasons the MSBL Umpire Evaluation
cards that we hand out are important. First and foremost it
gives you (the team manager) the opportunity to rate your umpires performance in 4 or 5 separate categories.
When these are returned (and we probably get about a 30%
of them back) it allows our UIC (Dick Jolly) to get some feedback from the teams.
These can be turned in at World Series headquarters (or in
some cases you can hand them back to the umpires). As you
might imagine sometimes this delivery system doesn’t always
ensure that the cards get to back to the WS office in a timely
manner, if at all.
MSBL Avis Rental
Car Code T416899
(800) 331-1600
MSBL Enterprise Rental
Car Code COR2303
(800) 829-1853 x 5015