FAMILY Act: Sample Tweets
1. People shouldn't have to choose btw their jobs & caring for their families. That’s why
the #FAMILYAct is so important. #paidleave
2. The #FAMILYAct would honor America’s families & bring U.S. policies in line w/ the
workforce’s needs & the rest of the world. #paidleave
3. #Paidleave strengthens the econ security of people, families, businesses & the
economy. That's why we're proud to support the #FAMILYAct!
4. The #FMLA was a great step toward a family friendly America 20 years ago. It's
past time to take the next one: the #FAMILYAct. #paidleave
5. Support the #FAMILYAct today – because America’s families have gone too long w/o
the #paidleave they need & deserve:
6. Nadie debería sentirse obligado a escoger entre cuidar su trabajo o cuidar a su familia.
Por eso es que el #ActaFAMILIAR es tan importante.
7. La ausencia pagada fortalece la seguridad econ de los trabajadores, fmlas, negocios y
economía. Por eso apoyamos el #ActaFAMILIAR!
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