Simple, easy to read billing from Bluegrass

Simple, easy to read billing from Bluegrass
Bluegrass Cellular has the happiest wireless customers in the Bluegrass. One of the reasons is a monthly bill
that’s easy to read and understand. We’ve tried to keep it simple and friendly by putting important summary information at the beginning, so you don’t have to search for it. Then we follow up with the details in
an easy to follow design for you to handle and file. Not to mention helping the environment by reducing the
amount of paper we use. Here’s a look at just how easy your Bluegrass bill is to read.
Remittance Information
At the top an easy to tear-off slip to return with your
Account Summary
This is a concise listing of previous account history,
including recent balances, payments, credits and additional charges.
This is the place to look for important information or
news, special offers, new services and helpful reminders relating to your account.
Page Number
Always in the lower right hand corner to tell you the
page and total number of pages your bill contains.
Change of Address
Has your mailing address changed? Or is it incorrect?
Let us know and make sure to check the box on the
front of the Remittance Information so we’ll know to
look for your change of address information..
Credit or Debit Card Payment
It’s easy to pay your bill by credit card or debit card.
Just let us know if it is reoccurring or a one time payment. We will need your CVC code off the back of
your card for processing.
Automatic Bill Pay
For ease and convenience, this is where you can set
up automatic withdrawal (ACH) from a specified
checking account. Make sure you enclose a copy of a
voided check.
Non-Rate Plan Summary
These are charges not directly related to your plan.
This can include any features purchased during the billing cycle such as Brew downloads, Apps, or Ringtones.
Rate Plan Summary
Your plan details are displayed here. This includes the
name of the plan, number of minutes allotted, amount
used, and subsequent charges, including overages.
Charge Detail
This is your itemization by account. It will include one
time fees, services added, specific charges and taxes.
This section may require additional pages depending on
the account, the calls made or services received.
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