Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11.

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7 – 11.
Let’s all say a big thank you to the people who work so hard ensuring that our kids
have a better future!
Monday – Bring a flower. Our teachers will have a beautiful bouquet on their desk
for the week to serve as a reminder how much they mean to us! For a guy
teacher, maybe a snack would be nice. PTO will be providing coffee and bagels to
the teachers in the morning.
Tuesday – PTO will be serving lunch to the teachers and staff.
Wednesday - Draw a picture; write a letter, thank you card, poem or any other
homemade way to let your teachers know how important they are. Write about a
favorite field trip or memory. PTO will provide sweet treats for the teachers.
Thursday – Chips/Dips and Salty Snacks provided by PTO
Friday – "Spoil teachers" day! Send in a small, personal gift or go together for a
class gift. PTO has some other surprises for teachers. Your Home Room Mom may
be in touch with you for a class idea.
Don’t forget the other teachers and staff that work with your children. (music,
phy.ed., art, the nurse, the librarian, office staff, paraprofessionals, etc.) Even a
small gift or handwritten note can put a smile on someone’s face.  Below is a list
teachers/staff favorite’s. You can use this as a guide or go on your own.
Thank them for all they do!
Meadow View Staff 2011/2012 Favorites
4K Teacher - Mrs. Leonhardt
5K Teacher – Mrs. Day
Gift Card: Stein’s, Target, Kohl’s, Ben
Gift Card: anywhere
Franklin, Chili’s, Fiesta Cancun, Barnes &
Flower: Any and all
Color: Pink
Flower: tulips, daisies, roses
5K Teacher – Mrs. Klaisner
Color: Light Blue
Gift Card: to any Educational Supply Stores
4K Paraprofessional – Deb Lubahn’s
5K Teacher – Mrs. O’Connor
Flowers, Gift Card to anywhere
Gift Card to Wal-Mart, Target, any Grocery
Store, any Craft Store
4K Teacher – Rebecca Shoemake
Flower: all flowers
Gift Card: Walmart.
Color: Blue
Flower: sunflowers and daisies
Color is green.
5K Teacher – Mr. Damico
Gift Card: Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, The
4K Paraprofessional- Judi Majewski
Learning Shop, any Grocery Store, Kohl’s
Gift card: Starbucks, Fresh & Green,
Snacks: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Orbit
gum, sunflower seeds, Doritos Cool Ranch
Flower: Zinnias
Color: Blue
Color: Blue.
1ST Grade Teacher – Mrs. Budzinksi’s
2ND Grade Teacher – Mrs. Robinson
Gift Card: Book Store
Gift card: the mall, the book store, or
Sports Authority.
Flower: tulips
Flower: love all flowers, sunflowers
Color: Pink
1st Grade Teacher – Mrs. Cooke
Gift card: Anything family would enjoy
2ND Grade Teacher – Mrs. Cridelich
Flower: roses, tulips, daisies
Gift Card: Boston Store, Loft,Target
Color: Green
Flower: Daisies
Color: Purple
1ST Grade Teacher – Mrs. McMillen
Gift Card: Book Stores, Restaurants, Stores
2ND Grade Teacher: Mrs. Rekowski
Flower: Gerber daisies, tulips
Gift card: Starbucks, Target
Color: Pink
Flower: Daisy
Color: pink, yellow, orange, blue
1ST Grade Teacher – Mrs. Melvin
Gift Card: Movie Theatre, Subway, Piggly
Wiggly, Kohl’s, Bath & Body Works
3RD Grade Teacher – Mr. Flanagan
Gift Card: Gander Mountain
2ND Grade Teacher – Mrs. DePeaux
Snack: Twix, Snickers, Whatchamacallits,
jerky, sunflower seeds, peanuts
Gift Card: Restaurants (Panera), Tobins, etc.
Flower: tulips, daisies, roses
Color: pink
3RD Grade Teacher Mrs. Palm
4TH Grade Teacher – Mrs. Reinders
Gift Card: Books and Co., coffee places,
Gift card: anywhere
Fiesta Cancun
Flower: Peonies, gerber daisy, daisies
Flower: Gerbera daisies
Color: Purple
Color: blue
Administrative Assistant – Debi Reinke
3RD Grade Teacher – Mrs. Wacker
Gift Card to a Grocery Store, any Gas
Gift Card: Gift Card to any place that
Station, Oconomowoc Chamber of Commerce
develops photos, Target
Snacks: snickers, dove dark chocolate,
Flower: Lily of the Valley, lilacs
anything caramel, pretzels, peanuts
Color: Electric Blue
Paraprofessional – Beth Guenther
4TH Grade Teacher – Mrs. Fulton
Gift Card: Kohl’s, Piggly Wiggly, any Gas
Station, Bath & Body Works, Oconomowoc
Gift Card: To any local restaurant
Flower: Daisies
Snacks: M&M’s, Plants, Flowers of Commerce
Color: Blue
Paraprofessional – Pat Cranford
4TH Grade Teacher – Mrs. Seidemann
Plant, Gift Card to anywhere
Gift cards: (Food) Panera Bread or Noodles
and Company, (Shopping) Target or Kohls, or
Gas cards!
Reading Specialist – Kim Dabney
Flower: I love them all!! Daisy
Snacks: Harry and David’s moose crunch
popcorn, peanut butter M&M’s, Chex mix,
Color: Purple
any type of mixes with pretzels, nuts and
sunflowers, Sun Chips
Flowers: daisies, sunflowers
Speech and Language Therapist – Julie
Physical Education Teacher – Laurie
Mums, Plants for outside
Last year’s favorites; Sweethearts, hard
Snacks: Heath bars, Sugar free gum,
candy, chips, nuts, any flowers
Mounds, almonds, peanuts, Fritos,
Flower: tulips, roses, lillies
Special Ed Paraprofessional – Holly Salzman
Gift Card to a Book Store
Library Media Specialist – Mrs. Homberg
Gift card: Books and Company or Culver's
Special Education –
Flower: Tulips
Color: Blue
Special Ed Paraprofessional – Dorene Wells’
Learning Resource Specialist –Becky Janny
Gift Card: Target or Marshalls
Art Teacher – Mrs. KowalewskiSnacks:
Flower: Tulips
malted milk balls, veggie chips, mustard
Color: I like all colors... except for yellow...
pretzels, any kind of flower
I’m fond of magenta
Music Teacher – Mrs. Sable
Guidance Counselor – Sarah Howells
Gift Card: Books and Company, Barnes and
Plants, Notes from students and families,
Noble, Bruegger's, or Noodles, or Panera. 2.
Chocolate, Gift Card to anywhere
Flower: Tulips or Calla Lillies
M&M’s, chocolate, mint chocolate, peanuts,
potato chips, Lilly of the Valley, roses, lilacs
Snacks: dried pineapple, dark chocolate
anything, peanuts, sesame sticks,
Health Room– Maria Gaffney
School Psychologist – Linda Nichol
Flowers, Plants
Head Custodian – Sterling Stangler
Gift Card to anywhere
Please remember all staff!
Angela Cowles: [email protected]
or Peggy Brenner: [email protected]